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Slots: Heart of Vegas™ – Free Casino Slots Games

Slots: Heart of Vegas™ – Free Casino Slots Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Product Madness located at 30 Maiden Lane, Suite 500 SF CA 94108 USA. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It wins and loses just like any other casino game. The mission games don't pay enough to do them. But a lot of the games are great to play and win coins on. I've had this app for a few years now and like I said you can win and lose (but more wins) just like all other casino games.
Too many things going on.....I just want to play games not open boxes etc. A pity because games are good..same as I'd play at real casino,. I'll keep playing for awhile I might get to like it. No don't like it any better. Dice game that takes thousands to get a dice which mostly pays nothing.."Mega" lottery that pays 5..10 or if your really lucky 15 coins...get real. Ok if you want to fill in a minute or two
Biggest problem is that you can't get ahead. They charge way too much for play chips. They act like 3-5 free spin bonus is something. The only thing that it's got going for it is it is familiar games from live casinos. Ridiculous!!
Too many things going on.....I just want to play games not open boxes etc. A pity because games are good..same as I'd play at real casino,. I'll keep playing for awhile I might get to like it. No don't like it any better...get few features that don't pay enough. Not paying real money when you know you can't ever win. Dice game that takes thousands to get a dice which mostly pays nothing..
Good God. This app pesters you to buy coins several times (6-10 in an hour) and it doesn't matter if you have 500K or 5 Million. Like double win slots, you have to wade through 5-6 pop ups before you can begin to play. Which reminds me, the ads are also of other casinos. Makes you wonder how many are owned by one group. I've deleted the app, I'm appreciating slotomania more and more as time goes on.
Poor Game!! Uninstalling. Used to love the game but you change min bet to 10,000 instead of 2,000 and when You spend over 5,00,000 coins on a machine at a moderate bet level, 50,000 and you legit only get about 100,000 back. Thats a win of 1 in 50. Plus you the lose the 100,000 in seconds. This the same if you go and bet lower or higher. The return rate is about 1 in 50. Its supposed to be a game but you never win anything. Ever. You could have 50,000,000 and only win 5,000,000 on top of that.
Worst casino game I've played. I like the games themselves as are real games I play, But the site itself is miserable. Play 10 million dollars in chips at$100,000 bets and not one scatter, it kinda proves the tightest slots on the Internet and the most expensive coin packages I have ever seen. The games they put in to help you "make collections" to win more coins are annoying to play because you have to open each chest individually you can't open all at once.
I have been playing this game and many of their other games for a long time now. I have always loved that i could just jump on and play. NOW, by the time i get through ALL THE ADS, I am annoyed and no longer in the mood to play. Yeah, i get that you have ads, but when you have 20 ads pop up as soon as you open the app, nah, not dealing with that.
Do not purchase anything via this app. As soon as you do, they remove some of the options to earn coins and items by watching a 30sec advertisement. You're essentially stuck paying for coins to earn more. Terrible business strategy. I'll be uninstalling this game.
This app stated new update required to play. After 23 mins now i still wait for download to complete. Once finished, My input of repitiously pressing the same key even though am well aware theres nothing to gain mentally or physically by this repititious behavour. To quote Albert who stated, a man compulsively repititously performing the same action but expecting different results is a man driven by temporary not temporal lobes. This mindless persuit indicates dementia or finger exercise needs.
What a gypsy website and cheap games, middle of the game keep asking for purchase and than game stops spinning.... It's not for fun and not Worth it to pay ONE CENT.... wake up people it's not wort it.... It's computer games and all setup for to purchase..
Really crappy design and ONLY designed to make you spend money on more tokens. Probably the worst out of the 20 or so I've tried. Waste of space on my phone deleted. Have a great day... spend more time on the app you might make a little money if you can make people want to play the game... just some advice
Great game I would play again for the fun of it .It really was fun just trying to do whatever you could do to keep up!!!
What is happening now I finally have some decent points won but when I try to play you keep freezing and saying no internet yet my tablet is on the internet everything else? I cannot even give it 1 star now it not only freezes after about 5 minutes of play it won't even spin, all my other slots games work perfectly. then all of a sudden it quits entirely
Great slots EXCEPT, I've had to uninstall/reinstall this app numerous times over the years to get my friend bonus back. Happens out of no where they are there one day, gone the next. It would be nice if I could send gifts to my friends when I play on my phone like I could when I use to play on my laptop (not sure if that's still an option). I'd like to make a suggestion to the game developers, you have so many games it would be nice if we could put our favorites in a separate "room". TY
Terrible payouts! Me and my wife have spent a couple hundred on chips like fools. You can never win. How stupid for a free game. Its sickening how many times the screen gets blocked by level ups and stupid chests. I didn't play this game to earn chests. I wish I could turn that feature off.
