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Cash Mania Slots - Free Slots Casino Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Galaxy Entertainment Limited located at Room 1907, 19/F, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, HongKong. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
saw add for this on another game, showed Money Rain, which it shows on welcome screen, but, I can not find the game anywhere!
I've changed to 3 stars from 5.. i didn't get any of the coins i won from for high roller tournament.. should of won 10-20 billion and no payout game through... not good considering i spent nearly 15 billion in coins to get higher bets and wins in the tournament...
It's a fun game, however I frequently get ripped off when I hit jackpots. It doesn't always give them even if you get them. Also, my boyfriend signed in as a guest and he gets an option to watch videos for coins. I signed in through Facebook and I don't have that option. He gets 17 million per video. Why is this not an option for me? I want to continue playing but if the payout doesn't get better I'll have no choice but to delete.
Somehow i had a 5 star review when i never reviewed them. 1st i am changing it to 1 star. 2nd, notice how all there reposnes are the same and they never actually help people. 3rd they make you lose on purpose so you buy more. Company of people that dont answer emails (it actually said you that my email cant be delivered). Download any other slot game this is not qorth your time. Edit- your reaponse had nothing to do with my comment, i wish i could give you less starts
when All my money has run out on All my other slot games, i can rest assured that i will still be able to play this one as you can obtain credits relatively easy
Wow had a couple of good wins and then its like someone turned off the games,lost all my credits within minutes, I seriously can't believe it was that quick and bad.also to people out there buying credits from some of these companies be carefull, I had my credit card details stolen and had to destroy my card and get a new one issued, I will not use my card again.be very careful. Another uninstall coming up.i wonder where the good games are that are just that entertainment and not asking for mone
First thing, I don't have any extra money now, and the game i can play every day. What is great about this game is you can play and enjoy different types of slots bet as much or as little and still have great chances of success when I run out of money I do something else, but that's the great thing it can take you a long time before losing, change to as many different slots and you seen to be able to keep playing longer.
The best game out there. Just like every game I try, I was skeptical at 1st. They give you videos to watch where your coin awards increase as you level up. Those rewards become very genereous. I havent found any game that comes close. You have other rewards such as slot cards where you get coins for completing albums and use your duplicate slot cards for the wheel of stars which gives you more coins and daily dashes and more free rewards. Their slot games are fun and engaging. Give it a try.
Love it! I would of given 5 stars but it's just missing a little something to give it that excitement! Maybe 4-8 times a month give players an option to play as usual or opt to join a group challenge rewarding the top 7 players & top 3 get increasing rewards making 1st place prize obviously bigger/better! Also have team challenges where you select the number of teams that will have a reasonable amount of players no long wait to start you asign teams then reward top teams accordingly... Lina
Started playing two hours ago and already addicted. I started watching a movie but it ended up being background noise πŸ˜‹ Fast tempo and no ads. Many slots that can be found in a live casino!! Love it!!
It will freeze as soon as I finish closing the pop ups. Then it will close and say close app or send feed back. Or it will freeze in the middle of game and most definitely hate it when it freezes durning a bonus round. Loss all your money.😑
The last update don't load got to keep pressing back button for a minute then re open it to get it going pisses me off
Great games , you take the risks in betting big, but the rewards are fantastic. I recommend this App. To all.
The most miserable time I've ever had trying to have fun because of all your ads they pop up in the middle of a spin even check it out for yourself it just made me sick good luck with your games or your ads. Maybe you're not a gaming business maybe you're an ad agency that's the way it reads to meπŸ™„
I have not been able to get this through facebook and for some reason though it says installed on google chrome can not get to a page to play again. What can I do to figure this out? This is on my laptop. I can play it on my phone but prefer laptop and facebook. Thanks Kaye
Following developers poor response and how they feel down to 1 star and app removed.It has many games within games which is great,but when your luck is out u have to buy coins and it's expensive for.what you pay/get. Waiting 3 hours to collect bonus scaters features rounds are very hard to come by almost impossible like real casino. As per game reply I've tried many games, it's the same. Still giving 3 stars cause it's fun.
I'd give it 5 stars, but it has too many ads and I don't want to pay into a game that doesn't have real payouts just to get rid of the ads
Fun in the beginning but then it has gone through a VERY dry spell. I have lost about 1.2 BILLION this afternoon. And the last 3 days have been very stingy. I understand you want use to purchase "money" but this is ridiculous.
