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Snake Rivals - Fun Snake Game

Snake Rivals - Fun Snake Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Supersolid located at Supersolid Ltd Kings House 10 Haymarket London SW1Y 4BP. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the concept of this game it's similar to the other games that I see on YouTube. I would suggest that there should be more ways to get coins maybe a buying option for coins because I really want news snake skins and I'm unable to get them because I don't get very many coins while playing
I love this game it is the best snake game I ever found but I think it would be even more cool if you made it so the snakes dont go through there body but they can go over it or under it that's all. This game Amazing you should deftly play it. But if you added even more features it would probably get 6 stars and a hole lot of good comments about it. So that's all
Love playing this game. It is 2/9/2021 and it has been glitching alot for some reason. But otherwise πŸ‘
SUPER FUN!! I ❀️ it! -BUT it doesn't let me play on my phone without connecting to Wi-Fi. πŸ€”? I got the Note 9 and great internet connection. The game loads and I get my chests, but I can't battle because it keeps wanting me to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Does anyone have the same problem or is just me.???
Ive played for a while now. Had to have a new google account due to hacking. I would give 5 stars like last time but there is a spawning issue that I cant agree with. (Spawning near a wall without reaction time after hatching) If you could avoid having spawns near the boundary wall that would clear up the issue that many of us have had the displeasure of experiencing. **update: You've had long enough to fix server issues. Ive downgraded to 1 star. Prove your development, I'm disappointed.
Sick and tired of being killed by snakes that are completely invisible, no dropping onto the map, not re appearing from ghost power up, just completely invisible and no names either just "special characters" for name like " . " ( just the period )
I love the game to maximum now after the recent update there are so many glitches while collecting the power orbs it is not working the same way it used to does before and again the coin we get in chest is not really worth for the time we wait 1-5 coins for 3hrs like seriously atleast 10 would be done. But still i love the game to the core
It's fun so far :) :edit: sorry had to take back few stars, you guys need to fix the lagg and controls. Theres also been a ton of bugs lately. I'd also suggest making snakes or coins little easier to obtain :( progression in the game is super slow and really ruins the fun I like the idea of earning chests and coins but the amount of time to accumulate those coins is way to much. Anyways with that said this games alot of fun and I did enjoy playing it just cant atm due to lagg and bugs
It is one of my favorite games. Great graphics and appealing gameplay.... But, can be improved. While using a powerup like ghost or magnet which last for 15 secs, but the other powerup which are gathered during this time are not collected.... There should be something where one can collect/store powerups atleast 3 at a time and use simultaneously. Thank you.
I love this game but in my chest I'm only getting gold nothing else apart from power ups it's not fair I've already emailed multiple times but it hasn't been sorted out because it's still doing it
A great new twist to an old classic. Very fun and addictive, while being easy to put down if need be. A real free to play games that holds true to its name the shops are geared towards cosmetics not actual advancement of gameplay. The only thing I would like to see improved upon, would be the controls. There is a secondary option for the controls, but a more vast selection would be appreciated.. maybe even an x-axis motion control system
Ruined! Was a great game. Then it got an update a while back and no longer worked over mobile data. Haven't really played much since because I can't keep up with seasons or collecting my rewards because I can't play it on the go, only at home. I contacted devs when it happened and they responded but never fixed, I keep checking back to see if the problem is fixed and they don't seem to care. Shame! It was fun.
I like this game very much, and I give it 5 stars because it is very smooth game and all the snakes are very good in style, and beauty and the snake rivals maps are amazing
The best snake game I have ever play in my whole life with the 3D graphic and the controls are smooth, though sometimes when you have bad connection with your internet it may no be so good but steel a good and new snake game.Good job and keep up and don't ruin the game with later updates.
Fun game, too many adds tho.. 30 seconds +. And also... The bodies of the other snakes glitching- they disappear. You get big and then BAM! You hit another player that's invisible and glitching. I have a high end phone- so it's 100% the game. Really a shame.
I cannot enjoy this game as I used to. every server nomatter if Im on Data or WIFI; within 2 minutes im getting "warning bad connection" my cellular data plan is AMAZING. It runs the game better than my 5g internet plan. When I say better, I mean when I use wifi it doesnt wanna run properly at all. I know the issue isnt on my end. Some servers are worse than others. When another snake speed boosts in frame the game dies. Game worked great till lastest updates!
I love this game but the new update I keep "hitting an object" when it doesn't show anything?? This happened on 2 different maps. Please fix this :)
What's up with the hit boxes? I've had little snakes come from behind and hit the back of my head and win a heading collision. Another bug I encountered is when I turn off all sounds I still get this weird twinkling sound. Also, some cool features would be that a ghost can get hit with the fireballs and you are able to choose what map you play instead of getting the same map over and over. *Reworded my review incase of some misunderstanding. I was not going for a head on collision.
Was a good game now it doesnt matter if im using great internet or data plan it constantly glitches out. It is no longer fun anf i will no longer be playing
Really a great game with great graphics But some glitches to be updated 1. When you are a king there are no benifits such as extra coins, extra skins, snake unlocks etc., it would be better if there are benefits 2. When you are big its almost imposiible to see small snakes and happens to head on head collision 3. Even in high yield phones its getting stuck sometimes even after clearing ram 4.and sudden network error in all our friends phones All the above errors being seen in all our phones
Fun game... Edit: With latest update the controls seem to be delayed or sluggish, like alot of input lag. I play this game a few times a week, it wasn't like this before, please fix. Still really like the game.
