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Snooker Stars - 3D Online Sports Game

Snooker Stars - 3D Online Sports Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
hey guys game is awesome . but some bugs are irritating me plz fix this bugs . first one is not join with friends rematch option is missing some time if we go out of the game for few second then we can't join that match again and opponent win that match please fix these bugsb
It's worse than ever atm, freezes with black screen, play stops neither players can't do a thing, disconnects. Fix it!
A polished looking and challenging snooker game marred only by the horrible pay to play/energy/waiting mechanic. There's at least one consistently obvious bug which causes the game to just fail to know what to do (essentially softlocking you) when you accidentally pot two balls forcing a foul (you can exit the scenario though, thankfully). I feel like making a one time purchase for unlimited energy might be acceptable at £3.99 or £4.99 at a push but £8.99 - absolutely not.
One of the best games on my list as it is very entertaining and is a very good time pass..Will give this game 5 stars for its realistic graphics which makes it look real...great work giraffe...make more games like this
I use to love this game, last played this in 2020. Redownload it and finds it still isn't optimized I guess. First run on my Reno5 Pro, it was buttery smooth, 2nd run was laggy, stuttering. I uninstalled this game before because of the same issue on my older device. Everything else is ok. I hope the devs are going to fix the issue. I want to play this game.
Nice game, but we have a problem with the coins... Someone using the cheat coins and I cannot win top 1% or top 10 ranks.. We need a 'report' player system
Poor connection, many times, the last 4 games have started then loses connection says its connecting then I lose the game even though I have high end broadband which works fine on everything but this game absolute joke, so don't download this game/ update this still disconnects all the time when I have a broadband connection sort it out you mugs 11/4/2021
Would be a 5 start review apart from the fact I keep getting thrown out half way through a game because of bad connection. Nothing wrong with my end, so this needs fixed. Asap.
Inconsistent gameplay. Its the most frustrating game I've played. For some reason, you get to a point where the game starts screwing you over. Fouling, missing easy pots, then losing all the credit you've made to bots. I'm uninstalling it for my own sanity and sticking to real snooker.
This was a great game until people have CHEAT TO WIN. Way to many hackers on this game..they are ruining the game.PLEASE ADD A REPORT FUNCTION TO GET RID OF THEM OR UPDATE..ANYTHING...........
A lot off bully player, not ashamed to play at the beginner table. Programmer only need money.. Developer control my game.. All of a sudden the ball changed places..
Good game but theres a bug in the side missions that often halts an attempt for no reason when playing certain shots, fix it !!
A touching ball is play away, if you do and dont hit another red foul called ? Free ball you cannot snooker behind free ball? In this game you can. Connection issues games lost and won with this. Level up you get to 13 or so its then difficult to up your equipment when boxes opened points etc are given for mainly the lower chalk, rests cues etc. Cheating on it big time break off balls smash open. Higher money games have more issues as well. The useless comments should be taken off .
I just want to play a game of snooker and I don't like energy drinks - it's that simple. The developers want me to pay, to play a game or buy an energy drink to continue playing. You have shamelessly ruined a gentleman's game. Energy drink. Really? Really? Shame on you.
Constant connection issues make the whole exercise pointless. Each day I have a game at home with my wi-fi, each day I lose points thru connection issues. What a shame that us in the UK have these issues. Obviously, the game isn't aimed at the UK market. Wish there was a game designed as brilliant as this that was based in the UK so then our connection might allow us a level playing field!
So far the best android snooker game played. Everything is real looking. But one problem is there i.e., while playing the game, in middle of nowhere it says "connecting...pls don't leave the match!" And I lose the game meaninglessly without my fault. It irks me a lot. Please rectify it.
Lack of ability to report racist screen name etc. On single player, when completing the achievement "x red balls in to the same pocket" it doesn't know when that's been done. Every time I do that one it remains unclaimed. Also on multi-player when placing the ball it can overlap with object balls which just seems very poor. Additionally I think some sort of free practice would be nice, like the loading screen but where you can stay indefinitely.
