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Big Win - Slots Casino™

Big Win - Slots Casino™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by FiveStar Games - Slots and Casino located at NO.268 DES VOEUS ROAD CENTRAL SHRUNG WAN HK . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really want to love this game because I love the variety of slots, it's the best I've ever seen but you don't get much starting money and it takes a very long time to level up to open more slots.
you can't play a very long and your coins are gone if there was a way of getting more coins other than waiting 3 hours shouldn't have to buy coins every time you turn around
I enjoyed the games but i had to update my software on this android phone and now it will not work it says it was built for an older version of android dont understand why but i dont understand most of these damn smartass phones
Old favourite, no upgrades of any sort for 10 years which is just pathetic really...and higher u level up the higher the minimum bet but same old 4 hourly (!!??) bonus does not increase , balance blows away in seconds - which sadly kills the gaming experience. After 10 years as a loyal Bigwin Casino #1 fan, cannot flog a dead horse anymore. Mega win Casino has identical format flaws except credit survives seconds at best ; Bigwin still gives u an infuriating 2 minute press....
You receive 5000 points every 3 hours but every time I spin the wheel I get3000. Once in a great while I get 5000 but RARELY higher. What sense does that make! Spinning the wheel should be a bonus not a penalty. Today ( 1/10/2020) I spun the wheel and got 50000 but it didn't add it to my total. This happens frequently when I get a large bonus. Never when I get a low amount. Fortunately I play for fun, but what recourse would I have if it was for money. None! Why would anybody use actual money.
Was playing and winning big then it froze. Can't get back to load. I have uninstalled it and installed it back but still not working. Second time second phone. It sucks!!😡
This game is more practical than others, and quite challenging to build up your credits without purchasing. The only thing you have to wait 2hrs to watch a video clip.
Still can't figure out what the point of the double diamonds is all about. I have yet to get anything for the amount I have. Give me higher coins forget the darn diamonds. Why when I buy coins do I not get the full amount for the 19.99 ??? It has happened the past 3 times. After this last purchase I will have to find a new game
Pretty Realistic! I like that these slots are not guaranteed to win every time. They can go quite a while without a win, so when you do win, ya feel accomplished !
I like playing this game, but it's a rip off. I can't tell you how many times I have won a tournament and not gotten my winnings. The screen says congratulations you have won, but my coins are negative the same amount is what I won so that when I add or collect the coins it's a net zero. What a scam. And there is no contact information to remedy the situation. How convenient.
Been playng Big Win Casino for years. Try to play but open the game in 2 second it close on me and have to try on on it open and close. It been for weeks not letting me to play. It happen several times through the years. Is it the message for me to tell me not to play or other you fix it!
The game needs maintenance again,,it'll ask you do you want to watch a video for 6000 and then it doesn't give it to you and the same with 2000 ..love love love this game,,could play 24-7 if it gave me more to play with
This game SUCKS! The game just don't pay out at all. It used to be fun to play not anymore. Come on lighten up.
I've been playing this game for yrs and thought it to be a great game lately all the free spin points are really unbelievable the lowest of the low might just stop playing altogether. By the way I have never put a negative word on your game before.
The points always disappear when I get to a certain point. Seems the maker of this game only wants you to buy points, not earn them.
I have being A member of this Casino for 4years . Always had good winnings up until. The last few months. It's like the. Machines have been lock down. And bonus or free spins aren't as often as they had been. I still enjoy because the variety . Just wished they would all winnings once. Again
Am I the only one having trouble with this game ,it takes a good while to get on it and then it keeps disconnecting,,,frustrating
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I have had this game at least five years and used to win big but then they changed it now it just gives a few hundred thousand and takes back as soon as you get it
When you spin on the wheel bonus is less than what you receive every 3 hours that's SAD!! I have gotten used to poor pay outs, but that wheel should be programmed to pay more than your regular 3 hour bonus.
Once again this game has ripped me off! Even you & yours stated, it is not quick to post points,or winnings,yet you dont have a problem taking bets with out any issues,yet you continue to rob players of their winnings by stating its played too quickly!!! Maybe its time to show your dedicated players( I HAVE SPENT 100'S OF $$!!! CHECK MY HISTORY) some love, & return some cash or credits AND FOR THAT I GIVE YOU 1 STAR,& as much as i hate to do, i will uninstall. Dont care much for thieves,or liar
the princess aurora slots cheats. got 3 scatters says 8 free spins loads up and only gives 7 spins the bets are way to high on all machines and they suck for the win. there is by far better slots apps out there this one needs to be taken down and have work done too it. layout and graphics are ok.
