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Smash Ball

Smash Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CoCo Magic Games located at Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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So far I enjoy this app very much.they appear to be straight up.give you up dates on your balance every time you score. They offer you a cash build anytime. So far I'm very satisfied I haven't tried to cash out yet, but the offers their continuously I would rate him before or five star.
Challenging, fun, alot of hand and eye timing. And it is basic enough that you can put it down and pick it up again later. Or a quick 5 min on the bus. Good stuff
so far I am in joying the games they offer, but that's all I know about the app right now, I have only been on this app a few days. Hopefully later I can give it a 5 star but I have not reached the pay out yet
If you play it you will win money but you gotta make progress tho an I made 5$ the first day I played
How y'all gonna play us?? Only 100 levels?? This game is spectacularly awesome and should have at least 1000 levels! No way you guys are done...right?? Sad face emoji!
Its a very fun game but maybe if you put less ads maybe more ppl would play and enjoy it..but i dont find anything wrong..its very easy
Honestly this game is OK but it'll be better if there was a premium for no ads, because i have a lot of money.
I will only downlosd this app for play spot for earning plz dont downlosd this app this is very bad app for playing for timepass
this is simple game striving for cordinatorial of hands and eyes in mose simplistic senses. Also but your A.I. to work on smoothness of device capable calibrations. im enjoying this game quite a bit plus you get paid so win win win for me.
The game is fun but I'm still waiting to see if you actually going to pay out real cash cuz that's the only thing that can take the enjoyment away from it
There is to meny adds and i still will play it case it is fun to play we ther is now adds but dont wast your time
It's a good little game when you have a few minutes to spare. Not too exciting actually a bit boring if you play it for a while but not bad for a short time.
Easy and fun. Getting to new levels isn't too hard - constant ads can get a bit much. But good game overall.
Only one star to see if it really cashes out cause now it's not giving me anymore coins in playing the game but all of a sudden it stopped giving me coins
Well i got to a certain level it kept my score but started me over in levels now i don't earn $ per level anymore thru justplay. Kinda bummed
The game glitches out a TON. Also, after every 3 levels (literally takes a minute to complete 3 levels) There's a 30-45 second unskippable ad.
Fun game!! Playing on a money app. Win win thanks developers. Commercials are short. I don't mind watching as long as developers are getting some revenue from it.
You actually receive cash in your Pay Pal Account. You are not going to get rich off this game . I use it as a distraction when I'm feeling stressed so I get paid for feeling stressed.😜
This game is so much fun and I can't stop playing but sometimes the game starts lagging but otherwise my sister likes playing this I don't have alot to say
I playedthis game as a way of making point on Play Spot. Its a pretty easy game and and times almost too easy. The ball can hit the black spaces for nearly 5 seconds before you lift. Crazy. I wish that it had more levels. I reached level 100 before it looped back around and I stopped being able to collect points for Play Spot.
At first i was hesitant in thinking this was another fake app but i now i can 100% say it dose thus game is both fun and it has real payout its worth the download
I love the game but when the ball turns to a fire does that mean that you can hit the black ones and if you can does that mean you get extra points for it
This game is takes constructive moves to win. Once you figure it out theirs another curve ball to make it challenging.
The game is interested but i haven't cash out yet, i will complete my 5start after i cash out successfully
This is one of the best games I've ever played and plus if I can earn money playing it if I download playspot
I have one problem with this game i have addict with thia so thanks full to allo of creator and founder of this game its a humble request to make this type of more game
After every level an ad.Any time you break a ball an ad. Basically you get more ads than actual time playing the game. It's disgusting. Don't download
Geeat Game loves the colors and the levels but you must be able to not hit the black color are you loose your score.
Very addictive game. The morning after playing game, first thing i thought about was immediately playing again.
Besides the adds every 30 secs and the glitches of the game freezing after my score kept getting up around 2000 points and it restarting me to 0 I actually found the game super addictive fix those 2 issues and you'd probably have a real game
I haven't had it installed long to find out. I'm mostly try it to see if you re true to your policy about paying out or just another game like the ones l Uninstaller that lied. TIME will tell. Ask me again later.
Pretty good it's easy to pass time with and make money at the same time so that's a plus. My husband always says I got nothing but time so why not. Figured I'd just go for it and see . Wish me luck on my adventure to life.
I saw this on an ad and it really takes the game good they find the game so good and people find it fun yes every time when people I mean it's a very good game I do like it and I get that it's is my turn to get things on this game play the nicest game in the world I get it again it again that's why I like it even my sister's here listening to it so funny what is the way and I will not be able to miss it so very good people don't have it so very good the game and you,LL get what I mean
I just really love this game it is not like any game I have played before.💚I think it is great how you can hear and feel the ball bounce and cut threw. 👍Great Job! Thanks for sharing!
It's alright but mostly just gives you coins for watching ads in order to earn rewards for this other app, sometimes the apps lag the game and it's a bit boring after a while
"ALOHA", and yes I luv dis game. It is very addicting to play once U know how 2 control da Ball. I jus cannot "STOP".
I have an enormous amount of passion toward this game. I am delivering the best summary because I can test my motion and energy efficiency to parallel in real life. That's my best motivation of playing this.
Ads Ads I'm sick of your uninteresting ads Ok does it have a paid version I would more than happy pay because I either use mod or pay for apps with ads normally so I'm not used to apps with ad. Improve👎🏻
Fun at first then it gets a little mundaneI'm still going to try it some more especially after I get this update for the graphic content improval.
I love the game but it keeps freezing up you can complete 3 levels then after the add the ball will bounce but will not break through. You have close the game and reopen to complete the level then it will freeze all over again.
If I actually understood it from the outset, I would enjoy it more. Learning as one goes is fine, but there's a certain element of wasting my time without understanding what I'm actually trying to accomplish.
I like it but it took a lot of failure before I got it.Trying to make points for just play 10 points every finish.easy peasy thanks.
I played the game and beat the game. I hit all 100 levels and i ended back to level 1. Love the game i wish it had way more levels. I would definitely recommend this game to play. I give this game a full 5 star rating.
Game good. Sometimes it's off and spans the black with a hard correct tap-hit, 4/5. Fire🔥ball does not stay if tap on black 3-4 times. If a new game begins, and you make one move & the ball is not on the color, lose before starting game. Fun 5/5. Tapsoft? Did. Level 114, yellow&orange, & spasm span vibrated. Start puzzles with only a top full color 4 tap to play, could keep as is, part of game. Leaving 2-3 colors to not spasm mid-game, &yet spasm fault after fire ball. Players, fire the balls!