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Snakebird for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Noumenon Games located at Noumenon Games Sternövägen 75 37433 Karlshamn Sweden. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is wonderful! It's very easy to learn, but the puzzles are deceptively hard. This is not a "casual" puzzle game. You will get stuck and need time to figure out solutions. Fortunately multiple levels unlock at a time, so you you're free to leave a level and come back later.
Great game, but I would enjoy it much more if there was an option to play in vertical mode on my phone, it's just more comfortable to hold.
One of the best and most well-designed puzzle games I've ever played. The closest comparison I can make is probably to Stephen's Sausage Roll. Tight maneuvering with mechanics that appear simple but that hide clever complexities. Get it!
This gameplay has very good concept. The art style is very uplifting. The idea of making a snake game with gravity and a puzzle mixed together is a fun original idea. Conclusion: The game has very fun and uplifting gameplay that feels simple to play but hard to master.
Snakebird is a wonderful puzzle game. It's simple, yet still difficult enough to provide you with hours of entertainment. There isn't a "grind" to unlock anything. Solving every level from start to finish brings a sense of accomplishment. My only complaint is the lack of a level creator/editor. Having this would greatly add to the replayability of the game, especially if there was a way to share these levels with the community within the game.
great game, would recommend for anyone who likes puzzle games THE STEAM VERSION IS HARDER DUE TO CHANGES IN A FEW LEVEL LAYOUTS if you want a more brag worthy experience play that one though it probably won't make much difference in the long run
Beautifully made puzzle game! Although quite difficult, it never feels unfair or impossible. It's pretty relaxing to sit down to a nice challenging level knowing that you'll get to the end eventually. And when you finally do, you feel like a genius!
We need more games like this. Really clever puzzle design, really clever puzzle mechanics and a lot of attention to art style and and game feel. Hope they make more games in the future!
Its a fun idea, and also good implemented, but the gsne wants you to pay after 5 minutes of playing. There are not more than 10 levels without paying 5€. so basically just makes you addicted and then wants all your money. If you want to make it paid, then make it paid.
Incredible game. Best puzzle game in the Play Store. Despite its looks, the game is terribly difficult. I could find myself stuck in a level for an hour until something clicks and you figure out how to solve it. Worth its price and much more
Lovely graphics, professionally done, great idea, well designed but it's just too hard (and I did finish all of the regular levels on my first play through). For most of the later levels you are just staring at the screen for 15 mins trying to work out the one (and only one) solution, and if you're on the wrong track you are wasting your time. Makes for a frustrating experience. There should be multiple ways to complete a level. Make the sequel easier please!
Glitches so bad can't even see where to go. 3 out of four levels were bad so I'll be uninstalling the game. Otherwise would be good game but you can't play it!
Beware, this game is almost too good. This game is responsible for making me late to work, taking longer poop breaks, and losing hours of sleep. I couldn't stop playing until I beat every level. The controls are simple and perfect for a mobile game, the graphics are beautiful (I love how each bird has its own attitude), and the puzzles are challenging. Challenging in a good way, because the puzzles are all solvable without looking up the solutions and being pissed off.
fun but SUPER hard. sometimes its better to leave it a while then come back. i was stuck 15 mins on one level, came back half an hour later and did it first time. one complaint is that it respawns you in unrecoverable situations. i would prefer pressing back would just set you back to the last place with a viable move
Finally beat it.....I finally beat it....it's over....thank god... Absolute masochism disguised as a cute family friendly puzzle game. Do not be deceived. I cried and called my therapist multiple over the course of this game. This game is the brain-frying mental torture used by the gulag. However, the pain is very worth enduring. Seeing that end screen changed me, I'm not the man I once was. I called up my mother whom I've not spoken to in ten years. Play this game, but don't you go hollow.
Beautiful game, the graphics and sounds trick you into thinking it's a turn your brain off and swipe about affair. Some of the puzzles are devilishly hard and way more work than expected.
Fantastic game with tricky puzzles, only have some minor comments. Tutorial was slightly confusing and doesn't cover everything. Differentiating the foreground from the background is strange sometimes. Also I think you should be able to move into your tail to form a cycle.
This game looks and sounds like it's made for 5 year olds, but that just adds to the frustration when you spend ages trying to figure out a level! It's more challenging than the average puzzle game, with a steep but steady learning curve. It delivers a generous quantity of content balanced with a surprising amount of variation in style. All in all, a perfect puzzler.
This is a great puzzle game! I'm having a blast playing it, but there is a bug that keeps making me start over from level one. Just wanted to make you aware of the issue and see if we could get a fix.
This is a good puzzle game, but I wish there was something like hints, it's really hard to find a solution.
Simple concept, yet deep mechanics, well designed, smooth controls, atmospheric, encouraging gameplay. Learning curve throughout the first levels goes a little bit fast. No powerups, ads, lootcrap
Look, I really like the designs and everything else, blah blah. Let's get to the point, yes, I liked the game, but I wish you didn't have to pay after the 10th level. Many children and teens play these games and mostly all have to ask their parents for money to complete the game, but almost all of them say no.
Simply amazing. Each level comes up with a beautiful new twist on the deceptively simple mechanics. The price for the rest of the levels was more than worth it.
