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SLOTS - Black Diamond Casino for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Zynga located at 699 8th Street, San Francisco. CA. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I believing I being used as a sacrificial lamb for all to see me fail or fall, but at the end I will come out to the top and I will win it all 'cause my trinity told me so ?! πŸ‘½πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ€΄πŸ’€β™ οΈπŸ§©πŸ†
super enjoyable i wish i could unlock all the slots quicker or pick what to unlock but it keeps me playing
Their game just doesn't play very well at all It says it pays you one amount but pays you a much smaller amount. There a lots of glitches in this game that they call network connection error Too many lives from these people.
I wasnt wowed but they give you alot of free coins so that's nice when I did get a bonus it was minimal it was ok
Extremely entertaining with a fantastic selection of top quality slot games, makes me feel like a high roller in Vegas.
Fun Slots... One of the ones you actually get Big Wins, BONUSES and Free SPINS.... worth playing if your looking for FUN...
So you get a daily 4 - 7 million for logging in, but every slot has a minimum spin for 4 million. So basically you get 2 spins tops and you'll probably lose it too. Pointless slot game. Don't recommend at all. Find something else and thank me later
Updated the app n now it takes forever to load or not at all.Ive cleaned cache,reinstalled etc. n nothing helped.Im bummed...fix it plz. Went to Zynga support n it started working..great support. thanx..i was very pleased
Not winning. Take take take take points fast fast fast. Payout. None none none. Waste of time and effort
I played solidly for a week trial. First, I find the slots are fun to play, some are even addicting. Second, the payouts are phenomenal. In one week I am at 1.5 billion. Keep up the good work. I gladly recommend this one.πŸ™‚
I dont mind buying an introductory coin package but when I lose all my coins after the first 30 spins I already can tell what this game is about ($$$$) and since its not real money atleast give me a couple hours worth of play. Give me a chance to even like the game let alone get addicted to it.
Well, here's my update. After spending several thousand dollars over 2 years and reaching black diamond status, my identity and level disappeared from the site. Now I am a lowly sapphire with no history. This occurred on December 13, 2020. I am very disappointed as my Wizard of Oz identity and loyalty lounge info is still accurate. No help from Zynga yet. Topper.
If its evening or a weekend, dont expect to win a single spin. Odds decrease as you increase bet, so have fun with that.
I was having a problem after my phone had to be reset, lost my coins when I reinstalled the app. After contacting them they got back to me ASAP and solved the problem. Great service!!
I have spent a lot of money on this app. This game is one of my favorite slot machines to play 5 stars for graphics and does pay out a lot sometimes. The problem is I was ranked ruby then the game had a technical error and threw me a whole level lower. It takes money, time, and gambling to get an entire level back up and after submitting my concerns with several staff they kept closing my conversation and saying it was my fault that I was using the wrong email and making excuses. Not professiona
I love the many different slot games . When you hit it gives me a real good feeling inside. Plus hours and hours of fun . Please keep the new games coming love them all God Bless.
Great graphics, sound and slot themes. Regular hourly coin bonus. But naturally it's not overly generous, so you won't get far without purchasing or years of patience. Also you can't play on Facebook, so mobile and tablet only. I like playing on a big screen, so that's poor. Seen messages about this game being abandoned and they never reply on here, so do they really bother supporting players issues and feedback. UK players can't play Willy Wonka slots, is this eventually going to be the same?
Keep having to reload games black diamond casino not good if reloading have it be back where I began or started. Big issue. Thanks
Thank goodness it gives you free coins every hour bc holy hell it takes forever to get any bonuses in the games!! I just had well over 300 spins on a single slot & not one bonus. The variety if slots is good, the free coins every hour is good, but then ya lose everything bc it's so damned rare to get any kind of an in-game bonus. Gonna delete soon
I have played Black Diamond for 4 or so years I would recommend it to anyone who likes a mature slot game that keeps you coming back to play
Surprise big wins, often times followed by quick losses. Fun, aggravating, addicting....just like the real thing.
Disappointed..reached out to you several times through app under contact us!! No help! Love the game but still some issues!
i got bugs and it didnt work when i first got it it was perfectly awesome but i cant play it anymore so pls fix that
Excellent app!!! Lots of machines!!! Loved the Wonder Woman slot!!! Thank you, keep up the good work!!!
