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Slippery Slides

Slippery Slides for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very addicting with that challenging aspect.. A simple and fun game to play... Add more content please.
LISTEN IP EVERYONE!! I got to level 100 very fast, about 2 days. I can't get farther because there is no level beyond 100! I even purchased the no ads. they scammed me
the only reason I'm giving this game 3 stars is bc when your racing and it says your in 2nd or 3rd place it bumps you back a place when they say everyone's score. Granted I am a competitive player I can admit when I am not doing my best or when I didnt get in the place I wanted but everytime ik I'm in 1st, 2nd or 3rd and it puts me back a place than what it says then I stay to get mad. Besides that the game is amazing! To the creators, Please fix this issue in your game.
I really love the game - except the other "players" seem to shadow my every move. It looked like a conga line at one point. And too many racers. take 2 or 3 out & it would be much more fun. also try cutting back to an ad video after every 2nd or 3rd race, instead after every single race. seriously.... this game could be so much better!
I don't like how the bots catch up out of thin air. For me I don't like how we are in the back when the game starts plus the bots get a lot of points when they win and when we lose we get so little. Why do we need ads to double up even though ads pop up all of a sudden. I don't like this game very much I don't think this game deserves 5 stars (Do not download this game it is a waste of time and storage)
Game blows! No new levels in the last decade. Also, starting out 9 out of 9 each time with every speed and jump boost "guarded" by a game derived "bot" makes competing a VERY frustrating experience. Nice job, Millenials... True creativity from your parent's basement must be a difficult bar to reach. UPDATE: Over ONE YEAR LATER, and STILL NO NEW LEVELS! WHAT A FREAKING WASTE OF TELEPHONE MEMORY! WILL BE UNINSTALLED TONIGHT... JUST UNINSTALLED THIS P.O.S. FEEL BETTER ALREADY! πŸ€™
Needs some work. You can't even knock the other players off the slide. Needs to be skin awards, players flying when bummed off slide.
This is a RIPOFF on a already terrible game. They at least don't follow you; but, it's still just terrible. Just stop doing this idea. I'm sick of it. Plus, I read not designed for children, but, in the info part in about, you say designed for all ages. And, in the game, There's nothing wrong with it. Stop with the Bots.
love love love it...for the people that say it's impossible to win a race well its def not...just make sure you use your points to upgrade speed and boosts etc.
Try it. Challenging action, fun, skill involved. Shows potential, but needs better rewards, multi-player PvP, & Guilds. Then will give 5*, & will play all the time.
The game is overall okay but the thing I hate most is how no matter how fast your speed is the bots catch up,like they got a boost from the creator/creators to be faster than you
Are there only 100 levels? Because I'm at level 100 and when I get 1st place, it doesn't move on. It just repeats level 100. If so, please update with more levels and different slides. Thanks.
It is almost impossible to win and whenever you upgrade your oponents seem to as well. However, it is very addictive.
okay so it was fun at first, but then i had a lot of complaints, first off it gives tips but dont be fooled, because those "tips" make it for you to not win, and an example of a tip is try not to bump in to other players, BUT THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME😑😑, second of all the bots are automatically set to master, and if you get knocked off the slide it puts you so far back, kind of like mario kart BUT WORSE
it was horible would not recamend not only was it just a bad game but it constantly has ads playing and it .ake your phone run slow i would definatly put a zero star if i could
Got second place? Good luck. Bots will magically gain speed even if there is no boosters behind. Also lack of female avatars.
This game is fun i really like this game its really amazing i hope that u make more games like this one
The overall game was a halfcoooked plan released to the public. The bots that you play with, rather than real players, seem to have these boosts that the player cannot achieve and are able to show up behind you when they were no where near the player. The idea of the game seems fine on paper, but when put into action, the developers may not have considered easily over looked things like glitching thru the boosters, bot speed, graphics, and the ad to game ratio (which was terrible).
My ecxperice with the game was not the best because the npc would always get infront of yoy. One moment your in first about to hit the finish line then you are in last. Also, the boosts dont reeally work. It was really addicting but still i would not play that game again. If you see this the creator of the game please fix some things that i mentioned. Or something else that would make this game posible to play. Thank you if you see this creator but please fix some things in this game.
here's the thing. this game is fun, very fun. However.... once you get to Level 100.... theres no more levels... it keeps saying that more levels are coming. and once youre done with a level, you Cant go back to a different one. you gottah keep movinh forward. ive been forced to uninstall and reinstall this app just to feel like there's more levels. there you go.
CHEATING BOTS!!! They somehow keep appearing behind me, when they have no reason too!!! However I like the design of each new level.
this is all I have to say 😀😑 why do you have to get into the first three to go on to the next level
Personally, I think we should have the option to kill the other players like the apple version of this does. Make it a mode in case players don't want it. That would be sooo much fun and I would give it 5 stars then!
Game blows! No new levels in the last decade. Also, starting out 9 out of 9 each time with every speed and jump boost "guarded" by a game derived "bot" makes competing a VERY frustrating experience. Nice job, Millenials... True creativity from your parent's basement must be a difficult bar to reach.
Downloaded this game after seeing multiple ads for this game, the ads were misleading showing it was another game entirely
Ad grab, theres an ad after every single race. Also, its virtually impossible to move on to the next level, it used to only be if you got 1st, now it's top 3. Also, they start you in a DISTANT LAST PLACE! Ok, then it says 'upgrade to gain advantage' every 5 races. I do that, and yet it is so impossible to get to the top 3, since the last update, I've only been in the top 3 probably 1 or 2 times.
to many ad but very good wish i could connect with Facebook and play against people in Facebook it would be more funner
Amazing job devs! This is an amazing game and I would recommend you guys to keep adding levels and characters and you'll keep getting more people and more 5 star ratings! Keep it up!
