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Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Sex/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a very entertaining app- the art is very pretty and the story is engaging and funny! I didn't expect that the new version would have been so "high-tech" but I really like it!
Look. I've played this game for 4+ years and the main reason I kept this game was that yes it was a little grindy but it was fair for f2p players. After this new update I feel like I just got flicked off and stomped on. Years of collecting evolution characters, stat increase characters (swirlies will be missed), and the penguins gone. Fricking gone. The compensation for those characters is not worth the time I spent. This game has now turned to p2w and I hate it. I love this game and hate it now
This game is a really great game when I first played it. I played when the first part was out and the story was really fun and I just wanna experience the old story that came out on release. It would be really cool if we could play the 1st complete story of the game. Nethertheless the game is unique with their PVP and the story is okay
Played the game for 6 years+ Its really amazing and I consider it one of the fairest gatchas out there + it has a very unique playsteal and many modes. The reborn patch is still in its early stages and so far its not too bad, though they didn't compensate old players like they should have done. I am still expecting greater things from this game though.
I can't login Global server since last update, I tried Galaxy and succeed to login. Shall we delete the game as we got no response from Com2us My account on global server is more than 6 years
Ive played for 6+ years at this point and untul this new update it was fun and there was always a new rank to grind to, first it was sss, then lll, then g and so forth. Yeah you had to grind but it wasnt super hard. the meta changes. But with how much grinding is required and the lack of compensation as well as loss of resources it is becoming more of a drag. I think they could have at least kept the training and special training system or the opposite with superb and such but both are gone now
Last year, they made a "Rebirth" update making the game a lot less punishing as a free to play player. Yes, having played the game 2014-2015, I can say a lot has changed although the concept is still simple. Drop rates for players are significantly obtainable. Dedicating more time to the game helps you catch up to P2W players. Skins are pointlessly expensive, costing around 10$ - 30$. You still can get skins with skin points, just not exclusive skins.
You can randomly have your 4 years old club deleted for unknown reason, and dev can do nothing about it or let alone bother investigate/explain to me what happened. Don't bother sending them anything for help.. I've spent lot of money and time on this game past 4 years, and I don't want to hear from this game no more. Each year I gave them a second chance for meaningful balance patch, but all they do is power creep units and power creep expensive to make spirit stones.
I'm just getting back into it after a 2 year hiatus. My main problem right now is that the game feels slow (at least somewhat). If it was smoother, I would enjoy it a lot more. Otherwise, I'm just trying to get used to almost the new content and units I've missed out on.
Com2us soccer spirits creator if u are reading this i have been play this game about 4 years now and i really like sam in this game sam was my first fav character in soccer spirits i hope u guys can change sam he skill shot's power attack up to 140% that's all i want to say because the critical was good..........my only striker are sam i only use sam as my striker because i really love sam character in this game really enjoy this game like i don't wanna quit this game just keep it in my phone
I came back multiple times over the years. This game is unique and one of the best mechanics compared to other gacha games.
The voice acting is wonderful. The art is beautiful. Experimenting as you build a team of your favourite players is time-consuming, but fun. The REBORN update has significantly lowered the entry hurdle for new players. However, I do not recommend playing this for those weak of heart, or for small whales. You have to dedicate at least an hour every single bloody day to the infinite grind in order to make progress. Most of your time will be spent auto-ing matches. You have been warned.
I've been playing this game since 2014 (and used to LOVE this game), I left the game for a long while because I didn't like some of the changes. I decided to come back to this game to give it a second chance. I absolutely HATE how the game is right now. It used to be so much fun and more simplified but now it's just a mess with too many things going on and only like 2 or 3 things that I like kept me from giving this game 1 star. I never thought I would rank this game so low it used to be so good
They reworked the game just too late. It's smooth and nice now without so many ADs. You can just play the game normally and find whatever you want to buy at shops, instead of bundles being throw at your face every time. Still... connection issues, and bugs are everywhere, so... it's still not good..
The new update is amazing, and alleviates a lot of the pressure and grind from the game. Soccer Spirits still has its problems, but overall it's one of the best mobile games I've ever played.
Don't know how I lose to someone with no unique spirit stones. Make no sense the guy's chart rank be L and my team of G rank loses? I only recommend this game if your just playing for fun and avoid galaxy live. Some dumb **** is happening in there.
