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Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game just locks on processing terrain data for days. Need to reboot my phone to unlock the freeze. Probably game isn't ready for brand new android operating system yet
Why wont you fix the game. I played this game for years and spent a lot of money on it. Now the game crashes all the time. It now can crash just logging in. After spending months contacting support. I finally get they can't fix the problem. It has been almost a year, and still they do nothing.
Spent over €120, great game! one big problem due I uninstalled the game...the bunker limit...too many OP players (with over 200 million of offense power), we need a bigger bunker, (about 2 or 3 million of space inside). It's my favourite one, but I'm playing stormfall a lot, and prefer this game, but the no-limit bunker space there makes the game more enjoyable... so I'm playing only that game and td nuclear strategy and tdr since 2014... If you are not a robot let's write "I'm not" in answer;)
Even if you just boubht a $100.00 pack. You will get bombarded with pop ups trying to force you to buy more. So you have to log out and hope it goes away when you log back in. Still happening. It's as if it's a virus. Will send so many pop ups that it will lovk your phone and ir tablet up.
Amazing game so far not going to lie. Although I do wish it was easier to get gems and there was a tutorial for raiding as I don't really understand how to properly. Really wish you could see your units fighting btw, could be a great addition. Also is there a way to remove my plarium account from another base that isn't even being used and instead connect it to my active one? Hopefully you add some cool things :)
Resolved but it's take more time to your guys to resolve it.but don't do it in the future.its will give a very bad situation on the players on the games
Game was fun and was really enjoyed till everyone and their mom coalitioned and naped up. Unless you want to waste time in game with Alliance red tape pass it up. Played both computer version and this played from day 1but now its all the same. Endless B.S trying to do anything. If more servers were made then just the one for vets to play over with less restrictions from in-game it would be better.
As is normal for Palarium games, Soldiers Inc is visually fantastic. Unfortunately, thats about where it ends. The game gets very stale very fast. There is a lack of lore and world building that makes the game boring. If you like base builders and are perfectly satisfied with your own progression, this game is for you. If you like the super high quality models and love military stuff, it's worth taking a look. It has the unavoidable Boom Beach elements of base defense and attack PVP. Still good!
I tried this game before and I loved it until my progress had stalled. It would be really cool if all of the turrets along the wall of your base cost 10 diamonds and the defenses on the outside only cost 15 diamonds. It would be really cool if I could at least even the defenses out. It would also cool if you added more types of troops for the game. It's a really good game and I believe that it has potential. Could you make it to where you are able to heal your troops without diamonds.
I really liked this game especially when I was younger there is a huge variety of troops to have, I would rate it 5 stars if there were battle scenes In this game like so you can watch your people fight in battle.
Unfortunately this game becomes very hard to grow over level 100 and by a willed plarium don't gift anymore like hi used to be they are pointed to seals item's! I think to quite!
Did you see in what condition this game? One server with horde of overpowered players. I started to play and had rocket spam next day and one guy trolling whole map. I think you don't understand what gamers need in 2020. Your games are beautiful and looks like deep, but it's not. I wish to see really deep games from plarium. Check other games of 2020 in app store. Players in 2020 need more than you can give.
Very addicting!!! i can't stop playing it on my PC with Bluestacks app!!! Soon i will get a phone and enjoy it even more. Becareful for those newbies this is not a friendly game it can be really tough sometimes! Most of the time though i get lag but it's ok i am still able to play it smoothly after a few reload...
Not a good game. If the devs structured it better or at the least have different servers for different peoples playng habits. I.e. non coiner server, heavy coiner server. Or maybe a server that restricts the amount a person can spend daily. My belief is that a strategy game should be just that. Any moron can spend big to make themselves feel superior. The trick is to use your smarts to gain the advantage in battle. Not a credit card. Come on plarium. Its not like it will harm your bottom line.
Nice modern themed strategy game. I like the ideas behind it a lot. As for the p2w part, it is unavoidable for this type of game, but it doesn't make it unplayable. The only reason i give it 4 stars is because you cannot even watch replays with actual fights, let alone participate in them. I know it is quite a lot to ask for, but some fight animations or an after battle replay could help the game at least a bit. Otherwise, keep up the good work, because it is a nice game
It's very large in detail beyond describing. The only thing that I can tell is the more new units and bigger environment expanse, the better the rating of the game it will be. For which I will continously be looking forward on its further updates.