The games is fun 2 play but why do i have 2 start out in the 9th place all the time ? I get the boost and speed up and still mad slow
The Game is Fun...But Cheats Like Crazy! The AI opponents don't even have to hit the powerups to get a speed boost. They automatically get one evertime you do. Makes winning more about luck than skill or progression.
It's a fun game. I play it every chance i get. It just takes a while for the boosters to add up, becase they keep going up in points to go up 1%. That's just my thought.
was really addicting, but now im on a level that is impossible to beat, can't get enough coins to even level up speed etc.
The game is fun but it's literally impossible to win. You have to get 1st place or else you will be stuck on the same level, and also, there are too many ads.
This game is so much fun! BUT... more levels! Ends at 100 levels. At least, loop it for now! I feel stuck!!
This is a pretty good game but one thing that bothers me is you can never win or even get top three at the start of a game you can get to first place then right when you're about to reach the finish you get sent back to last place because all the others get so much faster at the end. This is with me hitting all the boosts and upgrading a lot.
not bad but in other games like this you can knock people off and they only have a second to correct their course back onto the slide. thats my only issue. people block up the slide so even if you hit the power ups you can't get past.
Forced to watch ads after every game. Game sucks anyway so not worth watching any ads. NEXT UNINSTALLED !!
It was horrible!!! It makes you feel like you're playing online but it's only NPC's and worst of all... boosts do NOTHING... the NPC's are always faster then you no matter what... they instantly know where you are so they know how to block you.
this game is pure ass!!! zero control. pure waste of my time. downloaded the game 5 mins ago and I already have a thorough hatred for this game. there's a cheaper look version that handles waaaaay better
i really do enjoy your game. my beef is at the end of the slide it gives you the option of doubling your points or to collecting them. why do i have to watch an ad ether way it makes no sense. it should double my points if i go to collect and i still have to watch an ad but it doesn't. that's lame I'll give you 5 starts when you fix that.
love the game whoever said this game was too hard to pass any levels is not good at video games excellent
I love the game but it's annoying because why does there have to be an ad after every game play....its sooo annoying that it makes me not want to play the game at all.
fun game, but you can never get first place. I could be winning the whole time but at the end everyone comes out of nowhere and passes me.
You can't move on to the next level unless you win a race which is virtually impossible. I have upgraded numerous times and yet can never win. Even when I have a considerable lead, as soon as I get to the end someone comes and wins. Not liking this at all.
How is this Not designed for children? There's no sex or violence so What's the big deal? Good game tho
Too win a race, you have to collect all the booster without getting touched by a single person in front of you. Just dodge the other civilians and win the race, very similar, and really easy!
life hack: if their is to many ads go off the game and turn airplane mode on and go back on the game and their would be no ads
This game is fun af no matter if you make first place or don't make first place. Fun graphics, fun game play all around. I don't see whats with all the complaints.
Hello Devs. I've had this game for a little over a month now, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I played it several times a day. I wasn't let down with too many ads, I was pleased that I had opportunities to upgrade whether it was by using points earned or watching a short video. I loved it! However, this last update hasn't served me well, AT ALL. It is IMPOSSIBLE to win, to even get in the top three , and that's with me upgrading my speed and boosters, and hitting every boost. Please help me understand
Just downloaded it. I has me captivated lol. so far I love this game! NEED NEW LEVELS!!! I am already to the last one. C'MON GUYS!!!!
omg I love this game I am now ADDICTED great content it's not glitchy or anything like that its and awsome game I love it
I don't play games to increase my frustration, but that's what this game does. It's virtually impossible to win or even to finish in the top 5. Lately, I consistently finish 8th or 9th - out of 9! No matter how much I upgrade, how many ads I watch, how many boosts I catch during the race, I'm always at the back. This game is solely designed to get you to pay or to watch ads so that you'll improve your chances of winning. Don't fall for it. The only way to win is to not play. Uninstalling.
it's kinda boring and it's hard to move on to the next levels cuz you have to win to move on which is kinda hard, and your playing with bots. It's not fair that the bots are in front all the time that makes it hard to win I caught up this one time and a bot came up and became first place they also come out of nowhere. Don't download it's a waste of time.
Slippery Slides is exactly what I look for in a mobile game. Responsive, simple controls; Upgrades, and reasons for progressing; Fun, vibrant environment; and SPEED! A great and fun premise that anyone can enjoy. I also like that the ads are not intrusive to gameplay. Not too many but not sparse as I know the devs need the money to continue making great games like these. If I had the money I would totally buy and support the game. A diamond in the rough for me. Thanks devs!
this game sucks... pls don't download. The round finishes up saying u ended up 3rd and when it's time to collect ur tokens u see u r 8th... tf
I just wish this was a real Slide were People could really Race againts other Competitors, this is how good this Game is, I Personaly am enjoying it a lot! πŸ‘Œ
so I'm already addicted love this game... is there gonna be by chance a way to sync so can save progress or play on seperate device. also so can challenge friends.
Fun game but them bots catch up like crazy and I cant pass the freaking second level... now if this game was pvp omg I'd rate it five stars
hard and sometimes annoying but it is fun and helps for people to learn not to ever give up also my kids really like it
this game is so amazing and I love this game so much cuz is just crazy man so good I love this game thanks I need to stop playing that I stay up all night playing the game boy I'm not playing with you so so so fun man I love this game thank y'all it's y'all put this game on here for this and I really love it. My hope y'all keep making game just like this cuz I really want to play this out I hope y'all make it on it on a PlayStation in the info cuz this game is fun man I love it love it even MKDj