Starred up 1. The games good but I fear it's not supported anymore. There's no events. If you have a problem don't bother contacting support there is none. Shame could be excellent.
Great game on the whole, however there is a major bug issue which need addressing... Sometimes (most commonly in the green corner pocket) when a ball touches the knuckle of the pocket it will be sent flying out of the pocket at a seemingly random angle with more power than was on the shot in the first place... Yet the reason I'm writing this review, I just took a break, clipped the right corner of the pack, the entire pack exploded across the table, 2 reds potted, both fouls...? Need fixing...
The game is good but I can no longer play my partner even when one of us sets a match up and the other puts the number in it says the number is wrong which it isn't as we are sat next to each other and can see the number clearly .please fix this otherwise its a good game which I've spent many a hour playing and feel its a shame to have to uninstall it now for a problem that should be easy to fix
Everything else is good Please add tournaments or career mode my creating a player of our own and starts with small tournaments wins and enters international something like that 😎
Server is too unreliable, constantly freezing and timing out (losing) games, often without taking a shot. It's not my connection as everything else works fine.
I can't connect to facebook ,error comes this feature is not available for this app. Why is this happening before i have lot of coins also i can't play from all over again from start🤨🤔
The game intentionally make it snooker and foul shot though actual game it shouldn't be.. Everytime the ball will make it intentionally a snooker and foul shot and most of the time it just went into the hole with the white ball.. I guess the developer has never play a real snooker game before. Not just that 80% of player came from Thailand and once you play with them it is like actually the while ball find its way to the pocket I think the developer is sucking thai player banana....sick ppl.
The game intentionally make it snooker and foul shot though actual game it shouldn't be.. Everytime the ball will make it intentionally a snooker and foul shot and most of the time it just went into the hole with the white ball.. I guess the developer has never play a real snooker game before.
Great game but it's a hit or a miss if you get connected to opponents. One day it's fine then the next you're waiting in a match lobby searching for a player for hours. Unfortunate
Was a brilliant game before the new update .... So so laggy almost impossible to play!! Hurry and fix it guys before you lose all your fans 🥺
Pleaseantly surprised with this if honest. Addictive, ball movement as expected and not plagued with adverts. In-game graphics are near perfect, but the menu interface feels dated. The audio clapping seems inconsistent and buggy. Some questionable rules. But all in all, brilliant snooker game.
It's a great game. Addictive fun. And some great challenges. Can get annoying when stuck on one particular level for weeks at a time. How ever we could use more levels. 25 levels is not enough. Need more single player opportunities as can't always play online with people.
Brilliant game, absolutely love it and play at least once a day when bored. One thing I did notice the other day though. Had a touching ball on a red, so played directly away from it and it called a foul? Is it me or when it's a touching ball you can't foul? That's the only thing I've found wrong with the game though, everything else is amazing 👏
Was playing great, you have no problem taking my coins to play but then you won't let me move the cue line... plays great in side quests but not in match play... pls fix it
Needs To Improve 2 Major Things/Bugs.. (1) Respoted Black And (2) When I'm Clearing My Levels In Seasons Like Level 50 Or 51 And So On, After I Leave And Tries To Play With Online Opponent, I'm Unable To Move My Cue. Please, It's A Request That You Fix These 2 Things..
I have downloaded this game numerous times it's great to play but......when you reach a certain number of coins won E.G 500 thousand that's when the bots come out and start winning all your coins back so you put your hand in your pocket and buy some more when your at breaking point lol 😆...great to play..but... just becomes unbearable you know you can't lose like 15 games in a row ridiculous.
Too many disconnections when winning,then the other player gets your coins and theres nothing you can do about it. Game shouldnt be allowed wifi access this is where the cheats have the advantage and can make it impossible to play a honest game!
Won't load on Samsung Galaxy A70 since the recent update. Just constantly crashes. Edit. It runs now but all my data and progress has been lost. Level 12 and all those hours of play absolutely gone.
