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Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Solitaire Card Games Free located at Room 310, Build 1, Taohuayuan Vanke City Garden, Houshayu, Shunyi Beijing. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love game but can no longer concentrate because of ads running across top need to have just board will look for other options.
I like the cards that remind me of a deck my Grandmother had.. Great MEMORIES brought back. Thank you! And I also like the card round ups at the end of a winning game. Nice fffun touches.
it is what it is. πŸ˜‰ Problems with the auto collect sometimes, in as much as it will get stuck flipping cards as it has not got the ability to recognise it needs to leave or bring back down a card that it has already collected to be able to complete!
I used to LOVE this app, until now. The new update is TERRIBLE. Everything, the display, the options, etc. It's a disaster. I'm about to erase it. It was perfect the way it was. Please do something.
uninstalled another solitaire because it took up too much room. downloaded this one but the game, although has the same features, is slow. however it has no ads. winner in my book
Horrible the game has proven to be rigged and unfair on the player. I have played one game 14 Times and have failed all 14 times doing it in diffrent styles and the game has proven to me to be terrible. So please who ever is planning to download this game save your time and space and download something else.
Love this mind stimulating brain trainning, reminds me of childhood holidays and picnic blankets on the beach of blue bay caravan park The Enterence area nsw and playing cards with my mother and siblings ,but mostly by myself ... Memory ... Snap ... fish... Now as an adult i find myself 40 years later , back to playing a card game on the internet or device ,without the card deck being ,shuffled, cards , damaged or lost .. Or just the whole 52 card pick up after a rival player ,throws the deck.
it was fun and easy to play, every level has a hard time, i need to use my brain just to pass each coming level, and it has no repeating stage, it was cool to use this apps, well, i think as of now this is one of the best solitaire apps that i 've been downloaded.., and no logging and add's disturbs me while playing..more hard level to come.. let us see....πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€πŸ˜βœŒπŸ‘Œ im enjoying this as well
This app is putting more ads on every day. Now it has a repetitive ad that plays during the game. I am trying to relax while playing and it's starts playing this apartment ad and it's very disturbing. What happened to the days where we could play with no ads?
If I could give you 0..zero stars I would. Absolutely hate the new update. I'm not using this any more, simply because you screwed with my format. I have no ability to change the color, size or look. Again, I HATE IT!!!
I like playing the game & being able to collect all the cards. It keeps my mind working all the time.
My experience with this app has been a nightmare... and a very annoying one at that! While ads aren't extreamly often (other than the banner ads), they cover the whole screen and pop up EVEN WHEN I'M NOT USING THE FRIGGIN APP! But.. if the intrusive and out of nowhere ads don't bother you it's a decent version of Solitaire.
Its a fun game of am average short game of soltaire. I thought from the advert. of the game, it would @ leaste have similiar theme/ graphics re; cards & background would be somewhat similiar!!
This game lets you decide when its over. It doesn't decide when and end it for you. Doesnt take long for start of new game. Great.
Absolutely MAGNIFICENT. *Beautiful* themes, card backs, faces, and backgrounds! Not only am I having fun just playing the game, but also playing around with all the different combos of looks! THANKS, DEVS!! πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ‘One warning: even when it's set to Easy, (there are 4 different settings--Easy, Medium, Hard, and Random) it's still very tricky. You have to actually THINK.πŸ˜‰
This was a brilliant game until the pop up ads were suddenly included. Should have included an ad free paid version. Bye bye
Does what it needs to and looks reasonably nice, including a range of settings (eg deal 3 at once vs 1, also undo function for those who need it easier sometimes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Ads aren't too bad - header above, and 5 second skippable after each game πŸ™‚ pretty good for free πŸ™‚
it was great in the beginning, but lately it is spoilt by all the ads between games and at the top, which are distracting
used to love this game, but out of no where all these ads keep interrupting my games. Going to find a solitaire game without the ads interrupting!
I am 72 and my memory is not good anymore,, I started playing SolitΓ ire trying toremember things that come easily to others, It takes time but Ib believe its working for me
Ads cover the top part of the screen completely hiding the score, noves and the time of the game. Not acceptable. There is plenty of space at the bottom of the screen. Please place the ads at the bottom.
My one problem, is the auto collect when things are not actually able to be collected and it just kinda goes on forever.
