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Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game

Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Soccer Manager Ltd located at 1 Faraday Drive Fulwood Preston PR2 9NB. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the improvement on the match graphics interface. However, friendly matches should be allowed more than three substitutes as it is in the real world. An interesting game generally with a friendly interface. Also, we need to be able to make enquiry about a player from his club so we don't always bid blindly in the absence of a scouting report.
Great game for the mobile platform. However, they are some small issues that will need addressing or updating. 1. Making money the game is some what difficult. 2. Individual player development needs to be added. 3. Transfer bugs. That said the game delivers an on the move football manager experience many would be happy about. A must have.
it's good game, a game which i am lookong for.But have got many bugs and idk. It can be fixed in many ways. I saw one comment and that player is right in many ways. You should add swap deals and many more budget for big clubs. It can be added an football fair play breaking rules for spending a lot of money. Please reply me what are you going to do!!
You guys did good on this one, what an upgrade! Well done! I still have 2 issues though, teams still offer below player value when they bid. When you reject the bid and increase it to slightly higher than player value, the bid is rejected. When you bid for a player on the other hand, it gets rejected sometimes even when you offer double the players value! And the finishing on this game is atrocious! Getting the ball into the net is mission impossible, especially for the strikers! Really annoying! Players only get Injured for 2 days max which is very unrealistic! If that gets fixed then this game would be Perfect!
Transfers could improve, players values seem ok but when I try to sell my players I always end up losing money and when I try to buy players I always have to pay a lot more than the player's value, which is understandable but I like to be able to oversale my players too. In addition, if I try to sell a player I have very few offer if I'm lucky to even have an offer. The last thing is the budget of the teams, I think it should be more realistic, Real Madrid does not have a 60M budget but a 250M.
It's a good game really addictive and fun. Still quite a few glitches like sometimes you'll make a sub and the game will just refuse to go back to the match but the clock will tick on indefinitely, and in my first transfer window I kept getting notifications that I'd rejected bids for players that I'd never received. It's still a fun game though
Disappointed with a lot of things. Why is there no way for us to get money in the game while every other big team is out there buying players. Why is so hard to score. Why will a team two divisions below for example psg beat them, that is unrealistic. Gameplay needs to become more realistic. More goals, more chances, and a way for us to get money through sponsors, winning the league or something. Disappointed overall in the game.
Cool gameplay, but critical persistent bugs. The FAQs say that a team's fanbase will rise to the average of their division if they get promoted and stay up. I found that this doesn't happen at all, and that a big was reported about it 3 years ago, and still hasn't been resolved. The fact that it's not possible to take a lower-division team, have some success, and grow them into a power because they will only ever draw 2k fans makes this game useless to me. I have requested a refund.
Too many bugs. 4 seasons in and my team cannot make signings. I have submitted a bug report but have had no response. It also keeps telling me that I have a bug and need to submit a bug report...when all I'm doing is pressing continue; this has happened about 50 times (I'm not exaggerating). In my other saved game, the youth re-gens I've signed and have put on the loan list won't go out on loan. Pretty awful to be fair. I've paid for a few gold coins etc and this is very disappointing.
It's a great game but some things are wrong in the game. Whenever I try scouting a player in another league, it turns out that the player happens to play no match at all; in fact, his entire teammates don't play a single game through out the whole season. I can't view other clubs performances in their respective leagues apart from the league I coach in.. Please, fix these issues and get a five star rating from me..
Up until recently, I liked the game. Good all round manager sim, but there are issues. Like how a player is brought down outside the goal line (therefore obviously within the 18yd box) and a foul is given by the referee, but the penalty isn't. The game continues to run the match as though nothing happened. This has happened a few times now, most recently in a playoff final. Fortunately I won, but still. Frustrating.
The game is the best of it kind. Although I've observe the fact that if one tries to play unbeaten season, the game will hang once it get to the last 3rd or 4th game of the season. which means you must lose or draw some games. Secondly, the player's past seasons' record/goals should be documented in their profiles. Beside these, the game is great.
One of the best football app. it's addicting. Really need to fix so many things for the upcoming version. 1) The transfer market needs fixing. make it more realistic. when I want to sell, they bid lower than the actual value but when I want to buy, the value is doubled before I can buy. 2) The finishing for a highly rated striker is poor compare to a low rated striker from the computer. 3)A player must be able to quit a club and continue with another club with the same manager rating and points.
Do not buy the in-app purchases! The game is great and enjoyable, but if you want to spend money on it, you'll risk losing your money without receiving what you purchased. Twice now, I haven't received what I paid for. The first time was forgivable, but now I realise that it's a common occurrence and the feedback/help enquiries are less than helpful. They suggest starting a new game, which means you lose everything to date. Great game if you just play for free; potential theft if you make any purchases as you may not receive what you pay for.
