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Soccer Manager 2020 - Football Management Game

Soccer Manager 2020 - Football Management Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Soccer Manager Ltd located at 1 Faraday Drive Fulwood Preston PR2 9NB. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a good game. I cant play SM 2021 on my phone so I am still playing this version. I think there is a bug in the auto-pick training screen. Some or most times when a game is on a Monday, the auto-pick training feature doesn't rest a full day on the Sunday before game day. This results in my players not being 100% rested before a game. It would also be nice if the Fitness column was narrowed and the day of the week columns widened to display the numeric month and day. For instance, instead of just displaying the generic "Mon", it would display something like "Mon 1/9" for Monday, September 1st. This would also avoid the confusion of which week the training is set for (since it seems you can only set a training schedule on Monday nights or later making it difficult to prepare for games on Mondays).
I really like the game but some changes have to be made Firstly, I think they should more setting ( it not wide enough) Secondly, you have pay More for a player even players we low rating Lastly I expect a boost in the graphics
Graphics must be improved. Introduction of TV channels,team rating,coach rating,youth club of the team would be great.TV channel question should make compulsory to answer.After the game,during 1 week gap for the game,tranfer window period questions asking can make the game more fun.Team rating must increase or decrease according to their performance.Coach rating must increase according to the performance of the coach. Questions must ask regarding top players,youth sensations and about their
I like the game, but the transfer fees are not realistic. As in Timo Werner isn't $150M and Andre Onana isn't 70M. I would feel happier if they were to be more realistic. And also there's not much choice for tactics. Just run at difference and play wide - that's not very interesting. Otherwise it's a good game.
game management setup not complicated and easy to manage. just the 3D gameplay looks kinda childish.. got to improve in that sector to be more attractive and make players addactive more.
I like this game but u need to make the game available for more devices because I'm getting bored of playing the same game over and over so if you can get sm 21 for all devices I would make this a 4 star review
This game is better for managing the soccer players for real. Can it be updated on 2021 version right before New Year's Day on the 1st? Because I really liked it so much than 2020 version.
I've being playing SM since the 2018 edition. Very interesting and quite realistic game . I love the interface and gameplay,although the 3D view still needs immense improvements. I also don't like the fact that I can't coach in any league apart from the one I started in (e.g Liverpool to Inter Milan). I hope this is corrected in the 2021 edition. In all, this a great game that has a lot of potential to be the top manager game . Great work.
Originally gave this 4* but down to 3* now. The more I play this game the more problems I find. Player ratings are ridiculous, you can have the top scorer in the league but his game ratings are rarely above 6/10. Yet the oppositions goalkeeper gets 8/10 at least even if they don't make a single save all game. There aren't nearly enough formations or training options for players, if their morale is down the only thing you can do is spend actual money on booster packs or sell them. It's dumb.
The game is good but with glitches. You have to put your players on transfer list before you see bids for them which will reduce their value. And only teams in your league will bid for your players. I would love to see changes make in the next update. When is SM2021 coming out?
To me the game is not worth it, the game is not well evolved. The inbox is not even well developed, when u win a match on penalties like an FA cup draw in which both of the teams drew and then went to penalties, it tells you that you drew the match when you won, also the prices of players are too high and the game is just not it. The transfer budget is not even given by the board for a season, it's based on whether you won a competition or not and that's not how it is in the football world.
Nice game but teams from the same country shouldn't be in the same group of the first stage of the uefa champion league anyway game not that bad i could have make it five stars but the game graphic need little work๐Ÿค˜
Very good game . But there are some things which should be included in sm21 1)Y do other clubs not bid for ur players unless u put then in transfer list ? hoping to see bids from club in sm21 (without putting them in transfer list) 2)exchange of players can be taken place maybe . 3)loan + buy option to include pls ๐Ÿ™ 4)add ons/bonuses should take place. For example 10m+5m add ons if these things are corrected. This game will be more better.