The game is fun, it has so many types of snake plus good design and quality. I like it and my daughter love it. But it take time to get stuff. But the one thing I don't like is that you pay 10 dollar to have the premium stuff and you get stuck on only get to unlock one chest at the time no even half of the time or two at once. Cause you definitely get a lot of chest by playing. It will be help full to add more stuff on the season pass. To Make it easy for people to get atracted to buy.
Hey its not fair. Today! Whenever I'm trying to see a video for trophy double, or to get free gift, or free gems or gold, you are saying always that 'sorry, an ad could not be found right now'. I'm very very angry, my head is blown. 😑. Till yestarday, everything was OK. But today.......😑. I have reached trophies till 82000. But now I have difficulty in raising trophies. 'cause no ad is coming for trophy double. Please repair this problem as soon as possible. Because season 3 is ending soon.and
I've been playing this game since the beginning and have loved every second... up until about a week or so ago when it began to be INSANELY LAGGY and now just force stops every time I try to play. I have already Uninstalled/ reinstalled. I would love for you guys to fix whatever bug is making this happen so I can enjoy my fav game again. Please and thank you!
This game is addictive, I love it. 4 stars because sometimes it feels like the hit reg is off. Sometimes you get killed when you shouldn't
The game is a great way to pass some time. You can jump right in and play! The only drawback is how many micro transactions there are for cosmetics. If youre a daily player you can unlock cosmetics pretty fairly.
The game has been very fun. But for some reason now the game won't open properly for me. I tried reinstalling the game. The problem still occurs. But it has been a worthwhile experience till now.
I was having an amazing experience! I even bought the battle pass. But over the last few days every every single game mode is so full that even with high gig internet Wi-Fi directly connected to my phone I can't play because the servers are so stressed out. I really love this game and would hate to have to stop playing because the servers aren't being managed properly
Over all hella great game!!.. BUT!.... β€’hella hard to earn coins.(needs that feddy mane!) β€’game costing in game glitches.(constantly)
I like the game a lot, the controls are a little different than slither i.o, but all in all its a good game, ads are included but only if you want something like double reward or something
Love this game. The Tricerasnake is fun. I don't like crashing into invisible snakes though, if that could be fixed it would be great.
I absolutely ADORE this game. I loved slither.io but this is a whole new level. It's actually relaxing to just see how big I can get. The different snakes and colors and parts are adorable and fun. This is my new favorite game!
I realy love this game, but once the game dragged me over to a snake because of bad connection and i died. Also, im pretty sure my wifi was good.if you fix this,i will give you the fifth star.
I love this game.! just like snake on the old black & white cell phones...but all updated and cool. lol. I just got invited to be VIP. they take care of the game users very well... this game really helps me pass the time.. good for a quick game && good for a few hours.!!
DUDE EVERYTIME I PLAY THE GAME FOR A MINUTE IT CRASHES EVERY TIME! If you can fix this I will give you a better rating..
Connectivity of the game is unstable. Please try to fix this in a update. Unstable connection though there is a good network connection.
Pleeeeeeaaaase fix this problem!! Every time I go into the game it immediately kicks me out!!! Why is it doing that?!?!?! This is my most favorite game to play! Please fix Β‘_Β‘
One of my favorite games to play with friends. The amount of snakes and upgrades is very addictive also. But I play on an android platform and have been experiencing a lot of crashes trying to play the game or just to look at my stats. Very difficult to enjoy a game I am unable to play.
It was a great game until they messed up new 'Christmas' levels. You cannot play it when there's invisible obstacles to constantly hit. That ain't a merry Christmas level. That's a shetty Christmas
I enjoy the concept. But the engine honestly just needs some work. If you have more experience in the game, you will know that size is your enemy, and fresh spawns can kill you. I find this to be a really annoying concept. The aesthetics are pleasant and the powerups are sometimes overpowered.
One of the only legit *multiplayer* snake (io) game on the market. The other games have bots whereas her you play with real players. Lots of different skins and customization available for each skin. 4/5. I would have given 5/5 but you can't preview customisations and see how they would look on your snake without buying that specific part. I had to buy parts just because I couldn't preview them and many of these parts i wish i wouldn't have wasted my coins on. So please please please add this.
I absolutely love this Game. So much that I've been telling a lot of people about it. The bad side is that it keeps bugging out. Doesn't matter if its on my Fiber internet or my mobile data I keep getting a error message pop up saying that there's a "Bad connection" I then lose control of the snake and crash. Often another snake will be glitching, ill have no one near me and Bam my snake dies because a glitches snake appears. I've spent money on this game. I'd appreciate the bugs fixed.
I cant retain gems....like I went to bed with a almost 1000 gems and I wake up to just a handful....I havent spent any...and I have been playing a week with nothing to show for it!!!!!
Pathetic. It starts great, but once you're hooked in the unskippable, take-over-your-phone ads start. After every single game I have to put my phone down so the ad can play through. Won't even let me pull up my apps list to force-close it.
