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Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Hadiware located at No.8, Rudolfstraße 9-11, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoying the game. Played it with my son. We both like the game. I remember playing shoots and ladders and snakes and ladders is a lot like it.
Doesn't deserve a star everytime I tried to download it ...it just never gets downloaded it's taking so much of data but just pending ...I'm very upset and disappointed
The game is programmed, i dont win over the Android opponent, i played over 20 times, over and over again when am close to 100 (winning) i get swallowed by the snake. Where is the fun in game when i can't win? The dice is too programmed to fail the player
To be honest, this is actually really good. It's hands-down the best Snakes & Ladders game out there, I'm not joking. The dice are truly randomized, the layout is really good (wish is was slightly larger, or adjustable), nothing is fixed and there's plently of boards to switch between. The advertisements only pop-up after a game and they only last about 5 seconds (no in-game ads). I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys the game. 9/10; The only thing it needs is more settings.
This is a game that it is so instresting and make me busy i rate five(5) stars good job please do more games
my brother and i got stuck when we landed on the same spot ... That should be fixed , we couldn't continue playing ... and also it doesn't make sense to touch our piece every time as we only have one piece , i mean if u touch it o not ur going to the same place , it's not like parchi or something when u have a lot and u have to chose wich one to move ...
This is a simple, great app that enables me to play Snakes and Ladders enjoyably. I enjoy the music, sound effects and the way the app functions. .
It's a fun game to play to pass time. You can play against AI or against friends. There is also stat tracking of all the rolls and wins.
Me and my 6yr old really enjoying this game. Really simple to use and we like the faces of our counters :-) and bonus no adds! Woop!
very nice game low memory space no adds but it had offline mode only so it was the only issue to make play with my online friends. but in offline mode it was awesome to play with your friends in same phone.
I love this game its good for my ADHD and Anxiety as I have learning difficulties and im 16 but its good when u have no wifi too
Great way to pass time. But just wish you had some way of control of your path, like turbo booster cards or purchasable road blocks, or something similar. It's all a random throw of the dice.
Do down load this game Really good game bit of a glich when playing on player bump mode off as counters got stuck. My boys just love playing with me. wish i could change colour order in multiple player mode. Would 5 star with these things Thank you for this game.
The game is good but there is a issue that if one reaches the end after getting a 6 then even the game prompts the player to roll the dice again though he reached the end.
I love it. It is more like the physical board game itself. Its just that the developers need to include and give more room for personalization of the game.
Really amazing game and speed is adjustable and 4 options good enough AND whenever we feel boared this kind of game make us to remember out school time days.
It is a very good game and it is a offline game and four players can play it.As well as that it as no ads in the game.when someone as finished and got up to a 100 you finish there if you don't want to carry on the game.Also you can resume the game if you don't want to finish the game straight away. As well as that you can play with a Android if you want.
It's really fun... It's reminded my childhood.my mother and me play a lot this game...this is the best time which I spent my mother.thanking you for the makers who invented this game so beautifully.......... The best part of this game is it's graphics which is very attractive .I played it twice or thrice in a day.snake ladder make my day very relaxing.....there is a one request or suggestion to inventor that they made more steps on snake ladder which will very interesting for gamers... last ty..
If you select the option where you don't knock another player off the board if you land on the same space, is impossible for anyone except player one to advance. My opponent landed on my space with a six, rolled again, and we were unable to continue the game.
Its a good game but i thought when u pressed human you would meet up with someone and play with them not just you controlling them all
This is good, however, this isn't the real snakes and ladders game. For three reasons; firstly you need two get a "one" to start and not a six and secondly, if an opponent/s are on the same square, then they should be left alone. They don't go back to the beginning because that would be Ludo. And thirdly, when you land on 100 you have to get a one to offically win. If you are on 99, then you need to get a two and vice versa. I recommend that these must be improved. But this app is nice to play.
Good timepass game. One bug is when 2 players on same number, game becomes unplayable as u cannot touch and move the player forward
Really cool game just like the board game. Interesting rules that i wasnt familiar with but it makes it more interesting. The adverts are also not intrusive compared to other free games. Well done, kids and I are having fun.
I enjoy it, and I like that it gives us the option of selecting how many players, and how we want that player to be played. Fun game!
Good game with a terrible bug. If the option of 'Can hit and send to home position' is disabled, and both the players land in same spot, the coin/pawn doesn't move even after tapping on it. I have tried it on 2 players mode (both humans). Developers, please resolve this issue at the earliest. Playing with human players with that option disabled is impossible. Further, I don't understand the need to tap on the coin. It can be made automatic since there's no alternatives available for the player.
Its rubbish when both player gets on 1 number and the player who was already there cant move on his turn. I was keep touching it it does nt press. In this game u should nt kill the other player. They should move it self rather then us to touch the face to move. I dont like it only because 2 player on 1 number it gets stuck.
I love playing this game with my friends,family or on my own in my free time and I think this is a better way than having the normal one because u can't cheat and it will save paper and reduce plastic figures
Very fun and addictive! I play it in my spare time. If you like classic games, and to have fun, try this Snakes and Ladders.
Kinda good..... But i really wanted to update uummm..... The update is a bit good i really need update, and also the character is not moving if we pick a number in the dice that is like i pick number 4, 3,2,1,5 and also six, six can only do the we can move the character
Simple and easy to play game. Nice interface, Reminds me of my childhood when I used to play this game with my friends. Maybe you could provide a feature wherein you can play with some other person.
Not the greatest visuals but simple to use and kids can play it easily. Some of the board artworks are very nice. Good work and very functional without any video ads to disturb gameplay.
Fun to play, the dice could be placed on a plain background instead of the board. Gives a better visibility.
Given a nice digital shape to an old time board game which makes it any time any where game, Developer should work on providing options to set one's own rules or tweek the preset game rules
Snakes & ladders shows it's players that in this world, there ups & downs. That when you go down, life goes on.
Its Amazing.. I just can't stop playing.. Awesome game.. Took me back to my childhood.. When I was a kid I use to play this with my elder brother the most.. This game has refreshed so many memories.. The happiness and excitement of climbing the ladder😆 and fear of snake bite😝.. and eagerly waiting for the six on the dice for a second turn😁 .. And of course the cheating and little friendly arguments..😆😆. Thank youuu for this lovely game.. Keep up the good work🤗🤗🤗
great, I never thought there could be such a game on android phone, I just thought of it and searched for it in play store, allas! here is it. it's great and even of small size, it doesn't consume much of the space in my phone memory. keep it up
This game is honestly really boring. Go for the 3d version instead. this game does not have rolls based on luck but kinda frames the rolls. I would honestly not recommend it . 7 mins of my life have been wasted.i expect reimbursement.