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Small Living World

Small Living World for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 777 Pixels located at 704 Sabrina Laval, QC, H7R 0B1 Canada. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
really like this game. I like how it forces you to be patient. don't like the fact that there's only 4 different kinds of animals that you can put in your world without buying anything. bunnies are advertised right from the beginning, thought those would be included for free. guess not. even if I wanted to unlock the other animals by buying keys, it tells me it's "unable to connect to the billing server", and no matter how much refreshing of the app I do, that's the only message it displays.
If you ever get the skill or money to make another game I like it to be an 3ed person/ birds eye view game where you're on an plant with bugs, zombies and/or Crystal like monsters that try to kill you and you have to gather resources to build stuff that can be automated(a bit like factorio because I can't find a game that has that feel to it also this view limits what I as an player)also this has been edited, I'm currently on an raft type game also face book account or anything? Cos dumb.
This game looks great!. I'm considering getting the full version, however, I find fonts and icons too difficult to read: they are too small (I'm on a 5'5" screen). Is there any option to increase the size of these objects?. Besides, I'd suggest a better navigation system: a not fixed zoom and more responsive panning when you swipe through the world view. Anyway, excellent game and congrats to the dev!. Edit: Sadly, that zoom is not enough for me, I'm afraid :(. Thanks for your answer.
There is a few issues that I found 1:the water is not spreading evenly 2:natural rain keeps on raining for more than 2 years 3:plants keep complaining because they aren't getting enough sun even if nothing is blocking it Also can you add a new feature that makes plants/animals have an actual evolution system wich can make plants/animals adapt to harsh conditions But it's a fun and addicting game
Great for time killing, love the concept. But a few issues. As far as animals go, I understand the paying for keys to help the project. However, when I started playing, I noticed there was no way to control the population other than just mass killing them. Bless the butterfly horde I murdered. I haven't seen another way to reduce population numbers; p.s. frogs don't work like I thought. Perhaps I haven't played long enough? However I do think better control of the population would be nice.
Its a good game when i was see it wow amazing game.but i will recommend add the graphics😁.its a good gameπŸ™Œ
I love the app. It's what I've been looking for for a long time now. Progressive, no annoying ads every two minutes, affordable and reasonable price for purchases. Thumbs up :) P.S.: I love your reply to that one kid who complained about not being able to buy the keys XD It's obvious that you really take time to read and personalize your reply to your downloaders.
The game I've been after for a long time! Solid so far, very relaxing, fun, and super addictive in a good way. Took me a little bit to understand all of the mechanics but after that I couldn't put it down. A few suggestions if I may: a day/night cycle would be really cool. Seasonal changes/maps with different terrain and weather. Smoother scrolling. An easier way to level terrain. And honestly I would rather buy the game outright and have everything unlocked instead of having to buy keys :)
i love this game and i have a ton of suggestions so pls hear me out first make he buttons bigger,more animals that you dont need buy cause im an 11 year old with no money and my perents dont care so plsssss,more textures like the rocks/hill thing it looks like cobble stone and more explanationsAND HOW DO I GET SUN also include a feture whee if its too hot the water will go away just cause and thats all i dont have any more space pls will email if you want btw im a girl this email acc is not mine
I gooled and it said that some owls eat birds up to the size of ducks but it also said that some eat smaler birds and a fun story once then me and my sister walked in the forest we saw a hungry owl eat a crow it was prety epic. So i think it wuld not hurt to make owls eat birds it the game. sorry if im anoying
I increased a score to unlock anything, but it rose and you. Mose eat wheat. No trees withered. CAN'T YOU CREATE A GAME!? BUT HARD! lI like it kajji youπŸ”œπŸ”šπŸ”πŸ”ƒπŸ”ƒπŸ”ƒ ⚠danger
it's a really cool really chill game I'm only frustrated that there is not more information on the achievements (or trophies) or a list of all possible achievements. re: I think it would be useful to have it somewhere on the site. Maybe have a small note at the bottom of the trophies information page? Thank you so much for responding!
i love the game and have been playing it alot, however i jave two problems with the game. 1. i cant download it on my tablet (samsung galaxy tab E). i thought it would be nice to have a bigger screen so everything would be easier to see, but the game isnt compatible with my tablet 2. water physics are slow. whenever i place down a large ammount of water, i am left with a large spike of water for a couple of (in game) years or a few (real life) minutes. outside of that it is a great game!
