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Soccer Manager 2019 - SE

Soccer Manager 2019 - SE for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by CrazySports located at 15th Floor, Donghuang Building, Building 1, Courtyard 16, Guangshun South Street, Wangjing. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game 😍 i was looking for this type of game because i like to manage my players instead of playing with them 😎 as much i get know about this game , i have only issue , why we have to players on transfer list to sell out?? why not other teams approach to buy before listing the player?? ex: J. Rodriguez and Kovacic of RMA , after returning from loan spell in 2018-19 season, get reasonable price to sell ,76M$ for James and 60M$for Kovacic , but it all hapened after listing them on list, why ?
A game with some laughable bugs. I am managing a team from league1 and drew Man City in the cup fixture. Reporters are asking me questions as a favorite. This game is totally laughable in these terms.
i love the concept of the game since Soccer Manager 2018 - SE and i love this one too but too much bugs to handle, such as when i counterbid for my player 40M, the report will says much higher than that and when i accept the loan bid, suddenly a report says that i've rejected it. please reduce the bugs and i'll give you 5 stars for sure!
Awesome game but still has minor glitches. For instance the transfer bidding value for one of your own players while negotiating is glitched and you can't seem to set up proper values. Similarly while in the middle of a game if you decide to not go through with a substitution and cancel then the stamina bars of all the players automatically fill up. I love this game genuinely and is an ardent fan but if these small glitches were to be fixed then the game would be untouchable.
ALMOST PERFECT!! Please could you add some cool features, like 1) Add player shirt number. 2) Make another club be able to offer/buy our best players even we don't put them on transfer list. 3) Make unhappy players be able to request to put him on transfer list. 4) Its so easily getting yellow cards, please fix it. 5) Add another awesome club facilities. 6) Add National career. 7) Players can unavailable during national match. Thats all we need. I know you guys can do it ;)
try to give comments to players option in between half time to give a motivation to players!!!please do this!!!other than it's an excellent game!!!!if you do that i will definitely give 5 star rating!!!!!and one more thing....when the transfer window is open other clubs doesn't ask my club players......when i put my players in transfer list only other clubs are asking my players but in low transfer cost...this should be changed in upcoming updates!!!!!
One of the best Soccer manager game I have ever played... It can be better than the Sega FMM19.. If you could add second teams for some popular Clubs like 'Barcelona B', 'Real Madrid Castilla', 'Atletico B'. Please add management in second team to be played in a competitive league.. So that we could test the youth players too. Moreover, the game hangs a lot which makes it even more frustrating.
they can add career statistics.. statistics is what make realistic. and ofcourse player valuation and available funds..
this is probably the best copy of Football manager touch (not the lousy flat 2D Football manager mobile 🤮) that allows user to run on phones and not tablets only. One big point for debate, if we have paid for it to be advertising free, WHY should be there any more ads be it match day or not. This game can be a 5 star-er is certain areas can be fixed.
It was fun. Really fun. All the players are recognizable. The matches seems fairly good. The system was great. But as soon as you re connect your wifi or have a brief connection problem. It wiped out all of my data. I was 4 games away from winning the league. Gg. Thanks and goodbye.
Overall its a fairly enjoyable game. However, there certainly are things that could be improved. Gameplay 1) Too long to wait for a coach/scout report. (30 game days?!) then no stats revealed. During match 1) Last man fouls - no red card 2) Offsides in ur own half?? Tactics 1) Can't make own formations. 2) No man marking or offside trap option. I'd gladly recommend if these things can be rectified.
Overall it's good. The gameplay is more enjoyable than the 2018 version. But somehow it became harder and more challenging, especially in regards to value changing. Also, I can't seem to change jobs to a club out of the country. There's no option to take over too when I open the club page from other countries
The game is much better overall. But the training is an absolute rip. I've trained my players with full attacking drills for an entire season and not 1 player improves their overall?? Plus the stats keep fluctuating. I had 1 player reach 85 for Corners at one point and that stat kept changing every week despite training Free kick s/Corners for most of the season. At the end of the season he's 83. Same with some others who reach 100 for a stat, then go back down to 95-97. Please change this and you'll get a 5***** rating!!!! Also stop hounding us to spend cash with constant messages of "Financial Concerns". The more this game sounds like a cash-grab, the less appealing it gets!!!
At first Im very fascinate about this game. They use real players, real clubs and transfer market is fun. Then the more you play the game, less fun its get. The match is bad, no offside rules. useless training sessions, ridiculous tackle, poor shooting skills and other stuff you could only get from sunday league players. Finally you will realized that this is far from that Football Manager series that you expect. Turn out to be typical mobile game which only look attractive on the outside
after i update the latest version 3 days ago.. a few players in my current team (first team n reserve team) been Missing in Action after entering a new season... i dont know why it had been happen after update the current version of your apps... i also try to search the player(been missing) by their names.. but unable to found in any club or free agent..hate it to lose some key players (inc. top scorer) note: i had played for more than 10 season..which means year 2028 i manage the team..