Frustrating & Time wasting (negatively). Firstly the physics are good. That's it. What's with the blurry lines? I just want to have a decent shot at beating other players without spending money buying expensive cues & equipment. I understand having a development curve in the career mode etc. But multiplayer must start on equal footing otherwise it's not fun! Uninstalled. Next year I'll try again & see if things have improved. Developers..pls stop being greedy & make multiplayer fair.
It was a fine game until the last update ruined it, it is unplayable because of lag..worst thing is developer doesn't give a damn, tried 2 different ways of approaching to solve the issue, emailed the developer twice, they simply don't care. It was one of my favourite games, not going to play it anymore
Impossible AI players that you can never beat, Still being beaten by level 8 and less players that never seem to miss a shot (I'm level 12). Don't waste your time...spend your efforts on something better as you will never get past The Singapore All Stars!! Dev just wants you spend more money on kit in order to progress as opposed to just being skillful!
Its one of the best yet when i get to play for 1 k it gets blurry ..but again irs ok on 5 k ...whats happenin ..but a great game love it
I found another hacker: "JOHN...HANWWWWW" The user with the name of" Wattana" is a hacker, i play with him twice and in both of games when i want to do a simple opening shot, all of red balls was spread all around the table without any reason. I guess some players use some tricks to do it because it's not rational and it's not fair.
The game was pretty awesome untill last update. Post the update the game is constantly lagging. Please fix the issue
Good game but spoilt by losing connection all the time. Tried contacting the developer to report but no response. It has some serious bugs. I have lost games where I was actually very far ahead on points! Eg today 38-0 and yet game ends with a loss to me. Bizarre and frustrating!
Decent enough to play. So annoying that you have to pay for "more energy" to continue beyond a few turns, especially if you're trying to complete the more difficult challenges.
Game itself is good experience but something added to it like best of 3 , 5 frames instead on the 1 could make it better along with tournaments to make it better just a thought developer's.
Best of a bad bunch. Great gameplay but poor rules and when a foul has happened, they move the position of where the balls landed in favour of your opponent.
I play this game online from my wifi and its speed is 10mbps but then too in between the game it shows that you are connecting please wait and till that opponent wins the game and thats the worst part of the game please improve that. Other than that graphics control and everything is awesome playing offline is better than online just because of the connection issues.
Piece of rubbish. Rigged no connection game goes off I've lost 3 50000 games when winning every time your on winning ball or shot, its absolutely load of rubbish I'm on this game for 2and time level 14 then it all goes rubbish 1st time level 18 then went like it is now maybe because I've not bought anything or got cheats like some have . How can a player foul another ball after smashing them, then there on a red this is corrupt app, way to many cheats on it. Sort it out. Please explain your app.
After 4 years of loyalty I definitely stopped this game for the following reasons: - not precise at all when in a competition: like the POV view doesn't fit the high-camera view. So basically two angles for different results. I took a ruler to check this out and definitely not accurate at all - money-based game: one day you have your marks for aiming the other day it doesn't work and changes a lot. - cheat codes: as you can see in the other comments there are many cheat codes... Stop it please.
Good game but ruined by slow boring players. Also, the touching ball rules are wrong. Someone please tell the developers that you can legally play away from a touching red without hitting another ball
Constantly losing connection and game is full ov cheats aswell.cant even get a practice table either without spending???......shocking customer service aswell.dodgy website aswell . ..boring .also dont receive any of my weekly rewards for the last 2 months ???????????cant even email support either.shocking.cant even get into contact with game developer??? Shocking again. Still not received any weekly ranking points for the last 4 months ??????????????????????
I am trying to create and join play with friends codes since long time but still can not play online with my girlfriend , this game is ridiculous and getting on my nerves now , i request the developers to take corrective measures asap or else they'll loose a lot of active users.
Great game, very realistic..however, has recently started to crash mid frame. Black screen comes up and unable then to finish tye game, have to leave resulting you forefitting the game?!
Please explain to me how i can lose from being 10 points behind. My opponent pots and the fouls by potting the white ball. How can i lose after that? Also, please sort out the bugging issues. Shots have been made and looked to be in good position but suddenly changes to a completely different lay out. And the so called high level players. They're obviously bots as once miss a shot or play a saftey they suddenly clear up, even from an impossible position. Fix the game please.
