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Snowman Story

Snowman Story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The story touched my heart deeply. Yeah, it tells about simple things but... That's exactly what we usually missing.
Much longer than thier others and well written, touching on death, a more unbaised approach to religious elements, and just a fun story of a snowmans journey. While the epilogue alone is a bit pricey its coupled with no ads to make it worth purchasing and extras if you pitch in as a sponser (cant yet myself) without buying its a great game still with a good sum of tricky slide puzzles. Bit dark near end but had a Great wrap up with All snowmen, especially if bought! Support Devs any way you can!
This is also good game from dev! I love the storyline, music, characters, etc. This game gave me something to be reflected and I love it. Not only fun side, but also there's a meaning behind the story. Good work, dev! Keep it up!
This is a cute game. Addicting. Can i make a suggestion? Make challenges to win stars or coins or passes to help choose your choices instead of a ad at every choice section? Or diamonds you can earn towards your choice? Anyway great concept. Wonderful story line
This kind of game is the reason mobile still has a very little hope to become a great gaming platform in future, the graphics is mediocore but that should not matter to serious player who wanna play a good game with nice plot, the music is top tier, animation quality is pretty good, puzzles are old school type but still fun even today. I wish my luck to the Devs to become successful , also just do what you are doing and dont start making boring running and match 3 games like others .
What a cute and a wonderful game is this. I am so worried that I couldn't play the next episode. I really wish it was free. But it's ok. I even learned a life lesson from it. Thank you Developers and team. I will surely recommend this to my friends. ๐Ÿ‘โค( อก อœส– อก )
I highly recommend this developer if you want a casual interactive stories, sometimes with minigames. I do not recommend this one. The story is just very boring, the characters all have the same flat personality. When I got near the end out of pure loyalty, I was asked to pay for the ending of a story. This dev has done that on other games but those ones were worth my time and money. This was worth neither. Just play their other games.
Just finished the game with the additional story and it was INCREDIBLE! The story was very emotional and I really enjoyed it. The only downside I could find is that the end of the additional story felt a little confusing to me like going from past to present but overall it was a fantastic game! Congratsulations!
Would love to give 5 stars, however, when 'navigating' the frozen ice puzzle(s), the character controls are absolutely horrendous. At that point, I uninstalled
Honestly, I love this! The puzzles may be a bit hard (for me ig) but there's not one OdenCat game that I didn't love. It reminded me that maybe you have to take a long journey to find out that happiness is right next to you the whole time. I have a lot more to say but good job again, OdenCat!
Very cute. I did see the Santa plot twist though and I want the story to be more of a surprise. Great game overall.
I haven't finished playing yet, but it's so cute! I love the pixel art in this game as well (I saw graphics as a 2.7 overall and thought "I have to fix this" lol).
Now the game is great but THE OUTRAGES THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THE SECOND PART IS JUST DUMB now mouse busters has the same thing but it is reasonbale 2000 beans thats find BUT 5000? 9999? NO ONES GOING TO PLAY THAT AMOUNF OF ADS JUST SO THEY CAN PLAY THE GAME MORE IM UNISTALING
I would have never expected this to be a sad story. This game is so beautiful with its wonderful puzzles which challenges you. I would recommend anyone to play this.
I nvr used to write reviews.... But this one melt my heart.... Such a lovely story and important message.... Thnx.. Hope u will make this type of games in future too..
If you enjoyed Bear's Restaurant you will love this. It's a bit less of an emotional rollercoaster than Bear, but still a beautiful and heartwarming game that you will not regret playing or forget soon. You need about 2 hours and around $3 to experience the main story. As a big fan of this developer I paid another $3 to see the Bear's Restaurant collab episode (only about 5 minutes of content). There are some ice sliding puzzles that are a little hard to control, but are optional. Nice job devs!
A touching story with charming graphics and soundtrack. It's obvious that a lot of effort has been put into this! Kudos! Edit: Geez, top review! Spoilers much?
Oh man! This game was such a tear jerker! I cried. Oh my gosh! I actually cried and this game made my chest all warm and fuzzy! I loved the simple art work and I just loved how it ended! 5/5 stars! Thank you to the developers for making such a heart felt story!
A little bugs but zi think its my phone sny way good game (bugs) Some time everything stop working!??!!?
it's an Great Story I kinda like It! maybe you should do more of this story cause it's really good Even so I always Play your Games because I like story game :) have a nice day And Merry Xmas
I dont usually leave reviews, but here i am. Honestly, the game was so immersive, emotional, and beautiful. 10/10, if you like short yet meaningful stories, youve hit the jackpot with this one. Cant wait till i pay for the ending, id love to support you guys.
Snowman is a one of great story driven game with little puzzle. If you like types of game, just install and play this game for free because the story is good and make me wander another story i meet on my way. Recommended to buy premium add removed and xtra story for better playing time. You still can finish this game without buying it, but need to watch commercial to progress to the story. Sorry for my bad english because im from indonesia :D
I am super amazed on how you make background pieces with pixel art. I have played most of your games and they all have wonderful backdrop. Most of your games are also heart warming. Thank you for making games, dev!
The save function isn't working. I closed the app many times and each time I was at different point in the story. But every time I reopened I had to do the progress from the very beginning. There wasn't even a single case when the progress was kept. It's annoying to do it all over again. Please fix it.
