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Snake Blast!

Snake Blast! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Advenworks located at 9 Rue du Fauconnier, 75004 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have installed this app to get reward. I reached the level 50 but didn't get the reward. Now I'm going to delete this app.
This game is very fun! I got this game to get rublins for robux at first, and I got to level 40 and i actually got the rublins. But i wanna see if you can use this game twice to gt rublins. After i might still keep the game because it is very un and kind of easy.
The reason I'm giving this three stars is bc: Too many ads...if you win...ad...if you loose...ad... I had to play to level 50 to get rewards Glithes too much Pls fix this!
Everybody is just complaining about ads .. people just turn off your internet while playing and u won't see any ads .. its that simple .
Great game. It has amazing gameplay. But I'm giving it three stars because of the consistent ads!!!!!! There is an ad after every single round whether you win or lose, and my ads are literally just for free money!!! I'm literally 13 I don't need these!!
Way too many ads (and I like mobile games that are ftp, so that's saying something), artificial difficulty in that you cannot see far ahead, and there have been several times where I got outright stuck, and with no pause button, I was forced to completely close and reopen the app. Not worth your time even if it's for something like swagbucks or other reward apps. That same amount of time is better spent any way else
Installed app only to make an in app purchase for currency in another app but I have not had the currency, less than 1 star rating.
Not a good experience! It's very chaotic as there are innumerable balls coming out of the main one that we control, which fills up the whole screen. Wouldn't recommend this game, sorry!
Good game, but what makes me give this game three stars is that it shows way to many adds after every level and after we can't move anymore.
game is very very good but the bad thing is that too many lags,.....when snake becomes larger,and after taking star power game almost stopes...please do something for lags...
I originally downloaded this for a reward task on another app, but it's actually a genuinely good game! Ads arent that often as some other apps. So good job on that creators! :D
Honestly, don't bother. This game gets so boring after x minutes and an ad pops up everytime you finish a level or die. The worst part is you realize reopening the game is faster than actually waiting for the ad to end so you find yourself cinstantly closing and reopening the game
Now only I started the game Seems good. Performance only I can.tell after crossing its levels and returns. I purchased it but I not received any credit in the Free Bitcoin site.
I like the game but the ads just make the game look very bad.it is so laggy when you put to many balls in the game.
I installed this game because of the reward. Though ads were keep on popping up every after end of level, i enjoyed the game. Surely this game is for keep. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Love it ! It has one problem with the ads but you could turn off your net or data or whatever you have the ads wont pop up πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
⚠️WARNING⚠️ I do NOT recommend this game EVEN for an offer!! WAY too many ads! it's like having salty grapes! Kinda like a scam but I do not recommend.
I can play this all day long i for sure give this a 5 star because first its cool you can decorate your army or balls <>_<> 2nd it allows you to revive you just have to watch ad, there arent that many ads 😊 its cool and really chill
Need More Update.. So Many Lag This Game Was.. When i'm Getting A Power. If It Fixed, Then I will Rate It β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
I only installed it for the rewards But warning make sure you have a good device or else it will lag and crash your phone and over heat
you can play this game when you're bored this game is fun but, i vote 3 stars cause theres always an ad and it lags too much but its a fun game!
Too many ads! I downloaded for points for another game as soon as I opened it there was adds I uninstalled no thank you
This app is just horrible, Add's straight after you finished or died on a level, People probably only download this for the robux offer it was put up on RBLX.land. Not to mention, You cant move without blasting the snake, which makes some users phones have massive lag from the amount of the balls on the screen. It was probably made by some money hungry kid who just learned how to make a game, Not to mention, you cant even get rid of the adds at the bottom of the screen. The pain im going through
There is too much ads in this game. I can't even play the game without getting an ad every time I die. It's annoying. Only begging for money.
S,ok just a regular game good graphics you have to work out how to do it but when you do .its good plus its challenging which i like
Not bad! It is a great game but the problem is about ads. You can plz stop these ads atheist make them fast ones. Except from that K find it really fine! I also downloaded for robux offer.
I understand you guys also need to make money but c'mon. The number of ads are absolutely ridiculous and make this game unplayable. This has worsened overtime.
I really like this game but it had SO MANY ADS every time you die or you get to the next level there's a new ad it's so annoying and that's the reason I wouldn't download this game I'd rather find a different game!
Crashed every 5 seconds, no flash warning! Could have triggered my family members epilepsy! Too many ads
Too many ads and they're boring and it's constant after level after level and you have to pay for VIP to play offline 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😈😈^_^^_^^_^^_^:-\:-\:-\:-\:-|:-|:-|:'(:'(:'(:' And they won't change the ads. Advenworks change your game now. Turn off your internet to see no ads.
Fun but too many adverts. I expect some adverts in a free game but this is a bit extreme. Also would be great if they could increase the sensitivity a little, not much fun swiping all the way to the edge of the screen. Also give the option to move the snake up or down at least a bit. Fix these issues and it's a 5 star game for sure. Love the sounds!
I downloaded this app to get a reward and up until now i haven't received any..then I received an email telling me it's for new users only and the requirement for participating in it did not state that ..if you are not going to reward the user refund them back their money..smh!
Lots of problems, every single level has an ad, I mean, you need money, yes, but seriously? Sometimes the level it's literally imposible to complete an you can even get stuck and if that happens there's anything to do Most of the time you can't play, 1 of 2 hours you're watching an ad Basically, the idea it's great, kinda good game, but have a looot of bad things that make this unplayable No, I don't recommend this, in pretty sure that instead of enjoy, you're getting stressed playing this.
phew! what a hot mess. to get rewards for another app i had to play this game to level 50. and OMG are there so many ads. if you win, ad....if you lose, ad..... revive? ad!....new skin? ad!..... ad? two ads!!! this game is legit trash without the ads (had to play on airplane mode), in my humble opinion. but with the ads, it's straight doodoo. what's worse is there's no back button or pause. and if you press the screen anywhere in the main menu, you just started the game.... and then, AD!!!