I love football manager game and played this for a couple of season's, forget about the fact that it is always trying to get you to P2P it is a decent game. The graphics are good but there are a few glitches. players running backwards and playing a deep defence to defenders behind the goal. my suggestion to the creator's is get a deal with Sony. They don't have a game like this in fact the last was lma manager 05
Other teams should be able to bid for your players and even if you place your player on transfer list, the bid for the player is very ridiculous, this needs to be changed
It's a really fun and addicting, I recommend everybody to install it, but there are some frauds with it. First, fouling in the game is really wierd, the animation for it is bad. Second, I don't like the way your players miss chances so easily, like one on ones are so easy to miss that I feel like there's a bigger chance of me missing then scoring. Lastly, I hate the champions league, because all the mediocre teams get through the group stages easily, meanwhile big teams find it difficult.
Needs major work. The gameplay in matches is shocking, The only thing that ever seems to happen when I play is someone makes a tackle, then gets a yellow card and this keeps repeating to the point where very little football gets played. In a whole 90 minute match there will be like 3 or 4 shots and no goals. And if there does happen to be goals they seem to be the same 4 or 5 different type of goals, not much variation. Got bored after about 6 games. Not worth the trouble.
I feel like this game has a couple of massive flaws which if corrected it could be a 5 star game. That said, this is not the case and it ruins the game for me. My main issue with this game is the amount of possession you have in a match, it literally does not matter who you are in the game (I played Man City v Swindon) you never have over 30% possession. I searched online and over people have had this too. It's so frustrating. There are other problems too but I have no more space left to type.
After the third season: This game is very poor, I really don't know why I played it for so long. It's buggy, freezy and the AI logic is irrational; paying 21m (after I asked them to up the price) for a player who is leaving on a free in 2 days. The game is constantly flooded with advertisements and the tactic screen often messes up. I strongly recommend paying for the real football manager to avoid this shoddy work.
i buy some players 30-40m even when their price is maybe 26-30m. why cant other clubs buy my players who are of the same value the same amount i use to buy their counterpact, they just persist. please fix this
Great game 👍. Although it isn't perfect but it's an exciting and intellectual game. It would be very enticing if you can make the champions league much more realistic. Off to Spain laliga to manage Real betis😉
It would be a great addition to the game if there were club points for draws... Also, even though the points needed to level up are less, so are the club points per win, let alone the difficulty to get them. Furthermore, I'm not sure if there is a bug, but it seems like there are no youth players generated (I've asigned 43/43 club points on youths, yet there is no one generated) Please fix these problems, and it would be the best game ever
This game would have been perfect but needs improvement on the transfer window i mean teams should be able to bid for your players without placing them on the transfer list.
The game is nice but I think there are a lot more features that can be added. Like swapping players and also it takes too long for some players to develop. I think young players with very high potential should develop faster and more frequently than players with lower potential. And also I think there should be specific roles given to players like man marking an opponents player. And the transfer market needs to be worked on also, its soooooooooo frustrating. I think that should be it 🤔🤔
It's a good game. But it's only one country to choose as it's indicated to be four and it's annoying also boring about that. I would want to see changes in 2021. As 2018 and 2020 have many choices to choose from. And fun base of 2018 and 2019 are very much good than of 2020. I hope you will change that on 2021
Poor update! Before the update, I had steadily built a decent team over the course of many seasons. If anything, the game was a bit too easy, but it was fun and very addictive. Since the update a couple of days ago, the same team against the same opponents are generally woeful! My team still dominate possession, but the players who were scoring for fun previously now couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo, whereas the opponents only need a couple of chances to score. Needs more balance!
I like the game a lot but a few things to update. 1. It would be nuce to be able to select players you want to train rathet than the computer randomly selecting them for you. 2. The fouls are very unrealistic, a playet will get fouled as he is just standing there waiting for the foul to occur. 3. When new jobs are available, why is there never any out of country? Or why is there not out of country clubs asking for me to manage? 4. At HT or FT attacking team gets whistled for end of play.
I started playing this game about 4 months ago and once I got used to having to manage AND LL aspects of the club, not just the team, I thought it was a brilliant have. i even paid the €6 to stop getting adds after every match. 2 weeks ago I purchased a new phone and couldn't wait to play the game on it. I downloaded the game but saved data is not there. Have emailed AND used in game support but I am being ignored.
