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Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Grande Games located at Flat 20, High Corner Street, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wonderful games at first. They let you win a lot, then when you get to the next games they start to take it all back. Fun while it lasted. I made it to level 58. You can watch videos and get 30 grand for each one, but that gets tedious because you have to bet 2,3,4 5 times as much. Happy spinning!☘
Fun for awhile but the winrate is actually worse than a real casino. After any big win you will lose everything much quicker than you won it. The vault is rediculous and the price you pay to open it goes up the more it saves, and overall costs the same as just buying a coin pack. Not enough chances to get free coins and they disappear quickly
I just reinstalled Jackpot Mania on my phone again this morning at 11:20am,i have watched literally 7 of the ad's to get rewarded with 30 million coins&even sitting and waiting for the ad to fully finish before exiting out of the ad,i have not been rewarded any of the coins that i should have for watching the 7 video ads for 30 mill. Also when i am playing one of the games on Jackpot Mania,i have not been rewarded at all for any of the winning spins that i get. 0 stars until i am fully rewarded.
Great at first and then on day 2 when I'm doing really really well all of a sudden I can't download any more games every single one of them stops at 36% and says failed nor could I make a purchase nor can I finish a side contest to get through a series of different machines so I'm not real happy with it and no one will answer my messages with customer service so yeah I'm not real happy
This will be my final post. After 1 1/2 years, and playing literally every casino available at the play store, this casino is the only one worth keeping. Great slots, great adventures, great payouts and bonuses. The only casino worth making purchases. Why purchase? Each purchase increases your vip status, and bigger bonuses. I have no problem making purchases here. This one truly is fair and honest. Don't know what else needs to be said.
I'm so sick of these games. They give you huge wins the first time you play it, then constantly ask you to rate it thinking you're gonna say you love it. I was out of coins within the first 30 minutes. Cue the makers of the game telling me they're sorry I didn't win anything, but all the other players do.
Awesmome, the only negative issue is the x button is to small and my finger to big! I always touch the wrong selectables.
I would give this no stars if I could because I've sent messages to the maker of this game regarding its glitches. Several times I get charged for respin yet it freezes and states in process and never gives your purchase nor get a refund. Not once did anyone reach out to rectify the situation. Even if a credit in coins is better than taking funds and not receiving anything. What's the need for contact us if no one responds?
Love the game!!! Yesterday my game stopped working. I have had to delete it completely from my phone and re- install it several times but my game is still not working I have tried many other games, although this one pays good and I enjoy all the games. Other than this glitch that's going on - I love this game. Please help my game to work again. I want to continue playing this game.
For me Its just something to pass time but also help keeps my mind off things and i have fun thank you .. great game ..
Tons of fun with Huge Jackpots! Fun leagues and lots of slots to choose from. You want fun this game is for you!
Big glitch!!was doing the quest option games,and on the "hot chili?" Game,I won the" grand " jackpot.It was a crazy amount of coin I won....but it didnt register!!I've been playing these games for 10yrs off and on,and FINALLY winning big!then to have it not register,I cant even describe how upset I am!!!! I really hope it's on file or something guys.......
Love the game. I started having a glitch with the game yesterday. In fact my husband and I both have the glitch. Deleted the app and reloaded I don't know how many times. We both want to keep playing our games. Can someone please help fix our game as we enjoy playing it so much!! Thank you.
- update all my levels are gone im back down to level 5 with no way of getting my levels back without doing it all over again 😡 and again as of 6/1/2021 i still cant get my levels back with no help from customer service i will not start all the way back over
It lets you win a lot. Thats why i give it 2 stars. BUT, way way way too many adds. every 2 minutes you have to watch a 30 second ad. even if you try to x past the ad, you have to watch it anyway. That sure takes the fun out of it !!!
I love this app. It's the only pokies game that gives you a daily bonus for playing. That's on top of the other daily bonus's that are given in all pokie games. Eg: daily wheel, daily cash. I also like that you get to play the daily wheel with all pegs x 20, just by watching a short video. All other pokies charge you.
The games are entertaining, downside is that progressive jackpots reset every couple of minutes, when you have 80Trillon and betting big, jackpots never come around(Ever!). I'm level 1350 and have seen many glitches in a few of the games. Espeacially "Captain Winsalot", numourous times I have been one free spin away from the chest and it locks all features out like I'm betting under what's required (50B)... There shouldn't be a limit on how much you can bet.