Since updating i lost my accouny of 6 years for no reason i tried customer support and they still haven't helped me
This game is quite good for the most part, but what I don't understand is why are the character skins so absurdly expensive, like 17.99 for 1 skin that's just insane, but recently they updated the UI and optimized the game which makes the game run much smoother.
unplayable, dont download - crashes during patch download and after restarting i get error that app data is damaged. uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix anything
So 3 star because I love the game been coming back to it for years on and off.... but lately I haven't been able to log in... have reinstalled the game multiple times and it's very frustrating. I've checked on a few forums about what to do, my internet is pretty average when I work away, perhaps that's it but all my other games and services run ok
Coming back to game after three years.. and a lot has changed. Sadly the drop rates still suck but the leveling up and all has become better. The news update got a lot of stuff with it to keep me engaged .
Used to play the original 6 years ago when i had plenty of time, it was way more rewarding back then because it actually took time and diligence to get progress. Although that's not the case now, I've also become busy and the easier process does make the game more playable for me now. Prefer the old UI, but understandable that it's changed. Overall still love the game, so many memories and it seems like the devs care about player opinions. I look forward to getting back into this game~
Played this game on an off for 6 years now and I really like that they put in so much effort into the revamp 3 months ago. Sure it's a little buggy at first but they've ironed out most of the kinks.
After all, i like soccer spirits after reborn. But please make the PvP/Galaxy match become fair. Search opponent by Team power.not by the rank. So many veteran player hide in bronze to make fun with newbie, please Com2uS rework the PvP system.The difference in power should only be 1K-3K. But i found so many veteran that have a high level and high power...
If it works, this game is good. However, this game is unplayable due to infinite loading. Unpleasant experience, yo. Able to play this game app 2 out of 10 gaming sessions I had with this game
Okay I started playing before reborn soccer sprits came out this game once it came out it had a awesome storyline but know it's way better because now u can actually play against real people so be happy u can finally get to play against real people but this isn't the soccer spirits that I come to know as my favorite video Game
So much has changed )-: I returned to the game after going inactive for shy of 2 years and so much has changed. Even the way you level up characters has been changed. You no longer ascend characters and they are given to you with the already maxed out artwork. Dont get me wrong, it has gotten easier overall, but it isnt the same soccer spirits past me grew to love. Too much had changed this late into the game's release.
Don't bother, game starts, says give me first draw free then tells me I don't have enough crystals, sends me to purchase screen then freezes, three times in a row I tried it. Game deleted
Dont get me wrong i absolutely love this game. But anything that costs real money is so absurdly priced; like imagine spending $20 for a twinkie irl. And i beat the story in less than a week. This game had been out for 5+ years i just feel there should be more content to work with. The story wasnt even hard like didnt mess up once. The pvp will set you a 18k power level against a 30k power level, needless to say this sucks and removes all the fun from a game mode with such a huge potential
Couldn't download additional files. It moved to 1% and then back to 0% and I've redownload the game many times now.
I'm glad that when I revisited the game, Com2us decided to be more merciful on new players and let them have one legendary pick! Honestly, it's so nostalgic to be playing this again. Keep up the good work!
I downloaded this game because the gameplay looked fun & because the anime art caught my attention. Only problem is that I haven't got the chance to play it yet due to some kind of network error? Never had this problem with any other games. Is a super strong network service really required? If I even get the chance to play, ill leave a more proper review
Lots of issues fixed since I've last played. Lots of draws and decent rates. Still too much to do in the game and repetitive game play. But I'll have fun with it.
the best combat system of any mobile game EDIT: reborn patch is a desaster. shame on the person who made the call to publish that steaming pile of garbage. (**) EDIT2: they keep on improving reborn which is nice to see but they continue to ignore core issues. (***) FINAL EDIT: they prove time and time again they have no idea what to do with this game anymore. time to quit. (**)
The game is good, but the club system is bad I just bought an item from club scout then I accidentally pressed home so when I start the game again the items I bought disappeared even in club scout it said that I already bought the items, the only thing you need to do to avoid this in club scout system is to use the items right now not later or tomorrow... God I almost quit this game because of this system 🤬
Its a nice, fun game with beautiful art and team building strategies but there isn't much to do after that. It almost feels like you're just grinding infinitely for nothing in return.