Excellent but loses server connection too easily and doesn't recover. One of the best games ever for a phone (particularly for a snooker fan), very realistic graphics and gameplay. Only issue is any instability in your internet connection causes the loss of games in multi-player mode (don't try playing in a moving train or car for example!); hopefully this will be improved 🤞
Used to be great a couple of years ago but now connection problems have made it unplayable. If you do find an opponent it'll disconnect after one or two shots so the game is then forfeited and opponent wins. The developers attempts to monetise the game have made it worse too, having to open chests etc is boring and completely detracts from the game. Haven't had an update for 6 months either.
Excellent 3D gaming experience. an addictive game but unfortunately I'm unable to connect with Facebook as it shows "Currently connecting to Facebook is unavailable for this app".
PLEASE IN THE NAME OF SNOOKER GODS, FIX THE RULES AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHEN THE OPPONENT COMMITS FAULT INSTEAD OF THE 2 OPTIONS I ALREADY HAVE SHOULD BE 3 OPTIONS : put the ball back, continue playing AND opponent continue playing from where the cue ball stops. Best regards MAGIC 5 stars from me. Magical game
PLAY WITH FRIENDS .. One of the beauty of snooker is the passion we have and enjoyment when we play with our friends . Unfortunately .. Due to some bug ..in the system .. It takes ages to connect once we create a room and wait for our friend. It says "ROOM NOT FOUND. ENTER MATCH NO.AGAIN" . I request you guys to fix this connection issue .. Also there is just the one mode (6reds) whilst playing with friends . Also noo aim blur . So almost IMPOSSIBLE for a bit of SAFETY EXCHANGE in the game 😢
Great graphics and gameplay but live play totally unplayable now with "disconnection" issues when playing other players. Totally frustrating experience especially when you are up in matches. That alone means I will have to give up the game
This game started off really good, you have a energy bar which eventually lasts only maximum of 5 minutes of game play! But for you to play you have to pay - first example I seen was £2 for 24 hours of game play. Good game but 5 minutes play gets frustrating, so probably will delete this game
Why on earth is there a time limit for shots? Snooker is a game of patience and strategy and (especially with the limited view perspectives) it often takes time to formulate and aim properly. This just leads to the majority of the playerbase treating it as a game of pool - balls flying up and down the table all match, absolutely chaotic...
There seems to be a glitch in the game as sometimes it does not let you move the cue to select which ball you want to go for .. lost 30k because of this
Opponent pots the white along the object ball and I still rewarded the points for it... Opponent pots the last black along with the white, gets rewarded the 7 points and I don't get another turn at the table. Developer doesn't know the rules of the game or is just lazy. Too bad
Biggest con EVER It's amazing you can only play the same person twice but I lost 6 games on the bounce against zaboob took all my coins and literally played the exact same doubles in each match, come development team if u r going to expect me to buy more coins after cheating me with your bot your obviously smoking CRACK... PEOPLE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY....
Good time waster, just like Bingo! Don't take the game serious it has nothing to do with skill, as all games are pre- determined.
DESPERATELY NEEDS MORE CONVERSATIONAL WORDS TO CHOOSE FROM DEVELOPER GUY'S!! Apart from that & the disconnecting there's good physics needs a wider variety of cues and personalization though & I would give it 5 stars, also needs bonuses or special boxes / prizes for centuries, half centuries & 147 breaks too, and more awards to collect. One other thing sometimes when I break off & just touch the reds lightly hardly hitting them the whole pack just randomly bursts as if I'd smashed into them!?😡
The game is good but there is a bug, sometimes, when playing someone else, I get a sign up that says 'connecting... Please do not leave the match', it never does connect! This appears to happen as a ball is potted.
its good game but most of the time opponent cheats during the match whitch makes angry..plz make the problem fix.