Fun game, but I paid to remove ads and I'm still getting multiple pop ups to buy more coins, spin wheels, limited time offers, ect.
Dont bother to install. It's a complete waste of time. Too many pop ups begging to buy credits at ridiculous prices ( 8 pop ups as soon as game opens ) Adverts pop up during play. Payouts are ridiculously small. Even trying to close the game is plagued by a popup asking to buy credits. Dont bother!!! If I could give zero stars I would.
This game has been so much fun but you know it will end one day. Well that day is here. Yesterday and again today I could not get into any game. Everything comes up but I can't play any game. I would like to know why I am locked out. Did I win too much money and now I am locked out? How sad if this is the case. I have never had this problem before.
There's plenty of good slot there but, at the beginning, I was excited to be playing, I went up to 90M and in two hours or so, those slots didn't give me any big wins and I went from 90M to 300 coins in a couple of hours, Im still playing just to see if I can get back the coins, BTW, been playing for two weeks and I never got any big jackpot.
The game is fun to play. The continual pop-ups are annoying. Today, one of the challenges for the daily challenge is to make a purchase. The daily challenges get more time consuming, the prizes get less exciting. Have to play daily for over a week to win 24 hour double XP. Cheapskates!
I'm absolutely loving Cash Mania! The Music is upbeat! The color scheme and graphics are marvelous! Moreover, the bonuses are frequent as well as substantial in the amount distributed! Also, you guys don't update too often!!!!! Thanks producers! Keep up the good work!
Only free at low levels. Almost immediately they want u to buy chips. Early wins in millions make think it's great until your bank starts to disappear.
Great game. Amazing Tech Support. Had a coin issue and they fixed it quickly. Wonderful pays and fun games! Thank you!
I absolutely love this game and have became very addicted to playing it. At night I find myself staying up very late because I don't want to stop playing lol. I love the variety of casino games and like that you can have a favorites list. The only thing I dislike is all the space it takes in my phone when new games are added and downloaded to play, nearly 4gb space it has consumed. Thank you for a great game and I hope others who read this give the game a try and enjoy it as much as I do!
I love this site and really enjoy most of the games but players BEWARE of the Quest! I just spent over three hours trying to finish the quest on the hard level used up all of my trip tickets only to get to the final game and now it won't load! It was a waste of time and points!
It was a fun game until you hit a Grand Jackpot and it doesn't pay out. Send in the proof of hitting the Jackpot and nothing. Unlike Huge Casino where if something is wrong and you have proof at least they respond to your messages. HUGE CASINO IS THE BETTER GAME BY FAR.....
This is by far the worst paying slot game I have ever tried. No payouts at all, constant freezing, just boring as heck. Do not get caught up in this game, definite loss of your money. There basically all the same but this game is horrible
POP UP CITY!!! Can't enjoy playing with 3 pop ups every 6 spins trying to get me to buy coins constantly. CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOUR HARD WORK FOR NOTHING! Press the wrong thing too quick and BAM you're watching a video advertisement!? Bet big and lose everything and don't forget, POP UP CITY!!! REDICULOUS. could have been cool. Delete delete delete.
Cash Mania is my favorite, but to be candid the bonus frequency has really diminished across the board after my first few days... Hope that wasn't just a "Come-On" & instead just a cold spell, but to be honest I am pretty disappointed??
I am being to to reinstall I do not want to do that because I am afraid it will take me back to the beginning I have invested too much money in this game to lose everything and be taken back to the beginning. Love the game but still cannot update. For some reason the update is no longer there πŸ€” I will rate again I am back where I left off.
It's a fun game relaxing game and you have a good time playing it and gambling is a good thing to do to relax your mind just don't get a habit and lose it all you can enjoy it as you go but don't have a gambling problem while you're having fun just have fun and relax spread the word with your friends that this is a good game to play at the best casino here today
My favorite game!! Well done!! Come and play, you WON'T be dissapointed alwYs tons of fun with many wins! Youll fall in lve!!!!!!!! Fabulous, gratuitious games. You will love it!!!!