This app like many slots games is only out to pay on low bets. Those of about million or less. The bigger your bet the less changes of free games and very low payouts. I have playing the app for some time. This a pattern that repeats itself the more you bet the less are your chances of winning extra game or coins. I suppose the games designed like this so you will buy more coins. Perhaps you be luckier then me but after about six of playing. It is still playing the same way you bet big you lose.
I tried to load saved game from old phone to new one with my facebook account.. The app only allowed me to start over at level one, so I will be deleting the app. I have a screenshot from my old phone of what level I was on as well as how many chips I had. If you can help me retrieve my original game, I would love to keep playing, but I am not starting over.
I give you a 1 star because I really love most of the games but when you get in different bonus situations and bet upwards of 187 million coins and get nothing quite often, it has a tendency to piss a person off!!! I went from 27 billion coins to just over 9 billion in a matter of minutes. Your payouts SUCK!!!!
I dont know about most of your fun zones or what motivates your desires to enjoy different games, but this app should find that cozy little spot in each person. These games have a special component that pulls and grabs ahold and keeps you mesmerized with content. The music is a bit off, but the games are spot on and enjoyable.
It's not terrible. The main reason i downloaded was the offline playability. The pay outs are decent. The slot selection is really pretty good. Also the daily gifts are some of the highest & best out of all the slot games I have played. (I have played a couple few) &some of the daily gifts ar givin in offline play. I play on an older device & have not been able to update for months now as to the updated version I don't know. But this one let's me play without updating. Better than it use to be.
Once you make an in-app purchase, you will lose constantly. If you do win anything, then you'll lose consecutively afterward no matter which game you play. They have it rigged to do this so you'll buy more. I know this because in my old phone, I had this app. Never bought anything and I've got billions of coins. Won all the time. Got this phone, started from scratch and won until I decided to buy something to go ad free, then bam. Can't even play because...no coins. And I'm NOT. BUYING. THEM.
I do love the game but I had to reset my phone and now have to start the game from level 1 so I can't be bothered...why isn't there a way to assign a phone number to the game so I don't have to start all over...tad disappointed :(
Greedy just like the rest. Work you up, then take it all and ask for money. I was trying to do the quests. Made it to the second level. One goal was to win 10 free spins. I went through 2 billion. Yes, 2 billion and never won a single free spin. Just went broke. Now your app is just taking up space in my phone. Uninstalling. Also, i didnt even play for 2 hours. Waste of time.
The free games is very slow. You have to play high amounts to get through a game but the money is not enough. The winnings are far less than what you have to play to get anywhere in the game.
Best game of all .I have played Many games on different sites but have always come back to this one .much enjoyment and good pays .this is definitely my game . Why play others when this one is the best . Well done guys .why does it continue to change your bets to a higher amont and take the money you have already won :-$a
unrealistic goals for special games , 2.9 billion when they only let you bet 10 million , con job !!!
They give great daily coins but payout is trash. How you bet $25 Million a spin and land on a bonus and get 7 free respins and 2 times the payout and your total winnings is $0 is beyond me. You can pretend its fair and you go through using a certain system but I literally just did a new update and now this. If this continues I'll uninstall and spend my money somewhere else.
This game is stupid. Spin mega wheel, fine don't want to spin money wheel, are you sure pops up every time. I am not paying coins for a f'n wheel that should not be a secondary option. Of course you need a cgi big breasted bimbo forcing us what game we start out in tutorial, that's a joke. Yet I keep getting asked having fun? It's too early dumbass to rate this p.o.s. Making the x too small so you can't get out of an ad is dumb
I have not gotten an update in over a year, I don't know if I just have too much money in this game so they won't let me advance anymore, I'm just confused.
Well you only give so many coins and you have to bet max bet and then take away cause you cant win enough
Money hungry slot!! Can't get past the first level of the first round of quest about 4 min starting the" hungry hippo" game, then in-game app trys to force to buy coins by blocking you from going any further till a purchase. Waste of my time, I won't be bullied into B-S choose for yourself.