I have been playing this version of solitaire for ages, having tried about 10 others and loved kt. The sudden update of what must be a couple hours ago is TERRIBLE. The cards are small, the buttons hard to read, the designs on the card backs cheap and tacky. What's worse, my elderly mother loves playing this, but will really struggle with the change, but mostly with the minuteness of the images. What a terrible shame. Such a massive disappointment. But it is 2020, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.
The ads block the screen. I can't see the cards!can't you put the ads on the bottom ? well, I updated the app...its worse than it was before. ads every few seconds. I can't get through a game without several ads popping up to block my score and the cards. very disappointed. I'm going to have to find another solitaire app.
WHAT DID YOU DO TO THIS GAME?!?! ... The ads pop up in the middle of a game!! This is unacceptable. App never used to do that. It's really annoying if player is trying to get better scores and decrease amount of time played. Also, the ads often remain for more than 5 seconds, forcing you to watch the countdown of ad duration. This totally blows. This game used to be fast and now it lags with stupid ads for more of your games!! ... Are you going to fix this?
the game itself is fine but ruined by constant banner ads that take up the screen. will be uninstalling this as the ads ruin the gameplay.
i like Solitaire ... its a quiet game i can play to relax and do alone ... its a thinker's game which can be difficult or not too dificult depending on one's mood ... its your choice ... just a nice game one can play alone to relax ... i enjoy this game very much!
I like it except for the constant moving ads at the top. it is distracting, but hey, it's an otherwise free app.
Since upgrading the game I have experienced alot of problems with starting up the game. Ever so often the game is very slow. Very frustrating.
No buttons available to exit the app on S9. There should be a auto attach made available so it latches on to the card when it's close to it. Make it so it can be played in landscape mode instead of portrait mode only.
Size of the cards numbers are small, so it is difficult to play fast. Some time difficult to identify the card denomination. Please increase the size of the fonts of the cards.
To Slow! You have tap or touch more than once to get the card to move in the the right direction, or just to move. Needs An Upgrade
I play it while commercials are on TV, in waiting room of Dr. offices, etc. It helps keep me from being bored as I'm alone a lot. Easy to play format.
A fun game to use your brain, the better you become the more you want to play. A very good time pass with some mental activity.
I don't like the commercials that are going on while I play this game now. It didn't do it when I first played the game. Please get rid of the commercials. That's what I want.
Tired of the ads and one of the ads is immoral! It shows cheating spouses and now it shows sexual acts!!! Matchington ?? I will Uninstall if those ads are not removed!!
The new format stinks. Ads at bottom were better. The ads pop up before the cards are delt. As of 7/28/2020 you have totally destroyed the game experience with a "new" layout and interface for the game. All the options are gone and it now sucks. Stupid flat sounds are now in it. I transfered the old version from an older samsung device to get the older version back. I will no longer update the game.
Dull moment? This game on my phone had many times filled the gap while waiting in the car for the wife doing girly shopping!
The game itself indicates the mindset to be played . The faster the mind works to play the game, lesser is the time taken to complete the game .
I was excited when I found this app because of the format. Why did you fix something that wasn't broke? Loved the old game now it's cold and impersonal and looks like every other game. If I can find a game like the old version I will dump this this one in a heartbeat. I noticed several other long time users are not happy about the updated version! Your ratings are going down fast! Give us back the old version!!!!
ads have started to pop up on the top of the screen while I'm trying to play solitaire & I can't remove them or turn them off grrr not happy fix the problem please
I like the card faces as they are much easier to read than many of the other versions. Annoyingly, it doesn't let you know when there are no further moves and take you automatically to play choice.
I love Solitaire but hate the ads especially at the top very distracting still dislike disruptive ads at the top
I like the way it puts the cards where they go without having to manually enter them. This is my go to solitaire game.
I was drawn to the game via an ad. The game that was advertised was not the game I got. I loved the beautiful game on the ad but so disappointed as to what I got. False advertising!!
This game i think is the best, it makes you think, shows you how to attend your aim while facing differents barriers. By giving you possibilities to reply you can discover your mistakes & change your strategies. And gets you out of boring state, i like it the most.
So far I'm really loving the interface ...... Searched around and this is the best one so far. Haven't even played yet so will update
Love Solitaire! i play it most days and use it to help with pain control!! I lose more than I win i think but I like playing it!
Use the game to keep me busy and my mind active. Great for when I have to wait for an appointment to get started. Especially useful for me when I am a passenger and have anxiety issues while riding.