Too Many Ads popping up during game play making it impossible for you to win any coins. Then when you go on the Facebook page to comment about it they block you from comments. I been playing this game for a long time and every week its a stupid update that messes up the game.. NOW THE STUPID GAME WON'T LOAD AFTER IT FORCES YOU TO UPDATE.. RISKY VEGAS IS A MESS.. NEVER LETS YOU WIN AND THE GAME CHEATS YOU
They can add as many new slot machines as they want and change the look all they want but something will always remain the same.......their payouts suck 24/7 on all their slot machines!! They only have one thing in mind..... taking as much REAL cash as they can from you without caring if you get REAL value for your money!!
Love it. My only complaint is they could award more coins per day or make the min bet a little lower so we get more gametime. That's it more playtime.
APRIL 12 STILL NOT GETTING MY POINT AFTER VIDEO. SORRY IT HAPPENED NO GOOD ANYMORE IF I UNINSTALL IT WILL BE PERMANENT THIS TIME. PETIOD. NOW GAME AFTER WATCHING VIDEO TO GET POINTS STALLS NOT GOING TO GAME TO GET POINTS IM DONE. Lately the game disconnects right in middle of playing does it so much not fun anymore so with regret I'm uninstalling for a while Feb still disconnecting in mid play. Uninstalling will try again later fix it I love site been playing for years
Seriously?...I stop playing and uninstall the game for months so heart of vegas sends me a email with 5 million coins if I come back and play...so I install it again...this was 5 minutes after I received the email and it says the link is no longer valid...this is exactly why I uninstalled in the first place...you guys are horrible...don't offer something then refuse to give it when someone takes you up on it...thats being a scammer...you scammed me into coming back...yes it's getting uninstalled
Since the free coins with ads has gone I've noticed you get free spins less. Us this to entice people to spend money to get coins since you lost your revenue stream? Your dice rewards games suck. Sometimes even with four or more rolls you land on nothing. Bbq one takes too long to earn. Where's the gold glitches often so when you finally get the spins after a couple million coins it freezes and you have to restart phone to clear. You go back into game and it recovers only sometimes.
These could be fun games, however you can never bonus on these tight games. I had thought about making a purchase, but why waste my money on games that dont let you play. When you consider that they can make money off you but you cant win money back fhat they would make the games whete you can play. But nope, so i have decided games arent any fun when they never hit so wont waste my money to purchase more credits that i will just quickly lose.
Games are average , my complaint is when you open the app it takes 10 minutes if closing pop ups and offers just to play. Will Uninstall it immediately.
Doesn't give too much winning experience. Usually after playing a while a spending the money, you get more free money than what this game will ever offer. Side games are not worth it don't bother clicking on them. You win 600 and have to bet 10,000.00 ridiculous.
Waste of time and mostly spam, constant pop-ups will interfere with any gameplay all wins are a small if you win and all and almost guaranteed to piss you off before you eventually delete this app
Awful. Too many pop ups of purschasing deals and events. Dont get given enough credit to even spin to win and win rate is worse than real life
Horrible game.... Great slot game choices but you will not win. You cannot hit the bonus and if you do you most likely won't win anything... I started with a huge win like 20 million.. never hit bonus after that in any game ever.... I'm pissed and I shouldn't be.... BUT PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME!! GO AND GAMBLE FOR REAL, I WIN MORE PLAYING REAL SLOTS THAN THIS GAME! It's not worth your time...
Experience is non existent at the moment. Haven't been able to collect or receive gifts for 36+hrs. I have tried to communicate with Product Madness but as yet no one has replied. Not happy with hov lately. Very hard to win anything, bonuses have been reduced so much can't even play when collected. Please fix this site
Don't expect to get to far in a hurry with the lousy bonus your given might be great if you want to buy credit all the time but not everyone can afford to buy credit all the time!! What a laugh when they had the MEGA jackpot giving a prize of $1000 your bottom bet is $10,000 so shouldn't your bottom prize be 10,000 ?? Lousy prizes and lousy drop's !!!
Credits still being lost. Just won a million didn't credit. I love this game but something is wrong with it.
this app has some of my favorite slots, To all who may download this, It's Worth it, ads are near Zero, bonus rounds are frequent, and payouts are very good, overall a 4-5, I've tried all the others and this is still my number one go to slot app, annoying pop ups are minimal, usually only at beginning when app is opened, otherwise navigation in this app is very easy, and has helpful prompts to help you along the way, Enjoy, and be sure to leave a review of your experience, Play on, and GoodLuck!
RIGGED to the MAX. I know slots give you a 50/50 chance to win, but it app is 10/90 chance. Kinda force you to buy very expensive packs to keep playing. Not worth it.
Lousiest slots app. If I wanted to ONLY spend money to play I would go to a CASINO where I am guaranteed to lose. I have loads of other slots apps on my device and all of them give you so much credit to play with. This one just eats up the little credit you get to start and none of the games pay out. Really such a waste of time. So unless you want to spend money don't bother to install it.....