I tried to make the world but it wasn't working it wouldn't let me go in the game😟😟😟😀😀😑😑😠😠😬😬😬☠️☠️☠️ but I did like the intro
I love this game! I don't think there is much like it besides maybe a toned down version of minecraft? You have many options for plants, and animals (if you unlock some of them of course, but game devs do need to get paid for their beautiful creations :D) nothing is outrageously priced either which is a rare find... And I just got the old lineage medal, but I'm kind of scared if inbreeding actually affects my butterflies? Would love to see maybe a climate option like to control the weather system
Amazing app. Used to play this on my older account, but it was some deleted. I found it again now. I hope this game can be developed even more, and more features would be added. I have full respect to the developer, not many of them would read the the comments one by one and try to help and actually does suggestions. Good luck to the developer!
This is a great, absentmimded kind of game & I absolutely love it. It's simple & easy! Ten out of ten, would recommend!! The only thing that bugs me is that butterflies and mice are hard to keep alive compared to the fish (is it the space I give them?). Btw, I was surprised by the spirit! It spooked me the first few times. I don't know how to take care of it though, or the flower it left me. They disappeared? And what do you do with the dead animals? Sorry for the questions!
This is a trial, not free. It's kinda boring, but interesting enough to be addictive. I finally earned enough for more than fish and frogs, only to discover I need to pay $3.50 to unlock 16 creatures... not sure if that unlocks all of them, but it's ridiculous. The gameplay is tedious... resurfacing to make the world more functional takes forever and tons of money/points which means putting the phone down and waiting a lot. There's no explanation about the scoring system, either.
I enjoy the game, however I only got to play for a day before an update was released that made it impossible to play, as It just crashes on startup. could you please fix this so I can continue to enjoy my pixalated experience? Would be much appreciated :) EDIT: That's fine, I totally understand. Looking forward to being able to play again!
Oh I remember this game! I wanted to buy it but I had to uninstall because my old phone didn't have the space. I got a new phone so I might reinstall it. Can you tell me how much it'll cost to unlock every item for the full game? This would be perfect for when I'm bored and out and about. Plus a challenge. Because if I remember correctly I had a hard time figuring out how to keep my ecosystem going. Also, I really like the dev's sarcasm.πŸ˜‚
I love how you can bring an entire dead world to life it is fun watching the plants and animals grow and expand just wish there were more btw coral isn't a plant it's an animal and mushrooms aren't plants they are fungi separate from plants and animals
Pretty cool concept, love how interactive the drvelopers are with their reviews! However, some graphics look a different style than others, like they don't quite fit in. If you smoothed that over it would look a lot nicer, I think. Otherwise, cool game, but not something I would look forward to playing a lot, maybe just for passtime.
Good game, great time killer, also I like games where I can work on it from time to time get different ideas so this game suits me very well but overall great game I've gotten a few friends to download it as well I've sent email like you asked but no reply
It'a cute game. I appreciate the simplicity of said game, something most game developers forget can be equally as impactful as loads of detail. Furthermore, it's extremely easy to play and the art style is something I could get used to. 10/10 would recommend, especially for those looking for a relaxed and chill to just kick back and play when you want to relax. Loved playing it and will continue to. :)
I enjoy this game so much! I can create my own worlds and terraform to my hearts content! I do wish that more animals were available for free, but I understand the Dev's need for income. Speaking of the Dev, I encourage anyone who plays to read his tips. The creator put a LOT of time, love, and effort into this project and it shows!