I'll really like to acknowledge the efforts of the developers on this game. It's truly amazing but there are still some areas to work on like swap deals for players during transfers.Personal player trainings like training a player to adapt to a position can't also be done. Other minor additions such as being able to choose sponsors and international duty calls can be added to the next game to give it a more realistic touch. I would like to appreciate the developers again. This game is wonderful
It is much better now thank you. The only reason why i withheld 1 star is the lack of updates๐Ÿ˜’... Update our players and teams please or release 2021 version?
The game is okay except you must spend money or watch ads/videos every 5 minutes. I spent around $120 and they took all my coin and boosts away. Stay away from this one.
This game is alright but the reason for three stars is that when you don't use the money the game takes your money away randomly then all of a sudden you are on minus and the game would be better if you could do swap deals for another player if you were on low budget
I think this is a great game but there is one thing I would change: being able to do swaps for transfers but apart from that I think it is great. I also like how you can actually choose your team, in some games they just put you in a team you don't even know.
It's fun, makes you think of different tactic to use when faced with different opponents. But the simulations at times don't reflect the team attributes.
Great game! A few things to add/change in sm 21: 1. Loan with option to buy 2. More realistic prices when buying players 3. Allowing players to actually sign for your club if the desired fee is agreed 4. More realistic game results 5. More tactical changes 6. More detailed scout reports and ability to scout the globe
Great game, all current players/clubs. Feedback: pens & especially freekicks go in way too frequently, needs orange ball in snow! Rare glitch on corners where defense is awol, similar rare thing for goalkicks. Doesn't need game animations for halftime/final whistle, gets annoying. Some in match gameplay looks legit, some is hilarious (moonwalking!) I'd like a hireable coach who'd rotate the training program without user input, better coach = bigger stats increase
It's one of the best I have ever played. Hope in the next editions managers can have contract lengths. And it will be nice if you could change or train a player on a different role and position Swap deals and more flexible transfers could do well, lengths of loan spells e.t.c And other clubs should bid or even enter a bidding war for your players without putting them in the transfer list
Its a cool game, love it, play it everyday , but i which that when u come off ,it save ,not when u have to play a match to save ,but otherwise its fun game
This game can easily be the best manager game just with some improvement on the 3d matches can you make the player contract based on a real life like number of game he can play second choice first choice all those things, awards are very annoying when you watch a match let the view be like what a manager sees what the manager say all those stuff why don't you scout true football they have mad ideas
The game is very fantastic but you have to add something like you can change any time you want not only first half when you sim match and please improve the graphics
How come the game doesn't allow others teams to bid for our players without us putting them on the transfer list. Other teams should also be able to bid high prices so that we can also generate higher income than the low amounts when we transfer list players. The game should also allow us to sign pre contracts with players that have 6 months left on their contracts. Instead of us buying the player.
Other teams' ratings are godly, an average player gets, 9 8 9 10 or something, totally over powered, and no player from the team you are playing makes it to the team of the month. And in training if you have a game in Tuesday next week and this week you are training in Monday but you plan to rest in next week but you can't. Before you even get a chance to change the schedule, your players already train. Yes, anyone can get by it by pre making the schedule but, it's not so convenient. 500 letter.
The budgets given to your club are sensible but transfers made by other teams are completely outrageous. Teams that have under $100million when you manage them tends to buy up to 5 top class players when you don't. Also the sm credits dont seem to increase at all even though am upto 6 seasons into the game. Overall, gameplay feels nice but interpretation of tactics doesn't seem to make much sense.
Please, we would like if you could make gamers have accounts and play friendly multiplayers online. And also try to make tactics possible anytime during a "quick play". And help make the offline mode more fun. Gamers dont use online mode because it makes the game slow . Please Take note! And make it possible to train (edit) a player to play another positions. Please just do sth to the SM21 ... It sucks for now
This version is better than the 2021. Is more realistic and have more fun than the latest version. So I'm giving it 5stars
The game is excellent and very addictive but the reason for not giving it 5 stars is because they use fake names for both teams and players which makes it hard to buy players during the transfer window and to identify which team you playing with.
