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Smart Puzzles Collection

Smart Puzzles Collection for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by App Holdings located at 601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game! Nice atmosphere, because of the cool music. But I need more moves - ideally I want to buy infinite moves. It'll make gameplay less stressfull :) if this adjective is applicable for puzzle game. So I just want to relax, please, just take my money and give me infinite moves. Time limit for the maze? Are you crazy?!
Not sure how I feel about this. The music is so relaxing... THEN AN AD STARTS SCREAMING AT YOU BECAUSE RAWR... so you stop it, and the nice calming music resumes... Very clearly, the volume of the music used and that of the adverts needs to be changed so that the ads are quieter. Also... A number of the solutions are wrong, like #5 of matchsticks. Which makes it just a guessing game
This app really does make you think, easy puzzles up to level 20 and then get slightly more testing on your brain after. My niece thinks this is good fun for her also as challenges the younger mind.
A large variety of games which are mostly enjoyable. Then some annoying issues, firstly the maze is impossible. Even on level 1 if you tap quickly and make no mistakes the timer still runs out well before you have finished. Secondly I paid to remove ads but I get prompted to view ads every 5 seconds anyway. I would pay to get rid of the incessant "rate my ad" pop up. Some explanation of the games would be good like the guess the percent one. I do well at that on that one but I have no idea why!
All the games in this puzzle are fun to play but I'm having a major problem with the rollerball for some reason even after rebooting my phone the pegs in that particular game will not move you have the sound and account changes but the pay itself is not move what is my problem
Loving this game but I have noticed a couple of issues. 1. There is no clear error margins for the percentage mini game. For example I was playing it and the mug appeared. I guessed wrong by +8% and it gave me it as correct, yet when the next shape appeared, a heart I was wrong by +8% again and it gave me a wrong mark for it. Could you please make it clear what the margin for error is in these puzzles 2. There is nothing to do with our gems. I have about 6K gems and have nothing to do with them
Fun addictive and challenging game. I keep thinking i will crack a level but eventually do. Worth the download and if i dont want to be disturbed by adverts i just switch off my data soi could focus more on the game. Big ups to everyone behind this game oh and theres tons of different puzzles which makes it even better
I would give it a 5, but the maze is broken. The game controls are nowhere near responsive emough to traverse the maze in anywhere near the short time alloted. Cannot even get past level one.
Some of the games are quite hard like the pipes but overall it is a really fun puzzle game. Only no and then there are ads but not to many like other games so that is why I gave it a five star.
Some of the games are fun. Going though lower levels is still on some. Some annoying bugs. Very hard to get the mouse to move in the maze sometimes. Can't pick up pieces in some games. Ads were not too bad at first but now they come on at high volume with no warning meaning that playing anywhere quiet is impossible. Uninstalling.
pretty good collection, lots of varietied of puzzles to play with no "stamina" meters that force you to watch an ad to keep playing. my only issue is with the maze pack, which feels extremely unresponsive. The timer is also way too short to account for how difficult it is to get the mouse to move, sometimes I will swipe one way and the mouse will go the complete opposite way. Encountering these in a daily practice are very frustrating as there is no skip.
Like the app a lot! The *only* thing I wish was different was that you could unlock the last game-- the way you can the others-- without having to pay for it. And the price is to unlock ALL the games, which I already have so it's an absurd cost for 1 of the mini games. Otherwise I love it! (Which is why that's so frustrating!) So yeah, the games are all fun and challenging but never undoable. Still a solid 5β˜†'s even tho that locked last game drives me nuts!! :P
Have to wade through a lot of easy stuff unless you subscribe, so fair enough. The Continuous Line game is way too easy throughout! On the Pipes game, I would like to suggest a graphic showing the leak/s when you run out of moves. At the moment, the game is whisked away and reset before you can see where you went wrong.
Best game ever. This game has kept me preoccupied from the rest of my other games. The challenges are fun, keeps the mind sharp as a razor.
I started with game just the other day but so far I can't complain. The longer you play the harder the levels become.