I get a bonus and I have to watch an ad. I can't collect my coins without watching an ad. Can't collect my free spins without watching an ad. Seriously so many ads . I am not paying to get rid of them either.. why are your games are locked if I go to a casino to play other machines locked no they're not. So I give you a one star
I loved playing but please make sure if someone is playing free spins when it goes off line let the free spin return also because we loss a lot of money nd spins
Alright this is just plan greed. The games are not balanced at all. You might make your bet back one out of every ten spins. The bonus games are often and at the end of each bonus there is an ad that you will have to watch. Doesn't matter if you hit the x to opt out of doubling you winnings.
I love this app, especially when offline or no internet you still get to play the best games out there. Good job Slot Casino!!
Does not award coins on some wins, especially big wins. I have hit several huge wins and it never credited the coins. Sad some developers have to rip people off in order to get them to buy more coins.
I'm enjoying myself so far. Have hit mostly mini and a few minor jackpots but nothing else even when spending big money. We'll see what happens in the future.
This casino sucks.👎 Games does not work when I want to play and the casino just vanish from my screen. I have plenty of coins in there ,I wrote to you but no answer and it looks like you don't care so I have no other option to uninstall the casino with plenty of coins,if things are not fixed by next Sunday I will uninstall.You give plenty of coins but I can not play because the games and casino just vanishes,from my screen. If you care fix the problem if not you will loose your people.
Started off really awesome but like any slots game went right to the shutter as soon as the first time you play out every coin you have...
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Payouts are amazing! this app will dominate the compitition if you keep the in app purchase options where they are
Fun games, good graphics But my only disappointment is the plain fact that they never get back to you when you write to them about a problem and so far I have gone to purchase chips twice and got ripped off both times! Never received chip one! Writing to the developers is futile because they never get back to you which is highly unprofessional. Normally I would give these guys a good rating but I can't find it in my heart to forgive after being ripped off twice.
Absolutely disgusting. Every win you have to watch Spam. This game is nothing but a scam on advertising and it has no shame.
No credits to play with very BAD In the beginning we loved this game enough credits very bad at this moment and we spent lots of money for data
( Jackpot Mania) I am having problems with the app on my Samsung as it will not work . I even uninstalled it and installed it many times. It still won't work like it did. No 30,000 points when you play a video and no Giveaway points. Please HELP. As i love the game. Thank you.
I just love the different features that the different games carry.its hard retrieving progress once switching phones
4 weeks ago I put a very positive review about this game...well...now it's changed. Whatever update you guys decided on has totally ruined this game for me. Now it is excessively tight, can hardly win now, waaay fewer bonus chips, the music for any big win is the same (very annoying), you took away the tournaments...just wow. I went from loving this game to now being on the verge of uninstalling for good. I strongly suggest you guys fix this b4 you lose a lot more people 4 good..just my opinion
I really like this game but I can't handle that everytime you do ANYTHING there is another freaking ad. Even if you deny the ad it still plays one. You win free spins you got an ad. I know dang good and well they don't have to play that many ads for the game to be free. You spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game.
I feel like the quest game did not pay out as it should. When I got to the second to the last game, it did not give me the coins that I did win while playing the other games in the quest.
While playing giant genie I won the grand prize, 636000000000billions. And as always the game didn't pay. I sent a message through their support contact on May 8,2021. They still haven't responded. This game is a rip off, stay away from Jack pot mania, it's designed to keep you buying coins, but won't pay you big jack pots. RIP OFF. CHEATER, SCAM..
Definitely the best slots game. I have downloaded so many others and they dont come close. There is a wide variety of slots which does not become monotonous with regards to the theme and sound. Then you win then you loose which of course I love a good challenge. The only negative feedback I have is many of times when you do watch a video especially after your free games it does not register and you do not receive the coins. Will not delete this slots app, simply love it.
Always has top shelf games to play, better than a lot of the other Casino sites that can drive you crazy with ad's in the middle of spin that's going on. Cool graphics and good coin packages to snag when low on coins. Fun Times await so check it out.
I enjoy playing slots for free, l don't gamble anymore. I use to be a high roller and win a lot of money, and loose a lot as well. So l quit over 10 years ago. During this lockdown l played a variety of games on my phone. Some of the other slots are ridiculous. No coins, not enough hits to enjoy the games. The wagers aren't fair to the payouts. But l like this one. So l deleted all the rest, and enjoy this one. I challenge myself as well, just to see how well l can do.