Many slot games to choose from during LOCKDOWN, but this game/program by far the best. You have to carefully work and build your points and credits to continue playing all the other interesting challenging games coming up. Thank you πŸ‘Œ It's now 2 months later and it's just getting better! πŸ’—
Typical game at first you win then you lose it all and they start wanting you to pay them you play their game No thank you . their adds are VERY annoying they are constantly interrupting your play . the games are all right but Ive played better . There are much better apps
Cannot access free spins nor individual games since update. Very frustrating. Can access card and hourly bonuses, but frozen out of everything else. About ready to uninstall. Can't play it anyway. Mad about losing bought and won coins total. Sucks.
So far I love this game, but it's early let hope they keep hitting. Update the games always freeze, and they never hit. It's terrible I can't win nothing, when I do it freezes and I don't get my win. Have filled out survey several times but nothing has changed. Still don't win much that's why I don't play much, but today it's hitting
It's always more fun when you play the bonus or special features in any Casino games. So have the games win more often. Especially when people choose to pay to play for nothing in return πŸ™„
no matter how many times I try to contact. my game has not been switched from old phone to new phone. I list my 716 level & have spent hundreds of $ in the past. they don't give a rat's A plus they want the star quality but don't treat game players the same star experience. I bet this will never be posted :o
I like this it lets me play but what i dont like it cheats me out of my 15 spins by going to ads that freezes up on me so i have to close out...Not fair.
When you do the daily quest and complete them on certain levels to play to get rewards. I guess when you hit a certain level, they do not let you play the bonus game for rewards. I've alerted them on this issue for a few weeks now, and they dont want to seem to fix their issues. I hate getting cheated and cash mania and slotomania will cheat you. You are better off going to a real casino, your odds are better there.
Bin playing few wks really like. Only one issue recently has become pain, will probably end my play with this app. Click on CMS it loads to slots lobby, Then Adds, pop ups that keep popping up fast. I (X) out the adds / even √ them out. Adds just keep popping up fast. Hard 2 swipe threw slot games to pick slot game I'm playing. When able to click on it. It starts load then closes App. Then square 1.. load in lobby, pop up adds, even click on other slots.. starts load, πŸ₯Ύ's out of App. Idkw2d?
I've had lots of fun playing the games on this app! I have won BIG and lost BIG. Isn't that what happens when playing games of chance? The variety of games is outstanding! The daily bonuses are generous and there's been a few unexpected bonuses. I've played games in other apps and ended up deleting them. For now I'm keeping this one!!
Lots of fun.... big wins and the graphics are wonderful. I'm still having fun with big wins and new games often. πŸ™‚ Update, still really like the games and graphics......just wish I didn't have to go through all the ads so often. If I want to spend money on the games I will. I really don't need all the in your face ads
Absolute waste of time, downloaded, watched ads, then shut and went through it again, andd again, and again. Means can't rate the game because i couldn't play. Uninstalled and noted creator, will steer well clear not worth the hassle..
You dont give bonuses. Getting more bonuses now love it Can't get any games to load . I can collect my bonuses but it will not let me download any games . I have nearly 7 billion coins and I dont want to lose them on a technicality
Can't choose the game I want to play because it a level game and down load is slow to download game and needs better server to get in game that what makes it a bad game and I can't play games I like because they are so high in levels you can't play for years and you have to download each game wast of time and it it kicks me off of my network and wifi
I love the variety of games and bonuses. Will let you win money to keep playing for a while. I will continue to play this app. The games are a lot of fun.
Now everytime I complete tasks I don't get all of my rewards it's so frustrating!! Response: I already did and nothing was done!
Super fun!!! Lots of free coins that you find in odd places which make you explore their interface more. I just don't like the amount of times they ask me to purchase every screen I load to has 3 offer I have to close out. That's what I don't like about it I have made a purchase so that should not be in my face so often. 😏🀨
I been playing this game for about a week now and it's a good game. My only complaint is other than buying a coin package to get rid of the constant ads for more coins purchases, they didn't go away like they said it would. And then when you get over $500,000 coins all the machines start to tighten up with hardly any big payoffs and then you end up burning all your coins up searching for that next big payout that doesn't show up until you make another purchase.
Daily tasks are insane! Bet (a total of) 100 times what you start with, come on! Make a purchase, but apparently there's a minimum they don't tell you about. Also, compared to what they expect you to do, their "wonderful" coin deals might buy you 5 minutes of playing time if you are even trying to get through the daily tasks.