I love this game. It does have some connectivity issues at times but overall it is very fun to play. Would hmgive it a 5 if they resolve the connectivity issues.
I can't play with friends in classic anymore. When I try to play classic with friends it says "busy" when their game isn't full. Please fix this.
The thing i love is that the sound is good i gave it a 3 star because only 2 things i dont like battle Royale the lava is faster than our snakes instead of boosting i think and also theres a timer in gold rush.
Theres Not realy a problem with the game it's just that the snake goes through its on body looks really weird πŸ˜….and yes I now it's not a bug but I just can't stand it so please add collision but please don't make it kill you because that's not fair. thanks for listening developer stay safe 😷
Brilliant fun game. However, there seems to be consistent lagging lately for some reason. I have excellent WiFi and 4G and it still stops, sometimes then continues but most times the session crashes and I'm back to main menu without the points I earned. πŸ€” Also, unrelated but it might be good to know some more facts such as the ratio of damage points given with a fireball (body and head shot), so as to gauge how much of the rival will be left. Thanks 🐍
The gameplay is fun and all, but I feel bad for the developers. They must really be struggling right now, based on how much money they try taking from you. This is why people resort to modded apk's. UPDATE: Don't bother competing for the 5 day prize BS. I got first place and the rewards were garbage. Nothing useful, like I was hoping. Instead, they "give" you more incentives to buy things. Don't waste your time on this horrid cash grab. Rating appropriately lowered to one star.
This game is classic arcade fun with a nice competitive edge. Not pay to win; purchases are mostly cosmetic, though some of the new snakes are becoming quite costly. For tournaments it is watch-ads to win; the only way to ensure you maintain a lead or catch up to opponents is by watching an ad after your death to double the trophy reward (I still think that's a little silly). Love the new free desert and ocean maps, and would love some new earnable snakes too! This game slaps and slithers.
This used to be my favorite game, but since last update, is my most despised! Game play is still glitchy and it still continues to freeze up my device. I don't want to uninstall but with each update, I'm inching closer and closer to doing just that.
I've been playing for less than 10 minutes and keep running into a glitch where I can't turn my head anymore, causing me to run into something. It's impossible to progress very far at all without this happening.
Are you kidding me? One update and ruined almost everything. Invisible collision, freezing, you die right after starting with no one arround, controller not responding and can't turn the shake but only after couple of seconds and overall became buggy, full of fake players, but, HEY! Gues what?! More ads. Almost after every hame have ads. Well done. Fix the game play and test whatever updates you prepare to make to make sure not ruining the fun. Gees! I will change my review if this is amended!
Best snake game with low ads , slightly disappointed by purchase of items in shop, because of high value and crates not providing such kind of value. Hope you will resolve this issue in future upgrade. Thanks
Fun gameplay cool graphics however unfair hits all the time! I head on with a snake smaller than me it wins cause it's smaller. I hit a larger snake head on its a regular collision. I cut off a snake and i die when it clearly hit into me behind my head... Over it. Very frustrating
Looks kind of cool but the controls suck. The turning keep smiling to work at all making me crash into things.
Hit detection is messed up a head to head smaller snake ment to win but doesn't always work same with hitting the side the snake that collides with the side should die but again doesn't always work like that. Game is fun but very grindy and some thing can only be bought.
I've been hooked on this game ever since I discovered it. Quests are achievable and yet challenging, the reward system is well balanced and the ad blocker is behind shop purchase amounts rather then having to buy it separately and not gain anything else which I find to be very nice.
Really fun game to play. I enjoy it a lot. There are 3 game modes which keep things fresh. The only downside is the chests in my opinion. The wait time and payout is not really good. For a silver chest for instance, the most I ever got was 20 coins and 5 gems, and the wait time is 5 hours. This would have been fine if you could unlock multiple chests at once, but you have to unlock the chests separately. If you want to do it like this, I would suggest decreaseing the wait time.
Best game ever! I rlly recomend it, it's not innaproprit, and it has smooth, almost never laggy, gameplay. Trust me, IT'S WORTH THE DOWNLOAD!
Brilliant game however latest update is causing my phone to crash out of the game constantly, even when doing simple things like checking my friends list. Also sometimes the tournament can seem rigged... some players were hitting 200k on the first day ?! How ?! Other then that this game is very good
The game is amazing i love all of the adorable snake's but with the free gift in it for my phone it's not working and I don't know if it's happening to enyone else but it's an amazing game nun the less
Its a really nice game its fun I like the online style and how easy it is to play with friends, I also like the customization maeby it could have more functionality, it would also be nice if there were more forgiving walls and obstacles maeby we could have a health bar, and possibly mini games all in all two πŸ‘πŸ‘.
Fun, when it works. Crashes feequently on Google Pixel 4a 5G with Android 11. There doesn't appear to be a trigger. Sometimes crashes while loading a round, sometimes crashes at the end of a round. No errors given, just sends me to my homescreen. Update: Ads aren't formatted to fit the screen on the 4a5G either. The exit button appears where the front camera is located, making it impossible to select, forcing you to close the app entirely.
