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Snipers vs Thieves: Classic!

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playstack located at 56A Poland Street W1F 7NN London UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just a great game overall, gameplsys fun, you can chat with other people! This game is honestly pretty addicting.
The game is good. But when I try to play with a clan friend for some reason we can't play together. The friend joins a different game than me. This is extremely annoying. Please fix this.
Great game it crashes a little but not too much that u want to uninstall. And I don't like how you can't see the equipped perks on your snipers and bags. But everything else is amazing.
In app purchases aren't working properly, charged my account and didn't get what I paid for, if you download this game do not buy anything it's not the first time this has happen to me in this game.
Great game lots of fun. Unfortuntely i purchased the starter pack and didnt recieve itema. Still play the game though
I would give this game a 1 star for the amount of ads you have to watch but this game is seriously fun. Being the sniper is one of the best parts for me. Def play this game.
Superb Game!! It's not just that the game is excellent. But unlike most of the mobile games, the developers aren't greedy. It's very easy to get gold/money and upgrade your tools. Another thing is that there's no statistic measure to disappoint you if you're going through a rough patch. If you didn't succeed, you didn't gain the stars, that's all. No records, no losses as well. Best one if you're looking for a competitive game, but to play casually - like me.
Never gave what I purchased! I have sent 2 submissions to both their publisher website and the game website over the past week. Guess what? No response, I've decided to delete the game and move on since this game is a pay to win. Well obviously.
Great game , except i purchased gold and never received anything. Also can't go Into The games store either. Will give more stars. But I want what i purchased , or a refund. Very disappointed .
Update, tried going to the support. It says page does not exist or may have moved. This is risky weird stuff, don't recommend it. I think this game is a scam for money.
Problem that needs to be fixed. I bought the starter pack with the raging hornet sniper and it never gave it to me so I try clicking on it and it says error you have already purchased this item but when I go to use it I have to buy it with gold ????
This game sucks everytime i entered this game nothing happened it's only a loading screen all i ever see this game please fix this bug it is so boring
yes!! it was like the one i loved before! when the original still on early access.. but why 4 stars? it's because there's an ads after every 2 rounds like I'm playing from Voodoo games ._. edit: please at least make the ads appear after 4 matches than 2
I like this game a lot. I downloaded it a year ago, but due to some reasons, I had to delete it. I have now downloaded it again. But whenever I start it, it shows "attempting to download additional data" every time. Can you please tell the solution?
Really enjoying the game, its fun, simple, not riddled with ads and not Pay To Win...HOWEVER...progression is slow and the fun is interrupted by connectivity problems. You'll maybe finish 1 game out of 6 because of constant disconnections. This renders the game unplayable. Please fix.
Buyers be aware. I just purchased the starter pack, yet I did not receive anything. My money was definitely taken. I verified it. And then I restarted the game two times only to see the sale for the starter pack is still offered. If I try to recreate my purchase, I get an error message saying "purchase cannot be completed." I already submitted a trouble ticket, so if I hear back anything and my issue is resolved, I will change my review.
A very fundamental and addicting game. Shoot the running robbers as a sharpshooter or run for dear life as a robber. There are so many ways to play, and so many features to use. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a mobile shooter/looter
Cant play,after finish playing with bots ,cant even start game after that . "...lost connection.." blabla ,what a joke ,other game can be played smoothly with my internet .pls fix it ..
Its so unfair, if you become a thief your team gets instantly killed by the cheating sniper and you always die and never even get a chance to move close to the van it's unfair not just that the robber hit boxes are so screwed up they never get hit even when they get stunned! The game screwes you over with so many bugs There's so many bugs even cyperpynk 2077 would be jealous it's annoying when you just get into the game as a thief and the sniper automatically uses chain gun and headshotsyourteam
Had this game on some other device when I was younger and loved it. Remembered it existed the moment I got a new phone and still enjoying it to this day, such a good game. I easily get hooked playing this game. Great mechanics, somewhat realistic and smooth and fast gameplay. Each match is a minute long and tend to last for half that, depending on the circumstances. Great game, definitely deserves more than it was treated. P.S. I can't think of any other downside to the game either. Try it!!!!!!
Fantastic game but there is one problem when we run in thef mode we droop are money so that is the problem but great game.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I have bought 2 things already, the epic starter pack for 1.99 and the bundle pack for 4.99 and did not receive any of them. Instead it stayed at a constant loading screen that never went away, nor did they go into my inbox. I like the game but very disappointed at the customer service.