I had to play this game to get rewards from a site I use, the game is incredibly boring and ads are too frequent. If you're gonna play, be sure to switch on flight mode
Worst game ever. I was getting paid to play and I'm sorry but this is straight up an adfest. Find other games if you want to have fun.
There is so many ads, and there is no way out in level 45. I wish I can redo levels, but I apparently can not! 1 Star! Sorry if I sound rude. I just wish I can redo levels in case if I'm stuck. If I can, then you please tell me how? Because I don't know how. I tried everything but failed every attempt.
I did this to get credits on another game. I had to play to level 50. There was an ad between each level, sometimes two.
I downloaded this game for robux. I completed the level they asked me to. Once I was finished I checked the website but then its says offer currently unavailable! Idk if it will even be available again soonπŸ˜”πŸ˜•. Edit: I checked the website again and now the offer is gone! So Imma delete the app since I have nothing to do with it anymore
This game was good up until the 14 level. After that point the game repeatedly crashed and didn't load properly.
the paths are often impossible to get through, which kills you and forces you to watch an ad. essentially this game is an ad generator.
They took my money for in app purchases Monster legends and never paid out. Couldn't contact anyone or link the app back to go to any support or email. Do not use this app.
So you guys have this offer up on a website I use to get an in game currency, however the offer for 78 of the in game currency did not work... I still had fun playing it though! I use earnrobux.gg
Nothing but ads! You have to watch an ad between every single level and they're all long ads. Even if you deny a new skin or a power up, you still have to watch an ad to play about 30 seconds worth of play in a level. Not worth it.
When I was on level 20 I went to take a break and stopped playing the game. After doing rest I opened up snake blast and can't open the app it crashed and after many times of clicking I can't still open it. It is fun offline qnd gives rublins that trade it for robux,that is the wonderful part but please improve your game so that it will be more interesting 😁 I can't open the app and I was trying to give up hope and delete the game but I hope you see this comment To:the owner of snake blast
Stupid and hard to win , do not install ( I installed to hack among us but i had to reach level 50 ).Worst game ever , do not even think of installing.
You get 0 stars for the number of unskippable ads and wasting my time, and for the lack of exit button and app not reacting to the back button. I would give you 4 stars for the gameplay and beautiful colours and graphics, there is room for improvement in steering precision. 0+4=4, 4/2=2 stars - congrats.
I saw this game it was because I love snake's I will do anything for a snake I love it but ads i hate ads
not as advertised. the game is just OK there is really no point or objective to this game i my self am a fan of snake vs block it kinda half assedly copied snake vs block but if u do happen to enjoy this game u would probably like snake vs block better
Alr this game is fun but not really really fun xD theres so much adds but I can turn off Wi-Fi I give 4 stars couse theres some issues
Very bad game. Nothing to do here and full of ads. If u want to remove ads it wont even tell u how much it is going to cost.
Worst application ever! Full of adds don't waste your data to download it. I just wasted my data and time. It's completely useless
I'm only doing this for RBLX.city to be honest and there are way too many ads for me to be happy to use the app
Have you ever played your own game before? There are so many ads. Please make an ad appear every 2 stages rather than every 1 stage.
Way too many ads (1 ad every time you die or beat a level). Watching an additional ad to revive is not worth it as the levels are too small. Takes more time to watch a full ad then to beat a level. Gameplay doesn't get harder as you advance which makes it boring and repetitive. Stopped at level 51
The game itself is great and really fun and I love the concept of it but the AMOUNT of ads is really just too much. After every game which is about 2 minutes theres an ad. Every damn 2 minutes. It's really annoying.
I only installed this to get rewards. I am okay with ads but it pops and play every stage and that's honestly annoying and lags my phone. So I played offline.And yes, it's very fun...without ads. BUT I Reached the target level and didnt get any rewards and I realized I wont get them BECAUSE I turned my connection off. is that it? enlighten me because im deleting this app
This game is epic. No ads as well?!!! Well this is cool. I recommend this app. Im not a bot but those who rate 1 star are bots. Trying to discourage you.
Absolute trash game ads every five seconds and all over the screen and it I'll often just crate a row of blocks that is impossible to break to make you watch more ads
This game is addictive, I love it, but the only thing I do not like is that you don't get more lives. You have to keep going through ads to get your lives.
I never seen or played boring game, like this with neither mining or goal, every end of the tourn to many ads, which idiot meant this f***ing game, why I wasted 10 minuts of this scum game or adds game
This game is VERY FUN but the amount of ads is outstanding. If there were no ads at all, I would give this five stars.
I played this game for the rewards through an app called "Make Money". I was told to reach level 50 to receive the reward but after I reached level 50, I didn't receive my reward.
Don't bother downloading. Impossible to play due to 5+ adverts between every level. Joke. I understand most games need ads to stay free but this is ridiculous and just plain greed on the developer side.
This game is nice you need to do little hardwork to complete level so please installed in your android phone and play properly
You better play in plane mode, that's the only way to avoid the omnipresent ads... And be careful not to want to much any kind of reward in another app, if that's why you're here! Because you may not receive it at all :)
It's a good game to test my reaction. Please fix the lag from having many balls or obtaining a star. Also, please add a exit button.
When I was trying to purchase VIP pass It's not working to purchase Still loading For Purchasing...So Resolve this Problem as soon as possible....We are not be able to purchase VIP Subscription..