Way too many cheaters and devs do nothing. Invincible snakes that can't die and glitchy laggy controls. Also snakes have appeared invisible and eggs dropping on head of snake
This game is amazing I have NO complaints AT ALL(But ya can you make the snakes less pricey it's hard to get coins) but other than that this game is awesome,
Me and my family love this game my wife plays it all the time and I play it when home from work, i gave it 4 stars because we have trouble trying to play the sand map and the dark blue Map in classic mode, it would be better if there was an option to choose what map you want to play on instead of keep dieing repeatedly to get on your favourite map
Fun at first. Realized it was kinda bull. Many times I've been faster than other and somehow I'm the one that crashes.
Good game but few problems: 1. The game glitches out and map stops moving and your stuck in one small spot and it dosent fix it until you die. 2. If you get big enough it will glitch and you will see after imagining of what once was there like other snakes and apples. 3. Sometimes if your the smaller snake and hit the bigger snake you die and it will say you hit there body. ( runs hot and makes thumbs sticky hard to control snake.) But it's a good game other then that love the snakeskins.
I'd give this a 4 star because it takes forever to get coins and gems. I like this game a lot but it makes me mad because It takes forever to get coins and gems, Please make the game where its easier to get coins and gems.
Game constantly crashes for me. I go into the store, crashes. I got to start a game, crashes. I try to watch an ad for rewards, crashes. The game itself is fun, as long as you can get into one without it crashing.
It is fun,but I think it should have a custom private room with code for us to play with our family and friends. Hope the creator will improve the game like this, it will have more fun. But there bug in the game, when my snake is moving, the screen didn't go with the snake. That means when my snake move out of the screen, then I can't see it I only can see the ground. Please fix it.
Awesome game, can't stop playing it. I'm not sure what issues everyone is having I play on a s8, s9 and a tablet, no issues at all. This game is so addicting and fun. great job. rewards are nice, balanced great job all around
I hope they will change the control its so difficult to use...they should pu at the left side the joy stick like Mobile games not at the Right so difficultπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ this is my first time that i install the app and its worst ...much better i will just switch to (Sweet Cross) by Monntoon because the controlls are in the right position and smooth to play
Thoroughly enjoy the game, great to pick up and play anytime. Only thing I would like to see would be a way to sell back snakes you don't want and to unlock items from chests for snakes you already have. Most of the unlocks I earn are for snakes I don't have and or don't want to buy. Otherwise like I said it's a great game, my kids and I play daily.
One problem I have with the game. If we hit head on we should either both die or if your larger you should kill the smaller snake. I can't tell you how many time I've hit head on with a snake and I get killed when the snake is smaller then me. Yet getting a fire ball will knock health? And the length of your snake. A head on collision should kill either both or the opposing snake. Its quite ridiculous.
Extremely fun game, easy to get sucked in. Can be choppy at times but for the most part well made. Pricing for new snakes is extremely high I can see maybe $5 for a new snakes not $50 for the snake and some extra parts.
figure it out. the game slows down. everything is buggy. the killed parts of the snakes remain in place, there is a lot of debris from the snakes on the screen. game broke
I like the idea of this game having obstacles customization options for your snake 15 3D and power up so you can get but that's about where it ends the game itself can be super laggy even if your inside of your house with your Wi-Fi and whenever you you try to hit somebody you'll just chances are you're going to die doesn't help that it takes forever for you to even move in the beginning of the game and the best chances you've got to get going is by using the speed boost fun idea but you failed
Great to pass time. Can get pretty tense once you're on the top 5 leaderboard for match lol. Not stuffed full of ads like other games, I get one every six or seven matches which is REALLY nice. All around a good game.
It's so Laggy I can't even get big 😠😠😠😠 Make this game less laggy I hATE games that are laggy Pls make this game not laggy anymore Please :( : I Like the snakes : And how u get gems/coins : And Boosts That's the only thing I like about this game
Update 02/07/21 This is one of the best games out there. It's competitive and challenging all at the same time. Great 3d graphics, awesome selection of snakes, good customization and the updates are pretty regular. The Developers get in contact with you right away if any issues, and when I say right away I'm talking like within 6 hours. They resolve any issue you may have generously. It's one of the only games i have ever used money on. Only complaint, would be nice to buy coins instead of gems
My Favorite app and game but the update just killed this. Myself and many of the bigger long time players are having massive issues. The power ups dont always take. The ghost sometimes works and sometime you change to ghost and back in a second which is causing everyone to die continuously. I spend money for my extra power ups and they're being wasted on a bad update. The entire game is super glitchy too. Oh and it's not letting us eat all the pellets.
I love this game so much!πŸ€©πŸ‘Œ Most all other games like this are plane.. you just go around killing snakes and getting bigger but this one...NOPE there's a ton more to it! That actually makes it a game lol. Opening chest tons of epic skins power ups Quests and more! The land also has more life to it it seems there's plants sand rocks it makes it more fun that way. And also costomize your snake to with the colors and spikes, legs flowers and crazy stuffπŸ˜‚.
The one snake game where you can overlap your own body and not die, 10/10. But for real, very simple but fun gameplay, smooth 3D graphics, and did I mention fun? Nothing feels unbalanced as far as gameplay goes. The only downside is that if you're impatient, gathering coins and gems is going to feel like a slog. Despite this though, the game itself is still fun!
