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Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Solitaire Card Games Ltd located at Langke Building, Tech-Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game that has held my interest and enjoyed playing to pass the time. There are adverts but you can choose to pay for the game to avoid them.
Pathetic game always gave the cards which are hidden and the maker wanted us to waste the coins or watch the ad.. 3rd class game i wasted my time
Best game ever. Keeps me distracted from the outside world and has an ingame option to make it the easiest game ever so I can feel smart. So good.
I have played this game for a very long time and while I do enjoy the interface with this particular app, I have already bought the remove ads and I am still shown ads every single time I try to let a new game. I've tried removing and repaying but it still says I own this item meaning I can't remove the ads at all. It is very frustrating and I'd like this fixed but can't figure out how. Like I said I love the game interface but I cannot stand the ads and I've already bought remove ads.
If you dont want ads, then just switch off data or wifi. Its an offline game. Anyway overall i love this game, it taught me how to play solitaire. I hope everyone else loves it too.
I know that in order to be free to play you need to put some ads here and there, but the amount of Ads in here is just absurd. Every time I click on a menu icon I get one ad. Really unpleasant.
It is everything you want in an app. I love this app. It is the perfect version of my favorite solitaire. They don't ask for money. If you want to get something from the store e.g. a deck back or a background, you have to play to collect enough coins. That's it. Points counting makes it even more fun and gets you to think ahead and plan your movements so as to get more points. There are ads before each game, but those people have to eat too. Would not switch to any other app.
June 17th - What is with this app. I don't mind the comericals but the latest (Lending Tree) won't go away. I try to solve the daily challenge and I end up with Lending Tree trying to get me to refinance my home. Can't play the game cause Lending Tree won't let me. Fix Please. June 19th - Still a problem, I haven't surfed the web for refi info so this isn't a targeted ad, it's just fishing and I'm not gonna bite.
Winning deal never gives me wins, even after following the hints step by step it'll still come up saying no moves detected. Ridiculous.
These Solitaire games are all equivalent to each one that I challenge! As I challenge each one of these games, I will honestly admit they are tough! But I'm wiser! Just kidding! But they are all worth it! Thanks!
Love it !!! Just uninstall one and was wondering how I'm going to get one without soo much annoying ads and this one perfect !!! Though it has ads which I know is important but it's very manageable ๐Ÿ‘
Hate it. It doesnt arrange the cards correct . There are no moves left and again and again we had to use a feature called magic stick when we dont have no moves left . And we have to spend money which we dont receive in proper amount. Now we had to watch adds again and again . Its so annoying finishing even a game properly . Bad . ๐Ÿ™„
Not a pretty game at all. Ugly big cards where I far prefer cards that look more like proper playing cards. It works but that is it. As too intrusive so am uninstalling
I've tried several solitaire apps and of all the ones I've tried this is my top favorite.... it's straightforward works perfectly and is no more complicated than it has to be. five stars!
This is a good game. I only want to play solitaire as it should be played no bells or whistles thanks, and this is the game that gives you that. I don't want the daily challenge either that's why I only gave four stars. But the cards are a great size for my aging eyes which I love, so you never know I may come back to give the 5th star later. I'm removing a star because it's sluggish to play now and I can't get a higher score which is annoying
This solitaire game app is actually good for killing time and to actually make your brain refresh for a while. I have you used this for more than 30 days and it actually is easy to use. Though, even if I am aware that ads is where the company gets it revenue, still, it has unreasonable ad pop-up that disturbs the gameplay or the mood. Yet, all-in-all, with its simplicity and organize colors and arrangements to eyes, this is a good game app that everybody can enjoy.
4 stars because its awesome but I just really don't like that it takes your score away if you sit. I'd like to just play it and enjoy it not rush to keep my score!! please give an option to cut that off you can stop the time and moves but not it taking your score.? really sad.
I have tried many Solitaire games but like this one the best! I paid the small amount for the ad free version and it was well worth it!
Very nice experience though the game requires data to solve. If not having data it will be so difficult to solve.
I bought this game to stop ads & I'm still getting them. Really dampening my mood with this game. Why am I still getting ads?
Solid solitaire game, the scoring is broken though. For those wondering about the daily challenge medal colors. You will only get a gold medal if it was solved on the day it was set.
Far too many advertisements!! Much more than an average user's tolerance! Infact, before "View an Ad to get coins" there are mandatory 5-sec ads to be viewed before watching another (complete) ad to get the coins!! The Game features are good but too many ads are very annoying and hence the 3-stars. Developers, work on this for me to review my rating to a better one.