Well I'd love to give the game five stars but.gosh the transfer system of the game is so poor.u can only sell players wen putting em on transfer list.many of the times even after droping good amount of cash for players dey still refuse to join.many of the club's finances are poor(inter Milan)no manager of the season award.even players who are in reserve aren allowed to join other clubs.i also don't know y u can't receive transfer request from other clubs without transfer listing ur players
The game is constantly crashing its very frustrating you will win a match and then the game will just crash and next time you play you will lose or draw ๐Ÿ˜’ and you earn no manager points that way so you cant progress, its constantly crashing during or after games and its very frustrating, specially when you get a really good score against a hard team then next time you play lose.
I love this game, I'm only still playing as SM21 isn't compatible on my phone which sucks. I have a couple issues though: Morale is stupid af, players always seem to want more game time and then morale just goes down. Secondly loans are way too hard to pull off especially trying to loan players from foreign clubs. Usually it tells me they're happy at the club but they're transfer listed and morale is in the bin. But overall this game is amazing. Get it
I really enjoyed this game so I. Making this points 1. On sm21 kindly work on the transfers, other club should bid for my players not only when I put then up for sale 2. The award category shouldn't be left out. 3. Manager of the month should be included 4. My player ratings after games should be adjust( it's frustrating after winning and your players don't get pass 8 ) 5. As a manager I should be able to go back to my former club I've coached. 6. The quick play should enable changes not only
This is one dope app!!! The graphics hold back your last star๐Ÿ˜Š... Tried installing the 2021 but wasn't working, why? Well as for this one its an amazing one and i really cant wait to play the updated game. Well done!
This is by far the worst game I ever had ever the main reason is because whenever your player is through on goal and if he gets past the keeper he always miss I am Barcelona and people like Messi ans Suarez keep on hitting the bar of missing open goals and it looses me 3 points fix this then I might come back but for now unistalling.
I actaully love the game but the only issue i have with the game is, why other teams can't bid for our players umless will put them on transfer list which will lower the value of the player and the second issue i have with this game is player exchange transfer, we should be able to exchange players during transfer so as to make the transfer more interesing and less cost, instead of getting rid of the unwanted players in order to have space and have enough money for the new ones
Good game ๐Ÿ‘ Could be better,just read the reviews given by other people and work on those problems I have the same problem This is a potential future gem Oh yea wait plz add an option to train player to change their position. Edit: Another thing ,why can't we go from managing clubs in one country to another? This shouldn't be the case plz add an option in which u can apply jobs,get offered or take over clubs from other countries alongside the country ur current club is in.
This game is a very fantastic coaching activities, but the problem I guess is the name of the players and club,if these problem can be solve to realistic point of view i will introduce this to many people โคโค๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ
When i try to buy a player off the transfer market i have to add 000 to the end of their desired amount to be able to press the submit button. So if i try and bid for someone wanting $12,550 per week, i have to put it $12,550,000 per week to be able to submit the offer, i think thats paying way over their value haha. I've only just started playing the game and would love to be able to transfer freely.
Another great game by SM but a few chaanges you need to make 1. Transfers are rip offs i mean werner valued at 93mil in game though in real life Chelsea payed less than 50mil for him 2. You cant do any swap deals or release clauses 3. Martial scored 50goals and 14 assists yet he didnt even get NOMINATED for player of the year please and almost before every game there is an ad pls fix it good game overall
Transfer market is broken, Liverpool buys all Man City players. Free kicks always go in (only for opponents though) Team of the Year is a joke. Some Turkish club guy will play one match, get a rating of 10 and win Player of the Year. Ratings are a joke for simulated games of other teams, for ex: some team will lose 8 - 0 and most of their players will have 9 or 10 match rating, including goalkeeper and defence. Formations are not flexible, we have to choose from a very limited number.
this is one of the most brilliant games I have played the only downfull is all the adverts that this game has they come just before you play a match one thing that I think that should happen is if we play a match then we should have a choice to take one of the opponent's players for a reward
The game is pretty good, but when I try to loan a player from a team then he snubs the move, but he'll join a lower league team and not even a play a single match. I also don't like the fact that teams only buy my player's if I put them on the transfer list. They should also allow us to build the more than one side of the stadium when we have more than enough funding. The transfer of player's could improve aswell because a player won't play a single game and would still stay at the club.
