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Soccer Manager Worlds

Soccer Manager Worlds for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Soccer Manager Ltd located at 1 Faraday Drive Fulwood Preston PR2 9NB. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, great app. Needs notifications built in to inform you match results are in, transfers etc. Would be even more awesome.
Would have been an excellent soccer managing app if the developers didnt make the results so heavily reliant on goalkeepers
A very enjoyable football management game with enough detail and complexity to keep me entertained. Player ratings are largely realistic as is the transfer market. I would like to see squad caps (Max 50) introduced especially in Gold GW's where hoarding is a big problem. GW's such as World, European and English could also be updated more frequently reflecting club rankings and changes. These are just minor details though.
We NEED more features, Show players honours (title wins, individual medals) Also show other leagues table so we can see hoe players perform in unmanaged leagues.
You guys are "disgusting". Why don't you indicate that the game is online. I searched for an offline football manager, and this game showed up among others. I downloaded it only to find out its online.
It's a cool game but We should be able to follow the matches up and make substitutions when the game is going on, It's doesn't sound good to make substitutions before the match starts
The game is well organized but I think we should be able to make at least 3 deals from a team. There should be lot of money to earn when you win a trophy to prepare the next season. The transfer window opening throughout the season is actually very good especially for new manager that just get into the game and to be able to arrange their teams well.
This app is a great app but just recently my account was destroyed I can't see name of players, I can't View match and also can't log into my account and this problem started yesterday, pls you should help me and do something, am having issues loading my account again
Very interesting game and easy to access and it's relatively cheap for how good the game is but graphics are poor
For how many years, no update. There are new formations in football now A change of interface is needed. There are other new stuffs that need to be included in the game. Is about time... An update is needed.
Was an awesome game up until just before xmas 2019. The owners made changes and the matches are more random now. Not really a competition anymore. :(
Despite no update, the app version has just broke on its own sinfe yesterday. None of fhe buttons seem to do anything now when clicked on
Good I am enjoying it ,but don't like the idea of playing only 2/3 games a week that means I would probably finish the league in about 5months that's to far for me matches per week needs to be increased
To make this game better please add a way in which we can watch the matches live and possibly make the required changes, also a structured transfer window is needed, ability to create customized formations and change player roles
I love this game but the big negative there is how managers are denied the right to influence match proceedings. Imagine my player got sent off and another got injured which culminated to my loss and I was unable to affect the match as managers are only allowed to set tactics before the game. As a manager, one must be able to see to match proceedings and make adjustments where necessary. I think this is a problem that needs urgent attention if this app will be rated as the best.
I dont think this game is being reviewed anymore and it is sad! Been playing this game for a while now, and there are so many things that need changing but no update... Chairman restrictions on loan deals should be removed, there be a period where the transfer wimdow opens and shuts, this will prevent cheaters from taking charge of clubs to hoard or steal players, managers should be able to make in game changes... Start making update and it will be the best. I love the match engine doh
Its just a terrific game. So smooth and sleek. Im expecting so many of my players increase soon. Love the game.. Game has evolved wel since 2015 i started.
I Love the Game. My Game World is the Best. We even had to Open a Whatsapp group so that we can communicate. We have our own PRESS, Analysts and every other thing that Football World Has. Update is Needed though.
It is a really nice game but we have been experiencing issue with the app we aren't able to get results for the previous match fixture it been over 24hrs now
Cool game, but I can't buy more slots with my card. It keep saying incorrect card while all the details are correct. Fix the problems and I'll be giving additional star In my rating
I think it's a really great game for me. I like how real the producers have made it... It's really top notch and I have actually been looking for something like this for quite a while. Although, I think a video replay feature who make this game a whole lot good, plus some more flexibility should be given to game world creators to make their own rules
I tried to go gold for a month... I got debited and haven't been refunded. You should please check and rectify this. Gracias. This is a five star app and I'll be back to edit this once it's clarified.
Fantastic football management game. But the concern levels of the players are frustrating especially after using the concerned player for a lot of games and his concern level still doesn't go off . I'd suggest an improvement on this.
The app has been the best where it's performed in real time. There should be transfer windows install in it where one buys a player only in the transfer window.
Great game idea, more games like this should be made ... But.... This game is so weird... Very hard to manage the lineup, and I just lost against Burnley that doesn't even have coach.... (I HAVE RONALDO, NEYMAR, HARRY KANE, AND OTHER GREAT PLAYERS!!!)
One of the most engrossing games I've ever played. As a manager the game is so realistic, plenty of active game world's with lots of clubs in different levels of league competitions for anybody to join. I've played it for about five years now and it's still like new, weekly challenges against my rivals, big transfer competition for those few quality players available, the whole involvement never gets tiresome, I thoroughly enjoy it and recommend it for anyone with any tactical nous.