Fun and varied time waster with a few shortcomings. Move limits in Brush mistakes swipe direction and wastes moves. Just touching a piece in Escape costs a move! Remove the timer/move limits and give the ability to instantly play the next level without waiting for the play button to fade in and there's potential for five stars. The maze is impossible to do for the most part - there's no way to cover 95% of the map even with split-second AI running it, it's ridiculous! Fix your game!
This game is extremely fun, and i could gove it a 5* easily if they were to add a reset button for certain modes. having to back out and go back in every time is a bit tedious. mostly though worth the download, but id like to see reset level for every mode.
Most of the games are locked and you need to grind the free stupid games to unlock them or pay real money, also the graphics are terrible.
Been playing a few days now and it's over all very good but it is let down by one very big flaw. The maze puzzles. The time limits are way to short for how far away the exit is and the controls are very unresponsive to the point you will swipe left but it will go a different way instead, and with the above mentioned time limits can make them feel impossible
Update keeping it at three stars. No one has bothered to make changes. I had uninstall app due to frequent crash. When I reinstalled it it started me all over. Had a five star but down to three stars because the daily workout can have any puzzle. If some of the puzzles are locked how can you learn to play them on the daily workout. Would be nice to have instructions.
I am loving the relaxing music and that you can just listen to this while playing the puzzles. Enjoying so far. When you get a new game you don't have any instructions on how to do the game. The daily puzzle needs instruction.
It constantly asks for stars, and you must rate it for the screen to leave. Lost count how many times I had to rate it to continue playing. Lots of ads, but all very short. Games are ok, but most are still locked so its beginning to get very repeative. The maze is annoying with the time limit. Some rounds it runs out of time even if I swipe as quickly as I can without making mistakes. I don't like swipping it. Wish there was a better button control for that. At least the game is free....
A good game but too many ads one at the end of each level and lould ads wt.f I did not turn vol up and forcing people to rate game is not good is it it say to rate game but u can't close it until u rate it so it's why what would have been a 4 is now a 3 players should be able to pick what games thay want to rate not beening made to rate or close the game and restart it to get rid of the rate game thing but it is a offline play game as well and it is a ok game over all for this game type!.
Good range of puzzles, nice graphics and good gameplay. Additional puzzles seem to unlock at a good frequency and easy to keep it varied. Some negatives though: 1. It asks you to rate it after about every 5 puzzles - nothing happens if you select 3 or less stars but selecting 5 stars takes you to the store. Nothing against the game but this is BLATANT MANIPULATION BY THE MANUFACTURERS. 2. The starting puzzles are really quite easy and you have to work through all of them to unlock harder ones.
Would have got the 5 stars i think it deserves if it were not for the lack of a save feature tied to my Google account in the event of swapping devices, reverting to factory settings or flashing custom ROM etc. I needed to revert to factory settings and upon redownloading this app, i discovered i have to start from scratch again
Really enjoyable. But major issue is that the maze game does not work. It simply does not respond to the movement. Consequently, impossible to complete daily workout. Besides, I love mazes and would like to play. So far, all other games are good.
Enjoyable for hours. So many different puzzles and so many levels for each. Nice work. Low memory use. Offline as well.
It's challenging. It kills my boredom. I like it. Hoping for your next update that maybe, i can earn something. Like money? Point? Redeemable prices? Why not? Take my advice once you became successful. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
It's a very addictive game and will keep you on it for a veeeerrrrryyyy long time. I don't suggest opening the app if you have anything important to do because it won't get done. It's perfect because of the huge variety and it is so well fragmented that you'll constantly want to do "just one more". Well done Devs, best game like this I have ever come across.
Paid to remove ads, but the first thing I see when I open the app is an ad. Give me my money back! The whole thing is a bit of a mess. The difficulty level is all over the place. Some of the puzzles are not very responsive to the touch screen (particularly Tangram).
I love the game it is fun and cool but it takes a long time for it to load for a game. But it is still a good game and I like it a lot!!!