The squads are up to date and the gameplay realistic but players should be aware that many of the offers to gain free credits by installing 3rd party apps will result in expensive and intrusive sms messages. Linking to my fabo account got me a great bundle which then disappeared because of a poor mobile internet signal. I have lost squads built up over several seasons by accidentally accepting a job offer or touching new game instead of 'continue'. All it needs is an 'Are you sure?' check.
There are so many bugs and glitches in the game that makes it difficult to manage the team. First of all I won 12 trophies in 4 seasons including 2 champions league and 3 league titles and yet most of the youngsters are not interested in my club and most of the time I dont even see the bids some clubs are making on my players that are transfer listed and I get a message that they withdrew the bid because I didn't respond to their bids๐Ÿ™„ There are more issues but I can't state them in 500 letters
Am using an android of version 10.0, a space of 32g and 2g RAM, I still don't know why am unable to download the 2021 version. Please fix this and the rating will change to 5
I love this game but it seems like after 7 season your team is high rated you won every trophy the team takes a U turn. I start to lose matches I should be winning finishing outside the top 10 and my midfield some how is affected the most the morale goes down even if I scrape a win they get 3-6 even when the score or assist I had to delete my liverpool career mode because I couldn't take it any more and I had enough of spending cousins on my midfields morale every match. I hope the will fix it.
This game is among the best of all football management game but there is some issues.. One of them is when a team got corner kick, no one is defending which resulting an easy goal.. Also there are so many ads.. I watch ads for the rewards so please remove the ads before each match.. The control also becomes laggy if I played for more than half an hour
The most underrated soccer game EVER. Even for a mobile game. This Game is EPIC. One thing I would recommend is that you can sim multiple games. Maybe better graphics But an AMAZING GAME
Good game but sometimes when your 5-0 up your opposition like say your barca and your playing southampton they can equalize also graphics could be better keepers like David De Gea or Donnarumma are like 99 rated but dont save anything crappy keepers and you can have a 99 van dijk but they cant defend properly at all you can literally lose to a team full with 60+ rated players but your team can lose when you have 90+ rated players. And strikers like Rashford can miss easy goals.
Such a very good game ,but other clubs should be able to make transfers from your club whem the player is not on transfer list.another thing is when I am playing the match the players dont kick the ball straight .try and change those things
This game is very good but there are a lot of bugs e.g players can only use their right foot, my save data crashes some time Sometimes when a corner is taken, all my players go to the opposite end and my opponents all move into my box. Sometimes when my opponents goalie takes a goal kick all my players move into the opposite box and even at that we still don't score This game has too many bugs to list in just 500 words
I've being playing SM since the 2018 edition. Very interesting and quite realistic game . I love the interface and gameplay,although the 3D view still needs immense improvements. I hate the fact that after scoring 61goals and having 14assists in a single season, Luka Jovic didn't make the team of the season. In all, this a great game that has a lot of potential to be the top manager game . Great work.
The game is very good and i like it alot. But there is one big peoblem for me. And that is that my players never get Player of the mont award even if the score 6-7 goals and get 3-4 assists in one month. And there is no Manager of the month award. These are the only small things i would like if the change.
