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Snake.io: Fun Snake .io Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Kooapps Games - Fun Word and Brain Puzzle Games located at 3600 136th Pl SE # 300, Bellevue, WA 98006. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE this game! I used to play slither io but I like this game better. It makes it more of a challenge because you have to do certain things to get skins unlike slither io when you already have them all. I gave it 5 stars because I love the events, effects, and the skins alot. You do have to wach adds but I don't mind.
I like this game . Its a wonderful game because while starting we will be small and while killing others and we will get longer and longer so I love this game .. so....…. Come on and download this game and start. Play but we cant able to play this game in online . But this is a good game to play. So… I like this game πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— and my high score is 14000. This was new. Game i was happy
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! I never knew addiction or competitiveness until I played this game! I love the fact that you can have these epic skins, pick up other people's body's and kill people! This is such a simple game but so good! And just to let u know, Voodoo, I am a huge fan and I have 6 of your games so could you give me a reward in Paper.io, Aqua Park.io, or Snake.io? Yours, Winnie (8)
You need more skins, but the main thing is that when I play for skins the boss gets faster than me, and that it gos around the circle so I will die if I go for it, and I also died when my speed ran out less than a sec before I could eat the snake, but its still a 5 star
This game is fun as well as the original!! People like sarah said on the other its bad there probally the same company Just turn your wifi off!! If You dont like it then dont play it!! I recommend any game like Minecraft, Roblox, Paper. Io, Talking tom' etc!! Games are for kids to play!! They are for grown ups to!! Games are to keep up boredem!! Kids plays!!
Love this game loads as i feel its better than the original slither.io, unfortunately i cannot give it a 5 star up because of the reaper. Such an annoyong feature which breaks all rules of the game and you cant even defeat it. Maybe i'd like it if it didnt slither over you and used the basic game physics, as of now its too op and i will not be rating it a 5 star until the feature is removed or fixed.
A little difficulty getting daily challenge to work but that may just be my phone lag. Other than that its really fun
I gave this game four stars instead of five because I can't choose to play in a room with my friends or have a friends list to play with. I would love to play them! Other than that, I love this game!!! It is so cool!!! Keeps me busy every night after work. Would spend money for no ads if it would let me choose who i play. Might spend the money anyways, because it's so fun!
Awesome game,really nice because it gives you some Mass Bost sometimes.Gives you some skins if you play like 20 days consecutive and multiple more with smaller amount of days! This game is awesome,sometimes it makes me happy and calmed,I really appreciate the created work on this game and I hope everyone who plays this game will enjoy the same! :)
I love this it is the best game that I play in my life it gave a unicorn for the frist time that played and there is no problems in this game I would like to have a new update a stronges update
I absolutely love the new upgrade. Everyt from the new skins to the background musit and the environment. Everything is absolutely wonderful. Do keep upgrading so that we don't get bored!!!!!
Decent time waster. Sensitive controls when snake is smaller, but the daily play counter is off. I have played twice each day for 21 days and it reset this morning to day 1 again. So frustrating. Not that loyal. Then, all campaigns you want to play - consider it an ad a play to get another add. Recommend if you want entertainment, don't do the ad campaigns and just play regular game in airplane mode if you just want some minor fun and time waster.
This game is AWSOME it easier than slither.io the skins are awesome and very easy to unlock i even got to 22k! Just turn your wifi off if you dont want ads easy as that VERY FUN GAME! install it you wont regret!
1 star because I absolutely hate when multiple times you ask for a review. If your game was good enough it would get one.
This game is the best game in the world because i score 1098πŸ˜€ its fun. And is also start short than i can be a very long snack....so lets play is very fun
Please remove the ads the ads are so annyoying when you play you just haft to wait 30 secounds or a minute just for a game you dont want to download if you can remove all the ads please and maybe youll get a 5 star. Thanks. Please read this.😊✌i really like the game but the ads dont make it a good game. The ads make it one of thoose games that are trashy and have way to many ads. Please read this and remove all ads. Thank you.
This game is very easy to control yes, but it's an obvious copy of the OG game SLITHER. IO it's way better and more fun it also does NOT show an ad after every round. Come on guys I know you could do better. I was so dissapointed.
This is is not recommended. The bots are annoying and so are the ads. It's the same content as slither io. And it hard to control also maybe you could just take the robots out and have less severs if you want a lot of people in one sever. For some reason it seems if you turn airplane mode on it's less ads but glitches for me. It's not bad but it's not good either. Good luck. (Btw if you get out the app the go back to its tabs it's an online game)
It's an amazing game but there's that ad about that ball on from builders and this sock thinking and they are ads that last for more than 5 seconds but can't close no matter what. U have to close the game completely and open it again. Just get rid of ads that aren't closable after 5 seconds. They are part of the ads that pop-up after the game n stuff. 90% minimum of them aren't like that. All the other ads are fine. Just those 2 that are slowlyyyyy gicing the game a bad name. Please fix thisβ™‘
Uninstalled ads just cover the game making it unplayable it was free for years and you could just cancel the ad but now you have 2 or 3 goes and an ad just covers the game and you have to close it such a shame it used to be a really good game and no i am not going to purchase no ads im just not going to play the game and im not telling others to play.........money grabbing [email protected]$#[email protected] 😑😑
It's so cool for starters the new and improve designs or so nice before the old one so if I were you I would totally recommend this than other games like roblox minecraft and fortnite!