This is a pretty decent gacha game but the game punishes you for coming back. Had I known that sooner i would have rerolled.
Reborn is newbie friendly compare to old SS. Lots of free stuff in the first 2 weeks, it can get you to at least rank 50, dozens of pick up players, and LLL team, even more if you spend your materials wisely. After 2 weeks is when the game gets really tedious. Imagine in 2014, I played f2p for a year and barely got a decent SSS team and no Legendary player.
I played this game for almost a year and I come back to it and all my stuff is gone my username is still there and says that I can change it but all my lvls and characters are all gone
Hadnt played the game for a year and half, so was surprised when i saw how they overhauled the character levelling and powerup system. Used to have a thing where you could evolve a character two times using special evo units where each time you would get cooler artwork, but they took this out of the game and now if feels like grinding doesnt reward you for anything anymore. Gatcha pulls and grinding for evolutions are what I loved about this game since they were so rewarding and balanced. f2pp
It changed alot. Almost like an overhaul or mod. But the good thing is that you can finally get a chance to get legend rarity cards.
I played this game all throughout highschool and even after, spent money on it too because I liked it so much! Call me old fashioned, but the new update just doesn't look good. Too many things on screen, too many changes to what used to be balanced character progression. On top of that it feels like they're pushing microtransactions even more now. Every time I try to do anything, it puts a pop up about a bundle I could get. It's just not good anymore and honestly I'm thinking about uninstalling
I love this game but everytime and mean everytime I come back to it, my account has gone missing. It's ridiculous that I have to make a new account everytime. Logging in with a Google or Hive account after coming back can actually even reset your prior accounts info. 🙃
the game is fun with soccer tactic like steal, block, penetrate or shoot. every unit has unique skill. keep the good work, com2us
Best soccer anime collaboration, maybe try a series next and boost this game higher. Also readers what you doing here? Go download and have fun xD
A really fun game with some interesting options. Being soccer themed helped alot. Alot of the features have been streamlined and I do enjoy it.
Have been playing since it first came out, and still my favorite mobile game! The developers and team are very conscious of their users, so they always try to improve on anything they can within the game from our feedback.
The story translation is sub par, confusing and bloated, but the card battling itself is brilliant. Beautiful art and graphics; unique and fun gameplay; upgrading and strategy outdoes itself and I don't feel forced to buy to enjoy the content. I definitely think it's worth at least checking out
Returned after a couple of years. New interface is too cluttered. 5*`s have been downgraded in terms of rarity so now my previous teams now feel extremely weak despite the amount of time and materials that were invested in them. I had gotten really far in story mode and now I'm just expected to start from the beginning? Legendary characters used to be extremely rare but on my first day logging back in, I got a legendary character over 10 times. Really disappointed.
the LIVE galaxy league matches quite always disconnect me in the very beginning /kickoff/ (!) what results in a loss. from 5 games i could play 1! matching against maxed out or nearly maxed out teams is an other annoying thing. I'm a returning player with account created in 2015. i like the new system updates and the gatcha system is good, i got new Legendary players. I'd rate the game 5* if the live game would be fixed.
I am unhappy. I gave a review to this game a couple of months ago about how you wouldn't let me in my account even after I keep re-downloading everything. It still said something was wrong with my connection and I asked if you coudl fix this problem. I was a rank 42 with the name Groco and I this just frustrates me, because now that there's a new update apparently my data has been deleted and I have to start from scratch. I've had to redo my gameplay 3 times, I've played since 2016. Unhappy.
Great to see this game is still going, but I wish it was optional to replay the original version for both new and returning players.
I dont know after the update i cant open the game, he said my connection is bad. But i can play another game too, and i can enjoy to open youtube. Please fix it. Thanks.
Hive say I'm permanent ban for invalid sign up no idea what it means each time I try to use contact it not working with my yahoo email.
This new version of ss is great but i still prefer the previous one. Hope club match will available soon
Haven't played in several years. Tried reinstalling, but I only get an infinite loading screen when I open the app. Will change rating once I can actually access the game.
I've throughly enjoy this game for the past couple years but right now the game keeps force closing after 30 seconds or a minute and I don't know why. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but it did the same thing throughout the download.