The game is a lot of fun but i purchased the epic starter pack and it says i bought it but none of it showed up in my inventory will give 4 stars once it os fixed and i wish there was a way to save my account
Fun game but dont buy in store starter pack. It took my money and didnt give me amything from the starter pack.
I love playing this game before and when I found it again I couldn't wait to play it again. Only downfall is when I made a purchase I was charged twice and still didn't receive what the pack was.
Fix this please. I bought your epic starter pack and when i bought it nothing happened i didn't get anything and it just says error you already own this item when i try to buy it again. i just want my stuff i payed for i played this game before a long time ago when it was a beta and was high level but lost all my progress in a future update and i just want to be back to where i used to be in levels and stats I'll give a higher rating if fixed.
It's a good game, the only thing I want the devs to do is that they add codes back. Please devs add codes back
Good game but I made a purchase for the starter pack the purchase went through but I still didn't get the package yet can you fix this please
Gameplay is fun and ads are minimal. The reason im giving this 2 stars is because I bought the starter pack and the game froze while loading from the purchase and none of the items I was supposed to get were there. Ill adjust my rating and review depending on what support does. If they ever respond that is...
I bought the 'epic starter pack' and when the purchase was complete it froze. I just closed the app and opened it back up. When i came back in I didn't have any of the things that came with the pack and the money was gone from my account (only $1.99 so no biggie) but i decided to see if i could try again. When i tried to buy it again it took my money but said i already had the starter pack. This game is a money grab and is pay to win. Either way you lose. Dont install this game.
I just spent 20$ and it said payment successful but didn't give me my gold bars...now it says gold store unavailable I might uninstall this is ridiculous.yall owe me 20 $ !!!! Still waiting on my gold bars..
As someone else has mentioned, I made a purchase (the starter pack) and recieved NOTHING even after restarting my phone etc, I know it wasn't much money but I still paid for something I didn't receive. BEWARE.
Horrible in app purchase service. I purchased the booster bundle for 5 bucks and received nothing in return. Emailed the company and turns out you can't even do that to get ahold of someone.
This game is cool but I rated 4 stars because there is a Internet connection problem so please fix it. It frustrating because I crash my game again and again because it says that the Internet connection was lost for some reason. And I am sending reviewing this my play store is going good. I was playing it 10 minutes ago and when I load a game in the middle of the game it crashes and it said Internet connection was lost. And your game is better then SVT.
Like the best game out the for training your aim using snipers this game is so addictive but what will u suggest to add in this game is if we can use 4 gadget's instead of 3 and that's all
I decided to purchase the $4.99 booster bundle that comes with the silver bullet rifle, the bag of covenant, 1 gold mask or mod, 144 to 162 tokens, at least 24 gold tokens, 125 gold and 500k cash. sadly upon clicking the purchase button i received a device message that said "payment successful" but the game proceeded to load without giving me the rewards until eventually it closed out, I reopened the app and still did not receive the rewards. Worse yet, no in game customer service portal.
The game was great before you screwed it up. Now that it's back to the way it was I re-download. It's one of the greatest games I've played BUT, you changed it so if I want a new sniper/bag I need gold not cash. It is no longer skill based. It is time played/money spent based. This makes gives the people who don't want to spend real world money a disadvantage. Most people would have only gone down 1 star for this, but the sniper and bags effect the game way too much for it to not be skill based.
Fun game but I tried to purchase the epic starter pack and it didn't give me everything. It says you get 200k, a gold case, a new sniper and some other stuff but it only gave me the gold case. I didn't get any of the money and I didn't get the sniper. All I got was a tiki mask. Highly disappointed..
Great game not gonna lie, I'v played the older version and this version before the last update then I stopped for a while, fixes have been made indeed, one issue though..can we get a checkpoint ? like where to save/load your game ? doesn't matter if it's by linking the account to facebook or some other platform as long as it saves it from vanishing and losing all of the user's progress :) , thank you.
YES!!!! PLAYSTACK YOU DID IT! YOU BROUGHT BACK THE BETTER GAME! The other game is terrible. I'm very happy you broght it back and called it classic. Bring back gender selection (boy or girl) and add a friend system (Friends can invite each other into games). There are very little hackers/modders which surprised me considering this is a mobile game. Overall the game is AMAZING even with the small bugs. A bug is that the game crashes sometimes when an ad plays or after a game. GOOD WORK PLAYSTACK!