The graphics are amazing and i have played many version of this snake game, but this particular one have have a malfunction with the joystick in all the possible options (since the images are focused on the front and the directional moving system is represented from above, this not cool for a game which u cant collide any seconds)
Seems for the most part the bad internet connection bug is fixed so the game is actually enjoyable now.. Also was impressed with developers reaching out after a negative review to comment on my issue I was having.. now we can actually play the game.
Its fun but I die in stupid ways far too often. I understand the whole thing with large snakes dying from head colisiones but ill be WAY ahead of someone and when I cut them off it still kills me even if they miss my head entirely.
Well i have done everything i can to cool down my phone, still gets to hot to play long time. And i never seem to get a gold chest for winning 1st in the games. Or get one if i get the bigges but of course that doesn't last long because my phone overheats.
I love this game! It's soooooooo fun! The most creative and enthusiastic developers and staff of any game I've ever played. Very entertaining, helpful customer service, lots of choices and always coming out with new material. 6 out of 5 stars!
I've noticed hackers in this game, people who are at top of board boosting constantly but their score doesn't seem to go down at all. And of they hit your snake they kill you no matter were they hit. I played a game with some Iranian guy and he literally was running everyone over and not dieing. Another game ruined by stupid insecure hackers, I don't get why these hackers do this, why not play the game like everyone else and not cheat, absolutely pathetic waste of human life. Please devs help
I like it but I Hate getting shot by a fireball right when I come out of my egg. Maybe when u get so big they can shoot you? Also when u kill someone only u should get the food not than. Rather than that its a fun game u can play with friends and family. Also when your in your egg and spawn in someone that's circle. U shouldn't allow that.
It's a pretty fun game. Better in both game play and graphics from other games I have played. They just introduced Clans and I am looking forward to seeing features tied to that.
Hi, Your latest update with adding battle royale theme to classic game is BAD, BAD!!! EVERY TIME I play after a while start slowing until all freezing and need to close and restart the app. Better remove it and fix it first!
Fun. New to game though I'm scared of snakes still enjoy the gameplay Graphics and gameplay very arcade and simple yet competitive Has XP system and leaderboards plus customizations to unlock You can spend money in the store or earn gems and coins for free in game...very fair pricing and probably not pay to win since it's casual tho prices are very cheap
We are totally addicted to Snake Rivals, my 6 year old daughter and I play all the time. Suggestion: please add a co-op, team death match or even a capture the flag game mode. It would add so much to the game and fun! Thank you
I love playing as it's a fun game but it's been crashing constantly on my Samsung galaxy 20 ultra. Would give 5 stars otherwise.
this game is awsome! its just like a better version of snake.io! but there is some down sides to the game. like there should be more SNAKE skins. not pig skins or boney and more. there should be more REAL SNAKES. and that you can give gifts to your clan whithout having to PURSHASE gems. but over all this game is the best game in the io familly in the play store! if you havented downloaded this game yet and you love io games this game is for you!
I have been playing this gave for about a year and now suddenly it's showing error occurred I can't even get into my account and play please look into this πŸ™
I have had enough of this game now. It keeps jumping on me and the game just cuts out. You said you will sort it but nothing has been done!!!
I've been playing for a couple months, I already have like 2000 coins, so that's nice. The gems have been coming along ok, but I keep spending them on the power ups. I enjoy it though. A minimal amount of non optional ads.
Great game and 100% free to play friendly! Paying helps you mostly to customize your snakes but skill is main factor to win. Great competition with other players, great gameplay and very nice visually. And cherry on the cake, there is very few adds. 5 stars. Edit: I downgraded to 3 stars because I noticed some (most?) players are actually bots appearing as real players. I hesitated to downgrade further to 1 or 2 stars for the dishonesty about this. Edit 2: Some bugs (cheaters) killing you.
Why do we have to play against other players. I downloaded this thinking I could just eat apples and grow and avoid enemies not other players that have a big advantage. First play I got surrounded by a larger snake that would not let me escape so that is not at all fair I think you should include a solitaire mode
The game is nice and addictive. I like it but there an issue. I would us the chests and the free gift to gain coins. But now they don't open. Everytime i click it, it says "sorry, an ad could not be loaded right now". I knw its not due to network issue so please check it out. There no other way to have coins
Ads are too much. They freeze the screen and end up blocking any chance of playing unless you back totally out. Getting to be a big waste of time.
This is one of the best snake.io game I had ever played on android. It has awesome 3d graphics and very addictive gameplayπŸ₯°. The skins of the snakes are also unique with each one's own taste of personality to play with. Moreover, the colorful graphics keeps the players stick to their seat for a prolonged period. These are all the reasons why this game deserves 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, nothing less than that. Try out for urself and u would get to know what I'm talking aboutπŸ’Ž.
Really fun game. Update: This was fun until a couple days ago. Now I can't join any games with those in my friends list. It always says busy. Without being able to play with friends, this game is boring.
The game is great but there really great and a fun way pass time with my kids. The one thing I have noticed is that there needs to be some sort of invincibility for the players that just spawn into a game there is way to many spawn kills happening. Just make it so a person can't be killed and the new player can't kill either. It just needs to be for a few seconds long enough to be able to get away and actually play the game Instead of being killed as soon as you spawn in.
This game is so fun but the thing is there is to many glitches me and my family play it all together all the time but my dad is sooo annoyed by the glitches but the thing is it always says when there is a glich it says bad internet connection but we don't belive them so that's why we call them gliches.