I have been trying to get my coins in which I purchased going on 3 hours and I still have not received my coins and the money have been taken off my card. I been trying to get in touch with Black Diamond and Zynga for almost 3 hours. It makes Black Diamond look bad, and customer very disappointed.
Now you're not giving enough collect points when you first start the game and you have that stupid Bingo Interruption every spin you make take your game black diamond stick it where the sun don't shine
I like the free spins just wish we could get more than five a day!! It's how I find new games to play. I like that on big wins we can send gifts to all friends. I like the hourly bonuses. The games win bigger than other games... A nice selection of games. A like they put a short cut to my favorite game! Give it I try and gift your friends...
This is one of the best Casinos that you can install some of the games are open and you have to level up to open more games and there is so many of them to choose from that you can play for hours and not get bored with it all the games and graphics are amazing and the payouts are fantastic I promise you won't be disappointed if you install this Casino and they constantly give you new games highly recommended and if I could I would definitely give them many more stars
Very nice games and beautiful graphics and the payouts are fantastic on some of the games and you can play for hours and not get bored with it
I have been playing Black Diamond Casino for several years, and it's my favorite game, however it's extremely frustrating to constantly reboot (5 times in a row). This happens about every other log on. This has been going on for months now and I see that others are experiencing problems as well. Please fix this issue. 9/5/20 - thank you for fixing the issue with having to reboot the game constantly. It's working great now!
Don't bother downloading the casino. They took away 70 games from me including that horseshoes that gives you now 30 free games instead of 60. I was sending alot of messages hardly I got the games back they took from me. Now I have the games back, games that does not work and for the horseshoes they find excuses telling me to watch the games because it will be there. This is not true because I have people that I know have that horseshoes. Uninstalling now.
Two weeks later, 6th time with app, mimimal "$" I spent, uninstalling again. Like most Zynga games, It's there for they're paycheck. Not enuff fun for play:(
Unless you enjoy losing your hard earned cash.....give this app a wide berth! Been playing this for a long time, purchased coins, in the expectation it would generate some fun. Didn't expect to win every time l played, but now I've realised its just a way of parting a fool from his money.
Graphics are great but unless you buy, you only get a few minutes of gameplay before you lose your $153,000. Would be nice to have higher hourly bonuses to actually play.
I enjoy playing this game, it is a lot of fun. Your game is not pulling up so I can play it. And why when you win you end up losing more money than you win. I still love playing this game so I can play the Bingo game
It's fun but it's a slow play unless you pay. And progressive jackpots never win (or just the minor with limited specials) so don't bother
Love playing black diamond ,but bonus hourly points awarded is frozen and can't have the put on my account.whats wrong?
Waste of time on glitchy game especially when you get a bonus. Can't wait until Microtransactions are outlawed and banned!
Very unhappy! This was my favorite game and I had lots of money and levels! My favorite was if I only had a brain! My 5 yr old grandson deleted it and it has taken me forever to find it and get it back! Very disappointed he could do that so easy! Any way to get any of it back?? Thanks!
There reps watch you play and when you win to much they make sure you lose so you have to buy more. They used to be the best slots online but now they just want to cheat you.
Was second in the pearls contest on my team and was supposed to get my share which was 3 billion coins...woke up checked the app and it said I didn't get any pearls...spent trillions of coins...even had the app say I was "in the money". What a joke
I had accumelated over 12B in points and then its take take take everytime i check in to play. Now i only have 1.2B left. Little programming involved here??? and now i am at for $69.99 I can get my points back!!!!!! Change your program and give me my points back!!!!!!!! and the loosing continues.....
Graphics are amazing. Game play is smooth. Only thing I don't like is not winning..... but it is a slot game. So your either lucky or not. Comes and it goes. All in all game is good.
all zunga games are superb the graphics quality sound are amazing need I say more. Recommended to all top marks.....
500 Finally glad coin balance is able to be in winning payout upon completion of merging investor client relations.
I was playing the casino game grease back to school. I got the pick bonus it never went into the bonus. That never happen when i had the bonus... i would like a bonus please. Yall machine need fix.
Issues with customer service on helping resolve the issue. Purchases were never given even when they say otherwise.
exceptional experience, I feel like I am in Vegas Nevada, I Dream of being on a Plane flying out west,I am Eastern girl. MICHIGAN born n brend .these tournaments are my Favorite part. It makes me feel like am really a great player on slots and cards.,WELL I am looking forward 2 the next tournament.