Great game! Enjoy that they let you make back grounds and card covers. Ads are short and game is free and fun. 10 stars **********
Its okay if you put some ads on it, the terrible things that i experience with this app is sometimes i stuck and cant even open closed card left, i have tried and tried it again to solve the game but no clue even you have to think any possible moves, and then there is nothing that you can do but options left is using a magic stick, what?! Seriously? Its just wasting time...
Exciting and relaxcing for me. Come friends and enjoy yourselve. I like this game come always back to it. Delete it to make space for other games but at the end download it again and again.
Another lying developer You pay to remove ads and they still bug you for more money every game. Avoid like covid-19. I just wanted a klondike game with no ads no bells and whistles, no scoring, no times.
Great, the hint option is an added bonus as is the magic stick, yes it may be cheating but it saves on the frustration of mot being able to finish a game. Some games though can be solved without the use of these.
I really do not understand that i download solitaire. I do not download ads because I don't want them. But now i have to pay for those ads to be removed... Like really??? I think this game doesn't deserve my rating. The star i have given is only for this comment to be posted because even the star is forced
To many ads. Touch a button, watch an ad. Touch another button, watch 1 minute ad then watch more ads. Ads ads ads. Many year subscriber now deleting. Quite sad.
UPDATED: So for some reason they decided to add ads that make you sit through them now. Not to mention an ad between >every< single game. Taking two stars off because it used to be a game I played for stress relief and being bombarded by ads ruins that. Original: For free solitaire it's great. Minimal ads everything considered. Nicely customizable while still remaining free too.
Why am i starting to get all these ads. Its soooooo annoying!!!! Cut it out and the game will be better
Fantastic app, even paid to remove the ads, which weren't bad to begin with, I was just happy enough with the app to purchase it. It's pretty much the good old Classic Solitaire. It's really nicely made, works very well, looks pretty & you can choose card themes, card backs & the overall background of the game. Best part is the ability to upload your own images to be used as card backs & backgrounds. Well done guys, this is everything one could hope for in a simple Solitaire app.
It's a really good game to pass the time. It is neither too hard not too easy which is makes it a challenge. My only problem from this is how the daily plays are graded. I don't really understand how they grade it gold or silver. It's often quite inconsistent. Sometimes, my plays with less than 400 score were gold while some plays with scores more than 500 were only silver? If it's possible, could you please tell how they are graded so that it wouldn't be confusing?
Ive uninstalled several solitaire apps. The problem is that many companies are so desperate to generate revenue that the ads make the game unplayable. The other issue is when they load down the game with "challenges" etc. I just want to PLAY SOLITAIRE. No other distractions or games! This app fills that need. There are in-app ads, but they're not very obtrusive. You can focus on just solitaire.
Why is this app using data? 500 mb of movie data in the last 15 days? For what? I got the paid version so there's no ads, what else do you need to use a gigabyte per month for? Good app and decent price to remove ads. I would just like to get rid of the option to deduct points for time when I don't have the time displayed. I don't like paying with time limits on solitaire as I have to drop my phone quickly sometimes, or I'll pause to message someone.
Best from all solitaire games played: good sounds (subtle, not intrusive), good animations, nice hints, loads fast, easy to close commercials. Thank you for this!
Most amazing solitaire game ever. You'll get addicted with the game. Graphics wise good. Need to fix some bugs. Otherwise it's quiet good.
Excellent Solitaire Game! I was surprised to find so much diversity in Solitaire games. Some stop you the minute you have no other moves, with a graphic that carries a negative message. This app gives you lots of choices such as sound, theme, greetings, etc. It has no ads and it is a pleasure to fill time playing this version.
Pretty good except the points didnt make any sense. The more you move the cards the more points you get, but what about speed and using less moves? I feel like if the time is short and/or you didnt use many moves, you should get extra points. Other than that the game is perfect, 9/10
Good solitaire app. Should be 5 stars, but there are some ads that will not close which force you to go to a website.
I use to play this game before never had any issues then something happened and I couldn't play anymore. Recently I found it back and got excited because I enjoyed playing, only now...I lose more than I win. And yes I actually check! At some point things have to be balanced off. I play ten games and only win two. Maybe am unlucky or not. But it's taking away the joy of playing.
Unfair. Adjusting cards to make it impossible to finish without spending coins or watching the ads. Uninstalled.
The game needs concentration but still creates suspense of wanting to know whether you'll win or find yourself in a situation you cant complete!!! Its a great game๐Ÿ˜just perfect, for keeping the mind active
The game takes me back to moment in my life when at work not in the mood to type out a documents which your boss wants before the day ends, so just to get some energy and motivation to start, you quickly open up a game of Solitaire and play a few games. Then after a few games an hour has slip by and you open up your word program and start typing with new found energy just because all the games you played was a win...