It could be alot better... Sometimes my joystick froze and i was stuck str8......... But its a good game and its really easy i get over a thouasand balls in one round. (Thanks for responding to my reveiw but its been fine since.)
I rate this a 4 it is great but I think it could be better at the stage im on I don't know if it's good or not but it's not bad you can change your skins by unlocking them and you can decide how to move around you don't have to have the joystick to move around and another fun part is that you don't have to be on one setting you can do jungle mode on there, there's different animals and tasks you can do like catch 7 butterflys and kill 112 snakes/people playing. I've only got up to. Killed 10.
I really love this game even if its offline...... The bots acts almost exactly like the real players and beautiful skins If you have wifi issues just download this game........ Also it only has less amount of ads...πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game is so fun! And the graphics πŸ˜ƒ! Its very time wasting and addictive especially the jungle jamboree 😁. But a suggestion would be to PLEASEE πŸ™πŸΎsend friend requests and talk to other people! And a problem is too many ads, like ads upon ads, and I think we should have a currency, to buy skins beacuse sometimes it's too hard to do the missions. Thank youu 😊!
Too much ads. Way more than other apps. Not much improvement to original release than new skin available. Would be nice to have a verity of background and music for the game since there are way too much adds interruptions.
Snake io. is the most addictive game I have ever played! I have been playing non stop ever since I downloaded it, and the Daily Snake Challenge is the best! Only problem is: TOO MANY ADDS! I hate the lack of ads, I utterly despise them! Otherwise perfect game: I end up as 1st place all the time! My username is: Pro So if you download this game, just try and beat me!!
After I updated my game, I figured out that I was missing out on a lot! It's still not too hard and the players are still friendly.
Firstly, you can't adopt the ".io" tag when it's not even partnered with ".io"....secondly, you can't just copy the logo design in a ploy to try trick people to thinking it's the genuine game, you have even copied the eye style.....thirdly, I myself am a developer with a studio...I call bull on your replies about the ads and how you need the ads to keep the game updated....my studio releases content and free, servers don't cost a great deal to run. Such liars!
GREAT game love it. Can be adds but not so much. And I love all the skins. Game can go as long as you want if you die 4 times then it ends. I love the details and design, should get. And it is so addicting!! I love the gumdrop snake!
I absolutely love this game but due to the constant glitches which causes me to crash 90% of the time, I'm only giving it 1 star. I honestly hope the developers read this and do something about it. Also the ads are ridiculous!! I tried to purchaee the No Ads version but the but the button doesn't work. I hope they fix it soon as I really enjoy this game & it's 5 stars from me.
It's a fantastic game. Just would be nice if there was no ads and would be cool if we could like make our own skins basically customize skins and also maybe a lobby where there is a code and you can invite friends and play snake.io would be much better.Just a small request. Everything else is awesome like I sometimes become the queen or king of the snakes,very cool. Hope you make better games like this!!
I really love this game. It is a great experience for new phone players. If you like io games you should absolutely LOVE this game. Now your probably wondering why I gave it a four star review. Well it is great in all, but SOMETIMES it just lags and you crash into the other snakes. I'll say this I HATE that you can run into the smallest snake in the match. Snake .io is a fun game and a bit addicting, but I still suggest this if you like or love online games.I also play a game called Argario
This is a really laid back game, almost all of the .io games that I've played I really like. A couple of them I play too much. This is turning into one of the ones I play too much. Great game. Live multi-player mode would be a great addition to these games though, hope to see it soon.
I love this game only one thing, can there be multiplayer mode? I just feel like it would be a little bit more fun because we eould be compiting more! If this is a problem I understand but I would really enjoy this ty!
This is fun but there is TOO MUCH ADS. Almost every time you die, you get an ad. Please stop trying to earn that much money. How about change it to every 5 rounds? Everyone would play your game longer and even support it because there are barely any ads. Also, again, almost every time you die, you get offered a skin and of course, you watch an ad for it. Please lower down the ads. Overall, this game is very good. But it's a money maker. Also, it is a very smooth game, I only glitch sometimes!
Well, this is a nice game but probably they're lot of adds and we can Handle that. And I love the maps of it and also the skins this is superb
I would give this game 5 stars but the update does not look or work well with my galaxy s10 plus. Half of the screen text is cut off by my camera and even with a larger screen the play area feels smaller than before. Love the skins option though.
