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Sniper Strike Shooting Mission

Sniper Strike Shooting Mission for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by RAY3D located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood and Gore) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please try to remove the ads that interferes with the game.. Too many pop up ads! I should've rated it 5stars.. But for now you only deserve 4stars.. Please remove or if not lessen the ads on your next update!
Don't download unless you like airpushes. Game sucks and to make it worse, it is constantly trying to push more apps on your phone.I can't give it No stars but it gets my 1 star just so my rating is posted.
Not that good. Ads pop up in the middle of game play, ap installs unwanted ads and programs on your phone. Game play is poor, there's much better games that are free and don't install ads and pop ups on your phone.
I used to have this game on iphone about 2yrs ago, so i thought id give it another go, but its got to complex now and to hard to get started, and somone else mentioned the adds but didnt realise thay were THAT bad, im uninstalling. Very good time killing game ruined.
I uninstalled this app within minutes because of the intrusive ads - sometimes 3 or more layers on top of each other and on timers so you can't get rid of them. Pity, because the game looks like it has promise.
It constantly asked to rate it and I died everytime it asked, so I'm rating it 1 star out of spite..... I'm editing this. I rated it and it kept asking..... I can't manage to win a level because has so many ads.
Somebody already said it but the ads are intense. The actual game i'd give 4 or 5 stars but there's probably an ad every 30-60 seconds. It's overwhelming.
Nice and cool game but, i wait 2 min.. to close adds , close #1 , and appear#2 - close, and than appear #3 - close and than appear #4 -close, and steal ending in uninstaling i don't need this exasperant trip on my life ... So add / are the most worse viruses say not or yes... Thar f*k*ng.. every place you find it hate that!!! I know this is for free but who, can play with a headache in the firts two min...
Yeah this game is pretty good, I like concept, but would make it even more bettter is if you could shoot the rope and make the trailers fall; an blow up the gas pumps and boxes and the cars. I think this game is great I've been looking for something like this
Fun to play! but controls are hard to handle. Graphics are good. Way to many adds. Stops game play every few mins for add. Otherwise would have.4stars!!
Way too many pop up ads to be able to enjoy what could be a cool game. Too bad they have to be so gready to have nearly fifteen reroutings pop ups and other ads within the first few minutes.
Would you please upgrade so a -handed person can aim and hit the targets. Should be a way to flop the position. It is way too difficult from that corner using the left hand. Thank you.
Seems different gaming firms are sharing the same game...saw 3 diffrent games with the same kind of graphics. Pathetic games including this one.
Adds shortcuts to any of my home screens without my permission, even replacing my own shortcuts while on it. Can't believe anyone would do such things!
Has all the components of a great game, but needs work. Not very intuitive or user friendly. Types of ads are intrusive and overdone.
The would be okay if it were not bombarding me with advertisements. Having ads interrupting the gameplay and causing the player to accidently select them is probably the lowest point. I am uninstalling this game as soon as my review is done! Avoid this spam-happy crap at all costs!
Great game but I'm having trouble playing the game, because of the ads. located right next to the controls. Ads size is much bigger than the control button. I rate this game 4 stars less 1 star coz of the ads.
Somewhat fun but too easy to die and way too many ads. It freezes my phone sometimes from so many ads and interrupts you while you play. You shouldn't be forced to pay money to remove ads JUST so you can play
I can't even finish a game without pop up ads ruining my game. When I went to "rate" this game, 2 more ads came up. The gameplay seems fine, but I can't play due to ads...fix that, and it'll be fine.
This game has to many ads all over pop ups thag freez device, may get u killed in game. Don't waist your time uninstall
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Unless you want to compromise you phone with Spyware. Advertisement pop up during and after every level. It also add icons on device.
Awesome game.. But too many ads.. they pop up every time u get done with a level.. sometimes during the round.. get rid of the ads.. this is a game ppl would pay for just to not have ads.. I would give it 5 stars if I could just play without ads..
The game is really nice but ruined because of the constant interruption in the middle of playing. Ads are necessary and that's understood when a game us free but this is utterly ridiculous. Can't accurately rate a game that I can't truly experience and I won't pay for it until I can see if it's worth buying.
Very smart game.But i cant get my free coins after download the NQ anti virus. Plz send the coins.i am out of ammo
I played for 2 min saw 5+ pop ups for ads and left the game 3 times. Looks like it would have been fun if the game would of let me play.
This is so cool game. Please install! Hard and challenging with awesome rifles. I would give this game 5 stars but you dont get so many choices of rifles.
Awesome game.I love it but like other people have said there is a-lot of ads but overall an incredible game.Love it <3 Looking for a sniper shooting game I recommend you this one :D
At least educate yourself! (I swear I'm surrounded by idiots) Ads can be eliminated from downloading while playing if...ready 4 this?...if you turn off WiFi & get a data switch 2 turn off your data stream if running 3G/4G DDDDUH!!!! The game does not need data 2 run/play..that's how they pay the bills 2 spend their time 2 make a game 4 us 4 free!! Now stop yer winning & comment on how good the game really is. Dumb a$$es...sheesh!
This game is a waste of.time and is absolute garbage....Every 15 seconds different ads keep popping up and ruins the game, not to mention frustrates the hell out you....terrible