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Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by CoCo Magic Games located at Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love solitaire. It's even better knowing I can donate my winings to charitable causes! My favorite past time can help others! Awesome!!!
Well this one does pay out when ever you want to. Takes a little time, but I have collected 3 times. Thanks.
Like to run to this app to get break from cooking, cleaning, or fixing something. Very relaxing and passes time for medical appts or waiting for anything!
Its fun, I like playing, lots of adds but thats why you are getting paid, I can't figure out why my meeter says one thing like maybe $3.53 but when I go to cash out I only get maybe like .92 cents, everyday I make over $1 playing but never have been able to cash out that amount, it's always less than $1. If it explan why or how it really works or if I really got what it says I earned , I'd give 5 stars
the game is pretty addicting and fun and you do make money off of it I have already received two payments through this app
you pick the games you already like playing but just now you can get paid to play them! why not try it? you wont be disappointed.
Right after I installed the game and played for maybe a hour it quit showing my coins. And I have looked in your settings and all. There is no information on how to receive your coins or collect your payouts. Can you send me information on how to collect.
I have downloaded many apps that claim you can win $ or gift cards and 98% of them dont but not this one I got a 5.00 card in just a few hrs
I love solitaire but there's just too many ads makes it harder for us to get our points in there but you already know that
Love this game. Play it all the time. Now all of a sudden it is saying that my VPN has to be disabled and it's not going to happen. So now I can't play my favorite game. If that doesn't stink I don't know what does.
This app has enjoyable games that help me relax and keep me entertained at the same time, plus it actually pays like it promises!
So far it's just like solitaire, I just hope it's not like some of the other fake game's that won't let you cash out.
The game is fun but it keeps crashing and i have to uninstall it and reinstall it just so i can play, please fix this
Its what u say you win money and you have different options of what card u want to cash out your money to
Like the app but when you try to undo it only undoes on the play pile downloaded on just play and get paid for playing can even cash out every 24 hrs
Having a problem with the video. It's not giving me the coins and it keeps playing over and over. Other then that I enjoy the game. Its not a payout game I have fun just playing it
I like playing Solitaire and this one has good graphics and quick play with extras to boot. And as always, it keeps my mind moving quickly and that makes for a sharper mind.
Really liking this game. Easy, breezy and fun . . . and, you get to make money and you don't have to wait forever to cash out!UPDATE: Still playing and lovin' it! You can choose from several games on the board and switch back and forth when you choose without losing points. Have already cashed out 3 times and am almost ready to do it again! Download and you won`t regret it.
I love this game i play threw out the day. Now it has froze which i can still cash out my 9 $ but i wanted to keep playing. Please fix! 5 stars. thanks
*✧ Aaj Ki Achchi Baat ✧* Izzat Aurat ko Diye Jane Wali Tohfo'n Me Sabse Aham Tohfa Hota hain, Magar itna Qeemti Tohfa dena har Mard k bas ki baat nahi
Awesome game!!! Really excited about this immediate payout for $1.49 Amazon gift card 😀...I have a 24 hr period for adding to my gift 🎁 card balance..I'm going to be back to edit this review if I don't actually get paid!!!!
I love this app! It's the ONLY game that's paid like advertised. I have $1,800 "still processing' in Big Win Hunter, as well as more in other games, proven waste of time. Thank you for being honest!
This game is a joke. Ads pop up in the middle of games without warning. I'm pretty sure the game isn't winnable, but it doesn't say so, just keeps making you watch ads on purpose to get "tips" that tell you to move cars around in nonsensical ways. I give up, because it seems like it will just keep telling me to move the for of hearts back and forth from aces to stacks. Ridiculous. What a waste.
classic game that has been around forever. before phones remember just grabbing a deck of cards & playing. never gets old
Way to many ads !! Like intrusive long forced ads multiple over and over with tricky exiting and waiting for x to pop up on minute long videos only to disappear and show a new ad or causing u to click ad link probably 20 a single hand!!! And if u get it to make $ on justplay like I did, well ur screwed bc u only get like 13 pts every winning hand and the goal is 2000pts with all the ads if u actually win the hand its 13 points or like a penny every 25 minutes of ads & u wont always win its b/s!
It's a pretty good game pay out their little small but I have gotten all payouts that I have collected
It's too early to tell if I Will Receive any gift card or not,,, maybe this site will actually pay. Update after I know.
Fantastic experience with the game of SOLITAIRE on this app. What a great surprise to have so much fun and get to see the cash too!
This game is really fun only if the cards were a little bigger. Have a hard time seeing but thats just me
RIDICULOUS!! The forced advertising is disgusting! You get a small amount of game play before the FORCED ADS POPUP! GREEDY MONEY HUNGRY DEVELOPERS!! You need to question a developer that jeopardizes their applications use by adding such intrusive ads. UNINSTALL! Don't install this garbage, learn from my mistakes!
I understand the ads is how the app gets paid for but cutting right in the middle of the game MULTIPLE times is just too much. If it was once at the beginning and again at the end, I can get down with that but cutting in the middle is over-kill.
Downloaded this game from a 100% legit PayPal platform named: JUST PLAY. The minimum necessary to cash out is simply $2 USD. WE ALLLLL play games! Especially Solitaire! Why not get paid for playing a game that we all love? Additionally there's other games, videos, and different options to be able to gain ability to cash out immediately. P.s. BE SURE TO HAVE THE EXACT SAME EMAIL ASSOCIATED WITH PAYPAL AS WITH PAYPAL! HAPPY GAMING!! THANKS JUSTPLAY!!
This app is fun to play it does pay you but a little at a time too many ads and it does pay on paypal except one time that I can see and it doesn't give you all of your points either.
It's a good challenge and it's very interesting play this tipe of games even they not paid much .14 cents to 3.98 but I have to much fun
That's a good way to kill time and make a little bit of change that's about all you're going to make yeah I'm sure ain't getting rich that's what you think you're going to do not happening
I have always loved solitaire!! And now I'm making money playing it LOL Love Love Love this game with or without the money!!
I downloaded this app cause another app said play games and make money. This app doesn't make you money you need to downloaded another app.
Really happy with this game! You can cash out daily if you want without a limit. And it's ok to earn a little a day...I like that better than the other games that "claim you get money" gives you big bucks to start then slow down, never to reach their limit! BRAVO!
Reminds me of a child is game that I used to play with my sisters when we were growing up we would take turns and see who would win how many games
I downloaded this game, before and played,.. but now its not evem showing up on my phone any more 🤔 I am seriously baffled!! Why wont it let me play??
any game connected to justpay is a great game. jjustpay does not pay a lot. But they pay just like clock work every 24 hours. And in my book that makes them GREAT.
I haven't won any money or gift cert yet. Let's just see what happens. And I'll rate it again in a couple days. Other than that. The game is great.