Used to be the best casino game on google play now they have got greedy all games have jumped way to high per spin can't play 15 minutes without running out of money 6 months ago would have been a 5 star review
love this game and love the gift that comes every so often in a day very addicting. will recommend the game to everyone :)
Games are great, but this APP is a complete scam! Spent hundreds on one of their event, and they don't even pay out when you fullfilled their poorly exlained ranking requirements. They set impossible team goals, which requires each randomly selected team member to reach an impossible goal due to their miscalculated point system. I say it's miscalculated because it cost me over $800 to collect 4/1000 pearls (points) as a team to beat level 1, but I personally counted making over 2000 by myself!
A wide variety of different games to play. New games are always being added. Recently I have had fun trying to help save Coco. That is fun. My competitive spirit keeps me playing so that I can obtain number one spot. πŸ‘
Dont understand why you can not find freinds, spoils the fun, as for winning, its a struggle climbing the mountain of gain, it passess the time !πŸ˜‰πŸ€ͺ
Black Diamond offers several challenging themes to choose from. Each one that I have played have been colorful graphics, glitch free and daily incentives. Never a dull moment!
This games forces you to bet hight at the beginning. After that, every minimum bet on every slot cost more coins than earned which then forces you to pay for coins.. Most of these review are done by either bots or the makers of this game. Do yourself a favor, don't download this game. You have been warned.
Rigged out the a$$. Customer support is a joke. They will screw you out of hard earned rewards. Especially in their coco's pearls game. As stated in the game description payout rules it clearly states, "all players will be rewarded for their participation based on the # of pearls they find". But at the end of the event, youre not given anything and cs just tellj the same standard excuse. Or that its probably my wifi. Too often, i find myself on a 50+ spin losing streak for the 5th time that day
really fun and energetic I love the beautiful graphics as well it really keeps me busy during the day
Many different games to play. Everyone can find something of their liking. I am having fun trying to come out on top saving Cocoa😊
So far, very enjoyable except for slow loading. looking forward to big wins and hours of entertainment.
Love the graphic and you can play different slots machine. And yes the payout are BIG not small amount LARGE amount.This game is AWESOME
I only have 5 games in the High Roller section on the app that I can access and play, costing me a large quantity of coins. The Main Lobby appears to have a large selection of really interesting games, but every single game in the Main Lobby is locked off to me. I would think one would start at the Main Lobby, and work up to the High Roller area. What is entailed in getting access to the Main Lobby?
Won't open up the whole way so i can play slots??? Also very disconcerning to have to work so hard to even get to play the bingo special to not be grated a bingo at all! WHAT IS UP WITH YHAT!!! More levels you get to from playing religiouly hour by hour daily get less and less rewarding, it should be the other way around. More exciting more rewards and more accomplishmrnts granted!! Please fix these games! Thank You!
Love the graphics, awesome! Would like to be able to have more play time, winning is not easy but fun nevertheless. I recommend this game
they suck.not free.your going to win for a minite and then lose it all.because we should figure out new ways to pimp the gambling addicts of the world.the Only decent gambling App available on this damn phone is club vegas.the rest of you suck.i just want to relax and play.not you have to reach this level.or do this or do that? how is that like a casino? I can walk in any casino i want and play any machine without some douchebag telling me i have to reach a level to play it.
Superb, especially if you play in a strong coverage area. I am in the country and whenever my connection drops to 1 bar and says 3g, the app seizes up and an error message pops up saying"Whoops. Something seems to have gone wrong" and that ends my play for quite a while. Otherwise the game is perfect.
I had existing game then when I went out and tried to go back in it had restart the whole thing like at beginning. so I lost my status, money.
Homestly, i have 4 different slot games downloaded, and the only time i have played this one every day is when it had the bingo bonus game... I dont care for the collect the pears but i love the collect bingo balls and play, so i genuinly just collect my hour bonus, build my money, and my spin gems, and use my free spin gems for more money, but that wan legit the ONLY time i played every day for hours at a time to collect bingo balls
So much fun to play. Coming from New England the adorable graphics take me right back. And the bonuses come pretty regularly so its exciting.
I dont have a complaint about the game or gameplay .... i do however have an issue regarding my profile pic on the game is not me ... you would think something that simple could be quickly fixed .... i am not the woman shown ... i am a male ... please fix as i am connected through my fb and email ....other than that little issue im hooked πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™ ....Please fix my issue !!!!
