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Smashing Rush : Parkour Action Run Game

Smashing Rush : Parkour Action Run Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cold Soda located at 12, Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Time killing game...you just don't have a reason to hate it unless you looking for parkour + action as in the Relic run otherwise i recommend this game to all teens🀘
Great game. I like the feel of skill gleaned from just 2 buttons. It would have 5 stars but the adverts breaking up the flow of the replay value instead of being confined to the continues is the only thing that lets it down.
This game is the game i was looking for (i mean not really but its still has some things i want) THIS GAME IS AWESOME CONTROLS ARE NICE THIS GAME IS NICE GRAPHICS ARE SO GOOD. Also can you add more characters? Because the characters gets old very fast
awful advertisement, the "playable ads" gets the game to freeze and do nothing else but crash. The come every 2 or 3 ads, so guess hoe fu. the game is. level 4 so far and just feeling a waste of time. The game seems fun, though.
The music, graphics and the UI are neat, very well designed to meet up for the challenges. I don't like ads in the game, yet recommending it for users looking for a game to kill some time.
a lot of ads(every single button is ads) need to reduce or make the premium version, the mission and gameplay is repetitive, bad control, obstacles is not hard at all it just usual obstacles, graphic is ok, a lot character to play but must buy with real money(this is must be reduced make obtaining character more easily) gacha is not worth to play, make multiplayer feature. I think this game have a lot potential. that is my review about this game.
Great simple game, ads are annoying but I guess you need the premium version to get rid of those... A bit buggy sometimes, don't know if it's my device. All and all it's a fun game.
I like the graphics and it kinda should be on over things like games should be on consoles like Xbox, PS4, Nintendo switch, and others
overall the game is great. Especially No ADD issues and the gameplay is great. I enjoyed the game pretty much. I am leaving 1 star due to less creativeness. more creativity is needed. Names of characters and character itself could be more creative and as mentioned below in one of the review a power assigned to every character would be good. and last thing colors should be more vibrant,nice and pleasent looking and it would be amazing if characters are bit larger. Afterall, game is enjoble.
Good Graphics and very best to give play experience. The only thing I didn't like that much is they just have given two control and very few levels to play
great game, but please add more stages and characters, I've unlocked all characters in just three days, and the obstacles , it keeps on repeating , add more obstacles so that it does'nt feel like its repeating,. but overall its a nice game 😁😁
The game is amazing! It has nice stunts, awesome graphics and avatars and its simple and just pure fun. πŸ‘ 4 sure!
Sadly one of those games that could be great if I just didnt have to watch an ad every three tries. I really want to like this game too...
Fun game. WAAAAAAAAAAY Too many ads.. Like seriously. There's an ad after every 4 runs or so.. Mind you a run can onky last 10 seconds if you die early. Most ads can not be be instantly closed as they have a minimum run time.... And the ads have sound, which actually sometines completely stops my Spotify running in the background. Would rate higher otherwise.
It is another running platform but in 2D. Interesting characters to grind for, or buy. Good game for kids - adults.
The graphics are my problem because I don't get why mostly like everything is polygons, and the gamplay for me is pretty good! As it runs functionally. BUT I just want to say the controls are OUTSTANDING.
I don't mean to be a hater. In my opinion, it has potential. Currently it is boring. It doesnt give much of a challenge and the description built up the game to be so great and fun that when I play it, I was disappointed. They did great work on the graphics though. It takes a lot for me to find an app I like. Theres not a lot of ads, which is awesome. So its a good start, but a lot can be done to improve the game.
Amazing game just like the amazing spider-man and you can break objects please make more of these games please and also for making power rangers in this game keep it up.
Awesome game but add new tricks as in other pakour games and also add an option to buy the characters of your choice with the money earned in the game instead of buying ' random characters' and wait for your favourite character which makes it annoying rather than exciting.
Very fun game! Great and cute graphic, you get a lot of free character early on, and the game is actually fun! Ads sometime is a nuissance, but i can turn of the internet so its not a problem. Maybe the cons is that the game is too easy. Sometimes 3 star a level can be a challenge but finishing a level without dying is so goddamn easy, so might request for much harder, challenging level in the future.
Fun game, but after you beat the levels its just the challenge and endless mode more levels please, but a great game.
cons- the game it self is very simple and very cartoony art style (which is actually visually good and better that way). I thought this game would give me just frustrations specially at endless mode but damn I was wrong. The endless mode was hell alot fun and I could spend hours playing at endless mode rather than missions. no microtransaction to pay for skin and what nut(which suprising coz every game nowadays goes for that) the character designs are funny as well cosmetics. I will give 13/10.
The game didn't even started and crashed as soon as I accepted the T&C. Device: Google pixel Uninstalling it immediately! just pathetic,i enjoyed the game but it's crashing unexpectedly. wanted to give 0 stars but sadly can't. what are the developers doing. and no one acknowledged the previous complaint as well
This game is really nice I give you four stars because I really want you to add a bad guys in the game that can be killed using dash ,and I will give you five stars
Really enjoy this game. Wondering if there'll be seasonal characters and outfits and themes. Would be cool. Great dynamics. Got all the stars on easy. Hard mode is tricky but fun and challenging. Maybe add another mode like intermediate (more stages more fun know what I mean lol). No complaints. Awesome game.
