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Slope Run

Slope Run for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Onepear. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's a great game and it's awesome and I like to play everyday this is my number one game and I like the different balls so you get to pick and I just like the game cuz it's amazing and the endless is so so cool and thank you for the game because I love it so much
Really good gameplay, very addictive. Would give 5 stars if it wasnt so laggy. Sometimes ill be going through a tunnel and i will do really slowly. As soon as i exit the tunnel ans land, i just die. Even if i restart the game it still happens. And sometimes ill land om the top of a tunnel and just drop through and land on red. Please fix! So many adds too. At least make Add Free and option. Some the adds are very sexual and I dont want to see them. Please fix this!!!
Too many adverts. I have seen other people complain about this. But it's true. I only had it for 10 minutes and deleted it because of how many ads there were. It's very disappointing.
Awful! The game part was okay, beside the glitches that made it hard to move, but you get ads a lot. Even when you close the app ads keep appearing all over your screen. Please do not install it is a terrible app! Uninstalling!
I like this game! Its so cool!My sister downloaded this first and its looked so good so i wanted to download it myself and its great! I like this app alot
This game is very fun and became addicting for me when it was on my phone as a random game!Only problem though was when I go on it it shuts down! (It's fine tho bc I just go on it again!)
Some of the parts were glitchy. It was really annoying that they just played the 3 same songs over and over. It was nor relaxing nor fun, it was just stressing. I suggest no one downloads this game. Also there was so many adds, it was horrible.
Not a bad game. Get a free app called no root firewall to block those pesky ads (works with other apps too) that show up every 10 seconds. Only then, I'll recommend the game.
Oh my god. Don't download because, this app runs in the background and displays ads over your other apps, without even opening the app! Like I was listening to music on YouTube Music, then an ad pops up, I go to open apps and there it is, slope run. Literally plays ads over other apps without it even being open, that and this is a mediocre version of slope run, honestly don't bother.
Ads is something that these type of games have to do in order to earn money and keep living their usal lives but this is awful every 1-2 go's you do theres a 30 second ad and the game seems to be programmed like all they want to do is for you to waste your time and They get rich. The game makes you glitch through walls and instantly die causing you to watch another painless ad, i suggest don't download in the common sense its kind of like a scam, The last part is my opinion but the rest is fact.
terrible stuff. I download this app and I thought it would be pleasing, but no; it has WAY too many ads! so annoying and I hope you dont download it. Bye have a nice rest of ur day!
This game is awesome! It'll be even cooler if you add obstacles to be a bit of a challenge. Maybe in the next update. This reminds me of Magic Twist, that music game, but it's unique.
The amount of adds are not as bad as people say they are in this game. It's challenging, it has great 3D graphics, the controls are easy, and it has a nice variaty of skins. I would like to recomend this game for anyone looking for a fun, smooth, 3D, challenging game to play when your bored. I for one, loved it, and I hope you guys found my reveiw helpful and downloaded the game. ❤
I don't know why I did a four. this game is alright and one thing you can improve on is how long 1 game is. I think you should make the course longer and harder, and you can also add more games in that one game, I would really like that. but this game is really nice and when I started playing, I already used like 30 mins on this game. so if you r bored, just play this game!
unplayable unless you pay for it. Accidentally touch a wall at the very beginning and you'll have to spend a minute on ads before you're able to replay the stage. no increase in difficulty, boring as heck.
it's awesome and fun! when i first saw this game i knew that it's fun and it's so amazing!!! it's easy and even my 3 younger brothers could do it! if you want to have fun then install this! you'll be amazed! oh thank you for making this game!! i love it!
Needs multiplayer racing, balls with special abilities not available in multiplayer and more music. The only problem is the gigantic ammount of ads, there are so many that even after dying the second chance add makes no sense because you get one anyway, just the number of adds make this worthy of my retarded apps folder.
It's real fun because it probably was made for getting better at fast games,because I think it gets faster and faster.