This game is all about making you spend your money. They start you out like at 2,000 credits. then you get bonuses that are worth like 400.00. The bonuses stuck bad. This is the worst slots game I ever played on here.
Something is wrong with this game,,it takes forever to get on it and today I had just got my bonuses,,I had over 32,000 points ,,played on time, my bet was 2,500 and it took all my points away with one spin,,never get to play a long time because payouts are not that good,,it's the most fun of all the games but it sure needs work to help us enjoy playing,,,thank you,,,Marie Morris
Terrible.this game needs to be shut down its credits suck!!!! The credits don't last and you can tell the games are truly set .if you spin enough times basically the same symbols fall..very few times you make a hit...and what's sadd is THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME 😥
Yo 😘 who has tested it, what’s the reason that there is such a problem with the standing freeze up? 😭 The application is not too bad, as I know, this is a crude imitation of the top rated website xcasin 🔞 com, only this site has the perfect graphics, has a widest breadth of popular spin games and also lots of goodies 🔝🎰. Just for fun give it a try, relax, amuse yourself 💋🎮! If you went for it, then thumbs up! 👍👍
Not alot going on there's not alot of ways to get coins but there's alot of games and grapics are cool! I like the fact its not to busy an its more about playing a game keep it simple!!!
I have two google phones and one Apple iPhone. Before I tried to download it but it just didn’t show up by the way I did this on my Apple phone my other two google phones I shut off, but I still can’t download the game. This is the best game ever. Is there anything I can do about this situation? Please help me this is my favorite game. I have been playing for over 7 years.
I was playing, up until last Sunday.. I had 1 billion+ and the one scatter gave me 400 million, because I was beting 1million per spin.. So after that my big win casino slot stopped working .. My friends casino are perfectly working, but not mine, please fix..
It take your points and you weight to long for 2000 points that gone in one spin.. it's not fun anymore
I could Care less about commenting, But after this experience i had to leave one. So Devs, u give us $2,200 or What ever to Start with, i spin no more than 20 times and its gone that fast? Yu guys behind this particular game should be shot for making this mess. Really!!? Few spins and money gone. Dont even bother replying with yur CPU generating ass replies either. Just trash and staff should quit while u ahead.
Pay value went down after reaching level 217. Game was fun, now it sucks. Frolicking Flora was fun until level 217. Bet is minimum1500 but pays at 750 bet. Bonus pays half of what it was before level 217. Don't enjoy playing anymore. FIX and MAKE Frolicking Flora Fun Again!!!!!!!!
level up bonus coins are few and far between! Meaning, they aren't credited to your account most of the time and the 10x level bonus has NEVER been credited at all! why even waste time or graphic use to show them? Not enough coins given to even attempt to play, even if you purchase them....I have been playing this game for years and am going to delete....its a rip off and not fun anymore!
Love this game especially how your fish talk 2 U and know your name. Everything in your tank moves. It a) makes it fun what. I don't like. And don't understand is why does it take so long 2 refill lives after you use the five makes u lose INTEREST cause u have. 2 WAIT 2 long 2 play again
Not much fun when it takes all your points and doesn't pay out much. And the bonus are a joke!! Come on let us have some fun.
It did the bonuses right for about a week and it's messed up again ,needs fixing,,it's freezing up so bad
I have had this game at least five years and used to win big but then they changed it now it just gives a few hundred thousand and takes back as soon as you get it another thing with this game that stinks is every three hrs it gives you tokens then at the fifth one you spin the wheel and most of the time you get less than what you get every three hrs
Level up amounts are astronomical. Multi-millions to level up is ridiculous. Once I hit the 150 level. What a joke.
I play in a tournament and my coins go down when it says I win then. I don't understand why it takes coins away when I win them. I've decided to not play tournaments any more. That's just wrong in my book.