Graphics are amazing. Game play is smooth. But if you spend money on this game don't expect much. I'm done with the not winning.
The minimum bet is way to high they start you off with over 100 million but don't give you a chance to have fun its gone within minutes.
Started off good but then with every new game the minimum amount to bet is totally outrageous @!! Goes through your allotted amount within minutes. Loved the slots, but not at the amount. Will have to delete once I'm broke...probably a few more times playing.
Great game to play! I love the graphics and the features! Thanks for hosting me and creating this awesome game! Keep up the great work!
This is my favorite slot. Lots of unique fun slots, rotates out higher level slots with daily special events. VIP tournaments with great prizes.
Deleting now. Cannot access game altho I can play any other game. Error message "Whoops. Something went wrong. Please reload app." Happens whenever the wind blows and here in the desert that happens a lot. Not going to start over again. Will find another good slot game. Tired of this garbage. Have deleted and reloaded app numerous times. Used to love this app. No more Zynga for me.
Very poor payouts,kills the fun, no freinds available, half shut down i think, on its last legs, as interest in the game deminishesπŸ€”
Let me start by saying i love this game. But it kicked me out mid spin when I had 45 billion coins. When I logged back in the game said I had logged in from a new device and I had to start back on level 1 when i was on level 150 maybe 155. I no longer get the ad watch daily free spins either. It's so weird
first off the slots and graphics are cool. the Wonder Woman Slots are fun and have real sound bits. the GREASE reels are cool too, the only problem is none of the slots pay well , and seldom pay at all. even the GREASE slot with the john Travolta gif. , at most pays 4mill..(have it toss out 50 mil on occasion) comeone, throw the users who have spent the time to download the app "a freaking bone" ,,toss out some bonus coins, its all fake coins anyways and just going back into the machine.
so far ita a cool game app. just started it though. so i will rerate it after some more time on the game.
I haven't spent a dime on this and years later I'm still playing. I haven't found another slot app like this. The race to riches was fun but I wouldn't be disappointed if it ended now. I will never get to the end. It would take too large of bets to get there. For the most part I have nothing bad to say. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I just don't play long when they are in the take mode.
Looked really good lost right out the gate and all the adds to spend money. Then no bonuses really to collect saved fake money with out spending real money and boom lost then the same add to buy my net back came back up.
Just like all the of You're Games, too controlled by You! Forced buying is not part of my game plan.. tks...
great games, graphics and sounds, great bonus every day too only negative i have is that it is slow to open
6 plus years of play down the tubes, bought a new tablet, sign in, what was my level 198 is now back to level one, and all their support says is sign in, sign in, LIKE I HAVENT TRIED THAT ALL READY.
This game site should be forced out of business. They are extremely corrupt and ignorant to any good business practices. Remember that they are not under any fair gaming regulations and where you have money involved without laws to hold someone accountable you will always find corruption. The minimum bet wages are ridiculous and the payback rates are far worse! To me this game site is not worth the data usage and its sure not worth any real money investment!
So far an interesting slots game. Good graphics, interesting games. Lots of fun and great way to blow some time
Awful! I used to enjoy the Zynga games because they have the real authentic slot machines that the casinos have. However when I buy coins or save up the free coins they give every hour I do nothing but lose, getting lots of empty spins or little winning spins where it still doesn't win and you run out of coin! They want to say they're like a real Casino, they're not a real casino , they're not they are a free app! I buy their dollar for $5 packages Only! They stink on ice!
They have a lot of fun games. The problem is you can't win at anything. They used to payout great, but not anymore. They just want you to buy back your points that you lost. No way.
Pleasantly surprised by a game that doesn't have paywalls and provides plenty of coins for constant gameplay.
I was enjoying the site, until I ran into a problem, followed their instructions and lost everything that I had earned.
If it wasn't for losing way more than usual, especially after winning a nice size pot, I'd give this game 5*s. Leveling up takes way too much effort.
you only win when they want you too... you get three of a kind and 3rd wheel jumps so you dont win,,,lol
Not bad so far. A lil clunky at opening of app, but otherwise plays ok. Still new to this app, but will keep updating.
My all-time favorite gambling app and I try all the authentic ones. It just keeps getting better over time.