Aweful game developer habits, game is designed purely for in game purchases. They don't expand the game with servers just keep circulating new players in with whoever's decided to play the game longer than rest, forcing new comers to quit early or pay to play, truely a waste of a great game!! Developers NEED to open more servers for any chance to this game to progress any further in popularity or to keep a player base worth calling this a good game.
The game is nice but after level 30 it starts to turn bland and boring, as well once your base protection is gone you get constantly raided by players who are at the very least 5x your level so there really isn't a point in playing after level 40 unless you spend lots of money on this game which won't be worth it.
The game is great for it to be so indepth would definitely like a marvel colab game like this ! -spidey
Hey Plarium any chance of actually getting a real reply to Request No. 1857579 instead of an automated response? Btw I've tried the suggested fixes that the auto reply email says but none of them have helped. Going by the number of others complaining of similar issues it appears your last game update is the PROBLEM and not us users!!!!!
I love this game, one problem that make me leave this game forever, the bunker is too small, i was lost everything because of a shopper, he attacked me with millions of power then i could not protect my units, if you shop you are powerful, bit if you dont shop you don't just because the bunker lets you lost everything
I have not played yet but I LOVED the browser version before flash went down, ill update you on it soon! EDIT: Game is GREAT, same as the web browser game great and cool looking units, although I would like to see the little stories about the units like you did with the browser game, I loved reading through those There was a bit of lag but that could have been from my end And as always I love the fast progression speed as I prefer games like this with fast progression speed Thanks for the game
This isn't a "game", so much as it's a chat room, designed to psychologically manipulate you into spending money on it. In fact, prices for offer bundles will go UP if you buy them. And you'll need them, since they directly buy power. But that power can also be PERMANENTLY destroyed, requiring more purchases. I was in one of the top ten alliances, and I've never seen such tribalistic, immature morons, who banned me without warning for speaking out against spammed alliance-wide messages.
This game was fun, but my Note 3 phone didn't have the memory to take updates. After 2+ years and $$ my base was lost. I rated this game a 1 the other day and they gave me a email address which should have fix it, but you need an active base to write to them...which was my complaint in the first place. Sad 😫
I haven't played yet but I have experience in the browser and I love the game and the graphics stay the nice work
Well, I downloaded this game out of curiosity because I tried it on my PC many years ago. Apparently there is no way to recover any of the progress I made on the PC, like with some other games. Too bad, but I expected that, in fact. So I'm cool with that and will keep playing the mobile version every once in a while. Nice work, guys, keep it up.
Its is a good game.. needs little bit of improvement.. i would appreciate if the tasks came with little bit of instructions.. like its says do this task and in the right hand corner there is an option to go 2 where our task belong bt later there r further more options so we r clueless what 2 do.. specially in case of mercenary.. i hd a task upgrade ur mercenary it took forever for me 2 realise how 2 upgrade it. Nw i hv a task upgrade a mercenary's class. And m still figuring out how 2 complte it
I loke the game but it keeps crashing after 2-15or3-5minutes ...plw what do i do ,because i have disabled sound and animation in the game but still no good
The only few problems with this game is.That it cost to much for everything nothing is really free that you really need. And if it is.. Then it takes to long to get on build up. The biggest problem. is that it runs slow, like way to damn slow. when you send troops out. Even if you use a boost on time. The game looks so good. But missing the things that makes people wanna be hook. Speed the game up when sending troops out. And make it easy for us to get upgrades. The wait time is to much..
This game gives me imaginations, I really like the details and textures I even like the people walking around acting like their doing something in the base, Maybe you can put more people in the base that'll be cool. Also working with an alliance is fun. I highly Recommand this game.
My only problem ,when I send support to anyone in alliance ,that member will take all my rations continuously . If you can make a button like to stop sending support . The game has no problem expect that .
I've lost my Account even i linked with my google account, automatically i've lost my money cuz i bought item in game... This is because this game server si so bad... There is no help from QnA or something.... I try to submit my request but my ID was invalid... last thing that i ever know was my player name...