I'm loving it.. I wonder how long I could last or until what level I could solve the puzzle...or should I say every level makes me excited to look forward for it..in short,I'm enjoying.😁😊
Some puzzles are very good although the level of difficulty plateaus way too early and you just end up playing the same level of challenge over and over. Other puzzles just have a poor level of control or you have to guess the rules. The overall targets and daily challenge become pointless. Graphics are a bit basic. I enjoyed a couple of the puzzles for a week or two but now I'm left with annoying/confusing/non functioning games Shame.
Very poor quality, can't complete some of the puzzles because it's so buggy. Visually the puzzle is completed but it won't recognize it. The only one I found that worked was the blocks puzzle which was very boring.
Just amazing...I can't explain in words how much fantastic the game is...very helpful game... and the big point is that game is in so much less mb so everyone can install this game....there are many stages...and in each stage there there was 50 levels...and the all games are very tricky challenging...it will help to increase brain power...so all over the game is really awesome..and bestest game I ever played...πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
a nice combination of puzzles but no instructions how to play them, especially daily workout, which is extremely frustrating if you have never come across that type of puzzle before, also the diamonds collected for completing puzzles can only be used to buy hints for certain puzzles. thinking of deleting unless this improves
Fantastic variety, easy to use interface and bearable frequency of ads. Just strange to be rewarded with an in game currency that has seemingly no use whatsoever.
The game is nice. But since I reached the level 4-41 in pipes I couldn't figure it out so I kept trying, I discovered that it was because the game don't fit fully in the screen so some pipes where hidden 😀, I was able to solve it but only because I played while splitting my screen, which is very annoying and small, now the rest of the pipes puzzles showing the same issue, I stopped playing it, then thought about leaving this review πŸ™ƒHope this can be fixed in the next update ao I can comeback.
I love all the games. They're pretty fair, lovely and calming music and each are enjoyable, fun, and mind-racking. Well i love them all except for one: The Maze Game I hate that there's a timer because the mouse moves really slow, I can never catch up in time even when I instantly figured out the correct passages within the first 2 seconds that I'm in it. That's the game I avoid like the plague. But the rest...the blocks, the pipes, the rope, etc I love them all. Could've given 5 stars but no
I jus started playing, so I haven't experienced much yet. However, what I have played is fun. Challenging. And I wouldn't claim it to be an "ad swamped" free game neither. May change my rating once invested.
The games varies with either easy or hard and no middle ground. It is annoying to guess a glass is 31% full and the answer is 29% so the answer is counted as wrong. No human eye can see it that specific. There should be more time to adjust the pipes, and better options to rotate items all around.
Good games. But let down by to many ad's intervals. I appreciate you have to make money with ads , but putting ads in like this, well... good luck....!!
Nice and brilliant game he sach a good for brain it is relaxing our mind .one 🌟 cutting for piipes theme he is not easy for in normal level. OK Improve it.
Very engaging there's no hint button so you have to think about the puzzle that is why I love this app so much please leave the hint button out of the game
I'm sure the puzzles get challenging enough as you progress, but I've uninstalled because almost every ad hangs the game forcing close/reopen. Those ads that did work are only 5 seconds - kudos to the dev for relying on their game to draw users in and not insulting us with greed like so many! Design is good, except that you need a restart button on screen as you're playing, and a quick link back to the home screen rather than having to use the phone's back button 2-3 times. 🀞Fix the ads soon!
pretty good so far. brain puzzles that are not too hard. They definitely get harder! As I unlock more puzzles, I love the app more! Great brain exercises if you like to work it.
Very good for brain boosting for like school or something. It helped a lot and now I understand puzzles more than I did.
Enjoying the puzzles so far, had to pay for the advert removal because the sudden music change would completely ruin the mood - and even after purchasing it, I'm constantly being reminded to rate this app, as well as being encouraged to watch adverts for gems. Would be a higher rating otherwise.
Nice game but the in between advertisements are full of porn. Horrible Ads, what the hell are google ads and smart puzzle developers doing!?!?!?!
