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Slots Myth:  Slots Free & Casino Slot Machines

Slots Myth: Slots Free & Casino Slot Machines for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Casino Joy located at Room 517, Tower No.2, Xixi Century Center, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoyed playing this slot. Am already addicted to it. With the intention of completing the stages, it makes me focus much on the double. Am now pretty good at doubling.
The games are all alike. The bonus is the same. Free spins are the same. The only good thing about it is they let you win and keep playing but there wasnt any excitement to the game and I got bored. I like going to the casino and playing different games because the bonuses and free spins are always different with different special affects. If you made each of the games with a different individually special bonus and free spins then i think you'd make good money out of this game.
Now I've only been playing your game for a couple of days now and omg I absolutely love it. Okay winning is great and all but I like how it is challenging to win big. The game overall is fantastic, single player mode, takes you time to level up, bonus every time you level up too, every 5 -10 levels you unlock a new one.
I must it's one of a most exciting slots game ever, the only thing I'm curious about it is can I win really cash....?
started off good then went down hill. it started to get greedy giving few or no wins and tiny bonuses to try make me buy credits. poor show.
boring. bonus round boring. stage clearing took so long n boring. overall Boorrrrriiiiinnnnnnnggg !! BYE !
That is about as lazy I've seen a "slot machine" made. 0 stars for effort and content.. 1 because it actually worked (should be easier too with 0 content, and there's no option for 0 starz)
Entertaining so far. Reached level 13 on 2nd day of play....lets see how it goes. As for graphics, nice; bonuses, fun; content, rich; sound, annoying. Worth downloading to pass time.
Fun slot fur sure, mixed with bonus games and daily rewards plus it has a good win rate. Looks amazing, offline is always a great feature too. I'm not a big slots fan but this held my interest, its pawsome!
i was not in to this game but i just keep playing it and i am now loving it very good game best up to now keep iit up guys
this game fails to give good wins since the update that removed the "spin max bet 5 times" from the daily missions. for example , after 30 free spins i ve got only 2x
Game is super boring. You hit the free spins and their is no special feature during free spins. All you get is free spins, no sticky wilds, no multipliers, nothing. Each game feels like the same game they just switched around the graphics of each symbol. Each game has free spins and bonuses you can hit. Bonus are also boring.
started off great lots of wins but then the higher levels you got to the wins got less and less, as for scatter game at higher levels it only paid out 1 or 2 spins out of the 10 spins given. uninstalled as i ran out of credit around level 32.
Casino Placebo ๐Ÿ˜‚ it saves me a lot from going to Casino. The feeling of relief in stomping those slot machines is now in the convenience of my phone.
Good- fun games... Each bonus game is unique. Excellent speed Bad-bonus games pay pathetically. You wait for a daily bonus forever which makes the game boring... Because when the coins are finished, you have to uninstall and reinstall if u still wanna play. Spins retrigger only once, if you are lucky enough.free Spins pay pathetically... Sorry but its true.
Fun Game to play with continuous very generous wins, not like some huuuuge ripoff slot games out there. have fun..
Love this place,,Great artwork makes this Very pleasing and i just cant looking,Besides Im a Vet at Slots and won Jackpot ,I really do nt like adding sites which put newcomers on crappy games to get coins?We are old school,Send people to the slots ASAP.Especially Vets,This one Was A warm welcome, Sweeter New qames were installed at Smokin Joes Im staying here,,,Nice Staff and Smoke free ,Yay,,,People Running or Own these busineses,,Need to Step up and keep
to me this game is an exceptional game lots credits and coins. thank you for inventing this game. im currently up to 3 billion coins ๐Ÿ˜€
ive gone threw all the stages so why do i have to wait to continue on the last one. this game is good but its not fun if i cant continue different phases as it gets boring playing the others ive already completed over and over again.
Hi the game is great. But we win to easily. So then it gets boring. We need to feel the Los and get that great feeling of winning. Make it more difficult to win. But other wise it looks good and runs smooth. No hassles with glitches or freezing. Thumbs ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘up for the disign team..
Game is so boring it will put you to sleep. Games are all the same, same in every way. Levels take for ever to reach, way too time consuming.
would have given you 5 stars, except that I'm bored now of waiting for you all at Puzzle Joy to pull your fingers out and put more shots on the game. "Coming Soon" is boring and in my opinion, just a polite excuse for "i can't be bothered". good game though and very addictive!!