My suggestion to anyone do not purchase a package toplay the slots you trully never get the opportunity to play for enjoyment . ive noticed the pattern that they'll program the games to never increase on points and your bonuses never amount to extend your playing time so unless you can go too an actual casino ,thats the concrete plays youre almost gauranteed to loose not from the comfort of your home they should allow you to have fun with the prorgam
This is the worst game I have ever downloaded. Doesn't hit on anything. All they want is for you Buy more coins . Then when you do win coins in the dice game it won't let you take them, but you can sure play on or Buy more chances.
I am very annoyed due to the fact that you do not allow me my major bonus. this is the second time I get the major bonus by playing 100 000 credits and the game says reboot there is an error. please check my bonus and be fair and grant me my credits. One spend enough money on buying credits. Really now.
The raggest casino game on here. You stingy bastards just recently put more money on the wheel. But you make sure that you barely get any points. Then the game sticks in the middle of free spin bonus games. I guess you are hoping I will spend real money, wont ever happen. This is a free game, fix your raggedy ass site.Also I could care less about your fake ass response, so don't bother.
These games should come with an incentive actual possibility of actual jackpots worth $ us currency. I'm sure a percentage of the profits can be designated for players profits as well. I think more people would want to play and probally spend more $ on perks
I have been playing this game for years and i enjoy every second i just have one problem lately if i want to go into mega lottery it kicks me out why ???? I have 167 tickets that i cant use
I really love this game.... but its almost impossible to win enough coins to keep playing..not only is the daily spin amounts crazy low, you hardly ever hit a big win & in order to hit a big enough win to be able to play longer than a day you have to buy coins that are super expensive..the daily bonus wheel is horrible the most coins you can win from the bonus spin is 2,500 coins.if you happen to hit the "biggest" number you can maybe spin 20 times but youll have to bet the less amount possible
I had hard time opening up game when I did I lost 65 million points. It says 42,000. Going to uninstall this game thanks for taking all my points. I got money back but today opened up and all is gone.
This slots app is the worst I have played in a long time. Low wins, high bet prices and to purchase lower amount of coins is just crazy. I will support a app buy purchasing coins, but not for these prices. $34 au for 2,700mil coins. Which is a shame as some of my favourite slots are here. If the developers start giving better pay outs and more bang for your buck, than I will change by rating
Not happy you buy coins, get free spins games locks up restart twice then on the third time it says none recoverable. Contact support wow great game NOT
THE WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY as the game has many glitches and they refuse to fix them. Ive NEVER been contacted by support and have LOST MILLIONS of coins. Screenshots don't matter either as theres no employees working the game runs as is and if you lose coins THEY DONT CARE!!! Wish I could post all the screenshots I've taken and sent to them with not 1 response ever! I'd give them a 0 but I don't get that option.
The issue is whenever the game freezes when you get a bonus/feature or part way through your spins and then fails to reload and you provide screenshot evidence of the fault you get told its your phones fault for not connecting to their server and given a "one time" "good faith" 500k in coins (bet 22k feature multiple 4x =88k with 17 free spins remaining from original 20 and 25k currently won). Never happens on a losing spin somehow. Aussie favs ruined by 'hearts of Vegas' aristocrat's mistake
Worse then the casinos, can play several million credits and all you get is minimal payouts of a quarter of your bet and 5 of the 6 items needed to get a bonus game. The whole point of playing these games is to have a little fun. Save your money, the more you spend the less you win. It will let you win when you first start but after a certain level good luck even seeing a bonus game. Shame too, has many of the real casino games. Rates zero stars in my book!
Good games, lots of other ways to get points but mainly wants you to buy stuff. Not happening! Just playing for fun and when points are gone move on to a different app.
You people are quite willing to take money, with no issues. But when you try and login with email address to get 1mill bonus. It doesn't work !
This used to be a fun game until the last 2 updates. Now as soon as you buy coins you can't win. Just keeps dumping adds to buy more coins. You used to be able to win multiple free games. Now you only win a couple of free games at a time. Then you loose two or three times what you won or all of your coins. Then adds pop up to sell you more coins. Ive played this game for several years. Now i'm done. Game shuts it self off whenever you start winning big. You have to restart game all over again.
Great game...BUT! Had issues with this game a year ago, but thought I'd give it another go. Graphics and game play are excellent, however I bought credits (AU$70), bet big, won free games (Where's The Gold) then the game froze. Restarted it, recovered the game then froze again. Restarted it, same thing. Third time it just took the free games. No reply from support. You bet big with the hope of winning free games, then it takes away your prize.
No happy with this game anymore. After watching ads it says error, we are experiencing difficulties. Your reward will be added shortly BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS.. Your only getting a 2 star rating from me.
I like this app for the most part, but I do have a problem with getting credit for all my coins. I win coins in a bonus and at the end of the bonus, I do not always get the winnings added to my total coins. Super frustrating.
Awesome best pokies ever by far, but there's a problem with gold minner most times when I get the free games most times it freezes and i close the app down go back in it freezes again then I go back a third time and it can't recover the free games, it's only doing it to this game... not good please fix.
