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Small Town Murders: Match 3

Small Town Murders: Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
No incentive to keep playing, not given enough moves to beat the game, no sign in bonus, nothing to keep me interested, if it takes days to beat a puzzle without buying something it's boring.. back to homescapes
I like this game a lot, and play it more than I should. But recently the game has started getting "laggy," freezing up during gameplay, and not responding to touches for a second or so, while the graphics spastically go through their motions. More than once, this behavior has resulted in moves I didn't intend or want to make, simply because I wasn't sure what touches had and hadn't been registered.
I love this game, but my screen keeps freezing often & for several seconds. No other games do this, just this one, so I am sure it is not my connection. How can I or you fix it?
I originally really loved this game, but at a certain point it very quickly became a pay to win. Microtransactions needed to make any progress at all. It is really sudden, so I don't believe it is a skill thing. I've been stuck on the same section for 2 months with very little progress because I've been refusing to spend money. Just disappointed and frustrated, and I'm not gonna waste my time anymore. Uninstalling it unfortunately :/
Cute and entertaining but predictable -- the game suddenly becomes impossible, and in order to progress, you gotta spend money. I get it; it's fair. I'll pay for good entertainment. But this game wants you to spend more than it's worth. What a shame.
Awesome app! I love the mystery aspect too. A really fun game. I would recommend this game for everyone. Kudos to the developers! Top notch game!
Great graphic and story line. Love all the bombs and helpers . Good people interaction as well. If the rest of game let's me continue with option of ads or buying helpers. You will be one of my favorite games.
Do you like games that constantly freeze up on you? Or games that make incorrect moves because it is delayed? How about games that freeze or blank out if heaven forbid you get a notification on your phone while playing a game? Then this is the game for you. Sick of losing lives because the game froze or is severally delayed so my moves don't get played correctly. Love the game, but the app needs a lot of technical help.
I have been on the same level for 2 weeks now. No way to aquire more helps (to keep), in between levels. The daily timed bonuses are nice, but I need to be able to combine them. I have not had any, to do that with, for more than a month. I don't have the money to purchase more, but would gladly watch more videos. Love the game otherwise.
Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm up to level 654, and that level is just about impossible to crack; I've tried about 100 times. Sure, I can pay to buy more coins to get more moves, but 99ยข for 1000 coins, 900 of which would get you only 5 more moves, is ridiculous and can add up really fast. In case the developers (whom I see never respond to comments here) haven't noticed, a lot of people are in lockdown and have lost their jobs. The cost is too high for what you get.
Haven't played the game yet. BUT. . . . .the first review was from a teacher and my heart belongs to the children, especially the elementary school students. I spent 22 years working with K-5th and any tool a teacher has at her disposal is awesome. The kids are our future and anyone who goes that extra mile to work with the "little buggers" needs lots of help. Is there any way to make the game user friendly for a school atmosphere? PLEASE???
I really like the game. But since last update, game freezes, especially during unlimited play, timed cheats and makes moves for me. I've complained several times. I am more convinced that the developer of this game doesn't want people to succeed in playing. They are quick to blame your devices on why the game has bug issues. They do not take responsibility for their part. Complaining doesn't work. I'm about to uninstall.
I have really enjoyed the game, the only complaint I have it the buffering. I can get addicted to playing for several rounds, then the game just starts to buffer. I have disabled the wifi and gone straight cellular but it still buffers. Makes me angry and stop playing for a while, of which I lose my boosts... please fix the buffering, maybe allow the game to play offline?
It's a fun game, but it's not very fair to have the timers tick down while you're reading the story. I'm teaching kids to read, and they love this game--but they rush through the reading if they know the "perks" are getting wasted if they take their time with the words. Could you consider pausing the timers while we read the story? Sometimes half or more of the time gets used up while we read. Don't you want people to enjoy the stories?
