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Small World: Civilizations & Conquests

Small World: Civilizations & Conquests for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Asmodee Digital located at 54 rue de Clichy 75009 Paris France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game. I own the physical board game with nearly all the expansions, I just really wish Small World 2 would have them too including Underground, River World and Sky Islands.
Great version of a great game. I would have liked some additional customization options such as allowing us to increase the number of rounds or play on different sized boards. I know this would break the intended balance of the game, but just for funsies. Also the client crashes sometimes, but it's fairly rare.
Quite a number of bugs like difficulty restoring purchases. Also, the expansions are not made equal in value but are all priced equally expensive. Otherwise, the game play is great. Prefer the app over the board game as the concept is heavy on adminstration which the app calculates for you, so you only think about strategy instead of having to worry about whether you've collected the right number of coins.
Bought this game to specifically play with a group of friends. When I try to create an account, it says my email is invalid and the OK/Cancel buttons are grayed out. Rebooted my phone to no avail. I tried creating an account both through the Invite Buddies menu and the Configuration menu--neither worked. Requested a refund for the game. Last update for the game was July 2014, so this is probably part of the problem.
The game is technically competent, well presented and has a reasonable interface. I strongly dislike playing this because there seems to be nothing to do but stand by and lose. Badly. Absolutely frustrating. I had to uninstall before I broke my phone out of anger. It still deserves 3 stars because it works and is very pretty to look at and doesn't deserve to be demoted because I simply don't like it.
Decent game but ai is way way too good. Almost imposdible to win. I don't play online much so this is really bad for me. Add a difficulty slider and I'll rereview. Also someone is hacking the game somehow, the all time high score comes out to forty points a turn which is completely impossible. Not much of an issue there but thought devs may like to know.
Awesome game. I've been waiting for years and finally it did get updated with the latest expansion royal bonus. I hope more will be available soon.
Game crashes before score screen relatively often (about 20% of the time). Also the ai occasionally decides it doesn't like you and goes out of the way to attack you (such as on the first turn of the game, on a non aggressive race), not sure the logic there. Flaws aside, it's a solid remake of the board game.
Imagine playing against someone who always gets lucky rolls and never makes a mistake. That is what it is like playing this AI. Great graphics and game play are ruined by an AI that almost always wins. After playing a lot, I sometimes notice that the AI scores bonus points when their race is in decline and that it adds the points wrong sometimes also.
Gameplay is good. Some things like when to use special tokens. Diplomacy or dragon master arnt as simple to use as they could be. My major issue is the online. You cant register your account because the button is greyed out so no online. If this was fixed 5* but now only a 3.
The game looks and plays great. The AI really needs some work, though; some races and powers cause it to never go into decline and keep it from putting up a real fight
Fun, but it's drastically missing the feature to specify winning conditions, i.e. amount of rounds, goal score or till the races are used up!
Really loving this game and bought an expansion. I only have one negative feedback. I would like to see the decline issue resolved with the ghouls for the AI. Always having a significant advantage against any ai who selects ghouls. Regardless of advantage with number of points they are gaining for current declined troops or if they have ghouls as declined and just select a new active group. On the following turn the ai always declines their troops. If fixed I will purchase more expansions
I love Small world. I loved the table top version and I love the app. It rarely has glitches. I love that it is inexpensive ... even the expansions. The only thing I wish is that we could see our own and our competitors stash as we play, as this would help me strategize who to attack etc.
I get weird bugs like not being able to pinch to zoom out so I can't see the whole map. Other times the turns won't switch so you have to restart. Fun when it works! HTC m8 T-Mobile
Excellent port of the tabletop! Excellent updates and glad to see more expansioms added as IAP's! I dont understand what some are reporting about unresponsiveness? The only thing that looks a little odd is the 4 & 5 player maps and screens on my mobile screen.The game does NOT use the whole screen. Im not sure what can be done though as the 4 & 5 player maps are square maps amd they just dont adapt well on modern mobile screens. Looks ok on the tablet though.