It's good but you could add more like making your own animal or plant or branching plants like say a sun flower might try to evolve in the sea.
I wood rate 5 stars but I can't even conform the world!!! Please fix this bug This bug has been fixed thanks!
I really love this game, but some things i would like to add and remove are things like adding alligators or crocodilles, the world score wont ever decrease, etc.
Very enjoyable and relaxing, wish there was a paid version that unlocks all the plants and animals, I don't like the keys, I might buy the keys if they were a little cheaper. Overall great work, would like to see more features implemented, and maybe a Steam release? (if you could get it working on PC of course) I like this game a lot, I want to play it on my computer.
This game is awesome. takes a lot more thought than I expected, but its relaxing. Everyone keeps complaining about having to pay for keys, but I've gotten 2 free keys already and I've only been playing a few days. Plus, if you're really the type that has to unlock ALL the content, the keys are cheap. Thanks for sharing the app for free β™‘
The game is ok. Nice pixelated design. It shows some effort in original concept art development. The dynamic of the game is not original but relaxing. I would have rated it 3 stars. However, MOST of the items needed to add real variety to the game have to be purchased (really few are available for free). I guess this should be specified in the first lines of the game description. Otherwise users would be quite annoied since expecting a free to play game.
I was looking for this kind of game for a very long time. It helps me relax while watching the landscape I have created evolve by itself. It is rewarding to see the desert land becoming a lush forest. The ecosystem simulation looks complex. Just watching the animals living is fun. Each plant is different, some will grow almost everywhere, and some have special requirements. One downsize, the interface is a little small.
Tutorial link 'open in a web page' link doesn't do anything. Not very useful. Tutorial should also be in-game, showing you what to do as you do it the first time.
This game is really hard to get into cause well watching a plant grow is less fun than watching paint dry BUT when you get dat butterfly it changes everything! And the peak is the jellyfish because it hunts fish qnd thats entertaining. A few tweaks like more ocean plants and animals then you got a perfect game
This app is very relaxing. Once you get the mechanics down, it's very simple. If I had money, I would 100% buy stuff, but just because this simulation deserves it. I have a few suggestions: 1. A way to create a whole world from scratch. 2. More plants and animals. 3. Creative mode (Where you don't need to worry about the needs of anything.)
While a pleasant experience, it does pose some interesting challenge. My first world ended up just having a ton of water and fish. There also seems to be a problem with the crabs, as they only eat grass, and die when given seaweed. (Edit oct 5th): crabs still won't eat
this game has been one of my favorite rainy day downloads! Ive wanted to have a game like this for a while now but i couldnt seem to find one for mobile. I have spent only a few days playing but I love the simple ideas and all the tiny details bring life to the game. I have recomended it to my friends and faimily and they all seem to love it too. the only things i wish i saw more off was the effect of weather on the forest and maybe some seasons. that being said, i think this game is nicely done!
Super addictive game. A lot of the animals are locked. but that's not a big deal the programmer has to make money some how, plus i have 47 butterflies and 39 fish, but cant seem to keep the toads alive very long yet... it's all pixelated which I love β™‘. the only problem I have is the increasing/decreasing rock/dirt. I have a really hard time getting it to be smooth, but after a while, I'll eventually get somewhat close, but still a really fun game. It had me playing all day.
This game is just relaxing and addicting to play gotta give it five stars. Wish there was more updates tho
I love the game but I just have a question what are spirits. Thank you I thought the had a bigger meaning with the spirit flowers and stuff
This is a few things i'd like to see fix/changed 1.The mice don't actually eat the wheat 2.Sometimes the rabbits and chickens with red eyes eat predators i have no problem exept it happens to often and th predators quickly die out 3.There shouldn't be a limit to how dry it could be for cacti because it is really hard to keep it at the right moisture 4.It should have more swamp and dessert animals 5.The predators eat to much so its hard to have balance 6.You could have other large insects
This game is brilliant! I love how in-depth you become from choosing which type of ecosystem you want to build too making sure you maintain the lives of your plants and animals so your ecosystem can survive and thrive! This game is definitely so well thought out. I can't wait to see what their updates hold in the future! I wish I could join your team for this app and help you develop more! It's such an amazing game, keep up the great work!