I really enjoy game. Happy for extra ways to win boosters/power upside because it getting difficult and long to win levels. Very disappointed that Mrs M is having boosters buffet, instead of the color power ups! Was difficult enough when I got them!
I really enjoy this app having 2 use 900 tokens if you want 2 extend your play is way 2 high. Most apps require 10, 20 or, the highest I'd seen b4 this is 120 tokens. In other games you earn tokens by watching ads, but not with this game. You do get a lot of perks from the app...100 tokens 4 the harder levels when you complete a round, boosters, >60 minutes free play time. I just used purchased tokens 3 times & only had 11 tries. IT needs 2 fix this problem. It happens way too often.
The game is fun,but can be frustrating at times. Ypu get easy puzzles that take so many tries to solve even with boosters at times and the you get so called Super hard puzzles that you can beat in 1 try!?!?? At least you dont have yo sit through a million ads.
Really enjoying the game. Puzzles are tough but not so tough that you can't win. Characters are fun. I like having multiple mysteries
Even thou am about to delete this game I still recommend you try for yourself. It is really fun and the story lines is awesome. Am about to delete because vi been stick on level 218 for a long time and all my resources are gone. I refuse to spend money to buy resources this early in the game. But everyone experience differs so I so go for it and judge for yourself and not only reply on other people experience
I am a new player but already agree with the 3 reviews at the top of the list. You get a 10minute booster but half that time is wasted waiting for the fame to buffer at the end of each stage. Etc. Not looking forward to moving on as it appears to get worse.
Interesting storyline. Puzzles challenge but don't exasperate. Fun. Well, it used to be fun. After about level 2700 they've made the puzzles so ridiculously difficult I expect to not complete them. The number of allotted moves make it practically impossible to take out all of the targets. To the creators of this game, WHY??!! If your goal is to push people to the point of wanting to uninstall it, you are succeeding.
It's a really good game. But I don't play it near as much as I used to, and the reason is this game is the worst I've ever played as far as having to play the same levels over and over and over to get anywhere, and that's when you can play because it's not froze. Between the freezing and the repetition of repeatedly playing the same levels it has ruined what could be a good game. I now spend less money on this one than any because of these issues
I like the murder mystery theme and the way you get to know the characters in the game, however it's slow moving when it comes to starting each round by asking you twice if you want to play. The game doesn't give rewards earned in between updates and sometimes during game. The pieces don't go the way you want them to....almost like it wants you lose the round or the power up you're trying to create.
Excellent! Highly recommend this game if you're looking for a fun experience with engaging crime stories, amusing graphics and dialogue and easily achievable puzzles. Oh, and plenty of opportunities to gain extra time! Very enjoyable indeed!
Way to many in between games. You get one scene then you have to play a game. Theres no way to build up to play more scenes at once. Sorry ...only 2 stars.
A rework of the candy crush/bejeweled type game with the added bit of earning points to spend on solving a crime. The interludes help keep the gem solving from becoming monotonous.
The game is ok but I don't like that you have to solve a puzzle each time a character talks...a character has questions that u have 2 solve the puzzle 2 get the answer...its jus 2 much & takes away from the game and the point and makes the mystery long & drawn out๐Ÿ‘Ž
Beautiful match-3 game! My only complaint is that it's *only* match-3; there's no other game play. (Based on the ads I was expecting logic puzzles or seek and find.) However, if you like match-3, this is really the best game out there right now. Absolutely amazing story line, great characters, fun dialogue, beautiful graphics. The game runs smooth and there's no ad interruptions! It's so much fun! Edit: a couple weeks later I'm on level 1650. It's still wonderful, not too hard at all. A+
I have only just started playing this particular game and I must say, what an absolute delight! I play many match 3 games to build/decorate or whatever, which are fine but eventually they get a little tiresome. However this is surprisingly different, more engaging with the mystery of the story and no having to decorate anything. Even if you choose to skip the story it's still a great game. Overall, ๐Ÿ‘
Enjoying the graphics and game play. Still a newbie, so we'll see how I like it when it gets more difficult. Thx
I dont care that the ads don't match game play. To be honest, I've come to expect that now. But this is passed off as a mystery to solve. However, its basically Candy Crush, with a bit of the story revealed at each level. Nothing the player does contributes to solving the mystery. UNINSTALLED.