This is a super game...everything is perfect no complaints abt this game thanks to the editors n Tim's for making such a gud game
If you're a fan of side-scrolling platforms this is in your top 5 games of all-time. The Nostalgia this game conjures up qfter only a 2 minute tutorial/introduction is freaking awesome. it does have some important issues but if they CRACK open this game and let it grow with biger and longer stages and earn more stuff. this game is ready to lift off they just need to start the countdown
Idk what to say, i mean 1. i like the music 2. All you gotta do is jump and dash at the right time(meaning that there aint much you gotta do since the player moves itself) and 3. I like the characters and the accesories you can put on them so good game.
This game has alot of potential. However, the only problem is the ad popups. I know that there's an option to purchase for the disabling of ads, but it's best to not have over excessive ad popups all the time. Please update this.
This game gets really boring when you play it long enough.you can get bored easily then the game becomes really hard later in it.
I really like it. It's a good pastime and I can skip the ads so it's pretty much an ad free experience. I like that you can buy the characters If you really want them but I wish that they were just the virtual currency not real money but other than that I like it!
watch tf out this game is good! Simple but challenging with palapble advancement, and they even give you in game currency when you watch an ad to continue! good test of reflexes/reaction time while keeping you interested. I could appreciate a more diverse background and set of obstacles as you progress but overall a solid game
Honestly, I thought this would be another one of those voodoo type games (not that that's necessarily bad) but I got pleasantly surprised when I realized this was a pretty original game with nice graphics and fun gameplay. It's a fun time killer, but dont play it if your not killing time, you might just get hookedπŸ˜‰
It is a good game. My minor issue is that there is a delay in the game that causes dizziness after i play. Maybe its on the compatibility on my phone. But maybe something else. Please repair it.
I've played the game for a week and a half. I Love the skins given just by levelling up and just logging in to the game.I Love the platforms! Just one thing though, can you somehow add someone who chases them? Because It would be fun doing parkour and someone still chases after them.
I just love it soooooooo much and the vibe I love parkour I love the characters and the gameplay I recommend you download this nowβœŒπŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©
GREAT GAME!! I love it, smooth EZ mechanics. But, although I love this game, it has gotten a little boring. It needs more. skins, map, modes. just something different. again, I love this game, that's why I've given it 5 stars. just please, add something different. A different map mainly ;)
smashing rush is a running, parkour game. you are capable to double jump, dash, and other jump combo's. i genuinely enjoy this game. im currently on level 25 on hard mode. i love that this game doesnt consistently bring up ads, and you're automatically able close them. something i consider improving is in game characters. i think that each character should unlock a unique power at the end of obtaining all the cosmetics, making the gaming experience better.
this game is so good,but the only reason why I'm giving it 3 stars is cuz all of the other characters in the game. all of them cost real money,if anybody else reads this,if you dont like in-app purchases dont install this game.
first 2 levels are ad free. then you get a video ad every time you either lose or finish a level. way too annoying. barely played 30 seconds and you bomb me with ads. 2 button gameplay, jump & dash. nothing interesting going on. And to be honest you don't even need to press any button and you still finish the level (except one or two inputs on some occasions). what's the point. characters look good. too bad I don't have 20€
Really fun game and I love the art style! I wish there was little more variation between different levels as they are all identical, but other than that I can't think of anything negative about this game. I love it!
I really loved the way the characters run and their amazing skins, also it's a good game to play. But the game always froze when I'm running/jumping/dashing. It is fun and challenging, and I hope you can fix any of these problems.
it is the most cool parkour game im enjoying every single lvl and the gameplay is cool to the jump and dash combi. loving it
The game is really fun to play and enjoyable with good graphics and fluid animations with a wide rage of characters to play; however, it can feel too easy as there is little challenge in each level. But certainly worth a play.
this game doesn't even work. I'd go into the game, then it would just say, "please save your data to the cloud as much as you can.". then it wouldn't let me do anything else. I thought this game would be fun. but it turned out to be just words every time I open the app. I cant even PLAY the game I wasted my valuable time on. I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO BESIDES WATING FOR WORDS TO GET OFF THE SCREEN SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME! ;P
its a fun game to play when bored but i personally wont play it for a long time because it becomes repetitive after awhile. i have no trouble at all with the ads, when an ad plays i have the option to skip unlike most other games and if i am off line i still can play without any problem. there could be a few changes like little things that would differenciate the characters but overall it is a good and enjoyable game.
This is an oddly addictive game! When you initially load it up, you think it's just going to be another rubbish jumping game, but it's not, the graphics are great. Even the avatars that you can play as are awesome πŸ˜†
A great casual game! There are some options that I would like to have. For instance, being able to turn off the display of the Jump & Dash buttons instead of them slowly fading away as I progress through the stage. I also feel like having urban jump pads instead of the blue sparkles from the ground to boost us into air would more appropriate to the theme of the game. I would even love to changing time cycles and landscapes in the background! Would definitely recommend this to my friends!