In this game there are some problems in block The level of 52 and 53 are same .maze puzzle cat is not moving its very difficult for me to play
Decent game selection and controls, but what on earth possessed you to not include a Reset button in the Matches game?! It's so frustrating having to quit out of the level every time I want to reset the matches, which often get stuck unable to move anymore!
A lovely selection of games. But the maze game was unresponsive and the little mouse did not move at all and given it is a timed game. A pity as all the other games are enjoyable.
i usually enjoy this app because of the variety of different puzzles that it has and i enjoy playing the maze puzzle every now and then but it just doesn't register when i try to get the mouse to move or it goes backwards in the wrong direction which is incredibly annoying especially as your up against a timer, it would be better if you had a option of arrows on the game
Hv problem with the maze. I hv to swipe a few times to move where I wanted it but then it went back on its own and I hv to swipe it a few times to get it to where it was before. Can never finish this one.
Excellent, finally decided due the the wealth of various game optionit was worth paying for the premium version and stopping the annoying but not over the top adverts. Only downside is it keeps asking me if I want more gems, which I have no idea what they are for. Love the statistics too.
Hard to put down once you've started. Need will power :D It is what description says it is. One very annoying thing though. I can't find a way to actually turn off sound in the app. When adverts pop up it's on. Be aware!
Bought the premium version long time ago, had a ton of experience accumulated and in one day it just reverted back to basic version (same phone, same everything), all achievements were annulled and better part of games were locked. Can't log in, can't restore anything, what a waste.
Playing this app actually help me with remembering things like the answer to many math problems and more. I highly recommend this app if you want to increase your iq.
Good game for beginners...keep it up.smart puzzles- A collection of puzzles,a lot of games in one game.
Dont get me wrong, some of the games easy levels are really engaging such as the percentage game or symmetry but my rage comes from the mazes section in particular and a couple others. With mazes on easy there is literally only one way to go, theres no maze its one set path a new born infant could complete it, no challenge at all. Very tedious and grindy in these mind numbing easy levels which you have to grind to get more challenging ones.
Good amount of games Which are fun to play, but there are a few issues. Both brush and maze do not always move the character in the direction you swipe. Given the complexity of some of the mazes in maze it is possible they may not be doable. Also the mirror image game time limit seems too short and the selection of the highlighted squares does not always work. Finally in pipes not all the pipes have fitted on my screen in some levels.
Some of the games are fun. Not much instruction though. My biggest issue (for 2 stars) is many many ads and you must find & mute sound on EACH one....if you are in an area where phones must be silenced or even in public you cannot use this app....LAME!!
Very nice app and for a small space and is quite a challenge for the brain so I recommend you download it
3 stars for variety of games alone. The staggered unlock if type of puzzles allows easy entry. Diamonds you get for completing puzzles are worthless unless you want to unlock a type of puzzle early. Limited tutorials is a problem, as is the fact that the daily challenge can throw up a puzzle of a difficulty you haven't reached yet. Number of puzzles is inconstant between difficulty & type - e.g. 100 simple jewel puzzles is too many & just a long grind.
A couple of hours in...it's still OK. ..yes.. loads of ads.. that's fine... we expect that from a free game. I don't use hints on games like this..some games are really obvious but I think they're missing an info button. Some games have an "undo" button... can't seem to find one on the matches game. Once you've moved a couple, you don't know where you've moved them from? A little inconsistent too. I know one thing. I'm useless at pipes.
for the love of god would you please unlock all the difficulty levels when we buy the premium version of the app, im sick of solving puzzles designed for 5 year olds just to unlock the challenging ones. it seems the only way to quickly unlock the top difficulty levels is to spend a ridiculous amount of money on their in game currency. its a shame to see such greed ruin what could have been a very good game
It is very fun to play, there are many different types of puzzle games with different levels. The puzzles are challenging that's why it is very good.
Most of the games are super fun and challenging. The Color Hues and Symmetry games are the worst, I wish there was a way to opt out of them for the Daily Workout. Blocks, One Line, and Matches are amazing.