For the devs. I have been playing your games for a while and I love your work. I almost always cry or feel shivers down my spine with every game. The simplest can be the most impactful. Thank you for the art you put into the world. Thank you for your effort and passion. Thank you for your stories. I really feel like I change as a person with every game. Thank you. Have a great day. (And, your prices are amazing, specially considering that I'm from another country and dollars are expensive).
This game was cute! The free part was a little short which was slightly disappointing, but I understand. Personally I didn't really enjoy the puzzles, though. But it was still good!
Like all the other games these creators made. I love it. It's cute, pure, and gives you the feels. What do you want more.
Honestly, this is an amazing game, I love pixelated games and this one was the best, it tells you of a snowman who goes on a journey to the North Pole but discovers that isn't the place he wanted to go and goes back home and I love the little puzzles you put in here and the graphics too
Whilst the pixel art is of a decent standard, I don't think it's fair to even call this a game. Its 90% diaglogue and cutscenes with 1 ice puzzle mechanic that repeats over and over with a marginal increase in difficulty. I reluctantly reached the end but I was bored by the sheer amount of dialogue that occurs in every scene.
This game made me cry at the end and its a very good game, please continue to make more games like this, it really made my heart melt โ€™โ€ข^โ€ข`
Easily their worst title. Very boring and tedious. Writing is awful. Definitely meant to be Christmas fodder for kids. Older fans of this group might want to consider skipping this one. Paid content is not worth it. 1 star for the music/ pixel art/ and Bear's Restaurant cameo. That being said, I highly encourage you to check out the rest of their library. The paid content is definitely worth it for the other titles. (Haven't played Block Bros yet).
a fun little story that was great for Christmas time. A poignant ending that left my kids thinking about the importance of family. Short, sweet, and worth the $3
"Beauty for our city" decided that "Snowman Story" is a game totally safe for our children , and want it for every house. Odencat post, 9:30, Wed, 24 Feb
Gorgeous pixel art. People keep saying the story is heart-warming but I feel there's a tragic, existential side to it. Basically, you're on a quest for immortality, and the path is strewn with remains of those who tried and failed. But all of that is wrapped under layers of beauty and cuteness. Minor critiques: The writing feels a bit clunky or forced at times. Also, what's up with the prices? The complete package is more expensive than buying ad removal and the additional episode separately.
I love this ๐Ÿ˜ the storyline is very good even at the end did make me cry, graphics is good even the little puzzle inside the game. Snowman had feelings and their own paradise.
Cute characters in a short, kids friendly visual novel with an important message behind. Definitely a puzzle game intended for a younger audience but still enjoyable by anyone.
Pretty art but dull gameplay. There is the odd puzzle thrown in here or there but the game is 90% dialogue and cutscenes. It's a cute story but it's pretty boring overall.
This was such a heartwarming game, I actually teared up laying this. The storyline was amazing and for the people who say that they are disappointed in how many wishes you have to catch for a free version, you should be disappointed in yourself. These guys probably spent so much time working on this and then they ask for a few dollars but we don't give it. We should be grateful that they at least have a free option. Many games don't have that and we are very special to be playing this game.
Very very good game.it has wonderful Stories but needed internet, that'swhy I'm giving him 4 stars and the rest is very very good.best game,and one thing more, that last episode has to be free.
๐Ÿ˜ญ it was wonderful and im writing this after playing the whole game like the ending was so- ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Was an emotional experience for me. Not that type of people Iam but despite that I've almost cried.Cute story, pure graphics, and easy to move.I have no money at the moment but I'll support you with buying the full version. Good luck guys ๐Ÿ’š
So beautiful and touching! My heart melted down. And playing this so close to the Christmas is a Blessing! ๐Ÿฅฐ
graphic is beautiful but story is fragmented. not my type. I prefer following a single character's story than seeing one short story after another. it's hard to like characters if they're introduced and then disappeared so fast
It's so hard , gives me tears sometimes when the story happens and typing now and i like the background
Simple but it has an interesting and heartwarming story. I love the pixels graphics, it's so cuteee. And the music are soo calming.
Why are yall so opssesed with heaven.. Game is suppost to be fun and enjoyable, not to make us pay by leaving us on a cliffhanger... You couldve warned about the snowmans that didnt go to heaven... It scared me more than it shouldve had... And even tho u always make some "family" friendly stories it always ends up wtih death and creepiness... All my bad reviews are mostly for making us pay... Not everyome can do so :/
This game was quite sad but I love the characters put into this game. thank you for creating this game odencat. please make more games like this. I've played many of your other games. Chris is sooo cute! I recommend this game to EVERYONE who loves animals and adventure and action.
the game is so emotional and so good odencat you sure are great developer I cried when Chris melt the game is so wonderful I recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
I played through the main story and I'm touched by the story. I like the message in the game as well. The puzzles get harder as you go on but I liked the challenge.
Loved this Game. Sad and happy in areas. Held my attention so much I e put my phone down. Now the 1 thing that I really enjoyed was the awesome puzzle games you have in between each section.
Great story! Be sure and stick around after the credits for even more Paradise. I appreciate how puzzles are all solveable if you work your way back from the finish, to what it takes to get there.