The game is a lot of fun but setting it up is a real pain. Could easily be a 5star game but adding an account and friends is all done via the website and cannot be done in the app and the website itself is frustrating requiring you to change your password if you log into steam and both you and your friend adding each other individually with no accepting of requests etc. After it's set up it's more about the game which is great but for a $9 game i really expect more.
far too easy to make a physical mistake during gameplay. desperately needs an undo or confirm button.
The application is great!!! But paying extra for expansions makes it expensive. Also, the text in the face to face mode should be flipped when second player plays.
Great version of a much-loved board game. Excellent functionality, fantastic graphics, addictive gameplay. Recommended!
This game excels at providing a consistent challenge when playing against the AI. Sometimes I feel like the AI is being petty, not maximizing their potential coin output by attacking me, or just taking sweet revenge on me. I love it all. Some things are predictable, but for the most part the challenge is constant. Excellent game!
Played about 12 games and 11 of them have crashed. For 10 bucks a game should not crash this much. It is fun tho. Works on one of my devices without crashing. Galaxys s 3 crashes all the time. Besides that is a great game. In app purchases are worth the few bucks keeps good varaity. Get the real gave if you want to play with more than two people in the same room with one device. Pass and play is available but it is not fun and slow. Online pay its ok. Heads up is lots of fun.
I bought the game tried to go online with it but for some reason it does not allow it. I love the board game and days of wonder games in general are great, however it seems the support for this is on the bottom of their priorities. I tried contacting support its been around 2 months and I haven't received a response. Very dissapointed. I suggest never buying this app until they at least have a support team assigned to this.
Fun strategy game. I enjoyed the board game, and found it easier to learn all the rules and differences between races with the app.
Love the board game. This app isn't up to snuff. It's clearly designed for computer players and there's almost no one playing online. Unfortunately had to refund.
There is a bug that drops my rating. The CPU doesn't understand ghouls. It puts them in decline, then picks a new race, then the next turn puts the NEW race in decline. I think because they start the turn with already in decline ghouls that they need to go in decline again. If you fix this bug, I'll rate 5 stars again.
A fun mobile board game that is a lot like the real game. I live that the map size scales to the number of players. the expansions are cheap and Ai are casual but can still win. There isn't a way to change the Ai difficulty but I never feel like they are too hard. Fun game to with S.O. or friends
This game has been ruined by updates. Used to work absolutely brilliantly, now there is a minimum 4 second delay on EVERY ACTION I DO, even in the menus. Please fix
Pretty good. It would be great if you could completely mute the sound though so you can listen to your own music while you play.
It's a great game. One of the main reason(s) why I love my Android device even more. I can't wait for other board games like this. 4 stars because (1)expansions don't work unless you have internet connection, (2) it's due for another update with more maps and (3) we need an iphone/iPod version of this game.
For the love of God put a back button or "are you sure" message in when hitting redeployment. The number of times me and my group have accidentally hit this due to its proximity to troops is crazy. A simple UI change would solve this insanely irritating issue. The app is great but enjoyment all too often being ruined by poor layout on mobile. Also, Sorcerer ability not working at all for us (can't drag the icon).
Developer has a habit of continually adding new permissions, always without any explanation or even mentioning them. Trying to get an explanation via email is like pulling teeth, taking several months of back and forth just to get a BS, half-@$$ed answer that only shows they either have no clue what they're talking about or they're lying, neither of which is something I want from the developer of an app I use only my phone.
A quite good implementation of the Small World game. The AI is okay. It only does not scale well on a phone screen. On the plus side: I haven't had many crashes.
Worst part is controls are unresponsive sometime and connection to their servers is awful constantly dropping. Otherwise I'm addicted to the game immediately bought all the expansion. Buy it now!
Love Small World, Love digital version. What I love the most is that there are update (from expantion) so I can collect more race and power which is refreshing to play.