For the recent update, it seems getting difficult to score goals. B4 d update, my team can easily scored 5-6 goals per game.But now after d update d team cn managed to score 1-2 goals only. Maybe d developer try to make it realistic through reducing the number of goals by decreasing the chance of scoring (25 shots but only 3 shots on target). However, it seems more unrealistic when u have mbappe,dembele,salah upfront but only managed to score 1 goal against team like Burnley!
I love this game than all other games it even better than Dream League soccer. But the problem is why do the players stop instead of continuous running for goal and when you made the average like shooting 64 When they are one on one with the goal keeper he misses or the goal keeper with 59 of average goal keeping saves it sometimes you get lucky enough and score. I love it keep it up.............
I brought mega bundle special offer, after payment, i didn't get the anything, i keep trying to restart the game but still didn't get what i paid for. So frustrating, i been play this game for couple of years. After contacting game developers, they manage to settle my purchase, thumb ups and good respond. Worth 5 star.
orginally the gameplay was good with lots of option. but the AI is really weird and ruined the gameplay a lot. the forward will not sprint even they are 1-1 all the time. and they will turn back to shoot. the CPU team doesn't hv much of this problem. so no matter how many chances created 80% poseession plus close to 10 SOT. The ball just doesn't go in. I will stop playing until developer gives me a response
I love the game, but there are two bugs. First, when I want to sign alex meret who strangely has status free agent but on loan from napoli. The sign was failed and there are messages that 'free agent' was rejected my bid. This messages was sent everyday in the game. Second bug was I can't send coach to report my players. Please fix.
Its a great game, but with a few issues: 1. The "counter-offer" doesn't work correctly. It somehow increases automatically. 2. You need to lower the prices of players. Its hard to get a reasonable player below 70 or 80 million. Plus, the transfer budgets of teams is very low. Please fix these things. 3. The ratings of some players seem arbitrary. There are some young players performing very well these days, they dont deserve such bad attributes. Hope the developers take this into consideration
I love the game, but there are two bugs. First, when I want to sign alex meret who has status free agent but on loan from napoli. The sign was failed and there are messages that 'free agent' was rejected my bid. This messages was sent everyday in the game. Second bug was I can't send coach to report my players. Please fix.
Hi, Im currently playing soccer manager 2019. I think its a good game but, seems to be a problem. What happens is i start the game play the pre-season games and do my signings, and all is saved. But then i start the season and all my data is gone that's been saved and have to start from beginning again and it resets. Can this be looked at so i can play the whole season thankyou.
So basically i can't click on watch ads button for free extra ball and +25 manager points after winning a match. It will be force quit everytime. And the cash injection from club board is such a joke, just 15 million injection after winning 4 trophy in one season. I know the developer needs money but did you guys really need to do that to force me cashing some money for this game? And i believe my phone wasn't the issue here. I'm a veteran football manager player and i rather buy the fmm19
Overall such a good game to play,especially who love the football manager kind of game,but there is an issue with the finance,how we want to increase the money/financial rather than buy it,of course we will buy it but not all the time,a little bit frustrated when we cant increase the income of the club.
I like this game. But I can't see full data of players and clubs when playing offline (no such problem in previous versions). And there should be no advertisements after I made a purchase. Isn't it? I feel you are greedy regarding this. Just keep your advertisements for non-paying users.
Little bit slower....shot always went wide .please include post match analysis of each player in details(like pass he made and complete,tackle won , covered distance, interception,save(gk),assist,shot .etc) and also postmatch interview...add more features in training section ..also add player to player trading(swapping, provide option for trading clause)..and offside too. no improvement or development for academy stars which is the worst thing i have felt.
The game is trying to replicate FM 2019 mobile.The in match graphics are not up to the mark. database is fine.players need to have past history of clubs and also Bio. Scouting takes time because major concern is overall attributes should be shown within 3 days at least. Some concepts are virtual so you cannot compare it to real Life.
hello , this is best game ever i play, can you fix about the goal keeper and defender gameplay. Because its like 30% of my concade goals is from goal keeper mistake. its like he shot the ball to the opposite attacker and they score. the defender like fool person. they just run beside attacker and not tackling them. and this game also easily get yellow card. please fix it. thankyou.
Quite an enjoyment however the transfer for AI is not good their offer is always below value for good players and potential youth. Its much better than your SM 2020 I rather play 2019.
Im in love with the game. BUT, i hate the graphics. The graphics are just to terrible, pls make it better in SM20. And also, we were suppose to train the player that we want, not the player that we dont want. So that is it, please make it better in SM20.
I've been finding a decent football manager game and found this! This is a very playable game with simple gameplay, good database,actual player fotos and 3D match view. It would be better if developers can add more individual commands, special display on winning trophy and individual awards. It could be an easy 5 star but i can only give 4 now coz there are some annoying bugs(eg. changing players' roles like captaincy, freekicker, etc when i change players' infield positions. Pls fix it. Bravo!
