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Smash Island-Be the Island King

Smash Island-Be the Island King for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Aladin Interactive located at 深圳市南山区易思博软件大厦28楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thinking about stopping. Your group tasks, and main tasks are ridiculous. Everyday feed the pet, yet NEVER get food. Use arrest order, yet NEVER get diamonds. Oh and I like this one, main task, upgrade pet, yet in order for me to upgrade pet, I have to upgrade pet. That is stupid. Game idea, great. Task idea, fire the programmer.
This game used to be fun to play. But now has many errors. Prizes that are meant to benefit your play actually go against your play. When you contact support either they never answer or they tell you to shoot video of it but it is random so how can you do that !!! Very frustrating !!! You would think they could fix their own game...if you play do not spend any money!!!!
Superbly addicted n enjoyable.but within seconds to finish d spins.waited long hours for new full spins.
When I first started this game it was awesome and I gave it 5 stars well now it's time to change the rating if I could give it a -5 stars I would in fact I think I'm deleting it since I've found that when I play and almost have the island fixed only to return 2 hrs later and find that all the work I did is gone and when I sent messages they were never answered....so good by Smash Island you're a RIPE OFF
Game is good & really enjoy it, but loading of other's village really cannot make it, 5-6 times loading but nothing came out with, till my village being attacked by else one, also always being attacked but hard to get shield from spin....... Sometimes still credit being stolen just because of loading wise, even reception here is in full strength etc..... This is some of the issues having most of the time.....
This game is fun, but it has gotten me three times I completed an island and did not get the rewards, and the owner of the game does not respond to your problems was a good game but has many issues, i rather stick with island king
Do not waster your time!! The strategy they use is rediculous. Give you tasks that impossible to complete!! I dont even give it 0 stars..lol
when first played this game 2 month ago i loved and was hooked! Now the game keeps crashing and had to uninstore to reinstore thinking that might help but now cant even load this game!? fix problem as your game is full of problems so for that reason i give 1 star but not sure the game even deserves that!!! People dont download this game is full of glitches!! sort them please!!!!
I like this game more than I like a few other games just like this one I really like this game but on some days you go to 50 spins and don't even get a raid or a steel or nothing you just be spinning for nothing to leave the game and get no pleasure out of it and that's sad whoever you got controlling those wheels I even spend and we'll just kept going going going and didn't never stop even when I tried to stop it
Your game is stuck. I have tried for days, no islands will come up. Or I have 2 islands and the 3rd one wont load. Please fix your game.
It's a great game, but hard to get the cards to complete the set....also, guild members don't seem to care or help,..just my opinion
great game, to bad the odds truly are set against you. used hundreds of spins to try to get the steal mission award only to have every other spin be an attack and the opposite when it is a attack mission. also spent hundreds of millions of coins only to be given the same repeat cards over and over and over. diamonds and spins purchase price is way overpriced and game is truly pay to win
I loved the game in the beginning but now it's gotten frustrating. I have not been able to access my chat in weeks and get nó response from messages. The islands cost so much to build u can never get ahead. It takes so many gems and coins to accomplish anything. It isn't fun anymore..
Very fun game to play. Easy to understand. You make good friends. I'm still playing. Still love it. Still loving it. Best game out there. Just a fun game. Still love it
Please fix the auto spin feature, it is always disabled by the tickets counter, the task counter, or even randomly by its owl will. Otherwise, the game is fun, smooth and is having cute graphics.
I enjoy this game a lot. However a few days ago i finished building the Ukrainian island during the cursed island event and it didn't go to the next island like it usually does. Ive messaged them from the facebook page and all they says is to give them my UID# and a screenshot of the problem and we will get to you as soon as possible! This is now day 3 of the same purplem and nothing has been done. Half tempted to just delete the game!!
This game WAS a lot of fun until it started getting really buggy and not being fixed. Then the admin blamed the video problems on the advertisers... But, after what I learned from Google Pay today, with all android players not being able to make purchases (and Smash Island admin blaming Google), the problem is REALLY AladinFun developers, NOT Google! And, I'm believing more that the video problems are AladinFun, too, not the advertisers! I've spent way too much money in-game! I'm outta here!
I haven't even gotten past the second island and I already want to delete it. It won't let you upgrade, but it doesn't really matter. Someone takes your coins pretty much as soon as you spin to get them, and as soon as you upgrade, someone destroys it. It's a pretty much useless game unless you are willing to immediately spend money on it. :/
One of the best games ever. Just the sharing after completing a village to a friend so that you can get your 20 spins, is annoying my friends.