Very interesting app i really love it but when it comes to award you don't give my players any award despite the fact that they are winning trophies,scoring goals and all those stuffs and no award for the manager too. The team of them week my player only get there once in a while and thats my goal keeper skmetimes why is that please try to adjust that. And as a manager i should be able to agree terms with club i want to take over next and time to take over
Very interesting sort of game ,its a pleasure,but you need to make world class players like messi,ronaldo and the rest of them available for transfer to club like arsenal,chelsea and others And please i dont want aubameyang name to be palun,change the language,let the players name be their real name,like hazard now ,in my game his name is engel,messi i His name is lopez,ronaldo too his name is grilo
The game is amazing but there are a few features in the game that I think need some fixing and there are alot of bugs in the game that I think need fixing and it would be better if you could play matches quickly and still pause and sub players on overall though I love the game and I really enjoy it
This game is alright but the reason for three stars is that when you don't use the money the game takes your money away randomly then all of a sudden you are on minus
I really like this game. It is very realistic but the graphics are not as good as the game play and also you only have one slot to save a game which is not impressive. Another thing is that players are not requested for unless they get to the transfer list, and also managers can't do a swap deal in a case of insufficient money.. please I would like if you could fix this. Thank you
Anticipating this game for a while. Absolutely dreadful with more bugs than the the Amazon rain forest. Update. Sep 2020 Played it these last few weeks and most bugs have been fixed. Although I have at least 7 players all on transfer list and not one bid for any of them in 3 years. Now I will lose out on over 400m transfer fees not to mention the wage bill in forking out for the players. Updated to 2 stars.
Could be way better. 1. there is no system of joining the other league as manager.once u select a league you have to stick by it..job opportunities comes from same league. 2. there is no system of notification when player recovers from injury. 3. when a player receives a yellow card, it should pop up in game notification not manager has to check and find out
This is a great game,it has real players real teams,real tournaments but the only problem I have with it is the players movement it doesn't look very realistic so that's the only thing that needs to change for me,but keep up the good work
At first i really like this game. After a season end,i tried to get players which is worth 80m i give them 3x price,players never interest wasted the whole day really pissed. You must inverst real money to get players otherwise they will never interest your team.
Best manager game ever... But you need to add 2 things in my opinion 1. The award system should be more realistic and free agents and players who plays single matches throughout the season should be winning them... 2. With transfers add loans with options to buy, my top players should be getting offers from top clubs not only when I transfer list them which makes their worth less than their value, also players who are transfer listed by their clubs should disagree to join my team...
It is a very good game coming from sm19, but I seem to have an issue with when your player performs well it's still hard for them to get into the team of the month or year, and please try to also make more available transfer options like loan for more than one season or loan with option to buy.
The game is really awesome but still many things could make it better. 1) You should add swap deals, player+cash deals. 2) The match animation is good but during key moment highlights it is very irritating for eyes and it harms the eyes. Plz change that. 3) At the end of tournament add AWARDS like PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT, BEST YOUNG PLAYER, BALON' D OR, BEST GOALKEEPER, BEST DEFENDER, ETC. If you make this changes it's gonna be outstanding. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Matches are random. I've beaten Barcelona with a Championship team, twice. PSG with a tier 3 team. This should not happen. Free Agency is a mess. Despite a player being transfer listed, if they feel your club is below them, they won't sign. Wait the year for their contract to run, and you can sign them for free. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ Smh. So many issues that need fixing. THEY NEVER RESPOND TO YOUR TICKETS. Too busy working on their next game they disregard support for this one. Shame.
This game is so amazing and should be upgrade for example add some friendly match like International champions cup,Fifa World Club cup,some league at other country and Fifa world cup.
Overall a fantastic game. The biggest flaw is that your players will never be on the team of the month. Your team can shread people 7-0 all month, but somehow none besides your goalkeeper will make it. In return, you hardly ever get transfer offers for your players unless you put them on the transfer list which is pretty backwards. I was only able to loan players out until I got to the Prem league even though I had very promising youth players. Fix the training schedule, its so confusing lol.
The game is fun, but it's quite unrealistic. Budget allocation is poor and if one doesn't win a trophy, then he's got no income coming. Also, at a point the game just crashes, very important data gets lost. To be frank, it's annoying at a point. I was topping the ligue 1 table mid season with my promising Monaco squad when everything crashed. I lost the data showing highest goal scorers and assist. The only thing left was the league table. Even the champions league fixtures had crashed.