I just installed this app today. Every time I get to the game I want, it says "Downloading Assets" and then crashes the app. I haven't been able to even play once!
I love your slots, but never have enough coins to play. Jackpots & free spins are rare. Please make coin packages more affordable
Time to uninstall this P.O.S. It is now taking away ALL of the coins that you win in the "rare" bonuses that you get. I don't mean taking away by not giving you anymore wins....No I mean literally making the damn coins disappear as if you've never won them to begin with. Back to back this happened to me, and I'd say that's two times too many. Adios.
Terrible game, play other slots games if you want any chance of winning. The amount you win is always negligible and never exciting. The missions, bonuses and collectables are predictable and pathetic. Any other slots game would be better than this one.
Most boring slots game I have ever had the displeasure of playing. You keep spinning away for ages and ages, then you get some free games which gives you nothing, you play for a little bit longer then you're out of coins and HAVE to purchase more to continue. Uninstalling.
When following the link for my daily coin bonus, it takes me into the game but never adds the amount. When I try again it says I've already claimed yet I never get credited
I can go into the app, collect all the money, but anytime I want to play a game, it gets stuck at loading at 75 % and doesn't go any further! Any game, every time! It's very frustrating! Deleting app! Don't download!
This game is awesome!!! All the games I enjoy at the actual Casino are on here (lightning link and dragon link) there are a few games missing that I do like to play that I wish it had. The only downfall is the amount of chips you get is not very much and when I buy the options are high priced for what you get.
Like the game playing but it's too hard to load and freezes up too often my other games don't do this so it's kind of hard to enjoy the play when you can't get the game to function correctly
Problems with app all the time. Bonuses dont show up says errors. Has not been keeping track of my spins so i loose out on more bonuses. Love the game but cant build up points for days on endsays missions coming soon tried deleteing and reinstall didnt work clicked on updates still no help.
After playing for a while and so little payouts it starts to get boring, takes forever to collect enough coins to make it worth playing. But at least like the real slot machines.
Great looking games but low payouts. Bonuses most always pay the lowest amounts Also out of nowhere the VIP connect feature is gone and there no Best of the Best coin bonuses every few days. Terrible move to eliminate this player reward
This is really the worst only game ever. They do not give you much coins and no bonuses and will take all your coins very, very quickly. NO FUN AT ALL. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
Its bad, atleast real slot machines let you win money. This is just a joke, you don't win, then it asks you to give them money to keep playing.
These slots are tighter than at the casino. Like that they are same as real slots, but wow, never enough coins to enjoy. And if you buy them the pay out is even worse. Very disappointing unfortunately.
DISAPPOINTED 😞 I've been playing this game for years and I've purchased many coins. This has come down to hardly any features. And these items in the chests .. can I atleast get a new one for the collection? Out of 15 chests and no new ones. STINGY
The app all of a sudden when loading up it will automatically shut down or if it does load up as I press the spin button its shutting down as well ... Would any body have any idea was going on with the app ..or would be able to guide me in the right direction of how I can fix it that's if the app can be... As its one of my favourites and usually play every day ... Thanks and really hope I can get it up and running
Slow loading, slow downloads -- On my Chromebook, this game took over a half hour to download and then over five minutes to get past the opening screen. And once I tried to play a game, the game had to download more content. I uninstalled without playing once.
Game freezes because of your stupid minigames. Then, when you reinstall it (stupidly thought it was an instalation error) i lose the 20M coins i had. This game used to be good. Now i see that everyone is saying the same thing: greedy and stupid devs making the same mistakes as all the other failed companies. Goodbye HOV, you used to be fun
Dont waste ur memory on this app. The games are nice but good luck once ur 2mil is done. This app is all about ur dollars and not about having fun. Im not a free loader ive spent alot of money on this app so im just trying to help others before they waste their time.
There were annoying pop ups CONSTANTLY obscuring the screen, it was impossible to work out what level I was on, I wasn't allowed to bet any higher than 20,000 and when I was allowed to bet higher I had no coins left. It was boring beyond belief! Also, the cost of your coin packages surely MUST be someone's idea of a joke..? Epic fail I'm afraid.
What a false game, I played as a guest and so I got up to 34 million in fake money winnings, then I decided to place bets of 1 million per spin, then I got a free spin rolling out two major prizes and a mini and a few hundred thousand coins that gave me the opportunity to spin for more but apparently the game froze and had to close the game and re-open the game. Well I did it three times as it didn't work as it was trying to retrieve my last game and lost the whole thing.
My favorite part is getting a Bonus, for the app to freeze, and give "failed to restore game" . Fix Where's The Gold
So after months I saved 10 million so could play with the people that buy cash. Played 200k spins win rate 0 not a single win. Apparent odds increase if you pay. So if your looking for a freebie for fun this is not for you..shame as could be fun.