It is enjoyable to play. I actually bought VIP and that discounted bundle for first time purchase. I just hope you add other features such as selecting players from the Reserves without putting them first to the First Team. Also, I hope the players do not cost too much. It sucks that player's market value is just around £20m, but when I try to purchase him, his team would actually ask way more (almost double the market value). Almost £50m for a player rated 70 - 75? Come on...
It's not as good as the 2018 version. Looks much better but it has a few problems. 1. Your income never increases 2. I have been absolutely hammered regularly by inferior teams. A conference side player scored 2 world class free kicks in about 10 minutes in one game! 3. Expect your strikers to miss.... A lot! 4. Free agent players are all dreadful. 5. Tactical changes in games don't seem to make any difference. I played about half a season and gave up
very good and realistic game as much as the fm.while playing the game , I discovered that the players goal scoring technique is not as realistic as in real life, a player finds himself in a one on one situation and plays the ball as if he's not intending to score .plus I suggest you add a multiplayer feature where friends can face each other.
I think this is the best football manager simulation game so far for mobile. The 3D experience is a big plus. However there are always improvements to be made especially in the match engine. Players miss ridiculously easy chances and also sometimes a player can be facing either side of the post and instead of square playing or crossing, shoots straight out for goal kick. other than that, great game. if you can talk to the players too that would be great
This game is great but it needs more. It feels like a pay to win game and I understand that because it is free but it needs more features such as a way to trade players and it needs to feel real on tactics instead of the game being scripted, some transfers don't make sense and maybe a way to manage a national team...Overall I truly hope SM20 will be a big upgrade.
Was enjoying the game until a bug meant you couldn't do any transfer dealings. Once that was fixed I then lost a young player from my first team squad without explanation along with around £27 million in cash. Makes the game pointless in coaching and improving young players. I've received a reply asking me to raise this issue in the game but I've already done that. I did it before leaving my review and comments but I've had no response. Because I've had no response I left my original review
Great game. Keeps you coming back day after day. Few issues though: 1. Game crashes often after matches, as the game is saving. 2. Transfer notifications for some players sometimes fail to show up during the transfer window but rather come as failed transfers after the transfer window closes. 3. Game progression also slows as you accumulate more seasons. Keep up the good work, guys.
This used to be a brilliant game but... There is some recent bug in it that prevents you from progressing without it crashing or just stalling. From the reviews, other people have experienced this recently too. The thing is - if you've spent money buying any of the in game purchases you lose this! What a con! I've contacted the app maker through the game but no response. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IF YOU PLAY THIS GAME!!
Its an excellent game, I have been playing for years now. You might do well to add the feature where one in the selection of countries can select countries from different regions, one may love to manage teams across continents. Also, I have been clamouring for a Skip Match feature, where one does not necessarily need to watch the games, one can skip them.
I love this game. The graphics have greatly improved from SM 18. I have a few problems with it though and I really do hope they get resolved. Firstly in-play there's no straight red cards, it's only a red when a player picks up a second yellow card and then he's sent off. And the player who gets sent off doesn't even get to serve his suspension in any match that he's supposed to be suspended for. And my last moan is about players can get injured but not in-play throughout a match! Most people whom play SM 19 would count all that as a blessing. But I'm wanting to keep it real, even if I have my best players having to miss matches through suspensions or injuries picked up while the match is being played. I really hope @SoccerManager19 that this will be sorted within the next update. Apart from that it's an awesome game. Please could you inform me if you're aware of the problems I've mentioned and if you'll be setting it so it seems more of a real game. It is an awesome game as mentioned, but it would be even awesomer if the problems could be resolved. Thank you.
Truth be told, this game should be praised for its graphics; the 3D match simulation is commendable, but that's as far as it goes. It's almost impossible to win matches. Your strikers will more likely than not always play the ball wide or over even when they are in a favourable position to score. I don't understand how I can play with Arsenal FC against a team like Stoke and come out with 25% position. Formation and tactics almost makes no difference. The time to scout a player is way too long and by the time the report comes transfer window is closed. Also to get a report on your player from your coaches takes 30 (game) days...really??!! Let's not even go to the training aspect.....awful. It's a good 3D game plus it's not too large in terms of memory size (hence the 3stars). Now if only someone could put this 3D simulation into FMM - now that will be something.
This is a very good game . It makes you be in charge of the team , on and off the pitch . The only flaw is the transfer market . Other teams don't bid for my players unless I place them on transfer market and I can only sell at the players' value or below . I wish there could be more details on the transfers like signing on loan with an option to buy , swapping of players plus cash and making transfee fee increase based on performance and other agreements .
Great game but still major improvements to be made. Particularly in the transfer section. You should be able to make swap deals with other club's