It has been such a fun game but it has started to randomly close out on me and not give me winnings . Is there a bug issue ? Thank you
This is a pretty good game I bought points a few times but usually I can win enough to stay playing as long as I'd like. I think that every app should have a real jackpot or sweepstake, something monterrey . It not something thats challenging, not rocket science. So I feel like its robbing my time. They certainly want to sell. Just give nothing back. Its a scam, really we are the idiots. LOL. Michelle Grace
Fun until you get to the point where no matter when or what you play you will always lose everything... No luck in this one... Just algorithm...
😍😍😍I love this game. Yes I play to relax, no adds don't bother me because I understand why we get them. I play on my phone which has never any issues I also play it on my Amazon Fire 10 tablet the only issue I have is it will not let me link it to facebook but it's really no biggie. I do wish that we were allowed to purchase the guide with diamonds sometimes instead of $20 that would be nice I'm not saying every month tho ! 10 stars If i could
You know this isn't such a bad game. Not sure where you get the 20 million coins from that they advertise on the front but I didn't get anything like that when I opened the app. I'm still giving it five stars though because it has a game on there that I really like and all the other apps that I have it on it cost like millions of coins to play it just at its base form. With this game I don't need a lot of coins to play it and I love it. Ty!
UPDATE 10/22/2020 Shouldn't be forced to make a purchase to finish the daily goals. Still regretting the first purchase I made. Unlike other apps, I have actually hit a grand jackpot. But my store bonus went from 30 million down to 9 million and don't know why. Was finally able to build up my bank with a lucky game. Fix the store bonus and the daily goals purchase and it's a 5 star game. Oh yeah, and where are these in game bonuses for more coins? I have yet to see them.
Love this app...this is the only casino app that has lasted with me for more than 1 week...loving the tournament's and bonuses and trying to get that big jackpot. Best thing dont need wifi or data to play only when you need to get some extra coins or download next game but that's it.....need more app like this casino, more varieties
Terrible. After the early "gimme" levels, free spins and/or features were literally nonexistent. I spun through about 10 million coins at 50k/spin and didn't hit 1 single feature or bonus. REAL casinos pay out better than this. Too many slot games for me to waste anymore time with this one.
App will not download to my screen. I have to go through play store every time I go in. I don't want to uninstall and start again. I don't want to lose my points. Also. Too many popups.
Ok to play, but made a coin store purchase and did not receive the coins. I emailed support and no reply, no coins, and no refund. Disappointing. UPDATE: Was contacted by customer service, who asked for a receipt. I sent them a screen shot. They gave me 1/3 of the amount of the coins I paid for and said the issue was resolved. This company will steal your money.
Love the game but can't handle the amount of ads, in 30min I received 103 ads and pop ups trying to make me spend money. Also a lot of the bonuses I don't receive unless I make a purchase.
Too many adds pop up constantly during game play, especially after every single big win. It is extremely annoying an doesn't make the game very enjoyable to say the least.
The games are great. Pays good. There are way too many adds. There are many games and it keeps me busy for awhile.
Like the games. Hate all the pop up ads. It is a ridiculous amount of pop up adds, and after every big win. Apparently you don't care about what your players tell you. Signing out for good.
Fun game. Ad bonuses are a little weak but eventually you'll win something and get a chance to play without paying. One problem, if you are playing a game in portrait and close the game by hitting the home button, but don't fully exit the game by killing the app, then later reopen the game, it will be stuck in portrait until you actually kill the process and reopen it. -edit: I'm not going to do all of that. It's YOUR job to test your apps, not mine.
payouts are so small, free spins rare and if you get any they dont pay. games are good but dont expect to win much.
Extremely fun and unlike other online slots that I have played. Slow services when I started playing then decided to try flippingto my second wifi signal, (higher speed/ MBBPS). After which, the game became so much more satisfying, addicting, and did I say fun?
When I first started playing the game it was GREAT, you win some and you lose some. Now they have put a fix on the game to get you to spend more money because it jumps a lot from wins and it's like something was changed. I have played for hours and only won Big 2-3 times.
This game has a lot of colors that pop music keeps you in the mood. The graphics are fantastic, you win enough well at least I do to keep on playing without buying more coin. There are ways to collect feed coins. I recommend this game to anybody who plays slots. Thanks slot keep up the good work.!!!!!!!