Playing the game is like real football manager You have the capability of understanding the game those who like this game... And one last word that I have never seen a game like this.. Battery draining is less, more additcble game..
Sign up for the first time and can not play or do anythink with out your ID number ?? Good start to play!!not this game is a joke and Frist time trying to play and not able to start up not get passed Frist stage what a joke off a game app my feedback not one star???
Last updated 2016. pretty much a dead game most older servers are 3~4 people. new servers still have people but there are so many crashes with this app
I love dis game but u guys have to improve on pitch d graphics and goals sound also make d players visible...nice game so far
Great game. Really love it. Tho the developer should improve in transfers, transfers should have a window like January and summer. Also the number of hours used in closing up a deal should be shortened. Aside that the game is a 10/10...
This is the best online football managing game I've played but it's really sad that y'all abandoned the game . The only problems I'm having with the game is the issue of making only one transfer with a club and the 2D matches .... Even if it's not going to be frequently updated, at least give us a sense that the game isn't just there for show
Just downloaded the game. Theres an issue. Whys there 3 days to the next match and not the next day. I submitted bids and i have to wait for the manager to log in to see my bids, why dont he see notification on his phone. If this continues i will uninstall
Consumes too much data, but a very great game. Would be nice to play friendlies with friends anytime though, instead of fixed times.
Very good experience... would like an option where you could to speak to the chairman.. but otherwise very good.
Best online game.. Bt some of it"s features needs to be upgrated.. Such as substitution during match.
Great game, I've been playing it for a year now. Although it'll be great if managers can make changes during a game. (Don't know if it's only a thing for Free Managers) and be able to ask for more backing from the Chairman.
Good game but it needs to be updated and something the simulation looks randomized and the tactics has very limited options
I really enjoy Soccer Manager. I have been a member since 2009. I dissaprove the 4 star rating on Google play because i think this game is amazing. However, it shows that they're some improvements that are needed. The only thing i can think of are forums or videos detailing how to improve understanding of the game as i think that's what drives members from quitting. Other than that, it's a brilliant, competitive game that I love playing.
It is strange make the changes in formation before the game and can not make the changes during the game. How can i be a manager if I don't make the substitutions and the tactic scheme during the game in base of the results and I player's njuring?? It's like a fixed game that i see only when it's finished
Its a great format but as previous reviews state whoever is running the admin at the moment are not interested in dealing with the cheating issues. The bug tickets get closed stating action has been taken when actually nothing gets done . This would be disappointing enough for a free game but when you can pay to be a gold manager and you still face these issues then its not good enough. Would avoid for now until they take the focus off sm21 and put some back here
This game is great, but we need an update as soon as possible. Formation, tactics and transfer windows needs update. More ways to curb cheating
The game is nice and addictive but we managers should be allowed to pick numbers for our players and not the game...
I really like this game to the extent in which as far as I can got even just five free minutes aday, I cann't hesitate or manage not to log in to SM world. Its obviously a very impressive game that may get someone to be addixted to it easily.
This game contains numerous glitches, very unrealistic, undependable and deceitful simulation. FIX YOUR APP OR STICK TO GOLF!!!
Great game. But no update since 2016. I think the admins should look in to it. It's been a long time.
Good, Great infact...i have been playing this game for years now and really, it's getting kinda boring...No new features. I think ya'll should bring in new things to keep the gamers minds light up again...Why doesn't goalkeepers get injured or fatigued?? that gets boring. Update this game!!!
Very enjoyable , a few more options for the league admins would be great , like being able to remove disruptive or abusive people from teams in a league you own.
The games has issues currently, results for matches of the previous day hasn't been updated for over 2 days now. please fix this
Transfers take way too long to complete, ratings and prices of players are all over the place. Easier to use on computer. Players you put on transfer list take ages to sell. This games can be the best when these are fixed and; able to ask chairmen for money/cash injection anytime, upgrade stadium and ticket prices anytime, loan players from unmanaged/external clubs, buy players from unamanged clubs with money and players. Include and it will be the best football game app.
I have been playing this game since 2012, its very interesting.! The only improvement I want is players performance in real life should reflect in the game.
Please update this game, introduce some new stuff. Like players Jersey numbers, 3d simulation , transfer windows and also allow loan offers for big players who are on concern about playing time
I like this game, it allows us to develop a team whose players' forms are based on real life. The major problem with it is that the game's administration (SMFA) is slow to respond to reports about multiple accounts, which leads to people exploring gameworlds. The fight against cheaters may be exhausting sometimes.
