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Snake Towers

Snake Towers for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Set Snail located at Vestergade 58L 8000 Aarhus Denmark. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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Ugh. The game is revolved around watching ads. Watch ads to keep playing after you die and to make the gsme easier as well by grabbing special orbs and diamons that come from broke blocks on the middle of the field. Not only that, but the controls are bad. Swiping is unresponsive, but the d-pad sometimes doesn't work as well. The game also is very laggy, so in the laggy rooms, you'll watch your snake sinking its head into the wall and you can't turn it.
Terrible controls, no variable volume controls, unnecessary permission requisition, attempts to connect to the defunct Google Plus, and fails to make use of easy symbolism and instead opts for a more difficult task of translating the game's rather unnecessary text.
Disappointing. Had a lot of promise, but it's just the same thing over and over again. No overarching progress or new levels, just rinse and repeat every time you die. Boring after 3 plays.
It's a great game!!!😝 I just don't like all the "me live" ads in it with all those girls shaking their bodies. 😬
Pretty polished, and a unique art style and twist on the snake game. Controls aren't great and there's no option to choose the side or the size for the controller. Core gameplay is free but everything else is pretty much locked behind IAP, so it is largely pay to win. Hard to judge when to have a turn command registered when the snake moves so erratically and inconsistently in time intervals,which might be due to occasional lag, making it hard to predict and manage.
I love it maybe have a level and a tower mode so that it can be endless or you have a certain number of rooms.
the game is a good time waster etc. i really like the game but I'd like to report a glitch where after i watched an ad to respawn the camera went back to the last room and my snake went off screen i have a screenshot.
More RPG-y than NimbleBit's game, but there's sadly no slowing gem. Lacks support for clip-on keyboards/joysticks or keyboard docks - and touch controls are always icky, no matter how hard any dev tries to improve them. Bottom line: if this was available on PC through Facebook GameRoom, I'd be happy and may even buy some gems. Also, suggestion - since you already use ads for revives, why not add a Gem Wheel at startup, started by watching an ad? P.S.: Dear Google, why do you insist on the hundred words bottom limit for reviews when much fewer are usually enough for highlighting type, quality of execution, business models and such?
unique snake game with a multi level twist , add more different type of power up's and plz if possible make level a bit bigger . 5 stars for this game , reminds me of playing snake on my nokia mobile when i was in school :')
Controls kinda bug me, the d-pad position should be changable. Maybe i would also make a joystick control option
Fun little game but it's really annoying that the audio is re-enabled each new run. If you mute it it pops right back on the moment you start a new run.
Easy to pick up. Great background music. You can swip to control the snake, but there are also D-pad and "keyboard" options. I wish that the D-pad was more centralized tho and with the buttons being quite small, it makes it alot harder to use. I Love how the ads are not in your face all the time too.
put the D-pad in center , and make it so you don't have to take of your hand for changing direction. (the D-pad in center bottom thing is more important)
pretty good take on the snake game but it becomes pretty boring with the time, I have to say though that it's really funny at first for the rougue like elements really good idea!
I've always enjoyed the classic snake game and I'm glad that they've just modernised the concept. It's like a remaster with better graphics and relaxing music and effects. One thing I would like to suggest is to add a left-hand D-pad control which makes it feel like a game boy, but also for the left-handed people out there.
Fun game, i like the aspect of the hats, really helpa diversify every run and adds a reason to keep playing
It's sad becauce when I played my first run of this I thought it was gonna be a great game with roguelike elements but once I played it a few times I realized it had no potential and no depth
Controls are horrible, it doesnt move the way I motioned or tapped sometimes, it moves on its own, there's ads every time you fail, and the source of in game money is rare...single pieces of skins being vastly costly, about 100.. For about 3 dollars you get 100 by what I recall, purchasing a 3 dollar item does not remove the ads, buying an additional 3.50 dollar item does! TLDR this game is on the assault with ads and is not stable enough to depend on their currency system. And rate nagging.
I haven't played a good mobile game in a while. It's really great and unique. Also nice soundtrack. Maybe add more stuff to the shop?
Pros: fun, I enjoy the adventure side of it and the hats and that Cons: alot of adds, little/ to no rewards and the controls are shoddy at best. And maybe add a map of sorts. Despite that good and addictive game with a few faults
fun game, pretty simple though, and when u hit unpause the game instantly goes, which means 80% i die right away
Very fresh rework on the original snake game. Only problem i see is that i can't see the amound of pink diamonds I have. It looks like a bug.
Uninstalled as fast as the app asked for contacts permission, why would a simple 2D game need access to my contacts?
Fun game, almost no ads in this ad riddled store, fun levels, although I would love if there were unlockable upgrades (like in rouge lite ganes)
Super polished game, great graphics and concept. Really good way to kill time. Only gripe is the controls feel slightly stiff, maybe allow two turns without lifting a finger off the screen. Also hope that some kind of attacks/enemies are added
I don't really rate games "this is my first time actually" but this game is well worth the download. It's super fun and well thought out. It isn't an ad barrage either which I absolutely LOVE. Overall great game