In order to compete with other players you have to pay to upgrade your troops and base. There is no other way around it. About level 65 your progress levels off and your faced with increased building queues; weeks or months to wait unless you spend money.
Very good, Helipad should be free to build like other buildings at lvl 32..it should be free for first time players I can see as I'm a veteran player,costing me 1000 diamonds but first time players?! Hell first time players can't really get get anything done with the base let alone the helipad constructed.
Don't bother. It's pay-to-win and the pack value drops when you buy (less offense/defense per $). They're like the proverbial drug dealer who gives you a freebie to get you hooked and then jacks the price up. Support is also non-existent; they've moved on to other projects and are letting the game die a slow death.
This game has filled a void in my life. I became disabled because of a car accident i wAs joining the armed forces but then i couldn't. I thought then that other people can be helped like myself,and it worked not just for physically impaired but mentally as well. I have started to introduce this game and others from plarium to help others. I asked them to introduce this game to two others and our cliental has increased exponentially so thank you very much. there is so much more i want to say .
The good things: 1) you can store part of your troops and resources in the bunker depending on its upgrades levels; 2) you can play relaxed and not worrying too much about bullies and teams attacking you as the base will auto repairs after sometime as long as you store the troops in the bunker; 3) you can choose to spend some money on resources or nothing at all depending on how fast you want to grow; 4) there are always plenty of mini missions available that prize you with troops and resources also you can attack smaller bases for some small resources; 5) it's very easy to create an account and play the game across multiple devices. The bad thing: the game sometimes has too many pop up windows one after the other showing offers to buy this and that, it's very bad and frustrating.
It is a good game,but there are some fundamental flaws.First is the fact that when undertaking the Special Ops activities,you are forced to use diamonds to revive injured units.Secondly,it is very expensive to purchase items in the store and to build new Annexes.It would be a recommendation to cut prices for such things as shields,etc. For people who don't intend to spend money on the game.I now gave the game 1 star because I literally could not log onto the game for more than 36 hours!
Another pay to win game, that is filled with russian bots. I saw one player controlling more than 100 different bases and the developers don't care. There are no way to report botters, and you really shouldn't be wasting your time or money on this. Please buy a real game instead of this sad excuse for "strategy".
Lack luster gameplay and upgrade mechanics. This game does have potential but like most mobile games the developer gave up halfway through a concept. Nice graphics but units are not fleshed out. There are tons of units to train but they a jumbled mess to understand each and everyone of them. Alliance system is under developed and takes 7 real days to get any kind of enjoyment from the alliance as you are put on probation when you join. Iam asked to by a 6.99 pack after every action.
This game is cool and stuff but their in app purchases are expensive but still its the best strategy game ever made . And the graphics are amazing ,and also the developers must reduce some of the prices.
Takes patience. Theres a learning curve. Very strategic gameplay. Loyalty is honored. Be consistent as you grow. Love the game. Been playing for years. An update would be amazing, yet I'm still satisfied.
A vey wonder ful and realistic amazing game but there we should see the battle scenes also and we can have our own territory but not like black sites it is one of best but if the developers will have a look on my things then it wil be good .
P2W and not worth your time and definitely not worth your money... Trust me someones always gonna drop 1000$ just to wipe you out in your sleep...
Theres really nothing much to do all u had to do is just tap and build, u cant move the buildings, build roads and some designs just tap everywhere. Cant call this a "Game" its a chat room.
Nice strategy game and also active online community.. but I have played the game for pc and Android for some time... please if possible try to add at least so more troop type I.e like in the pc one... thanks anyway I recommend it for all who want more from their strategy game...kodos
Bullied by the pay to wins. Attacked by the wallet warriors constantly. If you like to win by spending money, you can buy your way to the top! Played without spending a dime...but it useless to keep trying to build as fast as the wallet warriors...they can 1000 bombers and raid you and drain you. Tired of the wallet bullies thinking they are badass winners! 7 month player looking for fair play not wallet racing. I won't spend and win...what is fun about emptying your wallet to win?
Nice game also awsome graphic and Building military base i hope there is allowes to build only base and attacking opponent (both internet & no internet connection) except other player(internet connection)add new units and base even expansion good job this game is great i hope there will be more upcoming update games
An unreasonable amount of time at first load, and the game seems to stuck at half bar on terrain processing.