This game's algorithm is easy to spot. Over & over the game will allow you to get within 1 of winning so that you are tempted to buy extra moves. Usually, if you are patient, the game will suddenly extremely easy so they don't lose you, but now the current puzzle I am on has given me anything in 3 days. So I quit. It is a Pay To Win scam.
I am changing my rating from three to four stars because I discovered that the app does indeed have a section which lists most of the possible moves. I do wish that there were more opportunities to earn boosters,or to earn the coins to buy them. I do not want to pay real money for boosters.
I'm only giving this game three stars primarily because it takes way to long to fit the lives to regenerate and you only have five lives. As usual the first few levels were extremely easy which lulls you into a false sense of winning and there is nothing wrong with the fact that the levels get harder, but 30 minutes is easy to long for a life to regenerate. Every other game I play pretty much regenerates a lot quicker. I have to say this is very disappointing
Its not too interesting. A lot of games and reading. It glitches with wifi or just using data on android phone. I wish graphics were more interesting and it wasn't just glitching where i have to wait till its "ready" to click something in games. Kills time but slow.
Hi game has been awesome till latest update, even though it is offline game doesn't want to play,keeps on crashing to homepage, wanted to keep me busy now with loadshedding being so hectic.๐Ÿ˜”
The game is good but slow. The investigation part is fast but you can go to sleep between games. From the beginning of a game until you can begin a new one in is to slow. It took 3+ minutes from you win the game until you can begin a new one.
I love the fact that you've combined a candycrush and poker with a who done it mix and it's working well, just brilliant idea.
So happy I found this game, addictive and fun to play, I love a good mystery and these mysteries in the game are exciting and an edge of your seat guessing who dunnit. The characters are fun to follow and the match part is addictive, not to easy or difficult yet challenging, love when a move sets off the bombs and rockets. Totally recommend this unique match and solving mysteries game
Makes a change from doing mansion game is great characters not the best looking but a great game up to now
one of my favorites...since the update keeps stalling! if it would work properly again would give many stars...can't be beat for awesome graphics, gorgeous gameplay, stories & detailed fun characters...just frustrating now with the glitches. sometimes bounces me out of a level i still have remaining moves in....hope it can be fixed!
Not the game I expected, nothing wrong with it particularly. I wanted a game to actually solve clues to figure out the mystery. So far you are forced to click on one thing only, "the clue", then play a match game, the forced to the next step for another match game, didn't seem like an end or a clue solving game. Just matching
Love this game! Fantastic graphics, fun game play, well thought out storyline. No ads. Delightful game! UPDATE- level 590 and up is now Stupid-Hard. Be prepared to pay or move on.
Dropped from 5 to 1 when it stopped working on Chromebook! Great match 3 game, good storyline leaves you wanting to find ouit what happens. No levels that are impossibly hard, the levels of difficulty are about right for me. eally enjoying it. Edit - looking at other reviews I have seen a number of people complaining that you have to pay to win - this just isn't true! I admit, I have purched a bit of stuff, but that was because I was in a rush - if you take your time you will get through.
I love this game! The puzzle are the perfect difficulty and have more power-ups and special blocks than I've seen in any other similar games. The plot and writing is personable and humorous and the artwork is perfect for the game. I have experienced no glitches or problems loading anything and I'm so glad to finally have a great game which doesnt have a purchase halfway through to continue playing!