I honestly loved this game it was my favourite thing to play. The drop rates were hard but fair for the first 3 years of the game, but now I feel like I can summon forever without having to work for it. The new draw style, navigation and the style of the game is terrible. You took something amazing and destroyed it. I will play purely to collect the players.
The game is great but this is getting old ive lost not one, or two, but three FREE REWARDS!!! I completed the story quests and never got my free legendary player! Also my login rewards were also skipped! I did not receive for 2 days in a row !!! Fix it! Then I give this review 5 stars its a great game but im tired of getting cheated! Thanks and have a nice day!
Perfect game. I have played for many years. And I can tell you that you can achieve anything and not pay for special packages.
I played the original which was good. The plot line is awesome. The fact that you can get 100 draws on the second day is nice. I wish it was easier to get xp potions. I feel that the crystal price is high and the fact the special skins are so expensive is quite annoying. However it isn't a bad game. Just could use some adjustments.
I used to play this game a lot a couple of years ago, but then chose to take a break from it, because of phone overheating issues. Returned last year and noticed that they had banned my account for logging back in again. I am not thinking of returning atm, but I chose to leave a review after watching them advertise their 7th anniversary. Might give it a try one of these days to see if stuff got fixed.
After the most recent update, I can't seem to play the game after the title screen, keeps saying bad connection
When I downloaded ALL the resources and then it shows up a please update the game but when I go to the front page of this game on Google store it doesn't show at all the bugs very laggy servers and now this?! This is unacceptable please fix It I just really want to play the game normally...
Couldn't turn off auto play until after the selected auto play tickets were used. I should be able to override that whenever I chose. Also this app doesn't need any extra permissions to run. I installed it, therefore that should give the app enough permissions to save and operate correctly.
How have you guys not fixed the connection timout bug? if your match lasts to long you have to reconnect. Its been 5 years.
i hate this!. why is so much girl character in this game even loki thor and odin is a girl. and why boy character have girl skin!. why you dont give girl boy skin too?. is girl character not enought for you!
Horrible update. Full of bugs. Crashing. Old players are missing stuff that did not transfer over. Your new legend that you got means NOTHING. You need spirals that are time gated behind heavy farming.
It's working fine on emulators now. I played this game all the way back to 2017 where I had only a iphone. The first game to get me into gacha. This game will always be in a special place in my heart, and I'll revisit for nostalgia.
The update is great, it runs alot better, and the UI is nice, however to address some players issues, BB did not do a good job explaining all the changes before the update so alot of people anger is due to old resources being gone that could have made the transition smoother. Other then that, ever thing is fine.
I played this game years ago since I got an android phone. And just installed it again. I wish you guys can make a new game but with the same story and characters and gacha mechanics but with 3d soccer. Not like NBA POV kind of game but 3rd person shooting kind of POV (something like that LMAO). It would be a great game.
Been playing this and many other gachas for years anyone who complains about story being short or grinding has clearly never played a gacha before. The new update made the game massively more accesable for new players. This is also BY FAR the most ftp friendly of any game i have ever played. So again anyone complaining literally has no idea what they are talking about and id like to know what theyre comparing it to. Overall great game and great job BB
After the update this game sucks. 1. they remove the power ups which is better to use and easier to aqcuire. 2. They remove the gp system in scouting instead changed it to golds which is not a good idea. 3. The story missions are horrible, they makes play 10x to get a 5 dia and 3 star. 4. The pvp battles are unbalanced. 5 . They remove the lvl up batte in space continuum which is a better way to level up new heroes. 6. They didnt even refund my previous mileage. 7. The loading takes too long.
It isn't a bad game at all. Great character concepts. Just wish it wasn't SO focused on soccer. I hope you make a game with similar art/models with just as hot male characters in it but less soccer influenced. Maybe make a game like Summoners War but with adult themed art. Not nsfw. Just you know... attractive.
Being playing for 5ish years, this game is really generous gacha wise and has gotten even more so after the update, but problem is using newly aquired Ls dont feel worth it cause they are so weak and getting them to a decent point takes weeks, the reborn update is still fresh and the team behind the game is at least listening to the players so there will be more as time goes on
The developers said screw the old players with $1000+ in progress and gave new players equal resources. Nice development team.