Love the game, but having to sign in with email and password everytime I open the app or come back to it is too inconvenient. I spend more time typing in my email than playing the game.
Small World was 5/5 fabulous until the June 2020 update brought unplayable lag. The lag issues were partially addressed in a late June patch but it is still noticeably slow. I do appreciate the response to initial review.
Effective recreation of the original. AI can make a few mistakes, but you end up getting wrecked by a few of them ganing up on you.
Runs great! On Samsung galaxy 9+ No issues for game play. Good music. Simple sound. Playable. Still a little confused about the game play mechanics but thats me. Main menu has a shop that you can go into, and there's nothing there for sale. (Can you reply an answer for me?) Beautiful board. Great detail on cards and board. Expansions are just a couple bucks (real money). Don't worry though there's only four of them. Other than that its a one time to play. I'm happy with the developers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Very fun, and I love the originsl board game but just a few issues. AI Sorcerers seem to be able to use their ability 4 times a turn. The UI needs a rework for smaller screens. Nothing unfixable, just annoying.
A solid tile laying point scoring game. Weak video tutorial rather than in game tutorial. Single map - a selection or random maps would be a great update and add a lot of variety , if the AI players could cope with them. Expensive at £6 - and £6 more for the genuinely optional expansion packs - but a solid complete and fully playable game for your £6.
I'm using a Samsung S3. It's not an outlandishly obscure phone. And I'm shocked and frustrated this app consistently doesn't work. I'm incredibly disappointed and regretful of my purchase. I feel ripped off. To make matters worse, this game seems to want to destroy my data plan since it verifies my download every time I open the app.
After an automated update, the animation became so jerky that the game is almost not playable, at least not with any pleasure. The loading times now interrupt the game too, and there are other minor bad changes. If my game can't get to a playable condition (for example by removing the 'update') it's now pretty much useless, as instead of fun it brings frustration. It's a shame because I loved it before the changes.
I'm sorry to hear others are having trouble, but for me the game is going well. It has crashed once on the final score, but the game play is addictive and a good approximation of the boardgame.
I love the speed through option that allows you to advance through your opponent's turns without having to wait for the computer to go through all its moves.
A good, faithfull reproduction of an excellent board game. Good for many hours of fun. Can be a little slow running at times.
Love the board game and decided to get the mobile version. The single player is a lot of fun (4 stars) and is true to the game, but after convincing my board game group to get the game and trying multi-player, it's quite disappointing. Half the time one my friends can't see the invite, once we got a couple games going, the app started crashing regularly. As a software developer, I would feel bad putting my name on as buggy an experience as that, let alone charging money for it.
Great game. I just downloaded it because I love playing the board game, and admit I was a little nervous it wouldn't be that good, especially because it costs $5. But I was most certainly wrong. Love the expansions, and can not put the game down! Worth every penny.
The game itself is well done, but playing is always a frustrating experience. It starts by pausing whatever music you have playing-even when the game volume is set to nill. Then it has to authenticate you. Then it does it again. Then about half the time it won't remember what games you have in progress. If you're waiting on another player to make their last move the finished game will suddenly appear in a seemingly random location on the list making it take effort to find out who won.
Fun game. Started playing to learn the rules to teach my family the physical board game of this. Quite enjoyable.
Pros - good game mechanics, looks good Cons - crashes regularly when trying to access leaderboads, wastes time/data verifying installation each time you open it, can't listen to music from other apps while playing, even if game sounds turn off, can't add bots to local MP games Edit: one more complaint - the bot players using diplomat can still tag you even if they had attacked you, as long as they were not successful. the player cant do the same to bots
Great version of Small World. It does lock up occasionally, and the fast turn button is finicky. An are you sure button prompt would before rolling the dice, or even a back button before rolling the dice. Overall very enjoyable.
Great game, used to run well but after an update this summer it crashes any time I try to play a game, often gets stuck on the "authenticating" screen, and says it's updating every time I open the game before stopping halfway through and taking me into the main menu. Entirely broken.