Great game. Some glitches for the developers if you read this stuff. I only play on the Hong-Kong table these days but recently some of the object balls have started embedding themselves into the side or end rail , you can see the top of the ball in the rail/cushion but you can't hit it! Also occasionally the cushions around the corner pockets react very strangely at times , the ball comes off at ridiculous angles!! And please please give the option of turning off the stupid chat!
Amazing game been playing for years, please update the following - when i play vs a friend, can we choose difficulty please as its annoying playing my friend on easy mode when we are masters of the game. Would love to see tournaments too. ** edit.... too many loss connections on 100k table.. cheats
Game is brilliant apart from cheating, player KXCIK,who seems pot balls without managing to pot them. And then moves the white ball to pot his next ball, how is this possible when its meant to be a fair game.
Its a great snooker app, but I want to see an achievement for Century as well. As there are many useless achievements. Why not bring one more that should have a count for your centuries. Also there should be 10 & 15 ball games between friends as well and also some kind of tournament and competition and to keep a record of winning & losing.
Hasn't worked properly on S21 since its release and still no fix. Far too slow!!! Players taking the full 30 seconds to play a simple shot. Shot time should be cut to 15 seconds max!!!
The game is perfect,good graphics and all but the only problem is controls Sometimes the controls freezes and i get a foul sometime the control donot work Kindly improve the controller setup and it will get you 5 star rating from me
Was hoping the latest update would have defeated the cheats and over the top AI players bud sadly not. Still being beaten by level 8 and less players that never seem to miss a shot (I'm level 12). You can't afford to miss one shot or its game over! What a shame.
Dynamically it's great but when you buy cash to continue play it errors and you lose your game. It's done it several times to me and has cost me money as a result. Be aware.
The game itself is great. The physics are amazing and I'm confident that the balls behave in a real-world way. The only thing that lets it down badly is the UI. It needs a big shake-up because it feels like I'm playing a game that's about to ask me for my credit card details or hold my sister for ransom. Basically, the UI makes it seem unprofessional. Game great though.
Facebook connection not available. If can't connect to Facebook then surely you should have made the amount of time for a bonus to be available a lot more generous
Old problem haven't resolved. New serious problem evolved - Balls position will change when the white ball has stopped. White ball entering pocket, ends up no foul and no points deducted. Pls fix !
Good game.. Few things I don't like is snookered on a free ball.. Can't swerve the ball... The big thing I don't like is when your ranking is low and your playing against high ranked players.. You break off and then they clear the table.. Can be very disheartening
Loving it ,seems like its been made thoughtfully and is top quality. But pls can the remaining time flash big and urgent in online comps as it's caught me out a few times grrrrrr otherwise a sweet time waster ;))))))
Game is superb ... like pro snoker but not connecting by Facebook proper see the profile pic original, chat option by pater is not.... voice chat not...
Love this game. However.... Thailand Legends (entry 10k) is fixed and when playing you are facing the software, not a human and you will lose. Its setup that way so you have to buy coins. My reason - the players on Thailand Legends play far to quickly compared to the other games. Its fixed!!!
Great and fun game, I love it. Physics are fantastic although it does not include the throw of the cueball when using right or left spin. My only complaints, it's much too difficult to play 15 red snooker without paying for coins for the expensive tables. I am also unable to Login to Facebook to upload my own custom stages. I was able to before but now it is not possible to Connect to Facebook for me.
The cue hit button is on the same place where phone menu button located. So each time I want to make a shot it pushes the menu button and game goes out. Frustrating..
Bugs Feedback: There are times where the white ball goes out of the table. Then the view is somewhat under the table level. Then if you simply hit it, you can see the ball rolling outside the table, hitting the outside edge and bounced away. After a few tries, the ball and view are back to the table AND later when it comes to only colour balls left, whatever and all the colours you hit, it will just keeps saying foul and miss.
Great game but either full of bugs or just cheats. Tired of losing matches because suddenly I lose connection despite being on WiFi and everything else working fine. Another is the powerbar stops working and there's nothing you can do to avoid it.
Decent game play, not all the rules are there though. One question, how do you get 3 stars on level 188? Maximum break is 60, but the top player has 66. I've potted two blacks in one shot but had a foul called on me.