Besides the much needed improvement to the UI from 2018, a few features such as player traits and coach reports really gave that something special that was needed last year. Although I'd like to see the bug issues fixed ASAP (ex. Coach report doesn't work after first season, Unstable player ratings even after upgraded training facilities, and there's a bug later in the game where the championship playoff just malfunctions the game entirely)
Overall, it is a good game. But, graphics of the matches played, need to be improved. Also, it does not matter what I do, I keep getti ng warnings about high wages for my players. Otherwise, the setup and fixutes are good. I love the transfer window, bidding and selling away players. Addictive, I must say.
Nice game but recently i downlaoded a higher pack data then i cant load my previous game, why is that happened?
Very terrible apps. Top strikers always got ratings like 4@5 every games and cannot score goals without any logical reason such as unhappy or whatever. Total number of shots in each game is very high, only few on target. Players often get mad suddenly even when u played them regularly and only rotate him when he is unfit. Where is the logic?? And the most funny thing is, my P. Aubameyang (who is still under contract) suddenly gone from my team and then transferred to other club..like magic. 🙁
There are some bugs where the player runs backwards. Accuracy of the players are soo bad sometimes. Even the pricing is bad when i get a transfer offer and i Cannot even raise the price for even 1miliion or they will withdraw.The maximum level of manager needs to be increased. There is no counter attack mechanics they usually stop running to pass.
I love this its very nice. U can play any league but there is only one problem u can't play in national league
it is a nice game.. but need a lot of improvement to make it perfect.. 1. adding a player statistic history from paat year 2. adding national team match 3. increase the transfer activity.. the other team are to slow in the transfer activity.. they always keep the player by giving them contract extension, even they dont need them. the higher league player also didnot want to play in lower league team even they are already old and useless.
1. doesn't matter who takes free kick and wherever free kick happens, the result is ALWAYS GOALS. ALWAYS 2. doesn't matter what tactics defences you used, the defense is bad, very sucks 3. I'm using "finisher" role to my striker and somehow my striker in defence position like CB 4. lack of feature 5. the schedule is ridiculous 6. etc
It's a great game for mobile phones, depending on your device's RAM. i won't give it 5 stars because there are many areas to improve on eventhough the gameplay, graphics are great. The buttons need more sensitivity, especially the sliders in the tactics page. When the graphics and gameplay gets alot better, rest assured I'll be a paying customer! For now, great job!
Now I feel I can review... I just purchased the VIP mode in support of the game. I recognise that Ads may also give Devs a good revenue source, but this is one of the 'freemium' games that I believe is worth buying. The game is not perfect and the VIP mode doesn't seem to be that interesting, but bcause you let it try for free, I feel I deserve to recognise the good work you're doing so far. I'll be happy to give more suggestions for the game, feel free to contact me if you wish.
Its a good game overall but 1. some players have way off rating. riqui puig rated 53 really? 2. fanbase never increses. 3. at the start of season i went from more than a million in bank to 7 million deficit after prmoting from my league? 4. we should be able to pick which players we want to train and which we dont 5. there should be a pop-up notifying us whenever a player has increased or decreased rating. and difference between the players rating should be shown at the end of every season.
It's really slick and has almost all of the classical football manager features, but with an advanced interface. The in game graphics aren't great... But then again, if you play football manager games for the graphics, you shouldn't play one at all! It's thoroughly enjoyable! Just if you could add more countries and leagues as you go on... Especially in Asia.
game is ridiculously hard. morale high, quality on the pitch and bench compare to opposition and yet losing 4-0 at home! dont get me started on tactics since tactics used are the same but yet losing. usually happens on the 2nd half of season from title chaser, to playoff contender and suddenly out of league contention. would give more stars if more realistic.
Huge improvement from 2018. Preferred Playstyle should be shown in player badge and list. Very irritating to buy a defender without any way to know his preferred playstyle, only to find that the new DC is yet another stopper. (。•́︿•̀。) UPDATED Thanks! Easier to buy players now. There is no modern GK player available in the game though, so the tactic menu remain unused. (*♡∀♡)
I love this game but there should be a few changes to make the game more interesting:-We should be able to simulate games cause it takes a lot of time to complete just a single season-There should be other ways to raise money for transfers, such as we should be able to ask for transfer funds or something-One thing I want in this game to be changed is that I can approach any player from any team even if they are not transfer listed but other clubs wont approach my players-Release clause be added.
one of the best managerial game ever..it's so much fun when there's 3D match view..i can't give 5 tho because sometimes it's crash when playing a match..please fix it..plus, it would be awesome to add national team management so that all the players can get a call from their own national team..please make it happen..also, add prestigious award like ballon d'or, fifa best player and manager, best player and manager of the month/season award in every league..about cup, add fifa club world cup. TQ.
Complete random, bad graphic, lags... just don't play it folks! Good squads and photos is the only positive thing. Advertising videos before and after every game, and no way to simulate result - you will have to watch them all... good tacticks don't work cos maybe devs don't like them. Good forwards miss empty net 50/50... Just skip this - download any other game.