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Solitaire Card Games for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Brainit Games located at 1/F,109,Poly Centre,No.15 Yip Fung Street,On Lok Tsuen,Fanling, HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Garbage. Looks nice, less the add on the bottom. Seems to play ok, hard to tell though as in 4 minutes of 'play' it was mostly ads. Offer a paid version that is not wrecking game play. Sick of ads, sick of companies taking my information and selling it. Let me just pay for an app.
Tons of ads. I understand this game has to make money, but making me watch an ad just for going into the settings menu or switching to a different section of the settings is ridiculous.
Great solitaire product. Very entertaining card games. pass time. Fantastic Enjoyable Excellent solitaire. I've played soltaire w cards for at least 55 years. Always enjoyed. Started playing it digitally when the first versions appeared on computers in the 80's. This is one of the best for sure. Yes there are ads.. They make this for $$$$$. However they are far less intrusive than all other card games I've tried. So much so I have actually clicked thru on a couple :)
It's solitaire with ads. BUT I did a game of draw three, I got to place one card and the round was dead. 10/10 game design. You guys should just be happy I'm not the type to never lose a game of solitaire, otherwise there'd be a problem.
This is one of the simpler solitaire games and I love that. No ads and no ninty things to do before you are back to your game! Good job, guys!
It's a solid solitaire game, I just have one problem with it. When you win a game it starts playing really unfitting music and there is no toggle in the app to disable the music or turn it off. It makes it annoying to play the game while listening to music.
I have always loved this app until today First game is ok and then the second one is nonresponsive and screen is really dark. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but its doing the same thing. What's changed?
It was a great game, Could not stop playing it. Then one day it froze after playing one game and has done it like that no matter what device it gets played on. Complete garbage, not worth it's weight in gold
It used to be nice and nostalgic to play but now I'm being bombarded with adverts and it is ridiculous! I have never in my life heard of a game that gives you points TO BUY MORE ADVERTS! That is beyond ridiculous and stupid to say the least. This game is good for my anxiety but god! Its just becoming annoying to play.
Lots of fun, love brain games that are relaxing. Life has enough stress, so why play stressful games. You know the kind, with panic inciting music, time limits, etc...I am not a prude, but in this world of debauchery and decadence this game is good, simple, clean fun.
I found the app inadequate for todays' standard. How you make selections, needs an "EXIT"when you wish, If want to keep the game going so it saves & stops time keeping on the game. Some of the sounds need improving, a good tidy up. Methinks that's all I can offer,it's only a 'B' grade game: keep trying to make it better with some "Finesse". When U think U have a smarter UI the game is more pleasureabl to play. It's frustrati to play it. Comeback after U'e done some more.See Other1nextdoor! Guy M
Game is fine. I have no issues with it. Would have given it 4 stars, 5 if no ads. However, in the past couple of weeks Biden ads keep popping up!! No Trump, just Biden. Why are you so biased?? Therefore only 2 stars!
I can live with all the ads. But i can't live with always having to hit twice to dismiss an ad... a trick to keep your eyes on the ad longer... and i really really really really can't live with audio from ads that doesn't respect the fact that you are already listening to your tunes while playing the game. The ads kill your audio and inject their own audio... it seems at max volume... forcing you to listen to their ad while also having to look at their ad... and then of course having to hit their mute button twice every time just to kill their audio from blasting in your ears. And in the end, they are not kind enough to restart the audio you were originally listening to. Disgusting... especially your ads Facebook. Too bad. Good game. But... DELETE!!!!
I've tried other versions of solitaire but this is so straight forward and simple that I love it to take my mind off things when I'm stressed. The ads can be a pain but I've also learned about and bought great products i would otherwise not known about.
I would give this game 5 out of 5, once the small glitch is put right. After an advert comes up, about 1 in every 10, my screen goes Black, and won't return. I have to keep uninstalling it to get the game back on track. Can this be fixed please.
It's nice to play a game that is the simple time honored tradition without all the extra goofy stuff some other versions have. This game is very soothing for me.
Play this game all the time it's so relaxing take my mind off other things help me not worry about all that's going on in this world
The game would be okay, graphics acceptable and so far, I can bypass the ads. The deal breaker is that the cards show broken in half with the bottom not showing. It's VERY hard to read the cards. Uninstalling after 10 minutes. Fix the view and I'd give 5 stars and reinstall it.
I've tried so many of these solitaire games. This one I didn't have to uninstall after the first game. I've had this one for a little while now. The ads are less intrusive but, they're there. I just back out of them and keep on going. Simple and doesn't piss you off.👍
I enjoy the game, just wish there was a setting for automatic end. If there is I can't find it. Overall I enjoy the game.
A very good and lovely game one of the best in terms of lack of ads constantly interrupting your game
It is a game of solitaire, there plenty of others to choose from but I like this one the best. Graphics are good and the game pkays well. Ads are an irritant, I would prefer to have an option to pay to remove them.
Game is constantly being interrupted with full screen ads. Never mind the banner ad that obstructs the bottom of the screen. Sell a version of the game instead of constant ads. If it's that good, people will buy it for uninterrupted play.
Ad placement is purposefully designed (covers the menu bar at the bottom and comes back at random) to get you to accidentally click it so the creator can get a click through credit. I don't mind seeing ads or choosing to click an ad that interests me but this is a completely deceptive practice.
used to love this until update, but theres no way to access the menu and start a new game! I open the app, the menu shows up for seconds and when i click on it nothing opens, then an ad covers it up and there is no way for me to get back to the menu. One of my favourite apps is now unplayable great job guys 👏👏 just wanna play solitaire maaan im uninstalling and getting another app sorry thanks for the good years but its over xox
Ads make it no longer fun. I used to like this game a lot. But recently the ads have become too much to bear, especially the ones that have a timer on them that force you to sit through them and not be able to push the back button to get out early. The only way to enjoy this game now is to put your phone in airplane mode first so the ads can't download.
Love this game, can't stop playing.I did download other Solitaire but I love this, it is the best compare to others.👍
I enjoy playing solitaire each morning while I',m waiting for breakfast to be served. and any other time I'm waiting or have free time. It keeps the mind tuned. I give it an A. tare
People always look at the developer's contact information. There are so many that are from China, India, Hong Kong, Arab countries and other countries outside of the United States. These are also the games/apps that people have the most problems with. After I downloaded a game made in China I started getting Chinese robo calls which I found out were targeted towards young people. Be careful what you download and when uninstalling an app be sure to clear data and cache out first.
I paid to go ad free after many months because I love the designs. You can customise and pick many good backgrounds. That made me go ad free because it's a neat little game and it's worth it and the design is immaculate. Best game on my phone