Wins are really losses, 99% are lower then the bet. Free games are few and far between. They want you to buy their phoney coins for real money. Actually 1 * is too high, unfortunately there are no minus ratings available.
The variety between each machine is nice, they all pay different, so it's not like playing the same game. It's a challenge to get to new levels, so it never becomes tedious. Yup, I like it.
Yo ๐Ÿ˜˜ who has already tried it, whatโ€™s the reason that I always get headache with the cashout? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ The game is not too bad, as I understood, this is an unfinished replication of the popular website xrespin ๐Ÿ”ž com, only this site works under license, offers a lot of free spin bonuses and also lots of goodies ๐ŸŽ. Just on a lark give it a try, relax, amuse yourself ๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŽฎ! If you liked it, then leave a like! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
great payouts... fun exciting game... no annoying ads or pop-ups....downloads quick.... a GREAT distraction from the mundane...... if your looking for a great game without all the BS... look no further....
definitely keeps you occupied. keep the bets low sincebthge reels very seldom payout. But other features do pay. free spins don't expect much.
I really like this one. It is a good one to play. You can win big, some time. It is a game you can play all day and night.
Great games..i already achieved level 234 at this moment and 150M max betting..(22042021)..and i trying to target until level 300.
Great offline slot game to pass time with. No ads, just love to play. Opportunity to download more games after certain points are reached.
dumb....started playing yesterday shot up to 100 million, today lost the lot in a hour...max bets at 2mill, free spin will win maybe 6mill. bout 20, 25 spins later (thats 40 to 50 mill) same thing on free spins...stuff all wins inbetween....rediculous...
great game, love the graphics, love the games itself. Best part is the fact that you don't have to be on the net to operate the game once you've downloaded it. Sad part too long between games 10 rounds, come on guys you can do better, you have the potential for a winner here and you still need to tweak it a bit more to make 100% perfect
Pay offs are great. Very Addictive and the game passes the time. Each level has different bonus games that are fun and a chance to double or even triple your coins.
Just love it... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค—but i wouls like to know when wil the game go foword. Comeing soon... When i realy love this game but want to go foword.. Not just stay here.. Please see what u can do, its bean like that for a while. Thank u. ๐Ÿค”โฉplease.
Best slot ever, I had so much fun playing the casino game. I have never rated any of the casino slots that I downloaded, but this one is the number one since 3 years. A lot of bones and keep me longer not trying to asked me to buy. graphic design is great song great . Deserve a 5 start... good work and congrats. I will keep play for longtime, thank you.
Takes way too long to level up. It becomes boring. You should keep in mind that the more tedious the game the less likely punters will come back or stick around. This could've been a 5 โญ $lot.
I've played a lot of slot games and this is the top of my list, the payouts are really good however I find after level 49 it's really difficult to secure super wins and the coins get finished having to wait for daily bonuses.
love this game is incredible good,good pay outs graphics are perfect, colors are beautiful. I recommend it to everyone who likes to play games. thankyou so much for a game well done.
AMAZING graphics totally awesome!! everybody that loves SLOTS you are missing out . please play you will be glad you did if you have time try it out.SATISFACTION for reel (lol) love it
Could be better. It's rather boring with no added features other than scatter and bonus. In the case of the scatter spins, might as well eliminate it because out of 10 free spins, you'll win one time, twice if you're lucky.
Fabulous game, no ads and you get a lot of free games and bonuses, i will recomand this game for any one, thanx guys
all features not functioning all of the time. no coins in mistery chest on level increases. waiting on new games for over a month
These games are really great! Lot' s of wins plus they give you lots of bonues and extra' s too! Come play and enjoy!
To be able to go offline and still play in itself rocks and the graphics are phenomenal along with the storyline of gods of times of centuries past for true history once believed. Outstanding to say the least.
Simply awful. Generic clones. Extremely boring. Very poor payout ratio. Waste of time. Uninstalling and good riddance. Very generous 1*
Fun & exciting game,great game for the entire family and friends.I would recomend this game to all who enjoy playing slots.
Graphics and game play is good..but i got bored just playing on 1 game before having to reach level 10 before you are able to play next game .I suppose a good game for players that dont mind sitting on 1 game at a time..oh and players that like to do max bids..this game only bids a certain amount at a time.
