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SWAT Sniper Fps Gun Games

SWAT Sniper Fps Gun Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 9 Pixels located at P-441, Manchester. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many ads. Spend money and didnt get the upgrade i paid for. Iwanted a refund and didnt get 1. Super glitchy. Cant do anything after the 1 mission. I have to restart everytime. Loads in more guys out of nowhere and kills me. I really just want my money back. Gets stuck picking up guns. After picking up a gun after your in the baseyard it picks up and floats so you cant shoot change guns or anything else and have to reatart. Im gonna unisntal if its not fixed. I spent money for nothing
Sniper scope is perfect.. Best I've ever seen and I think it needs a silencer so as not to give away your position I love the graphics
this games is so hard and so critical besause this games is two and more level this level is so so so so hard and this game level name the first level is go to on enemy den and all enemy clean and truck go to on a your den and the level go to on the enemy base and all enemy clean the second level is so so so so hard like dragon please game ubdate because this is so fun
Looks like a nice game but you get fired at and killed too quickly, i shot the first gaurd a few times with the sniper rifle and couldnt kill him, thrn had to use the machine gun, which cant be as accuarate ?? The second gaurd killed me before i could get into position for a shot??
unnecessary adds and moreover after watching the add .. it won t hi go back ti the game.. I think it's asking compulsory to buy some ammo or health even if we have 100 health and full of ammo
Lots of bug , for example die soldiers rebirth continue, no any health kit received after watching addvertisement ,
I cant pass on to the next level.. And the energy levels is going down quickly comparing to enemies they have good durations of energy. .
Graphics and movement mediocre. Biggest pain is the incessant adverts - 30 second adverts pop-up every time you try sellection options etc. Result is more adverts than play time
good game but health finish very fast..and not any system given to increase it.....if enemy take five shots on us then we die.....so solve health Problem
This game is very good if you have mind you can escape from enemy very easily you can plan and play a
Good game. Graphic is very good. Controls are very good. But there is a problm in this game missions are only two. Plz combine more mission to play more Thanks
Definetly this is the best game. It gives the real feel of Project IGI but there is some big issue with this game that health release is too fast, firing range of rifles is too weak, sensitivity needs improvement and the biggest problem in this game is too many ads. So developers please fix it then after that this game will rock.
This game never lets you to complete any mission apart from first one. You are stuck with weapon which you can't fire .and too many ads.
It was a good game i really enjoy it both thw graphics and other things is good pls keep it up. Am always happywhen playing it.
To many adds to. Buy weapons or ammo, then you dont get it and it glitches so you cant go back to the game unless you buy ammo? Whats up with that?
Nice Game but a big problem is that the levels are very difficult, this aspect could be worked on as sustaining interest of the user is paramount for success of any combat game. Hope the developers of this game will look into this factor.
Most worst game in the world No Suggestion Do not get complete in any case 1.After saving game it do not consider the completed missions 2.When we picks up graneds the game the weapon vanishes for long time .Radar do not shows enemies worst Game.No specific enemies and Appears suddenly Faulty radar can not conclude about enemies.Health of hero decreases rapidly Otherwise Nice game. Only one level. You must keep next level and task.
My experience is; You have to add a section of blood! That is, when the blood tend to decrease there should be a special section for adding it! The game is good but for my side is About blood! The second mission is too long with little blood. So! You can check this
Amazing graphics, detailed mission story . It would be great if you can provide option to save mission anytime
The best game ever.what I like about the game is you are able to move around.you are not limited to be in one area.you can aim your target from a distance.overall the game is wonderful.
I really like the game... But damn, you can't do anything because it is ad after ad. You all are just a ad site. I have never had this much in a game. I got to level 2 in 38 min. I may have only played the game 10 min. So ridiculous!
i love the game but level 2 green gate still not opening because of error in objectives 1 and 2 . . After completing objective 1 when completing objective 2 by opening main door the game say objective 1 is completed so there is error . And i have update version pls correct it fast pls pls.....
The game looks good but it is really not easy to win, bcoz d player can't even go pron or take cover...it's so easy to die n pls add in game team com players, please.. upgrade!. Priese
Passed Stage 4 in Mission 2 but it doesn't show how to enter main temple building. I stopped playing from there only
Ads not going if we refuse the same in between and again we need to cancel the game and restart from the starting itself.
it's too good for its graphic and control but the shooting is not clearly mentioned . leave second is too much difficult for me .
The game is very good superbly works a very good graphics really such a great game Everything is great But should have more levels more missions What lovely game Waiting for more levels
The is rubbish very hard to play and the actor life is not even strong enogh to withstand some opponent attack for main time ... With rubbish battling, they're disturbing someone with advert . dont bother to install it a rubbish game ..very poor nonsense .
Game is wonderful but I request you to improve this game by adding new and long missions like igi computer game
Good game but second level is too hard download this game but practice levels and be careful from the game enemies
Good games but advertising is so much. And life time is so less ad are given to wach for continue game lifetime but it is not working.
The health pecentage decreases very rapidly...it should be enhanced. A map should be there. Binoculars should be there. Plz update the game with all these features as soon as possible.
The most worst game. The screen of ads comes and do not go we can not play furthur. Tremendous ads.No time to play game. Health is very poor.
good, exciting game but need more level which provides more difficulties to complete, still then it's awesome.
Lot of hanging, graphic issue, only particular enemy weapons can be taken, you cannot pick all type of weapons. Moreover, if you lack ammunition of any particular weapon that you are using, then you cannot change weapon, instead of that you are taken to store, and if you don't purchase! then game is over. The ammunition supply specially grenade can not be picked. Mission are not difficult but one or the other error will not lead you to complete the mission.