Ever since the new update I've been loosing toys in Slingshot and extremely glitchy very frustrating...please fix! Thanks!
Just started playing this game 8/2020 & I applaud it for reasonable deals & low island build prices👍🏿With that said, like many games, they are flawed & I'm in search of something original with a game that gives me all I need to complete daily goals & move on to the next level. I've notice in my search, all games are addicting & carbon copies of the next, why? In today's game play, I built 3 islands & not 1 steal on the road to 300 spins. UID:2196679
Besides all the time it takes to load islands ir it keeps freezing and bow there is a problem with one of the purchase packages one of them says 499 and dosent go thru at all its been stuck like that for a while now thought id lwt u guys kno please fix it so i can buy what it was suppsed to be...
love this game i play it a lot but you run out of spins so quickly I can't afford to pay for spins & rewards all.the time it would be great if you gave more free stuff i understand that you have to make your money
May 2, 2020 1:20am EST. Game was working fine until i built my island and was going to move to the last island. In the middle of moving on it frooze. So i tried to restart. Now, it wont let me log on. It says network is not at home at the moment. Please try again later. Please fix asap!! I've spent a lot of real money to get this far in the game.
Been playing for about a month now fun game and my suggestion to this game is to make a way to earn diamonds with out having to buy them.
Fun and addictive. Wish I didn't have to come back to change my review. Whatever you guys did on the last update made this game glitchy af. It refuses to let me attack, then the app just quits. Fix it and I'll start making purchases again. Don't fix it, and three stars will turn into one, and I'll find another game. Simple as that.
Please fix this game. It takes me all day to play the videos for free spins, chests and balloon. For Subsidy, when my Island is destroyed, which is All The Time, after I watch the video, I dont get the money. It says, " Unable to connect to the network" Fix it. Can you fix this garbage?
At first I'm inlove with the game because it offers a lot than the other coin games out there but yeah I fall out of love when this game loads like forever whenever I'll steal and attack. Like whyyy? Can't really blame my connection because everytime it goes like that I'll check ut and it's strong so yeah guess am gonna uninstall this game real quick.
I wish you didn't need those horns to chat. Like c'mon if somebody did spam just block and report. You're taking away the experience of chatting with people to that limit. We don't need limitations to chat...
Very easy to figure out and a great way to pass the time. Just started playing so I don't have much to go off of but so far it is fun
WOW !!! What a Awesome Game !!! There's so many different ways to win coins & spins & that is so Wonderful !!! I can't stop playing it !!! I'm up all night long lol !! It's the Best experience I have ever had with playing a game
It's a very good app, I'm already stuck here & couldn't find any others in play store..... Liked it so much till playing most of the days.....
I love the game great to pass time everyday I look forward to playing all the time. I would recommend to anyone to play.
I love the game but its not worth it to play, when you get lots of spins it want let you get more attacks and more steals so i give it one star now it was five stars
The game is addictive i have spent money yes i truly enjoy this game as well as the tribe i am in very helpful and happy we can talk to people all over world . Its a challenge sometimes to get enough coins betting at 50x lol if you want to enjoy yourself and beable to speak with people this game for ive played for 1 1/2 month attcking other people is fun when ur tribe puts a warrant out on them it can also be expensive buying gems and spins .something get stuff other times i dont
Game is rigged into forcing players to spend their own money in order to keep playing. It's a scam and should be investigated. The prices to build on each successive island start in the hundred thousand dollars and escalate to up to 10 million or more as the game progresses. However, the dollar amount on the wheel NEVER CHANGES. Receiving 8 spins per hour and one of the cash slots being 14.5k, you can see why in order to play you must pay. The bad part is that the game has tasks that must be completed, and tasks that are intentionally rigged to the point they can't be completed without spending money. This is unfair and illegal. After writing this review, I'm writing my credit card company and sending my screenshots of proof. I want my money back, and the makers of this game need to be investigated. I purchased a VIP package that gives bombs, birds and spins daily. I was saving my Paul bombs until the task regenerated at noon my time. I should have had 52 bombs. I only have the 30 that everyone gets at starting point for the day. I bought the others and they disappeared? Hell no. I want what I paid for returned to me. This game is getting outrageous with not allowing anyone to have even a minimal advantage, even if you buy it!
I loved this game, played it since it first launched. Spent quite a bit of money on it, paid for a VIP Membership every month. Then it had a technical problem so I messaged them 3 times and didn't even get a response. Bearing in mind I had just purchased a package when the technical fault happened, I told them this, messaged the support team. No response and the game is still crashing on me in the bonus wheel round. Please DO NOT BUY VIP Membership as it clearly means nothing!!