I am becoming very aggravated with the interpretation of the ticket thing on the left side of the screen. It keeps giving these pop up boxes smack dab on the game firming a spin. Every spin.. Please address.. Im honestly ready to erase this app.
I really like all the product madness games but pay out is very scarce and bonuses are so small amount , so you can't play longer than 5 minutes, so why would I spend real money? I know I am not gonna win at all.
I have a difficult time getting this app to load -- and when it does -- it doesn't always work properly -- hard to describe what pops up -- suffice to say it doesn't work and I have to reload more than once
If you think lighting link is bad don't play this game . The bonuses are so small like why even bother . Also I don't get the whole buying fake money thing . Like just play online pokies for real money as you have to be 18+ to play terrible this "Game" anyway you may as well have a chance to win something .
Play if you wanna be a loser Spin and spin...lose and lose...repeat ...oh and then when all your money gone they sell you more ....at some of the highest prices I've ever seen for a of game... Took away 3 games too (ones that I enjoyed and paid out) too bad they say. has to be connected to the internet 100% of the time so they can keep their eye on you real good
Honestly, don't bother. This game is rigged so you just end up paying real money to lose all the time fake money. I watched a friend who had 17000,000 coins lose the lot in an afternoon playing 1 million at a time and she won nothing. No free games at all and this was with 1700 spins. What are the odds with that. Disgusting to say the least. I tried it and was sickened at the pop ups hassling for money every minute. Piece of trash. Gave it one more chance. Over 1000 spins and no free spins and just lose, lose, lose. Pop ups showing one player winning huge jackpots on multiple games, yeah right......... what a crock of shytr.
Do not recommend. Never get anything, never any new boxes so whats the use of giving it and same goes for all missions to expensive and games gives no combinations. Takes forever to get anything. 😡
Really want to give a higher score, but the amount of coins they give you to play with is laughable. You get 45,000 coins to play with every 3 hours and the minimum bet is 12,000 coins on most slots. Thats almost 4 spins every 3 hours! Will it be like this forever??? I want to experience this game but the coin throttling is making it impossible!
Beware of potential fraudulent practice. These games frequently experience various vague tech issues and "errors" that void or fail to credit significant pays especially during feature game wins. Tech support is unhelpful in providing a resolution and will not compensate your losses despite indicating an intention to do so. Best to avoid this app.
As of lately, this has been a garbage a-- app. The wins are a damn joke. The slots take every penny before you can even enjoy it. The free spins are a bigger joke. To be honest, I'd rather give my money to a real casino than waste it on this bs. Will not download this hot mess ever again.
This is a free game? Unfortunately it is a very, very expensive game, the payouts if any, is poor and not worth the money spent. I know it is supposed to be a game of chance, but there is no fun if you don't stand a chance! Jackie.
Have had this app for years without problems but lately it freezes heaps. Just froze when I one free games. Had to go out of it and back in a lost them. Back to cashman casino I go!
This is an absolutely horrible game. I swear on my life it's harder to win on this than in a real casino. Once you win a little somthin you go straight to losing until you have to buy more coins. Complete waste of time and money DO NOT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!
My game hasn't been working for two days. Keeps saying Wi-Fi not connected. I check and it is connect. I shut the phone off for a while thst didn't work. I uninstalled the game. That didn't work Don't understand what's wrong.
No bonus spin, a waste of time, no winning in these games .give you a few coins to start not worth playing,
This game has all the best Aristocrat pokie games like dragons rapid etc. The big problem is they have their head in the sand as they are so tight on giving you bonus credits. If you're lucky you get 10 minutes of game play a day on credits. The new Mission feature is a pathetic attempt to do what lightning link does much better. They expect you to be motivated to spend $500,000+ to win a miserly $20,000. What a joke? With some thought ( like 5 minutes by their team) this could easily be no 1.
Selection of slots are awesome but if your looking for bonus games forget it. Bonuses are almost nonexistent and payouts are disgustingly low. It seems overtime the payouts and bonuses are getting worse, so I downgraded it to one star.
Doing better since they upped the bonuses. Used to be 100,000 to 300,000 and that was only good for a few spins. They still have room for improvement. All they gotta do is ask me. Peace love and hippie beads everybody.
I love to play Heart of Vegas. It is most like real casino games. The problem is the speial events and when you win free games, you don't win very much which is very frustrating. My special events will not even open up even though I have more than 600 tickets too cash in and play. i have uninstalled and reinstalled over and over and it still does not work. Sucks!
You force upgrades then they will not download. Several times I have tried to download letting it go for over half an hour without success. I am very disappointed with this. Otherwise I am really enjoying playing the games.
Heart of Vegas is one of my favorite games for the longest. Your creativity in selection of your slotplay keeps me as the player very in terested for a long while. I strongly recommend the Product Madness games for your gameplay experience.
It's very obvious that the dvlpr's of these apps have absolutely NO ETHICAL jurisdiction & they will be as ruthless as can be to get u to spend $$. Once u spend $$, ur LOCKED in & u will never "get ahead", not even if u make additional purchases. Bottom line, ANYONE that spends $$ on these apps, obviously has TOO MUCH $$. Give ur $$ to a charity instead or donating to crooks!! Idk just a thought!