Maze levels timer is too quick. I end up fighting the controls for it and making a mistake when it interprets up for right or any other direction and running out of time. Even when doing everything correctly I run out of time as the mouse moves at a set speed.
Good game. My title bars on the stats page are In a different language, that's odd. But everything else works well.
Its the best game I had seen so far. You will never be disappointed on this game. This game is based on logical thinking and improves our brain power. .... Its a very fantastic game
Just started this collection with blocks. So far so good. There are obviously ads after each level which you can ignore but there may be something you like.
from what ive played I'm enjoying it but this reveiw was forced upon me for me to be able to continue with what i was doing. i will never understand why when youre only 10 mins into the game you ate asked to review, this annoys me and i am less likely to give a good review, the more it happens the less likely a 4-5 star review becomes.
Great puzzles. The maze puzzle is so bad....it's almost impossible because it's so hard to navigate with touch screen... Solution add direction arrows or give more time.
This game is very intresting and its puzzles will sharp more the brilliant gys and this game you will like beacuse its puzzles are very intresting
Adverts RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a go. 30 seconds into a game, I went to move a piece and got hit by a long advert. No thank you. Uninstalling.
Nice and satisfying game for children and adult. Very good game. Best mind game love it so much. Thank you very much.
Just started playing this on 03-10-21, but I like it so far. And I'm only on the blocks. There are other games in here that I haven't even gotten to yet. The music is calming too, which I love. The ads are always annoying, but thankfully there's not that many.
I liked it, cute graphics and good range of puzzles. I've just changed phones though and now I've lost all my progress and the ads are back πŸ™
Great game, especially the different games to choose from. Only remark, it takes to long to advance to the advanced levels.
Some of the games are extremely annoying. Some of the games have terrible controls without excuse. Overall though, it's almost entirely free and there are several puzzle types that are good fun so 5 stars is fair.
Good app with lots of puzzle games. Doesn't appear that purchase is necessary to access any of the games/levels, but is offered to speed up access to them. The ads rarely have countdowns, just an X to click (which is awesome). Only issue is I picked this app for the marble maze that is on the thumbnail, only to find out it isn't an option. Maybe in future updates?
Ive just found this collection of games, and so far i like it. However, as a newbie, id sure like to see the instructions for each type of game easily available within the app. If they're there, I sure could not find them. I had to go to the Play Store to finally find them...not very convenient.
I still play this game, this smart puzzle game is very good, it has many types of games and the idea is found on watching videos right now.Or the game is very cheap but good I wanted to give it 5 stars but I will give it 4 stars because it has a level which is absolutely confusing so I will not give it a five star Thank you
πŸ’œπŸ’₯ just beautiful the way it makes your mind work the creativity in it πŸ‘Œ it really is a beauty
Like the game, puzzles get harder as they progress. Not an overload of ads and the ones that have are after the level. Worth the download.
enjoy the games but it is glitchy with some of the matchstick sums saying move the wrong number of sticks and the maze one doesn't respond. No explanation at the beginning of a new game as to what you're meant to do. Also far far too many adverts. On average an ad every 3 games. Very annoying.
Fun and challenging, except for the maze game. There's something wrong with it; the mouse stops responding to swipes that control movement, and there's no way to win the mazes where there's a timer. A pleasant collection of visual mind teasers that progressively unlock and become available to play as you play more.
A real shame. The music is so relaxing and nice. Once I'd turned off the jarring completion sounds each level it was lovely to have that backdrop as I moved through the puzzles. Only this ambiance is shattered by loud adds every few levels! At least have silent ones so as not to detract from the aim of the app?
A nice collection of games! I just wish all the puzzles were already unlocked and didn't have too earn them too be unlocked, lol. Maybe add so we could watch an add so many times too unlock them. Also, I wish you could save progress with Facebook or something! Also, wish this puzzle collection had themes. I'm really into puzzle games with themes, an this game don't have that. Maybe add a few themes e.g:- autumn, halloween, christmas, winter, wood etc.. Just too name a few. Otherwise great.