I had a few issues with the latest update. I contacted customer service and they helped me and they responded with multiple emails. They are the best! Thank you!
It's simply too busy for me to follow. I have a Galaxy note 4 and I have 20/20 vision and I can't make out numbers or words during game play. To zoom in to something is too cumbersome and interrupts the already jerky game play.
Crashes. No undo button. Couldn't add buddies in game, had to use the website. Confusing game creation options with no explanation of what the icons mean. No notification when it's your turn! You can't see the game results if you're don't have the game open on the final turn. The game simply disappears with no way of seeing the results! Who won? Who knows!? Worst game client ever.
Great game, good adaption to the small screen. Problem is the Sorcerer does not work on my device, I can not activate the Wand (it's greyed out), so this race is unplayable :-(
Loved this until now, but the latest update makes it very hard to play. Please give us the option to reverse the interface-- i.e. swap combos and all other controls back to the right hand side, as this was so much better for swiping for 9/10 of people.
Great game. Represents the boardgame well. One problem. It pauses background media making it impossible to stream music or watch a movie via pip while playing which is exactly what I like to do when traveling.
This game is okay but I don't like the fact there is no undo button in case my finger slipped simply because my phone screen is a bit too small. My friends say the same thing. And also, sometimes, it wouldn't let me go in decline when it's okay by the rules to do so. Please add this feature.
Do not buy. On my tablet, I usually have to wait for a slow count of 9 (maybe 7 seconds between a tap and a response. Moving troops onto the map results in an apparently random selection of the number of troops moved, meaning that you might send 4 troops to conquer an empty spot. Useless piece of trash from a usually good vendor.
One suggestion: Have the End/Next button end the AI's whole turn. Coin count and all. I have to tap at least twice for each opponent when I just want to fast forward to my turn already.
Online play is super buggy. When it's my turn to play, it actually looks like it should be my opponents turn to make a move. I'll even see their timer ticking down and i can't make any move. I'll only know it's suppose to be my turn when my opponent angrily messages me to make my move. Then it eventually randomly skips my turn with my new lower time remaining.
Really enjoyable but at times frustrating. The priestess race only scored the correct number of points (9) the first time then only scored one in subsequent goes....made an epic win into a tragic loss. Maybe because it was spirit and therefore in conjunction with other in decline race on the board?
The inability to use specials after using units to conquer should be changed. All to often I think 'im going to use this power on a tile, but I have to get access first' and then I run out of units and.... Can't use my power.
If you're coming in without having played the board game (like me) know that after you play a few times it will start to make sense. It's a fun game that can be played in 10-15 minutes.
This was a great game and fantastic fun but after the latest update it's pretty much unplayable. Avoid!
Crashes constantly and loses game progress. Desperately needs an option to remove animations completely. The very expensive extra content is only available when connected to the Internet, which isn't always an option, and is just stupid. These 3 issues cause huge obstructions to game play and enjoyment. 5 stars if these were fixed.
The in-game UI for the tablet version is largely unchanged, aside from the improved legibility, but the phone version's new UI is terrible. Worse than that is how laggy this new version is. Every single action has a brief pause which make the game infuriating to play. First Pandemic was ruined, now Small World. Very disappointed.
Zero stars. Hardly responsive I have to wait a good 15-20 seconds after tapping on anything for the game to react to anything and everything I do up to the point I have to choose a race then it's not responsive at all. Broken game. Don't download!
I don't recommend people buy this app (unless they are interested in only single player games) Great game, app works really well in single player mode. App itself hasn't been updated in 2 years - the online play mode appears to be broken - so no group play. Development team doesn't respond to emails - it looks like Days of Wonders have left this app to die. Too bad.