Amazing game as usual from Soccer Manager. Why do the club's finances keep running out though? The weekly expenditure is way too higher than the income and we can do nothing about it as its all mandatory expenditure(wages,administration,etc.) This is a major problem & hope is sorted soon. Also crashes too much, almost once every couple of games.
The game is amazing. Though I would like to request improvements in how the players of the months/competitions are decided. Its is purely based on rating but shouldn't be. A player could get a 10 rating in one game and not play the rest of the season yet still get nominated. This is unfair to the top goal scorers who can get 50 goals a season and not get nominated. Please improve upon this
The game is nice... But my only problem is that you must use data to view a Club logos and players, apart from that the game is very nice
I was once missing playing fifa and management games. I searched through all the football manegenent games then I found this gem. This is what fifa mobile should be! I suggest you get it.
It's very frustrating. I want to like the game but when you have goalkeepers standing next to a corner flag, during a FK, that allows the opposition to score, when your strikers miss from 3 yards out, the rewards are next to unachievable, and every player runs, dribbles, shots etc, all the same. It's very difficult to like as opposed to similar games. I deleted after one months game time due to those frustrations.
Love the game but the finances for certain teams such as Chelsea aren't correct and when the next update going to happen as teams have signed new players which haven't been added to the teams selection. Overall I love the game it's really fun to play but can you please update the teams. Please release sm2021 soon please, Im excited to play it.
Its not an offline game . Its online . Although its good but its graphics are really bad . Needs improvements.
Reason for the 3 ๐ŸŒŸ is that before you buy player the will be having 10/10 rating but when you start using the player the player will be having 6,7,8 at times 3,4,5 in a roll and you will not see player in team of the month even the player good performance in that month..... Please do something to that one is giving me headache time after time when I checked team of the month
This is the most terrible simulation I've ever seen. Too haphazard, no matter how much adjustments you make in formation, it doesn't affect the game anyway. Straight from kick off, you are 2 goals down in one minute. Twice now the time ran up to 600 minutes. Please fix it and make it available to be played offline.
Really Like the game but the reason for 4 stars is because it's graphics are not really good and how I want to be able to control the players not just watch them play but otherwise the game is really good it actually has accurate players name and actual real teams it's not one of those bad games that have to change some letters from well know professionals names and have to change team names (like Manchester United to redchester). The game is good for what it is I would recommend to try it out
The in game match engine or AI whatever it is needs a serious sorting out. 1. No matter what I set for passing instruction every single key highlight Is my team playing a long ball when I never set my passing to long ball!! 2. The computer everytime they score a goal or a key highlight it's always a passing along the ground move which my team never do when I set to direct short passes never choosing long ball. 3. Every single goal i score is an opposition mistake, never a move started by me
Please can you add a way to do substitutions anytime when playing quick play. Sometimes you might be in a hurry and want to finish a match quickly. And also why do I have to put players on the transfer list before I get offers I rarely get offers for most of my players even those that played extremely well. Those are the only two problems the game as apart from that it's fantastic
It is really a very nice game and fantastic. It relieves your stress but the only issue is not having the original player names and teams.. Hope in the next version this issue is improved.
The potential is there. This reminds me so much of my favourie manager game of all time (lma manager). The depth with the amount of players and teams is there. The lay out is great and easily adaptable... The big big negative that needs work is the 3D match engine. I like to see my players play football that looks realistic.. I wouldn't expect it to look as good as pes manager. But it would be nice if it could provide something better... Potential to knock off FM manager for sure
I am in year 2042 and I have never restarted any match. I have one of the best teams so far and have won 82% of my fixtures without any loss restart.i carried the league with a 9 points gap from second position having completed the last few matches with my 2nd team. I met real Madrid in the champions league final for the season after numerous tactical preparations and they were awarded 2 consecutive set pieces holding me 2-1 at full time. It's not a fair play.