I love this game, especially just for a quick fun easy game. The game also provides u with at least a few different colors of skins . But my personal favorite it playing online in the challenge.
Soooo, after getting to 30,000 points, and realizing that NOTHING Else could make it over about 600 points, ummm.... yeah, Iman guess it ain't no "ONLINE"/"MULTIPLAYER" app game. Yall suk, byeeee.
This game is addictive but in a good way and it is just onestly the best game me and my family have ever played and during covid19,where there's nothing to do i like to play this game and just get distracted by it all for even one minute and it's just the best game ever and the rules are simple and easy so if your looking to download this game do it you won't regret it
My fourth round playing I got to 40,000 points. It took a while, because you have diminishing returns, but i got there. When you hit 3k you're basically unstoppable, because you can always just turn and hide inside your own circles, and you're long enough to completely ensnare other players. I got to the point where I completely encircled the perimeter of the map and slowly constricted the square like a battle royale... Then ate the survivor because he got too fat.
What can I say I'm addicted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆ..if i can talk bout this game I'll probably just write I book it overall great I mean the only problem is the ads I just get on my nerves the only way I accept the ads is to rivive no other way it's just here and there and if I take my wifi off the ads will indeed go away but I won't able to rivive which sucks but I overall love the game if I have nothing to do hen the day comes this game if for u and if u also like challenges as well πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
One thing I do not like about this game their is so many ads and yku have to watch a 30 second ad to get like a speed burst or something its just frustrating when you have to watch all those ads second I love this game sometimes it makes me mad sometimes it makes me happy. Thank you for reading this post happy valentines dayβ€πŸ¦„ One more thing I don't like is you have to buy the no ads thing and my mom always says no its honestly literally like wow why do you have to buyit just so annoying.
Decent game overall not that many ads. Easy so anyone can play. Most of the skin unlock requirements are pretty simple and easy to aquire. Takes awhile to get high score but once you get there its easy to get kills. Only reason i give it 4/5 stars is due to repeative and annoying ads. Also they have have way to many invincibility power ups in the online mode.
This game is awesome. I really really like this game . One time my score was 17000 and I am surprised. If u lose so you need to see ad so you can revive again. You guys should try this game. When I am bore or free I just start playing this game . When I play this game i don't even know what is going on beside me that's surprise me. You guys should try this game it's really really nice easy and relaxing game. I really enjoy this game to play. If you guys agree with me so hit the πŸ‘
2 stars because of the explicit/morbid/ not for kids app ads that show violence and other things not meant for kids to see. I undrstand you need ads, but i hope you filter those you approve to show on the game. The game is nice. Me and my kid love it so much but i hate the game ads that you have in the game. I need to turn off the wifi to so as my son can play the game.
This is a good game I enjoy it alot there is only one problem. You should put challenges cause l am slowly getting tired of playing it. So I guess you should put challenges so that after I finish the challenges I can make it last a little longer and for everyone. This is the reason I gave you 4 stars
I like thus game . Its a wonderful game because while starting we will be small and while killing others and we will get longer and longer so I love this game .. so....…. Come on and download this game and start. Play but we cant able to play this game in online . But this is a good game to play. So… I like this game πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— and my high score is 14000. This was new. Game
It's fun at start but I can assure the game is all bots. Reason are: I always start with similar score like everyone else. The oppenents are super stupid, no way I keep being in the 1st place so many times like this. The other bad thing is the playing size is pretty small.
I absolutely dislike any game with ads that force me to watch them by pausing every other thing I do. Especially those ones that simply stop my music or podcasts from playing while they are on screen.
Game is a fun pass time, but no progress backup means I have lost all the skins gained that weren't explicitly paid for after changing phones.
Awesome game I m fan totally fan of this game And now it is increased. So it's look like a 3d game. Thanks
Although the game is fun, I give it a 1 star because I'm pretty sure 90% of the players in any lobby, if not 99.99% (all but you) are bots. I see the same generic names in every game (freerunner, grace, deeboodoo or something lame) and have NEVER had an opposing snake that was remotely good or got past 1.7k/2k long. I tried getting in the same lobby as my girlfriend and we would see people with the same username in each of our games in different lobbies. Pretty wack.
I love his very addictive fun exciting game, however I would of gave it a 5 if the ads where tuned down a bit, I mean too many ads and it would be better and more fun if there was only like 1 ad for 5 games, I would love it, but gotta say I love the new update.πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
This game is addictive and fun the only complaint I have is the ads. There are so many ads and i get that free games thats usually the case, however, i bought the ad free version and still get ads even if I'm not reviving its really frustrating its just as bad as it was before so word of advice dont waste your money paying for ad free its a scam.
Its great games,. But, only concern is don't have pause button. Maybe it will be much better to have it. But overall its fun and addictive..