This game never gets any make over! No new features or updates only players' rating Updates, nothing else! FM has more features this one is just interested in money
The app is awesome. But for years now there are no improvement. You guys should please improve so that we can watch our games live and you too should make the substitutions to be five since we are just copying the real football. Thanks. All regards
Love this, how you can compete with your friends and other people in the world, make your tactics, buy players and if you're gold manager you can also manage National Teams
Great management game, especially when game worlds are full. Any football fan who doesn't try it is missing out. Edit December 15: the app is malfunctioning, teams won't load.
Lovely game and a great time killer but I have a few suggestions to make to improve the game I suggest they should work on this game in a way that we can watch matches live , Also in a way that managers can be sacked by club chairmen ,press conference before and after a game and more managerial rewards this would make the game perfect Thank you. Hope you look into it
Great, but i think the transfer window shouldn't be on all season long, it actually makes the game a little bit childish, and thr game actually needs to be updated, new formations, new roles have been in play recently and we need to see them on the game
Good game but..... Update the game!!! Least then we can enjoy 2d match better and customers mite buy gold membership if game works well and see developer actually cares about the game
So far I've been playing SM Worlds nonstop since July 2020, and there's something about this game that keeps me so invested in it. But it hasn't seen any major changes in a while compared to the single player (SM 21). Finance lacks any depth, match engine & stats lack immersion/are dull, player stats aren't comprehensive enough, and game world formats could allow for more player customisation. SM Worlds still manages to keep itself interesting, but an overall gameplay update is way overdue.
You don't win this game by skill or tactical knowledge, it's like playing with luck, imagine people who are not even up to your rating beating you The developers needs to delete this game and recreate it 🤦🤦
This manager world is fantastic. But need to update some parts 1) the game need to have more plays instructions like advance player maker, deep lying midfielder and so many others The game need to have more team instructions and strategy plans 2) they need to update from 3subs to 5 You can not watch the game life and it is very bad because once your player collects red card or yellow you can't do anything about it, so they should wotk on it
Best online manager game I've played although it needs to be updated with more features but it's still great
I should have given 5 stars but... I downloaded the game, signed up and was promised to receive a confirmation email, it didn't come till after two days, that's too long for something this good. Generally, I recommend it to football manager games lovers, it is fantastic.
Please i think to make this game more lovely and lively... upgrade the game to higher level, let it be like the SM manager 2021 let's be watching the match not just 2D, upgrade it or you can simply add SM custom creation to SM2021
Great management game, especially when game worlds are full. Any football fan who doesn't try it is missing out.
It's cool and I have been playing it since 2016,it's easy and comfortable especially when am bored , it's the only game I have on my phone and I can play it without exhausting my battery, got introduced by a friend and since then I just get addicted to it, I love it
I like this game so much but the only issue that I have with it us that the lack of managers being able to affect the match during the proceedings, I can only rate it 4 stars until this issue is resolved and soon.
Brilliant! Have been playing this game for more then 10 years now. Some improvements could be done of course but in general it's great!
I enjoyed the game. Playing it on web since 2008. But this app have some issues. Mainly sorting. For example if I want to sort my players based on highest wages. The sorting is out of control
There could be room for improvement most especially when you are losing matches that you know you can win
Excellent but needs a few changes to the game I.E the shield should be 2 from a group and loan bids should be available during games even if they are playing, otherwise great game, just a few tweaks needed to get it five stars
The game sometimes make no sense when you have a 5 star team losing to a 2 star team in the quarter final and you had 10 shots on target while the other team have 3 shots on target and you lose 2-0. Pathetic. Why is Mbappe 95 rated he is only 21 years old how can you make him 95 rated. Shows favouritism.
It's a nice game for me. Very nice and seems real..... But currently am having network issues with the game don't know where the fault is from though, I will be glad if it can be resolved thank you
It's kul and interesting, but unmanage club can't sell player but dey can buy,and if u can do it by playing dis game everyday at night
Brilliant game. Been playing since 2009. Had a couple of years away from it and recently came back to it. I'm loving the new look and game play is great. Only annoying thing is that managers are able to stock-pile all the good players, and then not even play them. It seems to take an age for the players concern level to increase to the point of handing in a transfer request. I think the introduction of a maximum squad size could be a good thing.
This is really an exciting game,lots of stuffs to explore.much like the real life but I think making the match reviews to view in like a 3D form would be an additional improvement.i really hope you guys consider this review and make it so
Best online management game ever! $$ Six year veteran $$ Years of fun/stress playing in a league full of irl friends, competing for players and trophies. even when we get together irl we keep talking about tactics, results, players, negotiating trades etc. GOOD -real players, clubs & national teams -trading with other managers -all clubs & leagues (from the prem to the Saudi league etc) -custom leagues -private leagues -easy to use interface and much more BAD -easy to hog talent+easy to cheat