The Best 😁 Please don't remove this one..... The other one was Very Hard to play..... Because it kept on crashing and I didn't even Have any fun..... But this one.... (Classic) is a lot better.... Me and my friends are loving it 😁
Okay, I played this game a couple of years ago and trying it again, I see that many features have been straight up removed, for example You cannot change the colour of your suits, which seems very weird
Probably one of the worst games i played in 2020 oha and it mightbe 2021rn not sure 🀣 but the game is extremely bad when there is not exit button for example when you click on the buy a bag section to see how much they cost but when you want to exit the bag shop there is no exot button thats why i gave yhis a 1 star i like the game but it changed alot
Everytime i purchase something theres never a problem accepting payment But in order for me to recieve what i paid for ..... I have the burden of proving it and have to supply a screen shot and wait while its verified..... Not thats its difficult just i just feel like fix the bug ...or update your payment system Its been 2 days ive email screen shots of my purchase via google play... Will i be compensated most likely not cause thats not how companys do buisness these days
This game was one of the best fun games before that stupid update came that ruined all of our hardworks,purchases and progresses, Making of this classic SvT was a great idea just make the game more wide fun and same like before and more creative and be active in updating it and proving some free gifts,events,collaboration and fun,Spread this game more and let more ppl enjoy that old feeling.
Had an issue receiving a purchase. Support was right there and had it fixed in no time! Great game I'm able to sit and get lost in πŸ‘
I think this game is really fun but the reason I gave it four stars is cause I wish you can actually go in the bank and get the money but overall it is really fun😁.
Omg, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I litterally quit the first game because of the new system thank you so much for making this. Honestly people liked this more than the weird level system you have in the original game. (Bring it back?)
Don't get me wrong I love the game. I actually spent real money but it froze after it took my money and I didn't end up getting anything. The game is fun but isn't quite what it used to be (because of occasional disconnects and some things cost gold when it didn't used to ) i would gladly change my review if i actually got what I paid for
Awesome game. Never gives you any unexpected add or pop ups. I love the theif role, however it is very hard to get gold in the game which is an essential item.
Game used to be awesome back then re-download it and holy cow ad after ad after ad what a shame 😞 πŸ˜• 😒
After playing regular SVT for a week, now I'm playing classic version cuz the regular SVT stuck on loading screen on my samsung a50s Android 11. Love the classic version with no bug, but i really want to play the regular version cuz the new interface and gameplay.. please help to fix it. also i can't make a review for SVT on playstore
I love this game.Way better than the original one.You should update this game more frequently.Its ez to play,smooth controls,graphics are decent,good gameplay.I just have my second day in this game and I already have the nightmare rifle.Great game,definitly deserves 5 starsπŸ’Ž
I'm happy they brought back the original version because the new version can go suck my you know what but this was a really smart idea by the devs. All this version needs are more masks updates, maybe suit colors you can buy with gold, and like a couple more maps to change the theme once in a while. They also to not make a mess like the new version for a example I don't want different game modes and games filled with bots. I know there's bots in this version but it's not that much in it.
This game was the best game I ever played on mobile, super funny and reasonable in game purchases. Then they messed it up with an update but now its back, as classic and I'm well happy! Why only 3 stars then you ask? Well as you've probably already seen the store us bugged, you can't make purchases. Secondly they have introduced A LOT more ads than it used to have. Every other game has an ad. If the store worked and there was an option to pay to remove ads this would be an easy 5 star.
POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE as well as concern for their customers issues. it's now been almost a week since I've attempted to contact them regarding a purchase that I got charged for but did not receive the gold I was supposed to receive. it sucks cause I genuinely enjoy the game but I strongly feel there is absolutely no place for ANY company to treat a paying customer like they don't matter. Sadly, prob gonna uninstall. sucks it has to be over something so trivial!!
I just purchased the Epic Starter pack and didn't get anything! No gold, no money, no rifle, nothing. I tried purchasing it again thinking, "its only 1.99, what the hell. Then I get a message saying I already own the item. Since I don't, I'm giving it 1 star until I get my items. Edit: I got everything back except the gold case, but I'm not going to complain. Thanks guys! Edit #2: I got everything! Thank you devs!
Hello snipervs thieves gameing owenr or any worker this game good my best part is robber i like run but i found a bug let this bug is too bad.Let me explain what is this bug is so today i am this game and i wasing fully hide back of car and suddenly the sniper shot me with a ice bullet but i still cover my head was not out side or my any body but still he shot me i have no idea how he did it that this thing happen when i was in church map it was bule maybe the car glicth or my charcter glicth.