This game is deffinetly one of the best soccer games on the platform But there are some things they could change to make the game better..... For example if you were playing as Burnley or someone like that..if you tried to sign someone like lacazette he will reject your offer because his current club is Better than yours..... And he would still do that even if you gave 5x His wage he still wouldn't accept Overall good game Recommended
Very good game, A very professional one and a very adictive game, but the only problem I had was, I chose Barcelona and I win copa del ray, La Liga etc. , Despite wining 2 or more tittles in one season my price money went low to -709. 45 million , when I win a match the money is getting less, please fix this problem, If you do so I'll give you five stars, but anyway a very good game๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿคœ๐ŸŽฎ
A great and loveable game. I would have given u guys five but there is a problem 1 is the issue of the 3D please u guys should look into it and also members of ur team being in the continental team of the year. Apart from these its a great game. I will like it if the SM21 has lesser or no bugs at all because am greatly waiting for it and please let it be reacheable for those who have smaller RAM
No matter what I tell my players to do, they wont do what I said. Example:for 4 matches i wanted my team to play long ball by the midfielders that stayed back and this never happened. No press nothing. I dont really know maybe because of my team derby. But anyway they must listen to me
It's a great game but can improve in many areas too. I've seen lots of feedbacks here and most people want bit more of realistic to it. Our players hardly gets award even performing better than any other players. I'm frustrated in selling players. Why do i always have to place players in transfer listed to sell them. Imagine a joy of a manager getting nice transfer offers for his players who he saw grew to be the best. Plz fix that first
Not bad. However, I think more roles should be added in. For instance, trequartista for AMC position and anchor man for DMC. Please fix the offside rule too, we need no VAR precision, but we need offside for sure, stats look weird without offside. It feels like a 9-a-side game.
I've been playing this game for a while and I must say it's nice. My only issue with this game is the AWARD aspect. I've been enduring it for a long time, but I feel I should say it now. A player of mine scored 147 goals in one season, was part of the continental team of the year, had the highest rating in the team, but was not nominated for the player of the year. Instead, a player that is a FREE AGENT was among those nominated and even won the award. Please, this should be fixed.
Game is great. Just one issue, there should be random transfer offers for sqaud players too, by other clubs, even if those pkayers are not in 'Transfer out' list of my club. That would give me some potential to make good amounts of money. If this is already there, then why i have not received any offer yet in 3 seasons of gameplay, inspite winning 2 CLs !!
It's a good game but I have few problems with it #1. you can't perform Swap deal actions , #2. Most of the big clubs don't have their original logos yet the small clubs have them #3. You can't substitute a player when the match is on , u just have to wait for the 1st half to be finished then u substitute the player ....... If those problems are worked on #Soccer manager will be the best football managery game in 2020
The game is nice, but what's the point, if after some time, the game will clear ALL your saved games??!!!!!! This has happened to me about 3 times now...and that's why I'm giving it 1 star. Because there's no point of a great game, if it can't efficiently save your progress. And to make matters worse, I had paid for the VIP. Please the producers should look into this situation. Thank you.
Game is okay could be better however the game is very biased towards bigger clubs especially man City unrealistic in regards to one game sane scored 2 goals in the same minuet wich is virtually impossible and the player ratings to value is a little unorthodox cam pay way over odds for a player who is not really that good (guess that's realistic) other than these minor issues it isn't bad a game
This the BEST Manager game.But there are somethings that should be worked on 1)The Award...it's really annoying after playing more than 5 season,your player wont even win player of the year for once 2)Manager of the month should be added and a manager's birthday should be acknowledged 3)The manager should be able to comment on player's and team performance after a played match. 4)Team of the month should also be worked on..Outstanding players should be on the list. Thanks...
Good game but some problems 1. Players are constantly demanding game to and some player that are like 60 rated want to start in games. 2. Unrealistic results how do I beat arsenal 5.2 then lose 2.0 to Brighton 3. Players morale they even start game perform good but still lose lots of morale. How are 70 odd rated plays from like Everton or Newcastle scouring tones of goals. Overall brilliant game but not perfect.
What is wrong with this game? Freekick taken by my GK and I have 9 players at the top. Why can't the keeper do a long pass?! Why must it kick to the one and only defender surrounded by 10 of the opponents??! WHAT IS WRONG????!