I love Snake.io because it's a relaxing game it is peaceful. It has cute, funny, colorful and amazing snakes😁Sometimes it laggs but it's πŸ‘Œ ok it's still amazing.
I really like this game... 3rd try. I got top 1 and got a score of 21k+ Just one suggestion make bigger square. Coz if u reach 21k the snake cover all the space in the screen😁
I dont think this game is online. My partner and i started playing. We wanted to be in the same lobby. No option to do this. Why? Also i exited and joined lobbys for half and hour n couldnt get in to his lobby. I think when you play online youre actually playing with a group of computer generated players. Would buy if it had option to join friends. Rather play among us. Uninstalling. Goodbye.
This game is a total ripoff of slither.io. And it doesn't even have an online mode! It doesn't even give a challenge cause the leaders have super low scores!
It was fun at first but after a bit of playing it gets a little frustrating πŸ˜‘ but if tou can handle starting over over and over again soo its a four star review for now but I like the game!!'!!!!!!!!!!
This game is kind of a rip-off of slither io, But it's kinda the best one! But there's way too many ads! Every 2 times you die... BOOM! An ad appears in ur face! That's 1 star taken away! Another is that it is only online! So you cannot play against a.i! Other than that, I like this app! You can also share your scores!
By far the best controlling in game out of all the i.o snake/worms games that ive played just wish it was vs online humans. Not just AI bots.. but controlling of snake reaction is spot on... probably because its not vs online multiplayer mode...
There is error after update the game. It will automatically close app when we on the game. Can not able to play.
Makes my phone heat up when I'm playing it and that doesn't happen with other games. Please fix this and add new features to the game. This app has a lot of bugs that need fixed.
This game ok but as much as I love this game the adverts come up every single time, especially not kid ones. Its like it really wants you to watch the ads. But the game itself is pretty fun. Just the ads and maybe making challenges a bit easier, I mean this is optional choice but some of them would take ages! It was 4 star. Now it is 3 star because of ads and the type of them. Over all though, pretty fun game!
Amazing time killer fun addictive i liked the older verserns better so the should be on option to alternate but one of my faveroute games
Everything is great except after playing it for a few weeks, the revive button doesn't work. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and still have the same problem. Other than that I enjoy it.
Watched an ad to play a game, got killed within a second because ad stopped my music, right after dying had to sit through an another ad, disgusting.
Please add a new mode - Snake Royale (similar to Fortnite Battle Royal). In this mode, snakes must stay inside of the "storm's eye". Snakes can find lootboxes which can make them longer or give them abilities like speed or invincibility. The last snake to survive gets a small gift like a skin or points.
It's fun and casual, however the ads are terrible and they really want you to pay to remove them, despite the fact that the game plays the same with no ads when you turn the wifi off on you're device. It doesn't make sense having a service that you need to pay for just to run the game playably while tour wifi is on. Besides that, it's entertaining
I got so big a big unicorn then I revive with adds tysm for this game it was fun but the thing is I always die but it was fun that much!😊πŸ₯° /^β€’^\ I like being the unicorn and made me fun but not too much of playing so I love this game no matter what I won't rate that badπŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜œ
The most STUPID GAME EVER!!! When you die and click the no thanks button when they ask you if you want a second chance, you watch a video anyway. And, plus the second chance videos are SO LONG! Feels like half a hour! I highly recommend people not to download. Also, basic thing a lot of games have: SOOO MANY ADS!!!! Please, please, PLEASE, fix this problem. I am bored to DEATH playing old games on my ipad, PLEASE.πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜°
I litterally love this game. The only thing holding it back is the ads. I mean i get watching a add if u want another shot but even if u dont u still have to watch a ad. Maybe change from every game to every other game or every 2 games. I get it. Ads are the way you make money but it can also be a way u loose players.
The experience is really great and there slot of new updates since. The last time I played it and it's just really fun to play when your bored.
I like it but its gonna be a 3 cuz it's always ads to me when I die. It's so annoying, so can you / the owner uptade this game whit no ads. Sorry if it is rude but the ads are really bad
Like it but there's an problem when I'm to big it's soo lagy then are the players robot well if it is it's still fun!
This game is awesome . Just it needs to fix one thing "the ads" otherwise I will give you 5 stars, it is very annoying😀😀 . Anywise it is the best game ever I have made a total score of 30,000!!!. KEEP IT UP πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you......
Love the game, even my 5 year old is starting to be amazing at it! So much fun, have a paid unlocked no ads version which is well worth the price (very inexpensive in my honest opinion)! Thank you!
The game is excellent,I want to give it 5 star but Too much advertising so 4 star,Don't mind.But I loved the game.Its great.
A cool, fun, and time consuming game... but the ads are getting ridiculous. After every game there is an ad. And sometimes that can get really annoying. And I understand that is the point of this job. But please cut the ads down to maybe 1 every 5 or 10 rounds. This would of been a 5. But the ads took it down to 3.
