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Soccer Hero

Soccer Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Appfactory Srl located at Via Roma 1/9 16121 Genova Italia. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game but it's like u not meant to win,u need to spend money b4 u can win anything ,price for training and stuffs are way high and your daily pay is way low also credit takes too much time to refill well except u pay
Nice game but it reaches time and it turns the screen black the music still plays but you cannot see anything
Bad game. Nearly everytime you pass the teammate is covered. The playing area is so small that it's very hard to complete a pass as lifting the ball doesnt work well. Play new star soccer for a much better game.
nice game... love the gameplay buh you have to work on the rebound issue...i hate it when my ball goes out of play and my player wont be able to kick it
This game is very good. But I have one big problem. Most of the time, when I start a match, the screen goes black and the app closes. Otherwise i'd give it a 10 stars (if possible).
fantastic game but if you improve the graphic and game play little more then I think this will become one of the best game
where do my coins keep disappearing to??? just about to restore credits with coins and there gone !!! Would keep playing as enjoyable experience but disappearing coins to annoying!
It is a better game than Soccer star 2020. Because in soccer star, you will also be responsible if your teammates misses goal. But Soccer Hero's kits, players, teams name should be given real. It also needs a twister in the middle period. Otherwise it is boring at last.
I like this this game but the one thing is that it freezes and goes black and the ball turns illuminous white but overall great game .make another one:)
Would be much higher rating if didn't crash after every 6 lives used and when you get to 5 seasons the game only saves sometimes .
Don't play it you can't pass without the other team taking it keeper saves mostly everythink as he is David De gea
When will we get new updates? There's way too many bugs. And I'm not even able to open the game for last few days. It gets stuck in the first page.
At first i thought this game was ok...but whenever i reach 25yrs & level 30, the game doesn't load anymore....yesterday i left it loading the whole night till midnight but never worked... secondly, if the game is on playstore, why download obb again
Good game but I would say remove the credits so that we can play without any credits and instead of having training play a bit of penalties for fun if we want
Only reason that I'm not giving it 5 stars is that sometimes it gets crashed And you should add free credits with rewarded videos.
Nice game, although there is one problem: Sometimes, whenever I play anything like a match or go for training the screen becomes black and the game stops. It doesn't crash cause the music plays. So please fix that
What people should understand before harshly critizing the game is that, the devs have moved on and that we have no choice but to adapt to bugs and glitch of the game, and we should be glad they didnt just completely take down the game.
It's a fantastic game I hope there is new updates for it.. The best game "become a legend" mode it will be the best in the world if it have few Renovations and improvements.. everyone will love it when they know it
Please improve the game it's a great game I like the idea but it needs an update its buggy and needs an improvement in the credit cause it's never enough
absolute garbage app. the concept is great but with the amount of glitches and how often it crashes, the app is absolute trash.
it is good but it needs some improvements. Firstly, my player can't go for training. Also in some matches my screen gets black and I have to restart the app
You guys are doing great. Just improve the graphics otherwise the game is very good, the concept is very good Keep improving and good luck to you all🖤
This is The Best Soccer Game I've ever played. It's got some genre (and/or) gameplay related issues but in-game immersion and the main simulating concept are EXCEPTIONALLY amazing! l sincerely hope to find some very much similar and more user - friendly (including better english translation) app somewhere down the road... But for now... It is THE BEST!!!
This game is good but it need to be fixed because when you sign for a new team the game exit and when you enter it the game you can not play and you can't do anything. The game is good Ana funny but it most be fixe.
It's a very good game! The only thing is that they don't have real soccer teams and names of players If they fix that it would be fine and one more thing maybe add better graphics
It would be higher if joining teams and skill development wasnt tough, if maybe the contract negotions are not favourable, if your avatar joins a new league chances are that you will never be up for a match, cost of living is way high even in the surburbs, hitting a post in a match is never good since you cant even put it away for the rebound. Please make it a bit more realistic and fix the issues for 5stars
My best game so far I'm giving 3 star cuz when i play games it won't save or just take me back to the round I've played before i hate that fix it and 5 star for sure
i like the game but whenever i try to save or buy gold coins they keep on diseapering? do somethjng about that!