THIS GAME ON MY PHONE IS HORRIBLE MY BROTHER HAS AN IPHONE 10 OR 11 IDK BUT IT RUNS AMAZING ON HIS PHONE BUT FOR ME MY GAME CRASHES EVERYTIME I GET AN AD ITS SO ANNOYING BRO yes u get 4 stars still becuase I suffer through getting kicked out over an over so ik you probably don't give af or won't change it much like the many bugs with explosives but it's rlly the just a horrible experience man like just jeez
I gave you 5 Star 🌠. I really like this game 😍. COOL game sound and I get the happy feeling. I recommend for the sniper . Thieves who come to attack the cover spell new update . Waiting for
I paid for the 1 time Epic Starter Pack but i have yet to see those items i purchased. This review will stay as 1 star until my issue is resolved.
A great game that I can't stop playing. My one purchase I made didn't go through at first, but an email to them was all it took and they fixed it.
3 years ago, I used to love this game. But now that I came back to it I see a lot of problems. First, I gave this game 3 stars, just for the gameplay. Second, When I went to purchase a rifle/bag, I was shocked. EVERYTHING had to be purchased with gold. I remember them being purchasable with both cash and gold, but most of them with cash. Now it is so frustraiting, having to climb the ranks JUST to get 15-20 gold! The other problem is the ads... they are so many, but there isn't an adfree version
Been playing the game for years recently I bought gold for an upgrade and special item for my sniper and for some odd reason I was charged for gold but never received it it's disappointing because that's just a loss loss situation not a win win so it's upsetting to see that I can't even buy any cash or gold bc the store is unavailable restarting and closing the app and even reinstalling it doesn't work or get my gold back
The game is really fun. The concept is very different from many multiplayer games in the market. The ony downfall being accuracy - sometimes, it's difficult to properly shoot enemies, even if you have had thousands of hours of experience playing shooting games. Nonetheless, the developers have managed to keep the game simple and fun. I would love to see new maps in the game.
Dont trust this app! Its taking your money and you dont get your items. Did that once and got refund only after reporting to google store. Gave it another try and now I need to ask them again for refund. No contact from developers side either. Thanks to google store for sorting my refund. Seriously not trusted app..
I decided to purchase a starter pack this evening but I cant claim my starter pack, I already sent the email to the developer but, they didnt reply any positives answer πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
The game is definitely one of the best mobile games I've ever played but a while back it started restarting my phone every time I would open the app and I recently got a new phone so when I saw the game on the playstore i decided to download it but it still has the same problem. I would really appreciate if your tech team could tell me why this is happening. This is the only game I have ever had this happen with.
The game's fun. My reason for 2*'s is that I purchased the beginner pack for the raging hornet I try to purchase it again to see if fixes the problem and it says that I've already purchased it but when I try to equip it f acts like I don't own it.....edit support took care of my problem in a timely manner with no problems or 3rd degree questioning so 5* all the way now
I loved this game but I deleted it a while ago bc I needed more storage on my phone. I just redownloaded it yesterday to find that my account was gone! At first I thought that I just had to reconnect to facebook so I did but nothing happened. I had a decent amount of masks, was in the number 8 clan and had every sniper! This was an huge blow to me. Return my account to me and I will give it 5 stars. I will give you 3 days to respond to prove how good your technical support is.
Had some trouble with purchasing things in game but the developers assisted me once I contacted them and were very professional. Other than that fun game
Three stars because of annoying ads. I love this game but I have to uninstall. I hate watching an ads after a game. And it would be better if this game supports 20:9 aspect ratio.
This game by far is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. It has ads witch are very annoying but when you don't get and ad the games perfect. You will not regret playing this game you will have so much fun!!
I had a 4 star reviev because this game was really good but latelly it has started crashing and saying that my internet contection was lost even tho i have 4 bars full and i am staying in the same spot where i always used to play this game and now i rarely can play this game because it keeps disconecting me. Please fix this bug editors.
Its a great game, don't buy things though. I bought a 9.99 bundle and was charged but I didn't receive any of the items. I've emailed support and depending on how that goes I'll change my rating. Edited to 4 stars, support did decent. I did not get everything from the bundle I purchased but I got most of it. Support took a few days to do this.
There are a lot of problems. The first problem is a bug when you start a game sometimes some or every thief gets stuck in their starting position. Second there is also a problem when you have clearly reached the cover sniper still gets a headshot. Third there is a problem with servers, for no reason it just disconnets me. Also sometimes the pathing of thieves gets screwed when you reach cover or just about to start going to another cover, they walk in circles for a few seconds.
I used to love playing this game way back before the update that ruined it entirely and I was happy to hear that the classic SVT is back. I only gave it 3 stars because I bought the Epic Starter Pack and the purchase went through but I got nothing. Besides that, this game is almost perfect but to give this game 5 stars, I need the things I purchased