Its very great and no lag unlike the slither.io theres a lot of bugs Thanks for this . I hope theres an update must be wider that slither there field, and addittional zoom out when they are at a very long like 10, 000 long. Then the invincible must have a power additional not only once can be used instead, can be use in many times. When they are at the 10k long theres a lag can you fix it, then theres an optional sensitive button by dragging left, right, up, and down. I request to have or to have a Pause Button, its sucks if theres ni button here.
I have some problem. That there are too many ads I'm not trying to be mean but there are too many ads whenever I die, so please remove the ads and my sister like this game until the ads pop up, my sister is annoyed by the ads. Please remove the ads. Thank you
This app is amazing i love it its everything you want in a game. It has really cool diffrent skins I only with the coolskins that i want dont cost money but other then that this app is awazing so thats the only reason why I gave this four stars it that the skins that i want cost money so yeah
Solid time waster which is what I was looking for. Lots of adds but seems fair because if you die quickly you seem to get either no add or a shorter add. Lots of opportunities to get extra skins. Only seen one event so far but was a fun change of pace. Might spend the $$ to remove adds later. Could use a toggle to turn off all game sounds not just music. Different/ bigger arenas with obsticles might be good too.
It's a good game but it's extremely hard, and the amount of ads they put in this game is insane after every round there is an add! I have to turn airplane mode on. Another thing what ever you do Don't listen to the game developer because they say that this is an online game when it's really an offline game they lie. Every time when Im actually big a snake comes up and eats me ITS SO ANNOYING HOW THE BOTS DO THAT. Im tired of this i might delete it!!
It's very good game, but should be option for pause and also numbers just showing on the screen make difficult to play.
Let me ask you your 1st question is it a tower defence game just depends on what type of tower you talking about you know metaphorically it could be a skyscraper, or could be the Great Wall of China a tower could be a radio tower, But on snake.IO The fun of it is becoming the tower. I do believe it text a cellularData plan or WI fi to initially start It blind thank you play off lines well. And one more time is the game silly You bet your darn rootin tootin behind it is. But it's the simple life
Snake is a competitive spin on a classic game in which you slither and hunt enemies to become the biggest snake around. Filled with loads of unlockable skins, the game offers a lot of replay value. The only downside is that the game has too many ads that would interfere with the gameplay, causing some serious lag. But luckily, you can purchase to remove ads and the game functions much better. Can you please add a pause button during gameplay?
Compare to older version, new one got different skins... I really like it and it gives a different feeling when you are playing.
Snake.io is a really fun simple game full of really fun events, which luckily are free although it can be a bit frustrating when you can't get the skin you want but there are plenty of skins to suit everyone! All in all it's one of the best games I've found on play store.
I love this game, but when ever I pass or fail a level there is ADS!! Anyway I love the game but not the ads! ☺️
I remeber about 5 or so years ago this game was really differant, but don't take that the wrong way, the skins now are really cool and the map almost seems larger! The only thing I would change is to add back some of the old skins, because I thought they were fun and that way you would get more of a variety, because now there isnt as many skins as there used to be, and you have to play, ALOT to get some of the new skins, but this game is super cool and really addictive!
i am playing from 1 year but now there are so many ads of 30 sec ,that ads iritate me and i have to waste 30 sec ,so please fix this problem.
I really enjoy this game and can play for hours but today i cannot play because the game keeps crashing. I've even reinstalled it, cleared all my data as well as restarted my phone. Still not able to play at all. Any help please?
Very fun and addicting game. You can win skins by playing certain games or getting a certain amount of points.
There is a bug in the game ... The game automatically kill you when u r playing well to show you some aads .. too many adds
They replied to another review saying "If any part of our game resembles any other games, it is completely unintentional" yeah right, it's obviously a freaking copy of slither.io! They're just making money off another popular game! And they made it much worse, too! These guys are idiots!
My past review unfairly talked about a skip-able event. Truth be told the game is addicting, I enjoy that it is more fast paced compared to Slither.io, and the skins are more fun. I'm curious to know if this game is Always against bots, or what the player to bot ratio is because it often feels like I'm playing against the same Named people as my kids next to me, but we aren't in the same game. I'll give it 4 stars because the map feels Slightly small and so does the Actual player pool.
This game is the most addictive game I got so far..great display great controls great graphics..one thing that i suggest to the developer is that there could be a lot of features to add in this game. For example multiplayer online and locally and others..overall tha game is so enjoyable addictive nice.
Hi,I want to say,I LOVE IT!But I did run into problems,can you fix them?1.I don't know why,but it says I have a mystery skin,and I look,but I cant find it.2.Sometimes,I have challenges when I first played this,but after only three skins to get,they're gone.3.How do I do a event?can you tell me?And now,I have suggestions:Can we have different modes,like traitor or other stuff?And can we have a chat,where we chat while we play?Thanks!can you also reply,please..and can you add the record thing bak?