The Game is very interesting. I just have I few suggestions for the next updates. Please it will be nice if managers can negotiate their salaries and years of contract. Also, it is only when my players are on transfer list that other teams bid for them which needs to be changed. Also the transfer demands of players and teams are quite outrageous.
A wonderful game but few changes has to be made. Transfer fees are outrageous. Your players won't be bought until they are transfer listed.
Great game.Realy enjoyable.However,I was really disappointed that sm 21 is not available on certain devices,including mine.This was a shame because I was looking forward to it.Great game
One star cuz I'm in my 3rd season but stopped playing it ciux in minus transfer budget so never even able to sign anyone, or even offer players contacts anymore. If it wasn't for that, easily 5 stars so that bug or whatever happened needs to be fixed
Amazing but swap deals, for players, international duties call up should be included player personal training base on position should be included..players career gallery should be allowed to see their career goals and trophy they have won Most importantly players from other leagues should stats should be seen to know how they are performing in their league before signing them And other leagues should still be playing not just my league that am managing in.....and jobs should be offered all over
Why no logos....make player ability more efective it looks like all are having same attributes in gameplay. who have low finishig attrb also can score a goal like who have a good finishig attrb...also improve the graphic and movement of the players..plz add replay of the goals u can do it this guyz i hope it happen in sm2021...otherwise all are better than any other manager game..
We need PL club badges in the game. Imagine playing against a newly promoted club that has its badge while you have a round circle with your club's colors as a badge. Also, what's with jersey numbers always being 80, 62, etc despite assigning numbers to players. Some players even share jersey numbers.
Very good game but still needs a lot of improvement i think. Mainly the match graphics. I dont play SM21 because its too hard for my phone but i like SM20 more because of the overall gameplay. I think its not pay to win like most of the manager type games and it actually gives you a very manager like experience. ToTM is a bit confusing seeing as your striker can score 10 goals but still wont get there but somehow a player from a relegation team gets. Also training and transfers are confusing
This game is with no doubt one of the best games 2020.. even better than the 2021 version, but i think the developers should add world cup to it..
I rate four star because, sometimes I watch adds before starting a match and later still lost the match, but. But I'm supposed to rate five star because it is an offline game. Bravo to the creator. Good work, good graphics and good in game music. Thank you. I'll rate five star now.
It's a very good and addictive game but you guys have to make some little edit in the upcoming edition...Like computers do submit bid for one's player without putting them on the transfer lists and The individuals honours and awards must be given according to the total contribution of a player for a month and season too...You might think about including a swap Deal amongst teams too I will be grateful... Xxx
The game very detailed and I like that but the names of the player positions are very confusing and I was hoping for positions like CDM, RB, ST, ETC....and the graphics r ok..but could use an improvement..but I would really like the position names to be better than these
I love this game but the updates are very very late, see it it is 2021 and other games have update on 2022 however this app is still on 2020 , and it doesn't update it self you have another app that makes worst and they uploaded the the new app om playstore at the end of everything.
Transfer market, why cant teams swap players..? loan and option to buy. other teams wants my players in lower price, but i buy from them they always ask fo much eg, player value is 35m but then they wants 68.3m. fix this. and in 3D match fix that too, Goalkeepers are unrealistic match engine is unrealistic some mistake in players cant be allowed in real match
Other teams player ratings are usually too high even if they dont perform well,the match mode needs adjustment and i would like it if they can include more stats like chances created,key passes,tackles,successful dribbles e.t.c and teams only request for your players when u put them on transfer list(most time).good game but it needs adjustment.
Very good free manager game. Real player names therefore it has the licenses plus you can watch adds to reduce times for injuries, construction, moral, fitness ect. Only slight problem is you can't take charge of international teams otherwise it would challenge football manager any day of the week. Hopefully the devs will add that in the next soccer manager
The game was really good, but I don't win the uefa champions league, many time the computer cheated me, given the trophy to the opponents I won in semi finals, And I can't even get the updated 2021 on my phone, I don't know the problem