Amazing! Able to be trending! Dubstep tracks! But can you reduce ads? (I mean I can turn of my internet) But I still use internet for new balls or etc. WOW! VIRTUAL RIOT - ENERGY DRINK IS THE BEST DUBSTEP TRACK IN THIS GAME! If this was a GD online level, and I was an Elder MOD, I will definitely rate this masterpiece! Edited my review - curse you guys that you hate this game. ~2A7
This game is disgusting. Its just a horrible game that I suggest no one should download, And your probably wondering why. It's because of almost everything about it. Controls, Maps etc. Most of the time when I'm on my phone I just get billions of ads in a matter of seconds. please do NOT Download this, Otherwise Ads are coming your way. I hope this was helpful and made you not download this game.
your app is a little annoying,I try to get on the road thing amabob and it moves and make's the ball fall. Other than that I am enjoying this app/game. But also I wish you would remove the moving roads. when I try to get the diamond's the ball goes in a direction I don't want to go.
Could be better: first the game need dynamic colorfull lights similar to geometry dash or somthing unique in each level or unique in each song. Second The music is not fully related to the level and its weird, somtimes the music just stops on the dry before reaching the actual goal. Third need more music in 14 levels i heard the same one more the 4 or 5 times. Last but not least u can make the levels more dynamic and based on the song. At all its a good game very interesting that need a few tweak
I'm not even one to normally complain about ads on apps, especially free ones since it is, after all, how they earn money. However, the amount of ads on this is atrocious. You can get 5 ads in 5 rounds, easy.
fun game, but there are too many ads. also, I don't know if this is meant to happen, but sometimes when I hit a platform, I lose the game randomly. also, at the start of the game, I go a lot slower.
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Good fun. Very fast (sometimes too fast for my agíng eyes) but you don't download this for a stroll in the park. Can be a bit in your face wíth adverts and notifications but a few tweaks and clicks and they all but disappear.
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I love the game it is very fun, the reason why i only gave it 4 starts is beacuse the developer puts a ad where every he/she can. oh, you died? AD, oh you want to go to the next level? AD. the reviews about it giving ads even when closed has been fixed, but it gives you notifications saying that you won something, but it turns out you still have to buy it or it is just a ad. To sum it all up, Its a great game but too many ads.
the game was fun, it provided a bit of challenge but nothing too much for a mobile app and overall I can say I enjoyed that aspect a lot. It's just unfortunate about the ads which were so numerous that I thought at one point that I'd accidentally downloaded a virus. for that reason I've decided to uninstall, hope this gets fixed in the future.
Good concept, poorly executed. The randomly generated endless mode is far from flawless, as it'll sometimes generate paths that give you no options on where to move and you're just screwed. So endless mode isn't just a matter of how long you can last, it's a matter of how long you can last until the game decides for you that your run is over. Oh and also why does the game have to be absolutely riddled with ads. I understand supporting the creator, but don't put an ad in between every run.
becase this game is cool it is so so so so so so cool you can move the ball but don't let it fall of the edges becase the ball is hared . watch sabre and sockie and biggy and naz the Norris nuts on YouTube please
This game's concept is alright, but what ultimately killed it for me was that the game brings up ads, even while closed. This means that this game is basically adware. Other people have proven this in other reviews as well. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen a "developer" do, period. Do not download, or uninstall immediately, there are better ways to waste your storage then putting this piece of greediness.
it was okay before but then i encountered a bug where you somehow die in the part where you go up no matter what you do, ive noticed at such events, the ball slows down at the start. tbh this game is rather addictive but that minor bug ruins it all. pls fix it or id need to uninstall it.
My experience is amazing and I love that you could jump clift to clift and make for games that are famillier to this one and I don't like the videos that is the only down fall there are to much videos reduce some!!!!!😉
I really like the game but now at the start it's going slow. please fix it before I uninstall the game.
decent game, except for the fact that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SLIDE UP A LOOP. every inch of the "safe" platform is instant death for the rolling ball. you can land on a "safe" platform and instantaneous *explosion* "Restart"