I love this apps by product madness and many more including this one because it's like playing at the casino but you play the games even when you are almost running out of credits by watching videos,l use wifi to play and watch and learn and guess what guys l actually don't experience any issues with loading or downloading once my storage apps needs to be compromised.Gladly becoz this aap can be synced to your Facebook also when you have created random acc 2 keep the fun things inside and outsi
Need to actually win on the app pokie machines and bigger cash rewards to actually play the games because it just automatically drains the money you have
This game is worse than going to a real casino. Why make a app just for the user to lose every spin. I know it forces people to pay to play but it just ridiculous. Give your customers a reason to stay and purchase.
Use to be so much better before they started getting greedy and daily bonuses went way down. Now they want you to pay for everything and don't have newer games.
I really do love this game! Its the only (bestest one) casino game that is exactly like the by real slot machines in the casino, very good you guys 😊
Total scam. Fixed games and they expect you to pay for credits? Games don't pay, stupid and totally unnecessary side games (open boxes for items or scratch fixed lottery tickets). The only good thing about this app is that the games look like the real deal but the overall experience is terrible.
Love that they have every real game like in real life but never and I mean never gives you enough coins in the day to play and the price of buying coins is a joke you can't even buy a decent amount coins for a reasonable price, if it wasn't for that I'd rate a 5!
I gave this game plenty of opportunities to show me that my money will not be wasted. The other night I spent close to $20 played only the minimum and it did not even last me an hour and a half of playtime. Does not give back. Don't waste your money. I'm done with this. I wasted enough money
The app opens fine but no games will load when selecting them. Loading gets stuck on 66% or 75%. App is deemed useless until this is resolved.
Not worth it. The purchase amounts make no sense considering they're owned by the same company. Example, 42.99 AUD in this game only gives you 11mil coins but in their other games you get alot more, Cashman gives 36mil. Then the games themselves are the same values, example, 200k to unlock jackpots in Golden Century. You would blow through 11mil in seconds in this game with lower chances of wins. Makes no sense. Uninstalled.
The package prices are laughable compared to other casino's, l don't consider 900,000 for whatever the price is that day conveinent when you lose them in 30min. The " popcorn" deal should be posted as the joke of the day😱 The thing is I like some of the games, if I could play awhile. Back to Cashman😊
They made the slots to realistic just like in real life. Plus the free coins you get from watching 30 second game videos won't last long at all. Tired of watching hundreds of stupid ad videos just to keep playing. Make the game more fun and make the slots less realistic. Also it would be cool if they added reelin boppin slot game on this app but they havent. They put Pompeii on this slot game app and buffalo but cant put reelin boppin on it?? Reelin boppin when I go to casino is my favorite.
Game has great graphics but very hard to win, coins are very expensive. While playing you get very annoying pop ups that block the game when you receive a event. Bonus or big wins are far from none...
Edited from 2019 review. Still same greedy developers. I played it for 20 min. Ran out. Waited next day for free coins. Not even enough to play 3 spins. Pathetic. So I decided to give up on this game and deleted it. Not worth buying coins to play. Can win on free coins, what more when you buy.
It's fun, but not fun anymore because I've done so many spins with no wins for a few days now to where it has gotten boring. Also it doesn't give you very many coins. Im deleting this app.
FEB 26 NOW GAME AFTER WATCHING VIDEO TO GET POINTS STALLS NOT GOING TO GAME TO GET POINTS IM DONE. Lately the game disconnects right in middle of playing does it so much not fun anymore so with regret I'm uninstalling for a while Feb still disconnecting in mid play. Uninstalling will try again later fix it I love site been playing for years
There were pop ups constantly obscuring my game play, it was impossible to work out what level I was on, I wasn't allowed to bet any higher than 20,000 and when I was allowed to bet higher I had no credits left. It was boring beyond belief! Also, the cost of your coin packages surely MUST be someone's idea of a joke..? Epic fail I'm afraid.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BUYING COINS!!! I have spent around $300 and NOTHING!!! You have better odds if you go to a REAL casino and play. Its RIDICULOUS!!! I will NOT spend another penny on this site. Will also be DELETING the app....Gold Fish Casino is SOOOOO much better!!!! Purchased 9 million coins for $30 and spent another $30 to TRY and get up to 10X coins (got 4X). It put me at over 39 million coins and all lost in under 30 mins! Was playing 240000 a spin. Pathetic!
Very frustrating. It should be fun but too many spins to get into bonuses and then nothing when you finally do. Just another scam to get your players to buy more coins.
As far as free credits, your app is the most stingiest. 30k for watching videos. Hahaha. İt's a fkn joke. And waiting almost a full day for a spin of the wheel, that's another joke. İt's totally money making app, Shouldn't even be on playstore. You're simply Robbers.