I think this is a really awesome game and I love to play it. It is really good to help pass time. But I do agree the reaper is a little over the top, maybe don't give it speed AND invisibility. Maybe just speed would do, but I do think that it was a great idea. The game does get a little glitchy once you pass the 10 000 mark but oh well I can deal with it. Also nothing against it but does any one else think the naming on the skins is a little weird? Any ways that's my opinion! Have a nice day😁
I like it but the place for moving around and that should be on the other side unless I haven't seen it in settings other that good fun.
It's a great game it does have a lot of ads but not too many it doesn't really bother me but if you hate ads so much this is probably not a game for you but it doesn't really bother me so I love this game it's pretty satisfying how all the stuff goes into the snake but that's probably just me and I'm pretty good myself I love this game it gives me something to do everyday I'm never bored with it so much fun
The game is exactly like slither but it has many problems 1 it has to may ads 2you can get power-ups and it sucks when you have a score of 50000 and someone who just spawned and has speed and imunity kills you 3It tells you to lave a review evry 5-10 games(allso why this review exists) If you have a lower end device like me it lags especialy if you have a big score.
Well, sadly, it used to be 5 stars and not loads of ads. I changed it to 3 stars after there were way too much ads and not only too much, there started to be gross, bloody, inmature ads that is not good for a kid to watch. I feel like now that I wrote a good 5 star review a few days ago about good ads, the developer thinks that I will be ok with the types of ads now. Its fine most of the time but I had to write a bad review after there was an ad that had bees stinging ladys and showing blood.
Amazing game, love it! But, am I playing against real players or bots (am I competing against other players only on leader boards or during the gameplay)? Please confirm (and explain in detail, since it makes a very big difference in the way we should play the game), so I can switch my rating to 5 stars and write many more good things about this game.
Love the game so additive... But don't always let revive even though it gives the opportunity to!!! ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ all this I wrote last yr..since then I've had to download again as I got a new phone which aint the problem an i wasn't gona write another but as ya keep bugging me to do so I thought I may aswell say what's recently happened.i noticed that all my snakes i'd acquired have disappeared!!! an its basically erased everything an put me bk 2the beginning! so I take bk sum β˜†'s ! 😐
Glad to see some issues are being addressed (surprised with the increased aspect ratio) as well as new features in this most recent updates (specifically the new audio effects - though they sometimes can get a little bit overwhelming - ) but I'm sad to say that in the "Change Skins" menu, the name of each skin gets cut off in a notch based device like mine 😞. If the devs need some help, they can always reply to this comment.
Oh the irony in the title of the name, guess it takes one to know one because the developer is a snake. After being called out by many reviewers that this game is NOT multiplayer they now changed their stance in that it gives people an online experience. If you scroll back far enough they have blatantly told people this game is multiplayer. It isn't. This game is a copy and that's it. If they really cared you would think they wouldve implemented multiplayer years ago... Play gulper.io on web.
For all those people who say this is a bad game, dont listen to them dear readers. I'm not getting paid to write this, so please don't think I'm here just to support the developers, this is just a fun, super addicting game! Yes, it's offline, but it says that in the tags. So one shouldn't complain just because it's offline, go play Slither if you want an Online .io gaming experience. It's practically the same thing but offline with more skins and events. I highly recommend if you don't have WiFi
Just started the Snake.io and I can see the game is challenging so I will reccommend Snake.io to my Friends. So you know, maneuvering thru the game is tricky and it will take some time but I enjoy a good challenge. Thank You.
i highly recommend this game. I play this game all the time but if you don't want ad's showing up alot then I think you are able to disable the ads so the game is ad free but I haven't exactly tried it yet, but anyways if you thought this was helpful im glad, so download this game and give it a shot see if you like it. And if somthing goes wrong with the game you might want to say somthing about it and they will fix it and in the process you will help other ppl decide on the game..😁😘
scam. you will get killed by nother after about 2 min from playin. i think they do that to force you to watch ads.
At first this game got me well into it, but then it began to get boring, its a great game but it makes no sense just to get high score to unlock new skins. I think this game can be improved, and this is just my personal opinion and feedback. -- It could make it more interesting if you could have a leaderboard to encourage you to be on the top of the list and not just for the sake of unlocking new skins.
I love this so much it is so addictioning I am a loved with it it is the best it's like snakes but it has panda bear snakes and unicorn snakes if you have not played this you need to play it!!!!
Well you die when your a couple dots away from the border, AND people can go over the snakes bodies without invincibility. This game also copied the OG slither.io.
Love this game very very very much . I liked the new event the only thing i dont like is ads . But i have unlocked all the dinosaurs , my favorite dinosaur is Snako Saurex rex , I like the face of the Snako saur rex and the greenish colour of it . I love this game a lot . I have given 4 stars to this game. This took soo much time to be written........