Only giving 4 stars as an older person I play for relaxation and don't like hard levels or the super hard levels, perhaps make it so we can pay using coins to skip a level. Also maybe add a warning when only 5 moves left. Otherwise an enjoyable game. Update 17/12/2020 Well after unsuccessfully trying to pass level 566 for the last 5 weeks I am now uninstalling
This game can be very addictive, thats if you can actually get a good streak of clearing levels. Sometimes it feels as if the game doesn't want you to clear a level until it actually wants you to. Even if you make all the right moves, your turns still run out before you complete the level, I think it's the developers way of trying to make you spend real life money to refill your lives.
Some levels are idifficult you need plenty of weapons.one level in particular is impossible.not sure if I will continue as I'm only on level 245.buy I'm being forced to spend money on it....not a free game then is it.
What's up with the lvls that you need to collect a certain color & I don't get that color on the board? Played lvl 1112 needed to collect purple pieces to use the booster in lvl & for 3 tries I got zero purple pieces. Also click to watch ads to open gift & after watching there's no gift/prize given.
Okay game but takes waaaaay too long to load screens. Had a 10 minute booster and a good half of that time was waiting for next screen to load. Not worth the hassle. Uninstalling.
It's pretty telling when you find yourself wishing for MORE ads in hopes you might get a timed booster or some more lives. The current end levels are now so difficult that boosters (when the game can be bothered to give you any) don't help at all. When the game gets so frustrating that you lose any desire to play it, there's an issue. (And now they've nerfed the booster stacking event. SERIOUSLY?)
The rainbow added to another tool doesn't seem to do as much to take out obstacles like before. The number of moves isn't even close to finish some puzzles. Some clues don't make any sense. no instructions in settings. Want to change something Change to different outfits for Nora. The green sweater is just ugly, she has had it on for months.
I love this game but it freezes all the time its a great thing that the story line is good and game play is so much fun. It is kinda frustrating that it lags during my game play it causes me to mess up.
So far (level 101) very cute storyline with a really good matching puzzle game. No ads, yes I'm not kidding no ads. I'm guessing they aim on get $ later in the game so you can finish the last mystery. But you don't need to spend $ to complothe puzzles. I've been close and have needed to use "power ups" twice.
Game seems ok but slow..takes forever to get through 1 case since u gotta stop and play a level every 5 minutes before u can continue with the cases..better if u could build up stars or whatever and then proceed with questioning or check clues only been playing 1day and I'm already frustrated
It's an excellent match 3 game with a compelling storyline, leaving you wanting to pass the levels to find out what happens next. Unfortunately, you don't get a say in the story - that would be nice to choose who you think the murderer is and then getting a small reward for the right answer. Like most match 3 games, it's very fun until it gets almost impossible to compete without having a power-up and then you're left repeating the same level over and over and forgetting what the storyline is.
will change rating after freezing is fixed cant finish a single level without it freezing for about 5 min.
Overall I love the game. I'm on puzzle 1000 and have never spent any real money on the game. Yes, life regeneration does take too long but once I run out of lives, I should go back to working anyway. Some levels are easier than others. I can clear some "super hard" levels and still have 10+ moves left, some regular levels cause me to lose all my lives multiple times. It all depends on which boosts you have active.
I keep getting stuck on levels, unless I, like, have a bunch of powerups. Meh. But the story is good - no grammar or spelling mistakes, great characters, interesting stories.
The game has been glitchy since the past two updates. If I use the watch ad feature (usually only with one item to get), more often than not, it takes me to Google Play, and kicks me out that current level, AND makes me lose a life as well! I'm on level 2877 of the game, so I'm a long-time player, but it's getting ridiculous at this point, especially with some of the levels being impossible to clear without adding extra moves. Always seems to be on one item left as well. Not as fun as it was.
