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Solitaire Champion HD

Solitaire Champion HD for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Max Frankow located at ul. Jasna 14 44-100 Gliwice Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not Happy about my records being lost (hrs spent getting the top score & all but three of total places a available :-( ) with a clean install of Note 2. Not the phones fault..I think.
Get rid of these ads. I can hardly play this game anymore. Too distracting and I will never click on these spam ads. I only played 2 hands right now and had to stop because of these stupid ads. I cannot stand the flashing. Go back to the scrolling across the top ads and stop with these ads that keep popping up. Cannot stand the same ads that now slowly rise and lower over and over again. About ready to uninstall this.
I really like the reshuffle feature of this game but since reloading it on a new tablet (my old tablet died) I find the ads are far worse than the earlier version I was playing.
I love this solitaire game but it keeps force closing when I go to press play on the main menu and I have to keep restarting the game so it works I shouldn't have to do that. Please fix and I'll give it a 5 star then.
80/85% games are unsolveable out of these about 50/60% are solveable by"reshuffle".One reshuffle is available after every level.If u reach level 11, u have to win 10/12 games to reach the next level which is a sifficult rask and u cant reach even level 12.Once u stuck came back to level 1 and 0 score.
I miss having more variety like in other apps, but I hated the overbearing presence of obnoxious ads in those apps. I'm content to enjoy this game, which is quite beautiful, and forego the variety.
One of the better solitaire games. Great graphics. Neat twist with the reshuffle. Playing for the various levels is fun, too. **** Changing my rating! I am on level 9 and just finished winning a game and it tells me that I'm finished! 😨 Why? I'm winning.
Almost all the games are completeable by "reshuffle".l think one more option is required i.e."replay"
ANDROID SPOILER : CONTAINS IRRITATING FULL SCREEN ADS!!!!! Besides that easy to playand additctive. Why do software writers of android fall into this big trap of Google Ads? Life is more than Business and Ads. Where are the days of happy people who wrote software for their PLEASURE?! This is disgusting!
UPDATE - I had originally rated this game 5 stars, but have now taken it down to 3. Love the game, but those clean your phone ads have gotten so ridiculously intrusive - I can't concentrate on the game with them flashing right in my face while I'm trying to play. Ruined a great game. I'd be willing to buy the game to get rid of the ads, but I don't see an option to purchase.
Such a shame that this game is spoiled by adds flashing at the top of the screen which is very off putting when trying to concentrate. If have to have adds, have them in between games like others do, then would be 5☆
This is my favorite app for Solitaire. Easy to use, beautifully done, & a nice bonus to keep you from getting stuck too soon.
Update Feb 18: ads have become bigger and more aggressive/annoying. Too bad. The wizard is wrong sometimes, and it's pretty limited, but I still play it to kill some time when needed.
I tried to download the this onto my phone . The Klondike version wrks well but I can't find the Yukon Version on play store on my phone I play both Games a lot and alternatre between them. Any chance of getting the Yukon version for my phone please.
I'm addicted to this game. Always trying to beat my own score. If I did my house work as much as I play this game I would be diagnosed with OCD. :)
This game has been developed with the aim that users be stuck as early as possible and put him to "reshuffle"hardly any game is complereable without the use of this.l have tried 4 times to win without reshuffle and succeeded on 5th attempt.As and when l lose came back to level 1 and 0 score.Developer is making the users a fool.Do not download this app,otherwise u may have a bitter experince.
Adds are to BIG, and they are distracting. I really don't think you need them that big. You could even put them after a deal is completed. That would give you a higher rating. You really need to read the comments people are giving you. Everybody is complaining about the adds but you are not willing to change. Do you really care what people think. If not then stop asking people to rate your app.
These ads are such a shame. I love this game but the ads are placed right where they overlap the top of the game, just enough to keep the player from seeing what the card is. Such a shame because it is a fun game. I must uninstall and find another game to play. 11/14/15 finally had to uninstall. Just couldn't take all the ads anymore.
It's OK. Have played better. The undo button takes too long and instead of tapping cards to move them you have to drag them. No sounds either
I keep 6 different Solitaires on screen & this is great to look at but a pain to play for 2 reasons (major to me): you can't switch to DRAW 3 CARDS AT A TIME, and you have to DRAG YOUR MOVES WHEN YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAP, just as you can to the Ace piles. Please add these to your Game Settings or Options. When you do, I'll gladly give you 5 Stars.
when i resize solitaire champion HD the cards get smaller it never did that before, it use to stay the same size in big letters so until then i won't be playing it anymore that's my favorite game ole well.
The frustrating part of this game is the exponential progression of points required to advance levels to the point of being almost impossible to go past level eleven.
Fun to compete against other players...I can't get past 3000pts. But others have way more..I must be a bad player!
It deals the most difficult hands I've ever seen! Very addictive. I don't understand the point system and levels so I ignored them. Fun to play but don't let it fool you. This ain't your mother's solitaire!! The flashing ads are annoying so if you are epellectic DO NOT PLAY!!
Only flips one card, only one face style. I'd prefer a traditional card face. The large pop up buttons at the bottom could be small permanent buttons instead.
Yesterday l downloaded this app and completed 8 of 9 achivements just in 2 days.But l stlll not understand this game .Started from level 1 and go on,win game after game and level after level,but when lost a game put to level 1.l have superseeded all the previous recoreds and made a score of 4 thousands plus,but suddenly l lost and pushed back to level 1.Now l deslike to contiue it further.
This app(game) has been programmed keeping in mind that users must stuck as early as possible and put him to "reshuffle".Almost all the games are completable by this way.User cant able to cross level 11. If lost on any level user is automatically came back to level 1 and 0 score.
If you're looking for a game that makes you want to smash your phone into the wall, then this is the one for you. After losing a game, it makes you have to start at Level 1 instead of just being bumped down to the next level. After starting over, you have to lose many games before being dealt a fair hand again. And when you acquire a large number of reshuffle cards (4 or more), it forces you to burn through all of them quickly, and you will soon lose the game.
Love it thanks Max. (years ago). 18aug2019 Had a problem, sent emails but it was some stupid thing Google did. Fixed it!! So glad to have it working again. Thanks again.