Why would anyone give a bonus that is less than any spin why try for bonuses your bonuses are still broke it says I'm playing for a supreme test and I keep getting standard playing bingo is worse route 66 you have to pay 28 million have done it three times keep getting flat tire these are better bonuses someone's phone himself
They make sure you lose your money just as fast as you do on the real pokie machines otherwise they'll lose tons of cash because people will try to beat their addiction by playing the game and get a synthetic hit. But they won't do that you'll have to pay to get coins, so might as well go to the pub and gamble. It's for you too go back and slip another note it till you have none. But top game. The best. Just like real life. Not the crappy no brand one's
There were annoying pop ups CONSTANTLY obscuring the screen, there was nothing to indicate what level I was on, at the start I wasn't allowed to bet any higher than 20,000 and by the time I was allowed to bet higher I had no coins left. It was boring beyond belief! Also, the cost of your coin packages surely MUST be someone's idea of a joke..? Epic fail I'm afraid.
Love all the games I changed my review because you did the right thing love your loyal reward coins would give you a 5 star but you need to do better when purchasing a coin package. You don't pay plus you take without giving any play time or bonuses . Thank you for for taking care of the issues. Love Heart of Vegas.
This game sucks I have spent about $150 playing and all it does is take your money. One purchase for 59.99 gives you 33000 coins I played 250 per spin and I didn't win a single time. The 120 coins they give you to play with every 3 hours is a joke. Don't waste your time pr money here expecting to win. Yes the game graphics look good but this game is a complete 🤬 ripoff Customer service is even worse, I didn't get my coins I purchased and they told me I did.
Great graphics, fun games but SO greedy. They act as if letting you win means they actually lose money. But wait, they NEVER lose money. Worse odds than an actual casino. Spent $30 to never get a bonus or significant win betting lowest. Really guys, what would it hurt to let your players actually have some fun and play for a while for their money? Gonna find a different game.
Absolute rip off. No way am I paying a cent when all I did was spin and lose over 200 spins. I won a small amount every 10 spins but it never covered the original bet. Game is manipulated that you cannot win. Do not give this game any details either as I created a new email and within hours I was getting spam
Games freeze at 75 percent loading, hardly any free games/ features and heaven help if you do. They freeze. Try to restart and I loose the feature. No pay out no nothing. Loose millions in coins and hardly any wins at all. Game has gone down hill. Don't bother.
I loved this app until I spent money to buy extra coins. Since the very first time I purchased coins it has been terrible. Now I can't win anything and if I even want to be able to play I have to purchase coins because nothing let's me win. I have spent way to much money the last few days so I could enjoy playing the games I loved on this app. I should have known better and you guys should be ashamed of yourself.
I play the goldmine game. When game gives you the ability to watch a video for coins to play game does not load the points. An bonus rounds are getting more harder to get. I've deleted game an reloaded it still doesn't work
My experience has been these games are most like the actual casino games, which makes the total experience top notch. The games do pay players fairly too, which has kept this app my #1 go to and downloaded game w every new phone.
Unenjoyable and frustrating! This app is nothing more than a waste of device storage space...a memory-draining game. Hardly ever pays & loading is VERY slow comparatively. With the incredibly small amount of coins freely awarded daily, that'll give you about 5 minutes of play before the game prompts you to buy. Sadly, I've also spent my hard-earned money on this app with ZERO results. Having played it almost daily for a year with no excitement, it's time to uninstall permanently.
I've paid over 100 dollars and can't even win barely anything, if you want a fun slots game I would recommend cash frenzy, you don't have to pay to play.
My experience would be so much better if you could actually be rewarded more on a daily basis, and the wheel doesn't have but one high number and you always land on one of the smaller amounts every time
This app takes and takes. I've been a loyal player for a long time. It is stingy and has proven to be an expert at taking money.
After paying for ages I finally get the feature then the game freezes and stops working, so I restart the game go back into the same game and get the feature same thing happens. Now I have no coins left but no results from the 2 features I didn't get to play. What a waste of time.
0 star. i was in the moddle of a huge bonus game, a window popped up "there's a problem with the game, please reatart" and i did. when the game came back, yet another window showed up" we failed recovering a previous game" meaning all my bonus point were lost. are you fxxking kidding me. disgustingly stingy developer.
I love playing Heart if Vegas. It is the closest experience to playing in the casino. The reason I am rating you with one star is because the game has taken my winnings and credits. I have tried to chat with you to explain my concerns of missing coins. For example I had five thousand coins left on my last spin and won over a hundred thousand coins on that last spin. I was not rewarded accordingly. This I find to be cheated upon. Your response to my concern has also shown poor customer service.😦
Wonderful games and have been loyal for years...did update and they have changed payouts dramatically and they added something called "Missions" and took away our daily targets and its just a ploy to play other games..and it is awful and useless. Side games like Viva Vegas were good but the minimums to win have gone up tenfold....you lost me, just can't afford it anymore.