This game is still a joke. why add so many skins and bright colors? It doesn't enhance the gameplay and some even seem to enlarge the area of the snakes dimensions. But I guess if you just charged people to play snake.io they would just not play..
My daughter, boyfriend, and I all love this game and we have bought the battle pass for every season. My daughter has earned VIP status and rewards. On my daughter's tablet we are unable to purchase season 5. It tells us that there has been a problem and to try again later. She is heartbroken and disappointed over this. I have attempted to e-mail so that the issue can be resolved but so far no response. Update: They responded and fixed this issue!!!
Like how the game literally freezes and glitches costing players the match. No unique maps just the same 2 maps. Also have contacted you but no response back at all. Wasted my money on the battle pass should have made sure I wasnt gonna get screwed out of my money.
It was a good game but now when I get a few 1000 points things appear in the background, more n more till u cant see anything its lost the 5 star it used to have and now I say bye bye to this game. H
I started playing today and do enjoy it. I'm not at all happy that it makes my phone run hot, though. I have a brand new Samsung S20 Plus, so it's not my phone. I also agree with the other reviewers in that the rewards are not great, to say the least. I have to wait and see if there is any improvement in both areas before I change my review.
Review edit: lag has improved a lot and I am really enjoying the updates. This game is actually pretty good. My one criticism is to do with the snake colours. The premium colours and the ordinary snake colours are not much different. If you save 800 coins for a premium colour it should be at last a gradient tone or two times etc.. it needs to be worth the tones other the. Ohh...it's just black, pink or blue.
Cute game, fun gameplay since generic snake/centipede but with clean models. Getting coins sucks though, they're a bit of a boring grind. :/
The new update is broken you will run into objects from really far away on the new snow map I love this game please fix
Fun game. Great concept. Aesthetically pleasing visuals. However, it frequently looses connection during game play, making you loose all of your progress; this is even when linked a great wifi connection and when linked to mobile data, even after turning the graphics down to the lowest setting. It's kind of a bummer. If this could be fixed it would be a perfect game.
Update 09/20. I had a lot of problems with random pellets being left around. There's no way to pick them.up and eventually it cluster the screen so much you're unable to play. I updated the game and hopes this is resolved but still, its such a huge glitch that should not happen.
I've been really loving this game, but now multiplayer (with friends) is basically broken on mine and my husband's. It randomly started to not let us play together - both apps are updated but when we try to join a game together, it says I do not have to most recent update.
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A fun game that reminds me of the original snake. It not only has a fun online experience but it also allows you to play with friends which makes it even more fun.
I have really good WiFi and the game keeps jumping constantly on me in every match I do and I have had this game for along time now and nothing has been done about it. I would recommend to anyone do not get this game!!
Always says bad connection this is the only game that does that I have played multiple worm games and never had a problem
fun game, takes a lot of time to get rewards. the gameplay is fun & the multiple game options makes it continuously interesting. however if you play a lot you'll obviously start wanting more unique skins. chest can take up to 10hrs to open & only give you a few coins at a time, & the skins can cost thousands of coins. the rewards for the game just don't pay off & can cause you to loose interest easily. for this reason it's receiving 4 stars instead of 5.
Bro, fix your dang buggy mechanics! Graphics dont mean squat if you die even when a snake runs into your side. Not to mention the sad reaction time in controls. As it is the game is worthless. Update: you cant read so why should i expect you to be able to program. Snake hits my side, i die! You can keep your attitude and your garbage game.
I've been playing since the begining and always love it especially when you guys created more characters,but just a idea here how bout instead of only slithering horizontally but vertically too like up certain blocks or obstacles anyway the game is always great even if you can't try the vertical deal . So keep up the good work and can't wait for future games or apps created by your group thanks.
Now its awful. I loved it at first. They changed their maps to worse ones that are full of glitches. I used to get snakes. Now Ive been playing constantly for 1 month (many diamond chests too)and didnt get a single snake (suspect of a glitch as well). Sent them emails, they didnt even reply. Many adds that keep pausing withe best internet connection. They also got rid of awesome snakes and great maps. The idea is great, the execution is terrible. I hope they realize their mistakes n fix them.
the game is fun, however i think it would be better if there was an offline mode optional if you are wanting to play on the go, have no internet or if your internet connection isn't strong. the game is difficult to play when the internet connection is weak and it gets frustrating, so an offline mode where you're playing against bots like in the tutorial would be a nice option to have.
I've posted more reviews for this game than any other, and it's because the issues I've experienced have NOT been fixed it seems. Once again, I am unable to play more often than not due to the game continuously closing on me after attempting to get in to any mode or trying to collect rewards. I have tried every different method to fix that the the developers have suggested, still with no success. Extremely frustrating as I have paid money into the game, and it works maybe 15% of the time.
As I've said before head on Collison with number 1 when I'm number 3 and I lose you people are daft fix your flaws in the hitbox dont gloss over them by basically telling people they are to dumb to notice that the hit box sucks,or by telling them they play wrong when they are out right inside themselves and die always from a Collison head or otherwise. Your basically screaming we don't care about your opinions we just want your money.