Uninstalled this game. After spinning around 60 spins of 3, I haven't gotten any shields. Here is the issue. I feel that the developers are trying to get you to pay for premium. I advanced quite far already, without spending, just playing smart. I was at the point of moving to a new island, but my buildings keep getting destroyed as I am unable to get more shields. I truly feel this is being done on purpose.
Hands down this is my favorite game to play!!!! It allows players to advance through the game, collect and upgrade pets, work as a team, and gives u plenty of incentives spins to continue. I love the fact that the makers made sure it was easier for first time ppl to play and asvance through the app the near future like this one and more games specil games when ppl
The game was fun in the beginning, but then they made changes to it. Now it is basically impossible to get anywhere in the game without spending a lot of real money. I know it's not supposed to be easy, but when you cant advance because of the way the game is set it becomes no longer fun!! My advice to anyone interested in games like this is find another game!!!
I absolutely love this game. It is progressive, time consuming, exciting and relaxing. Plenty of challenges and tasks along with extra mini games. Plenty of ways to earn extra spins and ways to build up your profile. The social side is pretty good especially when your involved with the guilds. Also not too many problems with glitches or issues of logging in which most of the similar games have issues with. Great job Smash Island!
I really like this game but i can't play it everywhere because if i forget to mute my media it has a very loud startup sound even though i have my game muted. Island king doesn't have this sound and it's the same developers. Fix this problem and I'll change my rating to 5 star .♡
So far! A lot of fun! Very colorful and great graphics! I think there should be a higher reward for finishing Islands! It takes a lot of spins and coins! So unless "Building Master" is on, you don't get much. Other than that! I love the game!! Totally addicted!!!! I'm not liking how you have lowered the spin rewards! :( Still love the game tho! Keep up the good work!! 😁
How am I suppose to play when I am unable to collect my gifts and spins fix your game it has been three days FIX your GAME then maybe someone will give you better Ratings
love this game!!!! I was playing Coin Master for the past 3 years! Always wanting to throw my phone thru the wall when I was done! This game!! I LOVE! I never get aggravated, there are so many things to do! Great job!! All you CM players ougt to come to the Islands!!! Still LOVING THIS GAME!!! I am so addicted, and in love with game!! Coin Master Who??? lol Once again!! still loving this game!! I am truly addicted! Im so addicted to this game! really love Need higher rewards for finishing islands
I rarely rate games that I get just for TapJoy, but wow, does this game want all of your money! The premise is similar to Pirate Kings and the like, but you aren't even able to complete one island before you're forced to stop, and beware when you do! People don't just attack your island, they can destroy it, meaning you have to start paying from the begining! Seriously, anyone can tell you, get the player comfortable and invested playing your game before the pay wall.
this game is addictive, still learning how to play but it is exciting, l love playing the game very exciting keeps you playing a lot
i really liked this game, played it for longer than i usually play apps but if you don't have friends playing with you there is no point in playing this game. As soon ad you finish your spins you are met with two ads, which is annoying but i kept playing but i am just so sick of getting my island destroyed while i am trying to help the people i added. Tl;dr: game is only fun with facebook friends
Intoxicating! I have never spent a single dollar and I am on island 52 in only a few months. I do intend to buy the VIP though but what I am trying to say is you DON'T GET STUCK ANYWHERE IN THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BUY MORE OF SOMETHING. THIS GAME IS SO ENTERTAINING there is always something in the game that needs to be done! But stop making knock off games. The one you have a link to in this game has ugly characters and it plays the same way as smash. Gets mundane. ;)
I have played this game since it started and I loved it.but every time there's an upgrade I can't login for a few days it keeps freezing when trying to load. So when I do get on it my island is destroyed
I loved the game but it is impossible to get friends on this game unless u have friends that already play or are willing to try it out so u lose out on a lot of free spins and help when you need some!
I've been playing this for months and just reached the end of the available islands - and that's where it's let itself down. Being unable to move to the next island has simply left island vulnerable, and now it's been smashed down to nothing again, wasting millions of coins. It should warn you you're on the last island as if I'd known I wouldn't have bothered building till there was a new island to go to. It's also getting very buggy on the map screen itself. Disappointing end game.
Best coin spin ever. Hands down A very rare breed of developers who put customer first. Progress is smooth without spending real money. Rewards are generous. I have all the spin games and this is the best..... The best I say. Waiting for a good big update as there is no update since 5 months. However game is smooth and occasionally server connection lost error....