The app gives a simplified version of the processes of erosion and weather patterns. Creating a world filled with animals without massive die-off is not easy after the limited time i've spent in the app. The app is a learning tool rather than a only "fun" entertainment tool, though it can feel pleasant to see the world evolve. Seems like it may take a long time to master. The text font in most of the app is too small to read in my phone screen but is readable when viewed with my projector.
A relaxing small game. The loading is super-fast (4 seconds from launch to in-game). Perfect when you only have a couples of minutes to play in the commute. Stable so far, no crash or bugs. I would like to add pandas in my world, but I need to grow my forest first if I understand properly. Also, you need to plant grass before seeding flowers, otherwise they will all die very quickly and you will lose your points for nothing.
Its a realy good no, not good great game, but Im not used to balance.Normally I go with minecraft, but this kind of app is very rare.I love nature and animals, so I usually look for this.Yet again I say this, great game, bravo!
This game have lots of potential. It just needs to improve a little bit of it's graphics. By graphics, I mean the tutorial. You should make it a little bigger and add skip button please. I hope it will have unlock all on a one time purchase. Will purchase and download it again if that happens. I will uninstall it for now because it became a little bit boring.
great game! the reason I give 5 stars is because there's nothing inherently wrong with it. it's just a simple sand box expierence, and that's what it does well. well, not entirely sandbox, but sandbox-like. you can actually lose if you mess up hard enough. and having a leveling where you can gain and lose is just genius. all in all, great game.
While I find this game absolutely amazing, I do have some qualms with it. For one, I find it extremely hard to balance a swamp to keep it existing, and speaking of the swamps, the toads often wander out of the swamp and die far too often. They like to be on land, but will die on land. Second, I find that in general most land animals are extremely needy and will die off without explanation. And third, what pushed me to do this, the dragons. They drain large bodies of water and ruined my habitat.
Although addicting, not much to the gameplay other than that. Unless you micromanage every single thing every single second, your entire ecosystem dies. I wish there was more to the animals.
Game is great my only problem is there is no cheese for mice so they all died at 3 months oldπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰 also one of my chickens got stuck in the ground like he was being eaten by saiten or something😡
Love this game, and I do have a suggestion for a challenging experience. Would you be able to put a weather system? Like thunderstorms, with lightning, tornadoes even though that may be a bit tough, floods, and I forgot about the temperature. If it gets hot, your animals (if there is such thing) get dehydrated more, and require more water. But when it gets cool out, they must get warm. Thanks for reading, and I hope this will bring some ideas. These are just suggestions.
Very creative game. Love the focus of it...very calming. simple. only wish i could control the weather a bit and possibly add a few more interactive animals. maybe even some interactive plants. but looove this game. great work! 5 stars all the way Oooh maybe the animals could interact with other animals..possibly planting new plants could create animals who utilize that enviroment..maybe even if the animals could climb/react to weather/or physically interact with other animals or plants thanks
I really like this game, but a few bugs. Sometimes when it gives the option to watch an add for a key, I have to watch 2 or 3 just to get it. Another issue, I sometimes have one of my animal populations disappear while the game is off. For example, I closed it at night and opened it up the next morning and my mouse population was gone.
I love the concept of the game. Playing god to either make a peaceful world, or become reckless and kill everything. I'm suprised that these types of games make up a tiny bit of the Play Store. The execution was also great. Followed with 16-bit graphics and beautiful sounds. Overall, it's a great concept, with a great execution, which makes it a perfect game.
it's an alright game. found it hard to get animals to stay even with a vibrant plant ecology. as for the keys I'm not a big fan of them. top key set is 16 keys and there are 20+ unlockable plants and animals. Plus if dev ads more later then you spend more on keys. would really recommend a pay once and done system. once you pay a set amount you have the full game. I think that would raise my rating. also big trees like maples consume a ton of water. my fish lake is constantly draining.