I bought coins. $199 bundle to be exact. Was rewarded free games. App crashed. Wrote several times to be rewarded the free games I'd lost. They refused. I requested a refund. Refund not granted and months later, free games STILL not rewarded. I know from conversations with another casino app developer they know exactly what's happening on your screen at any time, so could have EASILY re-rewarded my lost games. But didn't. Ethical app? 🤔
Have actually improved lately. Developers actually listening to customers. Improved enough to increase old rating to new rating of 2 stars. Sideline reward games still a rip off. Geared totally to getting money for nothing out of you.
I like this one, but the thing is you don't get a win even you purchase coins, I think when you spend real money, they will not give you anything back ,so you just keep buying coins to keep playing ABSOLUTELY NOT FAIR.
Have to watch ads to keep points and always a problem. They say points will be with you soon and they never come!!! Great games just frustrating to lose 99% of the time. Free games shouldn't be so dang cheap!
I loved it ❤️. Vegas has always been an amazing experience for me since the first time I played. Sometimes I wish I could just play it forever and ever. Thanks Vegas for putting all the hard work in to give us all such a wonderful product. The many different types of games keeps a person on the go and never bored. There is always a different challenge with beautiful graphics. I call it eye candy and just can't get enough. Only problem I have is that the signal isn't always great over here. Thanx
You guys are getting worse. You all have these promotion games that takes forever to get into!! It even takes too long for a regular slot machine to come on. And since I purchased the piggy bank a few times y'all don't offer me .99 or 1.99 offers purchases anymore. I'm getting sick of Heart of Vegas.
Fun games...but worthless. You might get enough free credits for a spin or two. If you want to purchase credits you can, but the price is outrageous for what you get. Then there are the annoying pop-up ads. They want me to make sure I never give this company a dime.
Lose all the time not fun at all most deleted game ever.wow for a game you spend money on then youget nothing in return why play it.its always fun when you win but this game I can't that at all losing is at a very high percentage just like real casinos.
Love the games, but too little payoffs to play much. Wouldn't invest my own money, considering. Why the annoying event notices every spin, now? Terrible. I am adding this 12/30. I am FURIOUS you pushed for update, and now freeze on your new 'madness pop up, forcing me to close down device as I WON'T be forced to play it. And, payoffs/bonuses are now worse. So close to taking off this site!!
I have been playing this game for a few years now but for the last 2 weeks it won't open any slots.... It just gets to the loading screen and doesn't go any further. I will change my review to 5 stars when it is fixed
Absolutely worst game play there is. No bonuses, wins are about 2% of your bet. Gotta save for a month to play for maybe 10 minutes.
I personally love it been playing for years. One thing is there used to be more options to get free coins. There should be a few more coins in a day. Sometimes I can only get $50,000 if lost my original daily & $50,000 never amounts to morfe.
Absolutely trash payouts. Gameplay and game selection is the only reason I'm giving it 2 stars. Wasted through a million coins in like 5 minutes with no bonus even close. This isn't like a onetime deal for this review as I have Uninstalled and reinstalled many times in hopes of any kind of winning. Then they want you to buy like 300,000 coins for 2.99 like really thats like 30 spins at the minimum bet on a select few of the older games. Terrible stuff, do better Heart Of Vegas.
I had a message to reinstall my game as it kept giving an message not working. I did as suggested and lost the high level i had advanced to. I want my original game back. I am upset on the setup when errors occur. When are you resetting my game to the organial level i was at. Thumbs down right now
Like usual did their update and once again will not download to get on game. This app. Really sucks and you barely ever get a bonus or free spins. If you do you usually dont even get your bet back. Don't waste any real money on this app.
I like this game but since updating to Android 11 on my Google' Pixel 2XL it crashes as soon as it finishes loading. Tried clearing cache/data and uninstalling and reinstalling but no change.
Honestly, don't bother. This game is rigged so you just end up paying real money to lose all the time fake money. I watched a friend who had 17000,000 coins lose the lot in an afternoon playing 1 million at a time and she won nothing. No free games at all and this was with 1700 spins. What are the odds with that. Disgusting to say the least. I tried it and was sickened at the pop ups hassling for money every minute. Piece of trash.
All the cool looking games are in the Heart of Vegas Casino. But thats about all I can say. There is NEVER enough coins to play very long, and the bonuses are few and far between. Also, the bonus payouts are a joke! Again, never enough coins to spin a game more than a few times. I've had the app for years, rarely play anymore. Back in it's day, the Fan page was a good way to earn a few bonus coins. Now, only the current day pays out, if you miss a day, there's no making it up. Grade? D-
Crooks! If you're winning big in free spins game will freeze or crash and you won't get coins you won up to the point of crash, let alone get to finish free spins. Special events won't load half the time without having to uninstall/reinstall and charge ridiculous amounts for everything in the game. They're misleading by mentioning "cashback" bonus making you think you can win actual cash - not true. Any emails sent about issues unanswered.