This is BETTER than the original. And ppl keep going on about the ads if u turn Ur WiFi of u can play and have NO ads... This is WAY easier to control than the original, and ppl keep saying it's hard... My score was 8000 on my second go... I DEFFO recomend it... These ppl marking it low r lying! I just can't see anything they see!It doesn't glitch AT ALL,it's SO addictive,the original glitches, has so many ads whever u turn into of or not,so hard to control and is so hard! This game is BEST!!!!!
Ifs fun and everyone has an opportunity to be the king or queen snake. I think the creators of the game should make holes in the ground so we can jump in it to escape being eaten.the holes should relocate you somewhere else on the map but not necessarily out of danger.There should not be alot of holes.
I CAN PLAY THIS FOR HOURS!!!!!!! So this game is addicting. I have been playing it for three hours strait. Its so fun and amazing. I just got the Snakeosaur. You get it if your snake reaches 20,000 in a single game. Its mutch eaiser to play than most other snake games, and has more variety. There are also events to get special skins you can only get during the event. Soon in 2020 when im making this, theres the hallowen event!! But other events will come. If you want to have fun play this!
I'm giving this three stars because of all the ads and I'm pretty sure that the other players are controlled by the computer and they're not actually other players. Also, it's really hard to make the other players bump into you, and nearly every time, they'll make you bump into them. The game would be a lot better if it was actually online.
It's a good game but it's extremely hard, and the amount of ads they put in this game is insane after every round there is an add! I have to turn airplane mode on. Another thing what ever you do Don't listen to the game developer because they say that this is an online game when it's really an offline game they lie. Every time when Im actually big a snake comes up and eats me ITS SO ANNOYING HOW THE BOTS DO THAT. Im tired of this i might delete it!! If i could rate it 0 stars i would!
Sub par clone of slither.io Even if this game had multiplayer (which it DOES NOT) it makes many critical errors: Turning circle does not scale with size meaning there is no disadvantage to growing making it unlikely larger snake will be cut off by smaller snake. Snake body does not move and close off in a circle so no "constricting meta" Snake grows in length so fast it become hard to even guess how long you have become Also art style is washed out and un attractive. Sorry but very bad job.
Five stars because this game is so good I mean first I used to play this game but the other version I loved that game so I found this game and I saw like a cat a pink cat so I loved the pink cat. It's not because I love the pink cat and I'm just going to download it this game is so good download this game oh and please do not give it a bad comment some people might not like this game but we do.THANK YOU🐺makes wolf noises.
This game is really nice I would like to give it all 5 stars but I cut one star because of ads. When ever we lose there is and revival option come If we cross it then also ads come.
Fun game but if you have any problems... then you better be prepared. 6 messages and promises of fixing.... well let me just say still 90% unresolved. I had to reset my phone and lost all data for the game. Did a restore purchase and got back the no ads thing but skins were gone from 2 events. Messages sent and they got 2 skins back. Grant it i may never use the pink jellyfish skin but the dragons were always a good option. I did get back the first 2 from the aquatic. Still that was it.
The game is a big fat OOF it's a copy of slither.io when someone runs into you.you either die or the the other person it's a random even if that person runs into you.you might die and the world is extremely packed how can you move? Btw slither.io is better
I love this game and had 36000 high score. All the sudden I can't play. Game keeps crashing and can't even play for 10 seconds. Lost my high score.
the new update is not working, game crashes within 3sec. I even uninstalled and installed again which made me loose my record... Tip : the game controls would be better to work on the whole screen, and the points written on the players snake head make you not to be able to see the screen, the leader board pannel is enough.... plz fix the issue, I like the game more than other snake games
The game is fun and addicting, but the ads are ridiculous. You literally have to watch a 30+ second ad after (and sometimes before AND after) every round. I know they have to make money by selling ad space (or selling the ad-free version), but come on!?! This is just downright excessive!!! The game would increase to 4 stars easily just by cutting down on the repetitive advertisements. Update: They responded to my review by stating that they display ads to keep the game free for all players and to allow updates. Okay. I acknowledged the need to be a profitable business in my 1st review. But, if a waiter at a restaurant is trying to sell me a dessert, they're not going to succeed by sticking the menu in my face after every bite!!! I'll just eat somewhere else.
Fun game to unwind or play when you have a few moments wish revives were more available when you can play for a while. Also wish the controls had a bit smaller radius or maybe an option for the size. (Personally believe it would help with the individual's game play).
This game is so good because of the lack of lag, the revive by watching an ad and this game is so nice that even the ads which most other people hate do not bother me. Keep the good work up!