It's a great game, but I have a big complain about days of wonder's account. For some reason, my husband's account and mine are connected even though we have both bought the apps (ticket to ride and smallworld) and currently we cannot connect online to play with each other. We have tried to fix this and sent some emails but nobody is answering. We would like for this to be fixed because we get these games to be able to play together when one of us is on a trip. Otherwise is a great game and the app works well.
If you only want a game to play locally, it works fine. But *nothing* that requires connectivity works. Account creation wouldn't work, so I got my friend with an iPad to set one up for me. Then we tried to play online and I got kicked out. Repeatedly. Even when it just tries to update scores online that fails and the game crashes.
Please add Spider Web Expansion to Small World Apps to attract more people to play this game. Thanks !
Fun game, but it can't find my friend's account who's sitting next to me. Would be nice if the multiplayer worked as it seems it should, ie, being able to locate people. Also, there's no support anymore... Oh and why can't I listen to my own music?
This is a wonderful port of the new classic board game for a fraction of the cost. The expansions are a bit bare bones, but come at a very good price. The only complaint I have is that the online community is not very active.
Good adaptation but needs improvements. Would rate 5 stars if : - there was an option to automatically fast forward the turn of ennemies or at least to fast forward all of their turns at once on solo mode - you could hide the next 5 race/power cards in a panel to see the map a bit bigger
Extremely glitchy. Most games end in glitches so you never get to see the final score. I bought all the expansions but playing any online game will fail.
I enjoy playing the game, and don't regret the price tag. Unfortunately it has been crashing approximately once per game on me. At this point all I can do is wait for fixes that I figure are coming. It's a little tough to play on a phone and would be better on a tablet but it's still doable and fun. This is a 5 star game if you like strategy board games but I can't ignore the crashes.
Great game but so very buggy. Constantly dropping games - only managed to finish one in ten games without being dropped from the game and totally out of sync (and tried across a variety of devices).
This app is a great sequel to the original Small World. If you are unsure about the rules and game play of the paper game then it's great to have the digital version to test yourself against. Also, it's a cheap way to see if you want to invest in a paper copy of Small World 1. A few small issues with this version, but overall it's a good app.
I have only played this in local mode so I can't comment on network. But those who are whining about the AI being too tough, you must really suck at this. I win about 2 out of 3 games and I've never played before. It's challenging but not impossible.
they have fixed a bunch of issues. fix 3 more to earn the last star: 1. game still crashes sometimes. rare, but happens. 2. time per person is hard to understand. just go back to turn timer. 3. games that are over will not leave the games in progress screen - make them go away after looking at the results.
Game works as expect and the interface is fine. Two issues I have are the sound can't be disabled completely, which interrupts music that I'm listening to. And the bigger issues is the complete crapping out of the game when trying to connect over wifi. My friends and I all suffer from the same issue, all on Nexus 4 or 5 and Lollipop. Seriously needs fixing!!
I love the game, enjoy the boardgame too. However that being said the more I play the app version, I've now noticed that you're app calculations are broken. The scoring totals at the end are sometimes completely wrong. Get awarded 8 coins over 2 turns with a race, this despite me having a max of 10 on a go from the race, should have actually been 15. Please fix this so it scores and totals properly. I can't give it anymore than 2 stars because of that
This is my favorite board game, so I convinced 2 of my out of state friends to download it to play with. If I leave the app, suddenly the game no longer exists. Doesnt matter if its the first turn or the last. For 7 dollars for an app, I didn't expect it to have such an obvious flaw. Thanks for nothing Days of Wonder.
I really enjoy the game... when its able to load. When I select play, choose a mode (usually solo) and then play again, it crashes out at least 80% of the time. Download on my chromebook (CB5-132T-C9KK). Multiple wifi locations and strengths. Hoping a patch comes out to address this issue ans I have seen multiple other reviews with similar feedback.