This game is really cute!I've been thru quite a few different varieties of the match 3 strategy games but this one is probably one of my favorites so far,the levels are just now starting to get a bit more challenging(which is typical)but the only suggestion so far is if they offered more +3 or +5 extra moves for watching ads, but the graphics are nice&cute,the storyline is cute& interesting and the characters!! Also, I like the neat little furniture \decor options!!**Highly recommend this game!*
I liked this game at first. The dialog wasn't aimed at young girls & wasn't constantly repeating itself. I'd love to give it at least 4 stars. I played it until I beat all the levels. I then got sent to the "book tour" thing for 3+ days. I d/l'd the update at the end of the 3+ days & beat the *one* extra mystery that came with it... and then was shipped back to the book tour for 6+ days. That ended tonight & when I re-started it sent me for another 6+ day wait. I don't think so. Goodbye.
I love this game do they demand money to finish a level ? NO !!, do they make it so you can't finish a level without spending money ?? NO !! For me that is a great bonus there is nothing worse than having to buy stuff just to finish a level and you no choice but to spend money. This is a fun game they even give you extras free yes free bonus stuff things other games make you buy yet these guys give them to you for a period of time, other games should take notes from these people good job guys 5โญ
I love the clever double reward squares!!! Somebody is a great designer! You have made it so fun to play! I have quit several games because you get stuck on a level. Even after 100 tries couldn't win. Good bye game. Small Town doesn't do that to you. Thanks!
This match 3 story game is well balanced in the game play, it doesn't feel like it's making things unfair or difficult just so you'll buy powerups. The murder mysteries are pretty fun too
I'm with Karen Robinson! I'm having a ball and I have had complaints about others, To many adds--hard--not hard enough!! I have had no problems at all. I don't think I have stopped playing since I downloaded it!
80 levels to solve CASE #ONE, 80 LEVELS!! That is utterly ridiculous!! I waited to write this review because I wanted to see just how outlandish the number of levels for one case are. I seriously doubt if I'll be investing further time into this game.
Standard puzzle game but the story line is interesting. Sadly game updated and it's now stock on rovio logo. Pity as it was a great game but now doesn't work.
This game is a nice match-three. While it has its ordinary big match perks, it also has some nice perks that set it apart from other match-threes. Unlike other games of this type, this one has a good story behind it. A nice quirky police deputy getting help from a crime writer makes for some interesting storyline and plot. My only issue is that levels get hard fast, and pay-to-win sets in quick. However, I am pleased to shell over some cash to this developer, as I feel that it's worth it.
Terrific Fun, but I don't understand why it takes 25 minutes for a life to refill, so 2.5 hrs until you have five lives again. 15 min per life as most games have is sufficient. Graphics are great, nice storylines, good powerups. Freezes a good bit on my phone, but doesn't wipe out my game, fortunately.
fun but challenging game, not always for the right reason. Rules to enjoy game. Planes are useless, will always go to least helpful area, ALWAYS. Only good for getting last move for win when needed. Trying to set tiles to get powerups will most likely fail. Ratings on levels (easy, medium, hard) mean nothing. Random plays toward bottom of a board is the best option to generate chain reactions. Wasting moves to get powerups together is just that, wasting time, unless only one move is needed.
This game is fun and engaging! Each level moves a mystery a long and it keeps you wanting to play to find out "who dunnit". The different scenes have good graphics.
I like playing but game app stalls taking longer to go to next scenes on more than several attempts. Should I try to do something to help prevent? I play several times a day.
This is not the genre i've been shown by the ad video, which is merging things, it's just a match-3 instead. Been playing for 30 minutes and no merging whatsoever in the game. I can't believe a famous developer like Rovio would stoop so low to use false advertisement.
It's an enjoyable game but I would have liked to get a few matches done in one go then ask questions instead of completing a single puzzle then questioning suspects.
Love playing the game, but slow loading, and sometimes stuck on hard levels forever. Other games give special discounts on purchases. You don't. Not going to spend any more money.
Strategy lovers ... This is a good one. The story line is clever. The games are ingeniously challenging and keep coming. The only recommend is for the game not to wait 5 wins before handing out exciting info. Would love a way to earn boosters, or more game play. I loved the Russian taffy storyline. Mwah! Fab