It's a fine game but right now I have to give it one star star due to a new bug where this one ad can't be dismissed and the only way to get past it is to kill the app
Whenever the cards in deck are shuffled, the scores turn zero, this makes everytime the scores less how much ever i try...one star only
Since last few updates, all the daily challenges which were finished get reset. I understand if that happens once a year but during last updates, it has gotten reset once or twice a month. That means all the finished challenges now seem unfinished.
Ads between games, ads before games, ads in the middle of games, ads when you select to play again instead of watching an ad. Really quality ad app, if you like seeing the same ads recomended to you on every other platform with more frequency, this app is for you. The solitaire and customisability does not make up for the fact that this app was made purely to get ad revenue. Poor form.
This is an enjoyable game but sometimes it's not shuffled properly so you take many attempts to win a game.
Great game, just a lot of ads. I love the daily challenges. All those people that say they are the worst are just bad. Sometimes I wont be able to figure one out, but then I'll come back to it a day or two later and get it! But I am so confused as to what the medals mean in the daily challenge?!? I have scored 0 points, got silver. Took 5 minutes and 400+ turns, got silver. Scored 600+, in less than 2 minutes, in less than 130 turns, got silver. This is the only part that bugs me.
Very nice and simple and easy to play solitaire game, well done. The only thing missing is Achievement and more challenges to keep you playing once you have done all daily.
I've always enjoyed playing Solitaire. It's always been fun for me. I like how it gives suggestions that teaches me to look beyond what is directly in front of me. Kudos!!!
I did the July 2020 update and now I keep getting the notice to update every time I click play and can't get rid of it. There also doesn't seem to be a true score when I see the actual number of wins compared to Actual games played. How about fixing this issue and I would be happy to give it additional stars. Also what is the point if the 10 point reward system - can't find any info regarding it? Seems useless since there seems to be no logical reason for it.
The game is pretty good, but the loud ads are ridiculous. And some of the ads you can't even get rid of without force stopping the game. There are too many other games that don't do this to accept this annoyance.
Very good programme. VERY heavy ads. You are forced to sit through a 30 second ad about ten times per session. Cannot even buy an ad-free version.
Almost uninstalled because of ads but then I saw the remove ads option. Too bad more games don't let you do that. For a couple of bucks it's worth it to me. Graphics are good, but gameplay is fast and smooth.
08/18/2020: Want more than a pure time waster. I've been able to win some hands, but I've replayed the same Winning Deal a few times, and it cannot be won!! Don't even tell me I just have to make the right moves at the right time. If the problem is that I'm playing offline and you can't push your ads, thus no true Winning Deals, make that clear in your details.
Nice game versus the other apps I've played. Does not repeat the same sequence over. It's virtually like playing with your own personal deck of cards.
Great game. I'm better than average player & this game keeps me well entertained when I need a break. Puzzle solving amuses me. Normally I am bored with a game after only 4-5 plays and then go back to drawing board looking for more challenging experience. Now I have finally found a fantastic time spender to loosen me up. It goes really fast if you want it to! Highly recommend this game for you. It does not disappoint! Thank you!
No major problems or ads. It is like regular solitaire. At the end, there is a big green button that says, AUTO COMPLETE. It does the end for you. You can choose your own background, back of cards, and front of cards. If you can't do any more moves, it has a hint button. Click on that, and it has a button called, MAGIC STICK. Then you can watch a ad, or trade in coins to use it. That way you can have it pick a turned over card for you. Happy solitaire!
Nice, easy going relaxing game. No fuss, no muss. Easy to use...nothing to stress you. One short ad between games. One ad bar at top of game...not bothersome at all.
Ads requiring input cannot be cleared, requiring a forced stop of the app, and restart in order to continue. I understand the need for advertising, but at least allow us to bypass those ads the serve no purpose for us. I have no interest in acquiring any additional Medicare insurance, and I certainly don't need the necessity of being required to do multiple forced stops.
I love it,enjoy how timer stops if I get distracted by a phone or sms.Not much ads during play,clean.It gives my brain training as I use the various levels of play.
The game itself is good. But it keeps being hijacked by full page adverts for another version by a different publisher disguised as a "2020 update". Clicking on a cross at the top left corner sometimes gets rid of these, otherwise close and reopen. These are becoming a major deterrent to using Google Play games.