Has went from one of the best to probably the worst snooker game due to the constant glitches where from a gentle break off shot, the reds explode and the white ends up where it blatantly should not be. Piss poor show developers
Seems like a good little game but since I don't have Facebook and refused to create an account, there's no way to save my progress. I'll find another snooker game instead. Such a shame, it did seem decent.
Great game, some minor issues with the rules of play but nothing to get upset about. One thing that does disappoint is lising cash credits when there's a connection issue.
Great game. However, get rid of the chat thing. It is annoying. The choices there are used for ignorance. There is no ignorance in snooker. Period. Especially the "need to practice". This game is designed to be used mobile. When I am on a train or bus and hit a bump and my thumb slips I do not need to practice! Besides by the time a user selects what to say from the list you are right in the middle of your shot. The distraction is unnecessary and it takes away from the gameplay.
Excellent and addictive game - I've spent far longer than I care to admit playing this! A few bugs that would be very good to fix. First, around 1 break in 20 or so, when playing a thin cut on the pack, there's a glitch where the reds smash open and go everywhere, almost always leaving your opponent with an easy table to clear up. Pretty strange... The other one is very minor - if you're awarded an achievement at the end of a 1-vs-1 game, then the button for a rematch doesn't appear, so you're unable to challenge your opponent to another game. This button *does* appear if you don't get an achievement.. Finally, a few rules that are a little off: (1) As others have said, if you foul when potting a colour when no reds are left on the table, that colour should be respotted. (2) A free ball occurs when you can't see both sides of at least one object ball -- and not only when you're fully snookered. (3) After your opponent fouls, you should have the option to put them back in again where the ball lands (not just to put the balls back). But I'm nit-picking, it's a very good game.
It has one of the worst aiming systems i have ever seen. I mean even the worst pool game has a better aiming system than this. Just improve the aiming system. When you play offline its okay. But when you play against other player the aiming line changes to something which no one likes. 90% shots are missed cause of the aiming system. Please take care of that ASAP. Other than that the game is actually fun to play and its a perfect snooker game.
would be amazing if not for the glitch that still hasn't been fixed. Developers are really slacking because its been the case for over a year now. Sometimes when its my break, the balls explode all over the table giving the opponent an easy win. Its very annoying and needs an update.
Game was great until the last update. Please fix the lagging issue as soon as you can else the popularity will do down.
Great game spoiled by new update , seems to lag horribly to the point of it being almost unplayable....its a complete stutterfest !!...please fix ASAP and give us the great game back
The game is great. Recently I have been experiencing problems with joining friends. Every time I enter their match number, a message pops up saying 'can't connect to match' even though the connection is fine as well as our match numbers. Please get this fixed ASAP!
Stucked on searching for opponent window. This is an easy problem to solve. Besides I've got some recommendations: it must be 3 snookers needed for winning. And we should see the table on free 3D viewing, while the opponent is on the table. Thanks.
One thing annoying me is this. Guy plays for snooker behind the pink just after potting the last red. he miss the shot with a foul and a miss, I don't like the shot on the yellow cause its not potable, so I put the ball back. He gets another go on the pink??? As far as I know from watching snooker for years he's on yellow not another go on the pink. Other wise lovee the game, would be 5star only for the above reason.
Just deleted it, highly frustrating but probably the best snooker game in terms of graphics and reality, however there are too many issues within the rules, would also like to see a chat feature installed so players can talk to each other freely. "Repeat if you can" or "I'm on fire" is for 10 year olds, worst of all is the connection issues, really is amateurish, 80 to 0 and you lose the game because you "lost connection" absolute horsemuck.
Don't pick this to learn on. You cannot see to aim. You only get about 20 games and then you gotta spend money. EVERYONE will beat you unless you buy expensive cues and extras.
developer don't understand about dynamic cue speed sidespin snooker-cloth and bouncing angle (spinning ball action on cushions). Try to learn to play snooker in REAL before lunch app. and please study "official rules of the games of snooker and english billards", issue by WPBSA. YOU!!! DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND AT ALL. ALWAYS LOST CONNECTION!!!!!!!!!