You have to watch an ad after every big win. An ad is offered when your win amount is shown, this ad will increase your win amount. If you choose not to watch this ad and instead select the X, an ad still pops up.
This is a great game you almost never run out of coins because you can watch ads for more coin great games with high payouts been playing for about 3 1/2 weeks and nothing negative to say about it, just give it a try.
Hi everybody I have played this game before on my other cell and I love it a lot my other cell crashed on me and I haven't been able to play the game lately for quite a while and you miss it a lot it's better than any of the others that I have played and I have played quite a few of them anyway I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your entertainment keep up the good work support have a good day God bless you and take care of be safe
Love this app because can play without wifi, like when traveling! Just be careful not to bet too big or coins go fast
Tired of spending money and ndver wining cojns to play! Please remove the ads for vulgar adults games ... they are freezing my screens...other casino game ads do not freeze my screen. ..only the suggestive naked women which looks extremely sexual and VULGAR! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one of the most coolest slots games ever!!! They make it so a person does'nt have to wait all too long to collect sum form ov CA$H/Coin'z to Continue on Play'N which is KooL eh?!
My iPad does not like these games. Its an average size tablet but it just doesn't fit. Too many ads during the games. The games are too predictable. No challenge to win.
Far too many ads. You can't enjoy the game because you are constantly interrupted. I understand the need for the ads but, I don"t think youneedasmsny as you have. Need better payouts. Need more payouts!
I played Jackpot Mania today and won the Jackpot on Rich Lucky and the credits just dissappear.. This is not fair as I enjoyed the games... Played hard to get something and was just taken from me...But don't bother to complain direct by support on the game or email them they won't come back.. you are on your own with complaining😭😭😭so sad
Worse game ever.. forces you to buy coins.. starts off getting you to win billions.. then you lose the billions rather fast.. now you either buy or not play.. bonus is only 500.000 .. 1 spin and it's gone.. loved the games .. but you can't win.. even after I spent hundreds of cash on this game , I end up losing like crazy.. I'm actually writing a letter to the gaming commission, I'm going to upload all the various complaints like mine and send it to them.. this is suppose to be fun games .
You force people to watch a video. Ads are part of playing a game. They should be optional. Even when I decline to watch the ads I'm still forced to watch. So I saw a different slot game so I'm uninstalling your game and going to play the other game. I'm positive if you keep forcing ads on people the more people will leave. Good luck with your game. I'm sure your going to need it.
Overall just a fun qnd entertaining way to pass time. POSSIBILITIES to win $$$, but no way to acrue points or ANY cash. Lots of ways to get coins without buying them, although that is pushed frequently. For all of the games one has to play to advance upwards, i still have no idea what the end result is!
FUN!!! Interesting slots, coins droppings right and left. It is fun being a millionaire even if it is just for a few hours.
Amazing Games !!! Excellent Graphics !!! I've got 583 trillions 👍🥰 winnings Lol ! So enjoyable , I am actually lived here in Las Vegas Nevada , but this slots machines you got here is quite amazing , yours more like in Macau , in which I loved ! Thank you so much developer, for the greatest works of art . Keep up the good work . Just loving it !!! LOL Thanks a lot .
Been playing for a couple of years now. Some great games on here. My coin amounts have gone into the Hundred trillions and over the last 6 months,they have dropped to almost trillion. Still manage to due to game play get back into the Hundred trillion again. This week I have have notice gameplay has got hard again. Alot less wins and no second chance at getting your win back if your lost on the cards. Still worth the download.
I paid to have no ads (very necessary because they are ridiculous with the pop up ads). I have logged out and in multiple times (per the automatic message I received) but am still getting them. Tried to subtract customer support many times, and included a screenshot of my purchase, have gotten no replies. VERY annoyed by this app and it's "support"
So far I think this is the best group of slot machines that's out there on the internet it's very good because at least have the rules to each game. It tells you this many scatters scores this many free spins. But I don't like some of your ads you get a really big win in your have to go to an ad after winning it and sometimes you can't get back into the game and you lose the stuff you just one that sucks otherwise you would have got at 5 stars