There should be a zero stars option, as 1 star implies that the app works, but terribly. Updates have completely broken this heap of steaming garbage. Now the app stalls on the "player & expansion select" screen, and crashes before you can start a game. Or crashes on the main menu. If you do miraculously manage to get a game started with the AI, the lag makes finishing a game impossible. It takes several seconds for the app to make any calculation now, including end of turn scoring, whether it's for an AI player or a human player. This should be less disappointing than it is, as Asmodee Digital also completely screwed up the Pathfinder Adventures app. Maybe the real problem is expecting better of Asmodee Digital.
I love this game and it's great played locally amongst friends. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the online experience. The game server connection keeps dropping despite my Internet connection being fine. It feels like the online experience is still in beta or something
Edited because of login requirements. I understand why you're doing it; but once you deny me paid content, you're making it far too clear whose interests are primary. 5 stars is for single player only, haven't tried multi yet. Great board game. Pretty solid AI. Maybe it's a little expensive, but I've got the game at home and this is a comparable experience for a quarter of the price. Not to mention, if playing solo, about an eighth of the time.
There is no notification when it is your turn. Because of this minutes or hours could go by without a player realizing its there turn. If a notification is added to the game I would give it 5 stars
The game works very well. I give it three stars because certain abilities (like dragon master) have to be used at a specific point in your turn or cannot be used at all. Dragon master must be placed at the beginning of your turn. If you forget then no Dragons for you. You may be thinking that I need to be more aware of turn management. The computer can use any ability at any point in the turn (such as dragon master). There are several issues like this. They are usually token placement related.
board game is excellent. this version does wrong scoring all the time so its very annoying to play. sceletons are not added on redeploy. and coins are counted wrong. when it's should be 11 coins and game give you 6 it's impossible to play.
My wife and I play board games on our phones through the day. This works well, easy to learn, games aren't overly long so you don't get bored. I do wish it had Asynchronous Multiplayer though, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I can't say much about online play, because with no asynchronous multiplayer, we only play it over WiFi and that has always worked very well.
I wanted something to play on my commute, but using this app prevents me from concurrently listening to music. This is an unnecessary and invasive imposition. I can imagine no circumstances where I'd want to play in silence, for I'm certainly not interested in being forced to listen to the game music on loop.
Imagery, animations, and game play are excellent, with graphics taken straight from the board game. Races, special powers, and even the game boards seem to be exactly the same as the board game, so I'm not sure what the "2" is for in Smallworld 2. Must be online when you open the app in order to use the expansions that you purchase in-game, which is extremely annoying and a hassle for WiFi-only tablets.
do not buy this app, it is a waste of money. 1. the app crashes all the time, especially since the last update. this is noticed by everyone I play with 2. it is almost impossible to get in a game match with anyone. generally when you log on there is no one else online. the most I've seen at one time is 6 people that you can possibly play with. you can only create one new game at a time, and you must leave the app open waiting for others to hopefully join you. AVOID!
It doesnt work in my devices, it crashes all the time. I tried to contact the developer several times, but I have got no answer. Dont purchase the app, even if the boardgame is great, the app is not. Do not waste your money and time.
This game is great! We also own the physical copy and don't get it to the table enough. I did find one bug though. When my daughter and I were playing"Head to Head" I noticed that even though the ability and race tiles flip for each player the text on the descriptions do not. Be sure to check out my reviews at kybg.blogspot or facebook\kentuckyboredgamer twitter @kyboredgamer where i also post one game I play EVERY DAY!
A great adaptation of a great board game! Single player is just as good as playing with friends. I promise to purchase any add-ons you will release.
It is a fantastic game until the two newest expansions. Now the game is so buggy it crashes constantly. The same problem occurs regardless of what device is used.
Small World is great, and this app executes the game very well. I did find a bug though. When I play Priestesses while controlling Ghouls in decline, I'm not able to place the Priestess tower. When I send the Priestesses into decline, they flip normally, with no option to place the tower.
Excellent digital version of a game which is already a gem. So now we can play it anywhere without carrying the big box with us. Fair warning: it's quite addictive, and I imagine the online multiplayer is rven more so. Well done!