Cute game, the sounds make me anxious so I can't continue. The water sound itself is what gives me anxiety. If it were changed or the ability to mute it, it would be a perfect little game. I truly enjoy the game, even the free version is enjoyable. Update: Developer actually takes into consideration what fans think! Fantastic quality to have as a game dev. (Edited for grammer, spelling, and clarification)
I'm really hoping to see more updates. I really hope there's gonna be more animals soon like bears and stuff maybe even cats and wolves, monkeys, I love this game so much I even got the full version. It's so beautifully done and I've been playing it for years now I love it so much.
Just as good as i left it,i still want to see desert animals like lizards and camels and more sea animals like eels ,sponges seals or clams,bigger land animals like deer,hippos and elephants just more animals in general, so whats next?
Very good but it needs a few changes 1. Add a sea turtle that does not get sad when there is no grass 2. Make it so turtles can go longer without eating 3. Make it so animals do not get sad in the wrong enviornment its fine for plants because they dont move once you put them in the right enviornment they stay there forever but animals constantly move outside of the enviornment they like 4. You dont always get a key after watching an ad please fix this
I really enjoy the game, and I don't mind the paywall. I understand that you are just trying to make more games, and I appreciate that. The game us fun overall, and I think you can do some pretty cool stuff with the water! (I made a mountain range out of water)
No annoying adds, pop ups and such. But most of the "end game" plants and animals (11 out of 15) are behind a pay gate. Might be worth unlocking some of them and buffing the locked ones like in other similar games. Controls aren't that bad but I often like to place things pixel perfect which isn't possible here. Overall a nice simulation but the fact that I won't be able to have fun with the late game stuff made me stop playing. I might wait a few days for the free keys. Nice game!
It's definitely a great game! I've been playing it for a long while now, and I still love it as much as I did in the first place! I understand it can not please everyone, but if you like calm games, then give it a try! I really hope to see what the game will come up with πŸ₯°πŸ˜‹
I love this game, bit the rain clouds are horrible because I can't properly grab it and move it away from the flowers so they end up dying
Good game, great time killer, also I like games where I can work on it from time to time get different ideas so this game suits me very well but overall great game I've gotten a few friends to download it and they like it as well
I've been looking for a game like this thank you, what I wish to see in the future is the animals eye-sight being further, and u should add more animals in the future.
Great game, its a HUGE time killer i play the when im board or watching a show i love the art style and it makes me fell calm. Keep doing your best.
πŸ‘really good game! looooove it! very unique! i like the idea of day\night,but maybe also different biomes too?overall, really good jobπŸ‘an πŸ’‘ might be adding stuff like structures and some sorts of mechanisms that like move things, or like make plants grow faster?also something like houses?great but could be so much better, in the sense of that there's so much you could add to it, and do with it.if i could rate it higher, i definitely would!i recommend this game to anyone with a green thumb!πŸ‘
Great lil gem of a game. Relaxing, easy to learn but challenging enough to progress to keep my interest. I think being able to watch ads to earn keys is a great idea. Maybe a day and night setting or seasons. More animals and plants. Maybe more weather conditions like natural disasters would be fun. Keep up the hard work! I intend on buying some keys soon. Thank you! :)
It's a very calm game that has a very simple art style, yet it accomplishes so much. The sound goes well with the atmosphere of the game. It's a really unique game and the only thing i think that compares is WorldBox. Maybe you can do something similar like add a tab so you can watch an ad to get a trial version of a plant or animal. Nothing too distracting. The only suggestion i have is to add more weather varieties like a tornado or wind which will add more pleasing sounds and visuals.