I'm about to leave 😩 one task is to build 2 buildings and another use my eal and I've completed a whole village and used my eal 5 times and didn't credit... My birds won't leave the sling shot if I don't pull down enough yet goes to far when it finally does shoot 🤦🏽‍♀️ also when I steal it hardly loads keeps going back to 0😩. I love the idea of the game gives you lots to do but they have a lot to fix as well.
When I first started the game I loved it and gave it a 5- stars rating. Now I give it a 1-stars rating why because when I finish my island it doesn't take me over to the next island and I have to rebuild and people shouldn't have to rebuild when you have to rebuild over and over. We put money in on this game and we shouldn't have to do that either. When we have a guild tournament we started out in first place and at the end of the tournament we ended up in 6th place. So here is my 1-stars rating.
For no reason it reset the toy game. Theres many mad players including myself. I had a few full sets of toys reqdy to claim when the new day started. It took all our toys away!! I spent money to buy wands to earn thosr toys. !!!!
I deleted this game because it takes forever to finish a village and all you get is 20 lousy spins when done. Seriously you should get more spins awarded for every village you complete no matter how long it takes
This game isn't too bad. That's until this last update, now it's running extremely slow. One thing I don't like is that in order to buy more coins you have to but gems!! Really?? That's stupid. Just give the option to buy the coins!! And I can't get into the daily login screen to gets my daily coins. I thought the update would have taken care of that but it didn't.
I have been playing this game for a long time, and it is one of my favorites. But I can say that it breaks my heart to have to come back and drop my 5 star review to a 3 star review. Because of the glitches its having since I've had to update it. It will just freeze all of a sudden. It's not giving me any of the coins that I am winning. I hate to say this but if these problems are not resolved than It will be by, by Smash Island which I would hate to do because I love this game please fix it.
I like the game. I LIKE the sub games within it. I do not like how the game has become increasingly more oriented towards aving to spend money to succeed at any levels. I already pay a monthly fee. Now, I cannot even progress beyond my current level due to recent changes. Rewards have been decreased or are not showing up at all, when you win big money the game will crash and various other issues. I really hope the developers fix these issues or I will find a different game to play.
It would be a great game if it didn't stick so much. Its always telling me to restart the game and always disconnecting from the internet connection it makes me want to uninstall because right in the middle of collecting or attacking it sticks, so frustrating!!! Oh but it doesnt stick when u posting on facecook. Not Good
Its a great game as long as you don't get upset about being attacked or robbed. Its just a game to have fun and enjoy yourself.
Fun at 1st but get boring you guys need new events an new ways to win gems and would be cool if there were more rewards and new surprises an maybe even have a bigger wheel with more coins and etc an maybe new bosses to defeat uk just something new would be nice
Really love this game but for the last week when I got luck on the wheel and it gives me spins .. they aren't calculated on the spin meter. Have hit luck three times for a hundred spins each time and didn't receive them. If this is a glitch would like to see it fixed. Other than that I'm a true fan of this game!!!
really... over 200 spins and you can't get a shield? nothing but attacks, which leaves you open to attacks so you can never complete your island.. From what I've been told even when you pay for spins it makes no difference. With all that feedback hard to believe it's not money making scheme, despite the numerous ads you encounter to play the game.
Really enjoy this app! So much going on, not like your usual game. Lots of fun and interaction. The more you play the more you get hooked on the game and can't seem to get enough of it!
I have found my new favorite!! This game has it all thank you. it doesn't take weeks to complete the card packs! my first time an completed 5 already. you guys did great with this one. I've uninstalled 2 other games I'm hooked on Smash Island
As others said, this is another clone of Pirate Island, and yes, the gameplay here is so much more player unfriendly. After the first island you can't advance without spending money, because you constantly get your buildings destroyed and have to start over. Overall, this is just another game whose sole purpose is to make the players spend all their time watching ads and all their money buying in-game currency, it's so obvious that it's not even remotely enjoyable. Don't bother to install.
Not sure why this is happening but even today in slingshot King. When the boxes are supposed to refill there is only 2. I open the game and it shows all the boxes disappearing except 2. Not sure who to contact about this.
Overall an alright game, however when an Attack or Steal event is on the creators like to cheat and edit the outcome of the wheel to be opposite of what is needed. So to summarise, okay game but if you experience problems don't expect much help from game makers.
I'm totally addicted to playing this. The graphics are awesome. I can play for hours if I didn't run out of spins. I've even gotten my husband addicted to playing too
I have been playing this game a long time. I still love it. Review yes I'm still playing my favorite game.