I really dont wtite reviews often. in fact this is my first ever review. I honestly love playing this game. I admit there is room for improvement such as adding real clubs and players, but we all know that isn't going to happen as this is a mobile game. Anyway i love the style this game presents, its addictive and not repetitive what so ever. Overall I'd really love if this game got an update... Yours sincerely A happy player
Great game to play Wonderful graphic But put more chances And more dribbling The game is great That's why I gave it 5 stars
Disaster. Whenever I go to training section, the app screen goes black. Once I click back button the app exits. What's more sad is I loose the credit which was used for training even though not playing. Idea of the game is good and addictive but this app force closing is a disaster.
omg the game is epic never played a game where i want to sit for hours on end playing it otjee than this get this game
Worst mechanics I've ever seen! It looks like the goalkeeper has some superpowers because he always reaches the ball even when it's impossible to reach it for example when the ball goes over him and his hands are down. Another problem with the mechanics is when you shoot or pass the ball and a player from the other team is 2 or 3 meters from you he somehow reach the ball. Also another big problem is when sometimes you start a match or a training the screen goes black and it freezes like that
Hello! new updates please . This game is the best but if you don't make it better score hero and SS2019 will get Higher ratings.😠
Only reason not 1 star is because it has potential. Otherwise right now is a hot mess. At least on my new Samsung galaxy s20+ anytime inteybto train or play. Screen goes black. I hear music buy only see a black screen of death. They were nice enough to charge me energy though. Haha. Lame. So I then exit out of the game and go back in try again and it works second time around. This happens EVERY TIME. so two energy and a restart to do anything. Uninstall.
Despite I signed in with play games another time I installed my progress was lost!! Really a weirdo game
This game is terrible! Your teammates are useless in the game no matter how many chancws you give them they always miss! And you have few chances to get a chance on goal so i am not happy with it please download anpther game
I like this game a lot tho but I just hate the credits cooldown I just hate it when it has the credits cooldown
Nice games .but it can be more amazing.Please add real players and clubs .And add rebound chances to score goals
I like this game. Although it still needs lots of improvements. 1: Can the gameplay be realistic, like if ur player misses a goal and the ball comes back in play, another player can try to score or the defender can clear the ball. 2: Please improve the goal posts designs and net tension. 3: Add real teams and players. 4: Can the game be a bit like SCORE MATCH?? But NOT an online game 5: Pitch size. IMPROVE it PLEASE. 6: Please make the graphics MORE REALISTIC Anyways, this is a nice game
This game is awesome...this is my favourite game..but you should make this like soccer hero ..and put real club in it....
i love the game i love how u can train and how you can strategize and when ur losing i love the challenge although i want to see an update to make more real clubs like bvb and better graphics for the people
Really good, only problem is that sometimes in the training the screen goes black, and the only way to get out is to leave the app, and then the credit you used is gone. Other than that, the game is really fun to play.
It's a very nice game I play it almost every day but there is one problem, it has been a long time since it was updated,so I think and update will make the game 100 times better
This game really have a bright future if invested in i would really love to see an upgraded version of it in the near future with graphics upgrades and stuff it's really fun to play and i love it
Great game, basically a 3D version of New Star Soccer. The only reason it only gets 4 stars is it keeps crashing intermittently. Sort this bug out and its 5 star.
Great game but should improve on movements and should not be very expensive on agents so that one can play in big leagues as a young player like messi .lmprovise on that only but nice work guys
This game is amazing that you want more and more but ill be happy if they make it online in new version🤟 Instagram me: FlatBlue_Org
I like this game. Although it still needs improvements. 1: Can the gameplay be realistic, like if ur player misses a goal and the ball comes back in play, the attacker can try to score or the defender can clear the ball. 2: Please improve the goal posts designs and net tension. 3: Add real teams and players. 4: Can the game be a bit like SCORE MATCH?? But NOT an online game 5: Pitch size. IMPROVE it PLEASE. 6: Please make the graphics MORE REALISTIC Anyways, this is a nice game
Very good game but it needs more improvement and bug fix plz fix it . It is very enjoyable game ♥️
Why I give you one be cause when I install this game I have been waiting for 0mins but only a blue stadiom picture whit the logo loading
The Graphics are good everyone is talking trash about this game but is amazing career game in the perspective of a a player you created
Here is a game that truly had potential. The gameplay is almost Shamelessly ripped off from new star soccer, everything from clubs, contracts, energy levels, gameplay. Almost everything is from NSS. That said it had better graphics so there was a true opportunity to elevate the genre here. Sadly this hasn't happened, the game is still disastrously unpolished, buggy and from what I understand, abandoned. It shall remain then, a sad reminder of what could have been...
Worst game of its type I have played its impossible to pass and hard to even kick the ball ffs good idea awful gameplay
The game need to be updated, also when the ball touches the post the players stop moving and that is unrealistic and so bad, so I recommend updating the game and make it more realistic and better even if it will occupy a big part from the storage it will be better.