No longer able to connect to any online games with other players! Is there a problem with the servers? UPDATE: Developer has now resolved issue and very quickly too! Thanks!!
I would give it 5 stars but the amount of cheating in the game is unreal. Taking you off the table after you pot a ball. Gravity defying pots from some people. Exploding reds on your break to spread them all over the table. Opponents potting balls without even taking a shot. The developers really need to do something about this, it takes all the enjoyment out of playing.
Nice graphics, no ads, no force buying and a time killer. Some issues solved and improved. But guess what...i been playing for like two hours and.....just keep losing until i fed up and stopped. Opponents with perfect and lucky shots. Used to be challenging. Four stars for all the efforts done by developer. I still like the game. I admit minus one star is for all the losing - straight...for two hours.
It is happening for a while now in my previous phone as well and now that I've changed my phone the same thing happens The touch when i aim for a ball doesn't work sometimes in multiplayer. I don't know if it is a bug or what but if it is then please fix it I've lost so many coins to this.
Good realistic snooker game, only glitch is that, in this game u can snooker from a free ball unlike in real snooker.
STOP THE CHEATING IN THIS GAME! YOU CAN'T CHARGE MONEY FOR A GAME THAT IS FULL OF CHEATS! Graphics and realism are excellent, the rules are wrong though. Some of the angles the ball can be potted into the centre pocket defy physics. Cheating is a big thing. Someone with (supposedly) a lot less skill pots ball after ball without taking any time to line the ball up. It's just point and click for them. Something not right there. This would get 5 stars if I wasn't robbed by cheating 50% of the time
Too many robots, pulling shots out of their backsides. The training is OK but 1 to 1 online is fixed with too many cheats. Don't get scammed in spending money on this app.
Not bad, some glitches in multiplayer. Middle pockets can be potted into at any speed. Side on cue ball doesn't affect object ball. Worth a play.
Too many hackers and cheats, dropping connection and then they win. Very common as seen in other reviews but no way to report cheaters so do not spend any money on this game as cheaters win every time.
Its a great game overall, however you shouldn't be allowed to snooker an opponent behind a free ball. It's against the rules. Maybe worth getting it changed before I throw my phone through the wall. Cheers.
Plates great and the ball physics seem pretty much as you'd expect, however I've not seen a ball leave the table bed yet so I don't know if there is a vertical plane to the physics engine. I've played about 30 matches and am finding it a struggle to get the coins to upgrade my cards. Although I am still having fun. Just a longer grind than expected. And a chat mute option would be nice in game... If there is one I can't see it
Love it. There is an issue about the play again option that costs game $$. Should you need to purchase game dollars the time you select the try again option, it accepts your payment, takes your two game dollars for the try again option but starts the level all over. This is along with a distorted play screen when that happens. I've emailed giraffe games and I will update this review to let all of you know how they take care of their customer.
Constantly losing connection and game is full ov cheats aswell.cant even get a practice table either without spending???......shocking customer service aswell.dodgy website aswell . ..boring .also dont receive any of my weekly rewards for the last 2 months ???????????cant even email support either.shocking
Another issue you can't add up tell me how 44 on table I'm 39 behind on what Planet do you think I need snooker explain that it's just big mish mash of rules inconsistent gameplay physics are not right slightly touch reds they explode its not tactical enough no skill involved it's about having supercues and now i think all cheats bots hacks All work for you it's planned so people spend on your app deliberate move by yourselves otherwise forget progressing no chance of that with your game cheats
I had done the mission and open lots of the boxes that included cash, but the amount of my cash doesn't increase and still remain the same even though i did a lot of mission and opened lots of boxes. Please solve this problem/bug, this drop the gaming experience.
I'm a simple man. I see a game that requires "energy" to play, I rate 1 star. It is one of the dumbest mechanisms in a game, especially for snooker and a dead give away that a pay wall is to be expected after a few rounds. The devs should become comedians then I'll pay for their jokes.