Please at least say in the game's description that this is a free demo and the rest of the game is paid. I understand that developers have to earn money, but the problem is that some people can't afford to pay for games for various reasons, and are looking for something free, even if it contains ads. This game is misleading to these people. Since I can't really rate the game without playing it, I'll remove this rating if you update the description.
Wow! This is such a good puzzle game! If you like sokoban type puzzles, I highly recommend. Cute, clever, challenging, good music, and some memorable puzzles.
It is a great game except I find it quite difficult at times to get to the right spot in order to progress further. Suggestion?
Incredible. Absolutely everything about this game is simply phenomenal. The artwork, music, SFX, the odd little movements from touching certain objects; and most importantly, the gameplay! Very challenging puzzles provide hours of fun. I've replayed this game over the years; some of the puzzles you remember, but most of them stump me just as much as the first time I played! Very unique and intelligent game. I would even pay $10 for it! If Snakebird 2 were to be released, I'd happily pay $20!
Clever, low-stress gameplay with charming sounds. No timers/scores/etc. Just clean puzzles. I saw this on Steam and wanted to give it a brief try. Be aware that an in-app purchase is required to play beyond the first few levels.
One of the best puzzle games I've played! I'm only missing a save state so I do not lose my progress when I switch levels or quit.
Looking at the game, I personally think it LOOKS lovely, however, my own experience has been odd. I'm having a bit of trouble with the graphics, alot of visual glitches that makes it very hard to play, its kind of frightening, if I could get some help, I would love to play this game
The starting puzzles are interesting but then they become unnaturally hard. They don't have any elegant solutions rather rely on reverse tracing and trial and error
Best puzzle game I've ever played on a phone. Just got done with it and wish there was more. Levels get hard quick, but it feels so good to beat one. I don't like paying for phone games, but this is a no-brainer.
Just as the description says. Great problem solving skills needed plus lots of patience and time messing around on levels Edit: i came back to it a year later. Remembered how demonic this is
This is one of the best puzzle games out there that you can find yes the rest of the game costs money but it is worth it if you want to.
I bought the full game and it gets much more difficult which I was happy about, the puzzles are elegantly designed and worth wracking your brain over instead of getting frustrated and looking up the answer, you'll cheat yourself if you do that. You get a lot of joy out of the puzzles when you finally solve them, because they are fair and teach you something new about the game in clever ways. Loving it so far, almost done, I really hope the developer adds some more areas and levels in the future.
this game is incredible. buy the whole thing! the music, colors, and design are awesome! but what really shines is the simplistic yet complex game mechanic. i loved it!!! 5 stars and great replayability!
Great puzzle game, I only wish there was a few more levels in the free version, but that's what you get for a game without ads so I'm not mad
Amazing puzzle game, fairly challenging but so satisfying to complete a difficult level. It has a great art style. Awesome gameplay loop. The controls are excellent. Their is one glitch, if you quickly make a move after killing snakebird instead of resetting to before you killed the snakebird it will just go back one move allowing you to cheese some levels, but you can just choose to not do that. Also it works with keyboards which is so great just a note.
A unique, original and difficult puzzle game. But you REALLY have to be smart to play it, not just have the delusion of being smart. Learning the shapes and the movement tricks that the snakebirds can do will finally make what seems impossible possible.
Very simple game mechanic with really tight puzzle design. Challenging but highly rewarding: every level manages to find ways to force you to think outside of the box.
This game looks really cute! Unfortunately I found the controls clunky. Moving the snake bird one square at a time is frustrating, and makes the iterative nature of the game play take longer. I wish I could at least drag his head block around to play with patterns faster. That said, this is a very cerebral puzzle game and some people will love it.
Yeah, I didnt realize it was a demo until level 7. I was excited, but the game really wasnt fun when its just the easy parts
Beautiful visuals and music, simple controls, and most importantly perfect puzzle design. All levels will make you say "this is easy, I'll just... wait... I can't do that". You know the solution is simple, and have an idea of what you have to do, but you don't know just how to do it. Once it hits you feel it was an accomplishment. Totally worth buying!
Having the early levels free before an option to buy the full game is fantastic. Such a better way than forcing obnoxious ads everywhere. Fun game play that gives you a eureka moment when you solve the puzzle. Cute
There's a glitch that causes the colors to fly everywhere making it so I can't see, also when I can see the fruits are just invisible. I have seen many reviews about this and I am just disappointed.
This game is hard and completing levels gives you the sense of accomplishment unlike any other mobile puzzle I've played so far.
I love this puzzle game. The art, the sound design, and puzzles are all brilliant. But the puzzles are SO HARD. I've literally been trying for years to solve them.
Love this! Simple mechanics and excellent puzzle level design! One small thing that would really make my gameplay experience excellent is the possibility of having portrait mode. Apart from that 100% recommend
What a gem! It almost makes me cry to find games like this, in the ocean of garbage (Play Market). Here, take my cash! Take it! Make more quality content!!! <3 NOUMENON, folks! Remember that name! They know how it's done!
Simplistic, with a great idea and execution. The later levels tend to get infuriatingly difficult but I always come back to try one more time. There's just something about the bright colours and flawless controls that make this game one of the best I've got in my library.
The game is SO TIGHT there is not a single level that I felt was guess work and the game displays showing without telling is amazing 11/10