The app is great, and everything works really well! One of my favorite games. However, I only gave it 4 stars because you have to wait for new skins. And, you half to watch an add to get them. My suggestion is that give us all the skins, and save the new ones for the skin challenge.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!I love this game so much. The snakes in the game is so beautiful,and it has no so much adds,just adds when sometimes u lose,and u have WIFI they give u a chance to continue but u need to watch an add,and when u unlock skins u need to watch adds,but the game not every 5 seconds an add like other games,its so amazing. Thank u for creating this amazing game. It's so fun after reading my review I hope u will like it and install it Thanks.
The game is great I highly suggest it, however there's way to many ads, I get it the it's the thing allowing you to keep working on the game but for example when I die and the game give the revive option if you watch a 30 seconds ad even if you said no you get an ad whatsoever no matter what you choose and it's annoying. Other than that the game is great the skins are so cute.
This game is so cool you can change your character with your name you can change it and it's like a very fun game but I lose but this game is fun than anything
This game is really good but I played it a few years ago and it was way better of course it's a good game but the skins a few years ago were better and didn't have to unlock them also I thought of was more free or something, I think that's just me though. This is a good game though and I love it ❣️
Ads are annoying yes, but this has far less than most games and if you get out with less than 100 then you generally don't have any. Very addictive game. Simple but can be strategic as you get larger.
Its much better then it was but the snake still feels a bit slow turn or some to too do with phone battery.
I like thus game . Its a wonderful game because while starting we will be small and while killing others and we will get longer and longer so I love this game .. so....…. Come on and download this game and start. Play but we cant able to play this game. But this is a good game to play. So… I like this game πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
I love this game. There are very few adds and doesn't freeze. I totally suggest this game, it is very addictive. πŸ‘
I love this game i give it five stars!!Because it is really fast the snacks are super fast the add comes when i lose but it's really fun to play!!!!!!
Really sad. I love this game but it does not allow me to watch any ads so I miss out on all the cool skins and the power ups or option to revive myself when I die. It shows that there's an ad but when you click on it it doesn't play. Super disappointed with this because it's one of my favourite games.
This game is so fun 😝 l feel really good when l play it . But the only problem is adds . I don't think that you should have to watch an add to go on the event πŸ˜ƒ. And also the demon 😈 candy 🍬 only trys to get the snake 🐍 in 1st place which is a bit unfair. Anyway πŸ˜‰ snake 🐍 i.o is really good game . I totally recommend it 😸!
The best game ever I got 2598 and I love the game it's like the best game ever I keep getting the crown. I covered the game this should be poupluler and it's decently worth it to download, and also you could just watch a add just for a very pretty skins like a very pretty pink kitty you should most likely diffently download the game I love it but I gtg so bye
Love this game! This is my favourite game, 'cause you get loads of cool skins, play the events, and have tons of fun! I really recommend to everyone who loves challenging online games.
ok so im in love with this game!!!!!!!! its soo cool its like your a snake and u kill more snakes to be big and theirs alot of updats and i got almost all of the snakessss and its such a nice gamee and i hooked my friend with it and my brothers and my mom but its a realy good game!!!!!!! luv ya bye
Fun game. You can literally get to the size where if yiu circle someone one time and then go somewhere else they'll be stuck there for more than a minute straight. But the game is forgiving as it gives you multiple lives. I managed to get to a size where I could circle the entire arena three times over.
It's a great time eater but most of the matches are with bots and rarely get to see global player's also it's no fun when u can't fight exp player's instead of dumb bots.... Please improve your game matchmaking, the graphics a great and all even the controls the only thing is the I keep getting first and a bigger high score without a challenge with global player's. Other players make the game more fun and addictive rather than bots
Snake .io is very fun. I am so addicted to this game I don't care how many times I revive myself as long as I don't have to stop playing . It helps me relieve my stress..πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
I really like this game its fun even tho its like the ragular one its still even more fun and silly i just started but its pertty fun and cool thanks for makeing this game i love itπŸ¦ŠπŸ™‚πŸΊπŸ–€
The game is really good fun. Two things I would love as an addition are a pause button, and supoort for bluetooth controllers.
Love the game and enjoy the 30s ads should ad more for extra lives πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Just another copy of slither io! i mean to be more specific it's image is just slither io's images but with a crown! and also something about the gameplay. i was the king and someone went RIGHT THROUGH ME and they didn't even have the sheild on! Then i ran into another snake and i lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž but still it's fun and I still have it downloaded.
It's very very nice game and I love this game too much. I always want to play this game only but it has been change so I don't like it too much. If it wouldn't be change that I don't want to say worst game
This game is not against real players. Fun game until I turned off my wifi and data and realized it's all bots. No internet means you can't be playing real people. Other than the fact that they try to trick you by putting weird player names to make you think it's against other people, it's fun. Deleting it now.
its not that good because its like playing with robots i keep playing with the same people like what?? and to many ads must put the ads down low! maybe like 1 ad after 3 games. and its like playing with robots because its so hard to make them touch you so yea maybe you guys should make it online.