Always says bad connection and skip around ending up crashing into something. I have good service should not be happening. Uninstalling
This is a fun game i was thinking of getting pass but lately ive been getting the same glitch and when i option to.contact support it wont let me open to start message. If it wasnt for those 2 issues it would be 5🌟.
Brilliant! I really enjoy this game. It takes a while to get things, I usually use the gems I earn for gold boxes for coins to get the snakes I want. The daily tasks can be binned and reset after a few hours to swap for coins or gems. Plus the easy to claim freebies. I enjoy it, I have a decent stratagy for battle royal and gold rush. One thing I would suggest is being able to pick the map you want to play! And an NPC mode, not against other players would be nice.
Pellets popping all over the map upon reaching the # 1 position in the classic mode and it stay there for good. This a big distraction if you are dodging small snakes trying to hunt your head. Pls fix this.
This is by far the best .io type of game there is. I used to play slither.io when it first came out, which quickly became way too easy and boring. This immediately has way more to do, it looks better, the snakes are cooler, and the customization is crazy detailed. You can unlock parts, colors, portraits, boost trails, skins, etc. Not to mention there are multiple game types and they rotate the trophy challenges every few days instead of every couple of months. Best free game I've seen so far!
Best Family Game!!! My whole family plays. From Grandma & Grandpa to my 5 yr old son. Definitely recommend, the snakes are so fun and customizable. Can't wait to see the new snakes and Battle Pass!
I love this game it has good graphics I love the battle passes, and all the new snakes and worlds although V.I.P battle passes are better, but i suppose that makes sense. Can the next battle pass snake be a racoon?? Or a crested gecko looking snake?, Great game though keep it up....this update just made the game glitchy it's cool but idk how much more my phone can take.
There are too many glitches after you get to 50000 points or you stay on the server too long. A lot of pellets will appear on the background, the more you stay on the server the more pellets will appear on background, then you will not see clearly where the other snake are and of course you will die if they are bump into your head. Also the game will not let you power up after you get to 60000 points. So can you fix it please. It will be a great game without those problem.
I have perfectly good Wi-Fi and I have a really decent phone with latest Android 4 gigs of RAM 32 gig internal memory. I will play and conveniently when someone who is larger than me comes across my Wi-Fi cuts out. I find this odd considering no other game cuts off my Wi-Fi so as of my point of view it is the server's fault I would appreciate the developers will work on this.
Great game to play. I have a question though . In Battle Royale mode I have noticed too many bots in the game that all seem to die at once at a certain point in the game . What is the ratio between real players and bots??
I like this game.... But takes forever to win coins and gems. I reached a new level and won a gold chest while my slots are full. I figured it would open immediately like they sometimes do, or save until I had a slot to open. But it's just gone. Which is ridiculous because as I already started, it takes forever to make progress. That kind of pisses me off almost enough to delete this game. Like, c'mon.
The recent update..... There is a new arcade the holiday edition snowy one... My snake got hit by the objects about 5 times but the objects are out of sight. Even if the snake can get hit by the slightest of edge but the objects are far away from where it get hit. This does not happen in the other fields. Only in the snow fall.... Please do fix this. Thank you.
The game keeps on crashing every time the ad comes (the screen turns black). Also always showing me "warning! bad connection" almost the entire game.
The games been crashing past few days. Maybe new update have bugs. Edit: it's not even loading, it crashes before it opens completely
QUITE THE TIME KILLER! I really really like the game. My only gripe is how slow you earn money. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. You earn cool prizes during the special tournaments even if you don't pay, which is really really nice and much different than most other games. I love the customization and the amount of different "snakes". It's an awesome time killer, really fun to play and I look forward to updates.
(Child speaking) I love this game especially the music and SNAKES can you make what GENDER you are in this game my little brother not a fan of snake rivals most important part MAKE WOLFY SNAKE I looooooooooooove wolfy in fact I'm 7 years old 2 years older than my brother sooo five5 🐍 thanks for making us have games to play make more games (my mom doesn't lett me play roblox😭) I'd give you $99999999999999 dollars in fact my new favorite animal is SNAKES I appreciate your games read this also ok
3 stars only for the major uptick in braindead AI snakes who are just swirling around the board aimlessly getting in the way. They just explode randomly at about 20 pips long, ensuring the board is full of micro-snakes to end you. Not appreciated, you can do better πŸ’―
A multitude of snakes to choose from that have cool personalization options. Three different game play options to choose from, so you don't get bored of the same old thing. Still not understanding why at times even when being the smaller snake, the boost kill doesn't let me win during a head on collision sometimes. Other than that, pretty good game!
So I spent some time with this game, one of the upsides is you do not have to be a whale in order to win because they can be taken out just as easily as a noob and you have three modes to chose from. the biggest probablem I have is bugs and pathing blockers i.e. going to cut of someone's snake and I die as if I hit them, but they are able to do it and don't die, and path blocking objects that take up more of the area then the item in question blocking the way which leads to confusing deaths. 3/5
I really enjoy this game, but something about the last update is extremely buggy. The pellets snakes drop are remaining on the screen and it can get so bad that it covers the whole arena. Sometimes my snake's eating animation will stop as will the apple-eating noise for several seconds before coming back. The worst bug is when the game seemingly forgets my finger is on the screen and it forces my snake to go in a line and shake until I hit something... Yes I'm fully updated, too haha.