Theres no variety and you have to make 10 lvls a time in order to get another game thats exactly like the one you were playing. The payoffs are horrible and you rarely win so if im betting 500,000 a bet and i don't win anything for 20 spins then win 500,000 and after back to no wins again for 20 spins why would I want to play your game or spend money?
great untill around lvl 20 and start to realize dosnt matter what bet u can spin 100 times ur still gonna lose every spin id understand if there was some percentage of payback but nothing over and over sucks maybe im just that unlucky
the game started okay, but after awhile it died. deleted the game it wasn't fun anymore.got 20 free spins and received nothing.
only slot game i have found that i can win playing. plus Hera is smokin hot for a cartoon character ๐Ÿ˜‚. definitely no need to spend to win in this one. But for some reason i find it boring vs the ones where you lose your ass.
you are not paying the full amount when I win.I won 320.000 and you paid only 80.000 this is not the only time it happens most of the time. where are the coins going, in your piggy bank and then you ask for real money to break the bank. It will not happen because I dont win any real money anyway.Uninstalling now.
Great variety although slow to level up,great bonus and free spins but the best part of your wonderful game is the part I ran out of credit and uninstalled your pile of dung, as a great rapper once said, stick a gerbil up your ass through a tube.
absolutely horrible. didnt even bother spending the free chips. no range. no class. no effort. I have no idea what the people that rated this game were thinking. how it has above 1 star amazed me. it's a real joke. try it and see. dont say you haven't been warned ;)
can not get it to open it's just white pig with the red icon for turning sound on, notifications on/off, button.
very poor payouts. just takes your money. hard to get vip points. very deceiving. at first payout seems ok. after it barely pays out. they want you to buy more coins
Did not receive my 20 Million coin sign-up bonus and the customer service email link doesn't work as I received a message back that my email couldn't be delivered. Graphics are beautiful but only one game available at a time. I like to be the one to choose what game I play.
do not play this game it sucks you start out with 500,000 not 20m and when you do win it does not count unless it is under 400,000 if you play the double after a win you will not get the credit for it you can not get over 50,000k the game cant count any higher then that
Decent game with somewhat simplistic graphics. If you're careful with your bets and get the hourly bonuses you can build up a fair amount of reserve. And they let you bet as little as $100. Sweet! The payouts vary but seem as fair or more fair than other slots I've played, and they don't kill you with spam ads to buy stuff like on Zynga games. Warning: If you play Hera a lot you might go blind. (I think the graphics on Hera are distorted. Her head is much smaller than the rest of her body.) :-D
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it's pretty good, a little difficult to get through the first few levels but, meh. I'm level 121 at the moment and the only thing I'd like to see is more levels unlocked. I've literally been stuck at the last level since, what, lvl 60? time to update already.
Though I enjoy the app & like the graphics. Also like that it doesn't take alot of data space. I cant give it a 5 stars. I seem to win only when going for the daily bonuses. Which lets u play about an hour max.or less. Then no matter how much I have in coins. They just get eaten up. Yes I know that its all timing and luck... However a pattern emerges after a couple of weeks. Willing to continue a while longer but history usually predicts future... still a nice job with the overall site.
Boring games honestly, at least compared to a lot of other slot apps, could not keep my interest and tried to enjoy it, but all the slots are pretty much the exact same, very little difference between them. Also, as I wrote to the dev, being unable to skip the big, super, mega win announcements/animations got very, very annoying quickly. Uninstaller and on the hunt for something a bit more exciting.
lots of fun,but i am at level 1520 something and its not allowing me to advance to the next level."been at this same level for about eight months.
I enjoy playing these games very much. It's a wonderful experience very enjoyable every one should give it try.
Very annoying game. Animations are slow and take forever. Its all made so boring and dull. Uninstall.
loved the game when I first started. lots of fun but some bonuses were difficult. got to the end where the new game is not yet activated on a couple of occasions. bet the max bet until coins were used up and then uninstalled. would reinstall and play again. now when I reinstall it starts me in the middle of the levels with an estimated amount of coins and the levels don't even let you go past two more. no longer fun. cannot play level 45 with only 100,000k coins.
would have given you 5 stars, except that I'm bored now of waiting for you all at Puzzle Joy to pull your fingers out and put more slots on the game. "Coming Soon" is boring and in my opinion, just a polite excuse for "i can't be bothered". good game though and very addictive!! I'm now at level 5368 with 600 billion coins. please can we have more slots??
The slot game is good, it's the watch a video for free credits that doesn't work. Everything the I watched a video for free credits, the whole app, freezes and never get credited and in return have to restart app.
Awesome relaxing game to pass time. Just waiting on them to make more levels.. I've been waiting on level 80 for a while... Still waiting...