I played this game now for a few years the wheel bonus sucks never win more than 50 000 on it and then also once in a while this was on of the best slots to play but seems to get worse with every update play for about 10 min without winning anything then wait 3 hours to get coins again please do not download this game waste of time
Hello there 🥰 who has tested it, what’s the reason that it's such a hassle with the standing freeze up? 😖😖 The spin game is so so, as I understood, this is an unfinished replication of the original website xcasin . com, only this site has a huge winning percentage, offers a lot of free spin bonuses and also lots of rewards 🎰. Just out of curiosity compare, relax, amuse yourself🎮💋! If you went for it, then thumbs up! 👍👍
omg this is the shittiest game I have ever played the graphics are poor the bonuses are poor the whole experience is dire it's just a turgid game please avoid at all cost it's nothing to do with the chips you get cause you can level up really fast with the meagre 2000 they give you I got to lv 8 in about five minutes and gave up
Evenin’ 🥰.I’ve been playing many casino for many years. Here’s a story Who has played it? Why is there such a trouble with purchase as it’s easier than withdraw them? 😧 the casino is not so much, as far as I understand here you can play only for virtual coins unlike my favorite game with fastgraphics - winrespin dot com, where you can play for real money, without pushy ads. Even just for sport check, have fun and relax🎰! Right now they offer free additional bonuses and have ✅! If you checked it press “like”! 👍
I dont like the way they put a card in the way when u by points it makes it so they block what points u have and what u have left i wont play if they keep doing that poor rating because of this
Too costly to play. The only time you win big is after you purchase coins. The spin round results in lower than the three hour bonus. Very and I mean very few,,,, does it result in more.
this game will rip you off ,take your money and give you nothing. Clever how they strip you of all coin so fast,and then have you make a purchase or three and give you no credits but leave your account empty of funds. I just was forced to give them one star so i could post this cheatingapps action s.i don't think they deserve one star my self.
This is my favorite game,even though I can't buy coins I been waiting on free coins For about six or seven years that's how I play this is my company and I hate when it do wrong like won't let me watch a video to earn coins. I get in touch with support other than that I wouldn't have it any other way.
Nice games but the coins reward is so lower than others. In order to keep playing one will have to buy more coins or watch unnecessary videos.
I make purchases and I don't feel that I get enough rewards. Considering the amount of money I spend!
You cant win enough to keep playing! You only hit anything every 10-20 spins and its usually a long way from what you bet so...this game is only good for 5-10 minutes of playing time...DAILY!!!
not happy, you dont give anything im disappointed its not been paying at all, you give the lowest wheel bonus, then it goes in 2 seconds. why would i buy coins, tour not giving me any incentive. ive always enjoyed your slots but not lately. regards
So far this has been a great experience this app is nothing like the game's that just try to suck you in this game is the first game I'v played that is as straight forward. And has fantastic WINS thanks very much. Oh yes did I mention the fantastic games you have THANK You AGAIN !!!!!!
Games good Big Wheel is a JOKE and a SLAP in the Face not that you will do anything about it but the WHEEL is still a joke it dosen't even give as many coin as you get when you collect the normal collects was hoping you would fix it but guess NOT 🤨.
All of my level points were removed! I was at over 300 and now I'm on 50. I want to know why and how tjis happened?
I love the game but but when you roll 10 to 15 rolls and don't get nothing something wrong with that .oh and I hit all five wild lady's and didn't get nothing there wild don't that mean they would be the highest that was just wrong it wasn't a easy thing to do but I love the game so anyway I think I am owed a lot of corns give me a reply I was disappointed and happy at the same time hitting them all made me excited but then not to receive any corns well how would you feel disappointed ha .
It has problems, the video's for extra credits will not play all the way, so you don't get those credits. Kind of a rip-off, if you ask me. I took off 4 stars. I played this app for 4yrs. It just more of the same problems. I'm sorry but, I'm done with this app....👎
I love this game ! You have issues with it logged on yesterday it took all my coins,! Pleade give them back I had ove 11 million
I like the game but I was on level 350 and I stop playin long enough to get some water. When I get the phone to play the game they got me on level 1. I want my level back or I'm gonna have to find me another game. Support usually help me but not this time I asked and they didn't respond. But it's a good game.
I love this game, but it takes all your money to fast. I constantly buy. I'm going to start playing another game. So SAD!!!
I've been playin Big Win Casino Slots since my 1st Android Cell back in August of 2008! I fell in luv the 1st day,& still am to this day! I'm attracted to everything about the App from (A-Z)! & all this coming from a female who never was ever wowwed,(or), interested in video games of any kind,period!!! Being straight up &honest,I must say I find myself intriged from day #1,I would luv to #1-day meet the grafic design teem that came up with all the ingenious talented ideas for the oh so fun slots!