This game is good, many features not available in other "worm" games however, the game has MAJOR ISSUES when snakes collide. Snakes run into my head or side of the head and sometimes doesn't even look like there's impact yet I die 100% of the time.
This is awesome! Slither.io just evolved! Really enjoy all the features... Power-ups, modes etc.. However, just a few things to earn 5 stars... AI mode - being able to play the game offline and single player; Gold Rush should offer probabably between 25-50% of the gold we earn in the game mode to coins (expensive items); Buying a bit more colours and parts instead of just unlocking them (most require battle pass); Milestones take a long time to achieve earning less than 100 per game.
It's pretty much what you expect: an updated version of the classic Snake. It looks surprisingly nice, and runs well considering the graphics as well as the online multiplayer aspect. The controls take some getting used to, and while I feel that the actual directional movement could be improved somewhat, it doesn't detract from playing the game. It's colorful, silly, and you don't feel pressured to buy anything if you'd rather free to play it.
Very addictive game. Challenging players from local to global. So many SNAKES to choose from and be a collector.😁 But I've noriced some glitchss esp. during COLLISION although, I:m the first one to got some advantage. I'm still gonna killed. Please check rhis out. New Map at Gold Rush. Superb but deceiving on eyes. Over All$ - Very good game.keep it up.
Love this game the choice of snakes are great, and the ads are pretty minimal to a good way to pass that spare time
I really enjoy this game. It brings out a competitive side of me rarely seen. The only room for improvement I can see is that it can be hard to tell where the scenery starts and stops. Especially the underwater level. I.e. sometimes when you get close to a object it turns a little too translucent. Other than that I am hooked on this game. Great work.
I will say it's a great game that can easily be successful but I just wish that they could replay all the seasons so everyone can get the resources because some people that just downloaded the game missed everything and it would happen at the end of the seasons occurring now and to make the coins purchaceable to make it easier to get snakes more faster and I reduced the stars because of the tabs opening in the middle of winning an arena..and I didnt even open it but overall great game!
I love this game but ever since the latest update I've been experiencing alot of connection and lag issues witch make the game unplayable at times but other than that but other than that it's a super great game fun good graphics you don't have to worry about a stupid life recharge to play coin collecting to earn new snakes and parts is very slow but it doesn't deter from gameplay
The gameplay is fun and all, but I feel bad for the developers. They must really be struggling right now, based on how much money they try taking from you. This is why people resort to modded apk's.
Its an amazing app, great graphics, great basicly EVERYTHING. And yet, and yet... There is one thing that makes me remove stars. The fact of every time i get past 2,000 mass, my game always crashes. And its horrid. It keeps lagging, and it even lags the REST OF MY PHONE. You HAVE TO FIX THIS!
This is a really fun multiplayer version of one of the very first cell phone games ever! Graphics are great, snake designs are fun to collect and modify, and controls are good once you get used to them. Can definitely be enjoyed without spending any money, and it doesn't cost much to get rid of the ads that appear between games. And nobody can spend money to improve the performance of their snakes, so paying players don't actually have an advantage over free players.
Very Fun but there's a wall for getting the snakes you want or the look of it I think to help solve this problem consider making the chest times shorter a example could regular chest that normally takes 3 hours may range 20 mins to 1 and a half hours you can adjust the rate of power up and cosmetic items/snakes as you feel or make coins a every game thing with a coin limit each day if you are worried about people buying every item/snake there is
Amazing game with a sneaky "Spend $5 in any purchases to remove all ads"... If you calculate any combination of purchases on today's date (02-10-21), you can spend $5.49 USD on one random skin, or $3.99 on the welcome pack with a .99 cent gem purchase = $4.98. I ended up spending $5.98 to remove ads. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Always lost connection or errors while playing .. Even though the network on my phone is normal and stable. I get emotional like this. When my snake is big, the connection is always lost. There I felt very angry and aggrieved. And one more thing that made the players angry. Sometimes there are thousands of pellets of snakes that die but cannot be eaten. And it's very annoying because there are many small snakes that can't be seen. What is the real problem with this game... ?????????
Great game theres 2 things that would make super ace the chests take far 2 long 2 open an when opening a chest witch I think is a little bad counts as an extre thing in the chest but is not so that needs 2 b changed if possible 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 hi mate little confused with this update. Love the new different back ground in the normal snake bit so more new snakes an bk grounds would b ace Xmas,an valentines 1s would b cool i don't really like taking snakes out just love getting applenew snake
It is a great game and I am kind of addicted, but there are some flaws like : I was the biggest snake then out of now where it said that I collided with another. So incase there are invisible Snakes, I would like that fixed. And when you start the game I would like a protection for at least 10 seconds, because other Snakes kill me. There are a lot of ads that kinda ruin the experience, but I like that you can skip them. The other issues are not as big as these but please fix them. Thank you
Gameplay is smooth up until you actually try to use game mechanics, I would boost ahead of other snakes and they would still kill me, by running into ME!
I love the game! It's a little glitchy and slow, yes, but I have at least 11 other games on this phone and I'm used to slow internet so, it might be that. Anyway, to the point. The game is awesome! I most honestly can't find anything to hate or complain about, so I'll just stop it here, but, good job!