Love the game but it does have some flaws I believe. The slingshot game needs to be revised to where ppl.can not go in and take another person's toys off tree. Happens far too often.World chat needs monitoring too. Too many men looking for dates.
It was finally fixed, but in the meantime they took my Captain spot away from a guild that I BEGAN... UPDATE... STILL NOT FIXED! UPDATE... I am a Captain of a 40 person guild and have not had access to my guild chat or world chat for TWO WEEKS! I'VE REPORTED this to Aladdin FOUR times through settings then feedback and they still haven't fixed it! I'll edit my review after this is fixed... Awesome game! WAY better than Coin Master by FAR! SOOOO much more to do and ppl are SOOO much nicer...
This game is absolutely ridiculous ive been playing this for a while now and all you do is constantly attack people you don't hardly get any steals,so all your doing is constantly wasting your spins and gaining hardly anything,I would say the attacks are every 3 spins 🙄🙄😡😡😡
I thought it was a fun and enjoyable game until I soon found out that a single player can attack you multiple times all day long. It's really not fun when all your doing is using all your money and spins to just repair what one player has done to your island. Other things that a bit annoying is the glitches and how often certain parts of the game are "down".
i Love it started playing can't stop is very interesting and fun my children and my friends also like da game
Graphics are great, has a nice style, but there's hardly any game there at all, even for a 3 year old toddler. It's just showing you what to do the entire time, and for how basic it is, theres no need. This sort of game dumbs down society, when it could have been something useful and fun. Also Facebook??? The only people left using that are our grandmothers.
great game, but it keeps sticking when attacking. The last building to pop up is taking days to load i am still waiting, is the game stuck?
Only just started playing and the game has froze on attack! But won't load to attack please can you fix this as I can't play now 😒
This is an amazing game with amazing people,i wish i could show you all!Im on most of the day&the people you meet are so lovely...this game has so many things to do &the prizes/offers you get are better than ANY game ive ever played!😄😄😄😄
Always something wrong..no free spins .no air balloon ..freezes all the time ..you don't get enough REWARDS the higher u get 50 spins and 10.1 m isn't helping its not enough ..your rewards should go off the island you are on xx
I really really really love it. Best game ever and very addicting. Lots of interesting mini games that keep me going. Most important, i love my guild. It's like family to me and i can keep interacting with new friends everyday. Thank you so much guys for a great game. Keep up the good work :)
What's up with this game lately? Everytime I get to steal money from someone, at the end when it says confirm, it won't work and I can't go back to the wheel. I have to completely get out of the game and start it again. I've done this like 10 times tonight and it's pissing me off. If this isn't fixed, I'm uninstalling the game. It's been 2 days and you STILL haven't fixed the problem. What the heck, am I going to have to delete this game? It sucks having to go out and click on the game again
I enjoy playing this game with the friends I have met in the guild that I joined. I especially like that we can exchange items in the events we have and are able to give cards to help complete sets. Thanks for allowing me to play through Facebook which is a lot better than playing by yourself!!!!
I absolutely love the game it's fun, and challenging and I love a challenge. I do wish that the multiplayer on the wheel would at least go to 5.. Also I wouldn't mind more challenges put on the Facebook page. That way there COULD BE more rewards...I HOWEVER ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME...
awesome love it... ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND THE FRIENDSHIPS ON HERE ARE Awesome as Well Especially being Part of a Guild Keep it Up...Sweet JF
What is going on with the game i cant even get it to load today....yesterday it played fine....all my other game are working fine....
TOO MANY annoying pop ups during the game trying to make players spend actual money & buy features. The game is cute, fun, you can decorate islands with different themes & destroy other ppls islands as they can yours. there's a wheel of fortune type that spins & gives u points to build. anyone including friends can attack u or steal money. it's time consuming until the points / spins QUICKLY run out. Even with bonuses on each level, it takes a lot of time just to complete your island & move up.
I really love this game. Fun and the graphics are great. I look forward to the next island. The side games are fun and never boring. My only complaint is it seems expensive to purchase gems and money. I spend alt of money to reach goals like the steals and attacks. It seems like the more I spend the less i get. Especially when spinning 20 or 30 I don't seem to get the steals and spins as much. When I play the joker game, the higher I go, the more I spend I get the joker more often.
I'm very disappointed I was at a high level in the game until it got taken down for redevelopment. I had my Facebook account connected to the game. Since the 'redevelopment' the game is boring it's nothing like it used to be. I've lost all my progress coins etc. I was a long time player and gave only just recently discovered the 'redeveloped' version which in my opinion is not as good. Now I have to start all over again.