There's an ad after you start every new game, absolutely infuriating. The game is fine but it's solitaire - absolutely something I have my choice of any other hundreds of apps to play. If I can play one without ads, I'm not going to deal with this one that's constantly pushing ads. I get the developers need to pay their bills but Solitaire quite literally has drag and drop royalty free programming, the only development costs for this game were the ones incurred finding a way to shoehorn ads in.
I have played this game for a while and I can tell you the random deal is rigged no matter what color if card on the initial deal it will deal you the same color card so you cant throw down
So many ads and they are so long. Shame on you guys for getting so gready, used to be a good game and I've had it for 6 years. Uninstalling unless you get rid of them!!!!
I don't mind ads, but I want to be able to shut off the sound on the ads. The volume on the ads especially for other games is insanely loud.
Was a good game until last update. Now even offline annoying google ad bar for other games flashes at bottom of shortened screen. Distracts from game. Wasn't there before the update.
Your ads are very trouble some. Today (25 july 2020) ad of Hyundai does not have a stop option nor does it give a "cross" to stop it after some time (normally 15 or 30 seconds) which is very irritating. It is continuously going on for more than 10 minutes !! Disgusting. Uninstalling your game now!!
Its a very great game to play it allways give u that moment to look carefully and think good befor making anymove thanks guys I love this game
Great. But sometimes I get annoyed at the Daily Challenge part. I cannot finish some of them. I tried every thing I could to end it but I couldn't. It feels like some of those challenges are not really meant to be finished at all. I hope you get what I mean.
I haven't tried playing this with data. I read among in the comment section that it still consumes data even when it's already paid for. I hope there'd be an option in the game's settings where we can turn the data off for the game. Other than that, the game's pretty swell with the annoying ads every now & then.
Terrible on challenge has solved all but one for April 4 can not solve it. Have tried approximately 150 times and this is not an exaggeration. Need help to try and solve it.
OMG AD SOUND!!! If there was a half star option I would use it for this!!!! Ads load with full audio sound up at max ๐Ÿคฌ constantly!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Deafening! No way to change it in the settings even when the phone is on silent!!! Whenever you start a new game or continue with the game you left of. Trash!!!
Ads are for the same game all the time and now there is one of the husband having sex with the cleaner albeit fully clothed and disneyfied but still completely inappropriate! I don't want to see this.
I just love the game, wish there was a way to save my progress and snyc it across devices so I don't have to redo my daily challenges over and over on different devices.
When after I win at times it offers me 100pts instead of 10 to watch a Ad. Numerous of times the Ad doesn't load & it gives the regular 10. So then you have to wait another few times around to get the chance again to get the 100pts, if it actually works.
Solitaire is usually just a time killer, boredom fighter or something to do to keep your mind busy. But game after game is a dead end even though I'm choosing to Winning Game every time. I replay over and over every possible way and there's no way to win. It's solitaire not a Mensa test. It doesn't happen every single time obviously but more than 10x a day. Not conducive to being a distraction or relaxing.
Great app. I've played almost 1,500 hands and have zero complaints. The game is straightforward and there are no ads (unless you want to boost your winnings). My only question that wasn't answered in the rules is what determines whether you get gold or silver in the daily challenge? I've had near-perfect games get silver, games where I screwed up over and over and got gold, and whole months where I got gold no matter what I did. It seems arbitrary.
The games keep me busy, especially under these COVID-19 "trying times". I lost my job, failed one last module towards my degree and this game has become my friend because I block-out everything else from my mind and just play the game. If it wasn't for this game, who knows (suicide statistics)?
It's actually quite fun. I have a few solitaire games and forgot I had this one. I may never have played it before, but either way I feel like I rediscovered it. It's delightful and just might be the best of the bunch.
They always have the stupid Firestone ads that take over your audio after every single game. That's more spam than ads if you ask me. Uninstalled.
I chose this app over other solitaire options because the design looked the most minimalistic and clean, and I'm glad I did! It plays well and has many nice options for customizing your cards and background. The amount of ads isn't bad. Overall I'd recommend!
This is so good app that anyone can never miss this app to download. We need not to pay money for this app. This app contains add that are not so much that one is tired. There are no add display during the game. The add is display either while starting the game or finishing the game. So that anyone can not disturb due to adds. All adds are less than one minute. They are also provide the feature of magic stroke when there are no moves available during the game. It make this game more interesting
Love this game The developers done an amazing job. Works great, never crashes. Simple but also challenging.
No major problems,infact it is realy good and interesting while playing and even if not,you stay thinking of it
Great game however I purchased full game and still lots of advertising. Itscrszy to be waiting 30 seconds all the time.
This game was fun to play really great at passing time and taking your mind off things. The features are amazing and I would recommend anyone to download this game.