Generous coins because fake games. Don't expect Vegas style rules. These are toys, so don't spend real money on this. Lots of pop-up solicitation for money is annoying.
So far, so good. Only played this for a few days now, but fun and good variety of games, so far. It does pester you with a lot of buy ads though. Let's see if this abates somewhat going forward.
Good game overall. It will eat your $$$ quick if your not careful. Be leary of changing phone or logins. I lost all my progress on all my games when I got a new phone. App says progress is saved if you link to Facebook. This is NOT true and the help desk did not restore my progress when I contacted them. They did throw me a few coins but NOTHING compared to what I lost. I still play the game but will NOT make any more purchases. And I had bought A LOT of coins.
I love these games. The graphics on some of these games are amazing!! You can actually win, even on the low bets when you have little coins left. The variety of games are great. If i had any drawbacks it would be that the morning bonus are so small in coin amounts.. But i always bet big so t if the coins do not last very long. But sometimes they do. You can collect small amounts through out of the day.which is helpful.
I love these games. The graphics on some of these games are amazing!! You can actually win, even on the low bets when you have little coins left. The variety of games are great. If i had any drawbacks it would be that the morning bonus are so small in coin amounts.. But i always bet big so t if the coins do not last very long. But sometimes they do. You can collect small amounts through out of the day.which is helpful. BUT WHEN YOU WIN, YOU WIN BIGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!
Lots of bonuses, Lots coins, Lots of fun. I almost lost everything, but there are so many opportunities to get back in the game. Come play and let your friends know about this game! I'm back again, still lots of fun. Come play.
Best payouts and bonuses... edit.... at the beginning, not so much now. But still rate these slots as great fun
(writing for PLAYER MICHAEL ROSEN)..the customer service is AWFUL and doesnt do anything about complaints about rewards you were supposed to get, keep asking you to send screenshots, bs replies, stalling etc. hoping you will just give up, apparently. popups and forced upon you ads are obnoxious and annoying. so if you enjoy getting gypped all the time by people who pretend to not understand your issues, this is the game for you.
I spend a lot money playing games and I don't get very much credits back. Maybe the bonus 2 times, that sucks it just take your money. I'm done
My game was messing up and I was promised free coins and they said they sent them but I have done everything I was told to do but still never received the coins and the problem with my game was never resolved either. They tried to blame my connection but my connection is fine
Great graphics. So far so good. I have only been playing about a week. But these usually start with the losing streaks around now. So we will see.
Love the game play - that being said there are way way too many ads. As many as 6 every 15 minutes also as many as 6 upon booting the application. Ads during game play is what I frankly dislike.
I have made 2 purchases of the exact same coin package available to buy. On my play app it says it's been paid for, on my card account the money has been taken out. I have not received either of the 2. I have emailed copies of payment verifications and have not been contacted with a solution
Lots of different games and lots of ways to win. Daily free coins and bonuses. Really enjoying this one!!
I look forward to this game every day. Always exciting. Amazing graphics and the slots are just fun!!!
I was quite enjoying this app since downloading it a few days ago. But now suddenly today it keeps kicking me back out to my desktop as soon as I open a machine. It's a very fun app, but not when I can't access it.
This app changed too much why did you guys get so cheap, I am at level 117 and the daily collects now are only a small fraction of what they used to be. I connected to Facebook only to discover my level does not connect I would have to start from level one all over again. Your bugs need to be fixed, when you improve I will change my review your games are good, but your sapping the fun out of a good thing.
Great game but it's the game with the most ads I've ever played. Deleting for that reason. There are plenty of great slot games out there without so many ads. Don't bother replying with the same auto response you give to others with the same comment.
Insane bonuses with even better graphics then other apps I've played! Definitely a #1 casino game by far with a balanced win/loss system that doesn't make you feel like it's not another rip off game that has unrealistic effectsβ™‘β™‘ NEVER HAS THIS GAME PULLED THE β™€β™‘β—‡β™§γ€Štotal won didn't even come close to the bet playedβ˜†β˜† ex. β˜†β˜†Your bet was 1 million SPIN & hit RANDOM COLORFUL PATTERN w/ payout of 300,000 coin chimes, fireworks and "FANTASTIC HIT! Only to REALIZE THAT YOU REALLY LOST !