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Sling Drift

Sling Drift for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by tastypill located at 1880 W Oak Pkwy #216 Marietta, GA 30062 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome. One thing tho it's probably just my phone but the game freezes not often. Like every 3-7 months but other than that awesone
BOO!! This is terrible. There are to many adds in this game and the controlls have to be a little more better. I did like it it when i got it but when you actully get into the game. BOO!! Next time put less adds in the game. That would get a five stars. But for now. BOO
I love this game! It is AMAZING!!! Don't listen to what other people think. Install it right now! LOVE IT SO MUCH!! SO FUN!! I don't get that many adds and it's not laggy at all
It was a very good game don't get me wrong but, everytime I would get to a certain point, the game would crash and freeze. If it didn't do that, then I would give it more stars and reccomend it. I would have to exit and restart the app in order to play more, and I've only had this game for a few days.
I love Love LOVE this game. Literally, to all of those who complain about the ads, simple, TURN OFF YOUR WIFI! This game is epic, ignore all those 1 or 2 star reviews and GET THIS GAME!!!
I loveee this game. Simple concept but sweet. Tricky but addictive. I would have given it 5 stars but even though the adds dont pop up a lot. there are usually 30 second adds. And also the fact that you cant safe your progress is heart breaking if there was such thing as a 3 and a half for rating something thats what I would put.
I love this game so much, but some buttons don't work on the game for example if you wanted to watch a add for 100 gems you can't and some of the cars you can buy are the cars are the same price but they aren't even a little different other than the skins! I would play it if you were looking for a advancing game but don't get me wrong it is a good time killer!
Its great but it made me sad I got a car from daily rewards but then tragedy struck it wouldn't let me use the car 😞
It's a fun game don't get me wrong but there is way too many ads. I was playing and I was about to get 10 and an ad popped up. I don't want this to stop u from playing but there can be an update on ads.
Very fun game, especially for when im bored. If you dont like the annoying ads then just turn on your airplane mode and stop complaining because this game has got me through some boring times. Would for sure recommend to anyone looking for a fun game to pass some time.
This game is very fun, usually games like this would have many add, but this one doesn't have many. It's hard. At first.but them it's get easier the more you play, 10/10
Just too many ads. It's really over the top you guys. I really really LOVED this game, but I had to uninstall it. It's just too annoying to try and play with the constant interruptions. I'll find a knock off version.
This is a fun game...FOR LITTLE KIDS. I think this game is terrible because if I go off the edge more than I am supposed to I die. This game is so hard that it is almost not fun I absolutely hate it. It is not fun.
Really fun game, especially after unlocking the "multiplayer" race mode. The ads are excessive though, and the VIP subscription is one of the most predatory in app purchases I have ever seen.
I like it but I dont like waiting for the reward. (If you change your date forwards you can get the rewards
It looked fun on the ad but it's to hard for even a pro at EVERY SINGLE CAR GAME! My brother can't even pass LEVEL ONEπŸ˜“
It's a pretty enjoyable game. My only problem is that it became way too easy to beat them, I was in first after the second turn every time. I know it's not something to mark the game down for, just saying.
It's really addicting! The reason it's 4 star is because little kids are bad at the game so they rate it 1, but it's very fun! It might be your new favorite!
Great little time waster but there is some glitches like one you watch an add to continue it spawns in front of the Cheh point so it goes off road and you cant continue but great other than that
This is a fun addictive game but the adds are a little to much. Every two games an ad pops up and this gets extremely annoying since it is easy to die so the game ends realativly quickly.
This game is fun, simple and addictive, but I've encountered a glitch so far that is kind of game breaking. Every so once in a while the car will propel itself at the wall at extremely high speeds. It happens again and again until you reset the game. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it can be quite annoying. Other than that, its a great game and I would highly recommend.
There are too many adds. I didn't install the game to watch adds I installed the game to actually play the game. The game is fun but there is an add like every 5 sec.
Great game hard when it comes to the proper way to get to race because it is risky with the perfects but easy to drift around people
Love this game my brother has it on his phone my coision and my aunts boy friend has it keep up the workπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™πŸ™
I like this game but ads are coming when I just finish 1 level can you please fix this problem for me but still I loved this game and you have to download this game now please please please
Everyone has their own experience but I like this game I gave it five stars I like this game no love this game sling drift is one of the most fun games have ever had.
This game wasn't too bad but it's feeling of fun and entertainment has expired already in my opinion but you can play it if you want.
This game is realy fun. If it is freezing just turn off your internet and data and it will run much smoother.
I like the game. It's a game I think other people would like. It is a really fun game. I like how there is so many cars you can collect. But the levels seem like they stay the same. And I am not very fond of that. So if you guys or people ( if you guys like that word better ) can update the game and adjust the game where the higher level you are the faster and levels get harder and longer.
This game is really simple, but it's just that it's so awesome and addictive that I forget that it's simple this game is cool
Its an okay game, but the fever mode makes no sense, in the fact that if sling out of the middle lane and end up on the shoulder, it says "perfect" but if i straighten myself back up it will bring me out of fever mode. I'm at a loss to figure out what the game considers a perfect turn.
This game sucks it always glithes and whwnever i play it and crash it takes me back to my hone screen 😀
I really like it but when i do the 2nd try when it counts down i try and complete the round but when i try to i randomly glitch out of the map so if the developer see's this please fix this bug/glitch πŸ˜₯
When I was racing and then I left and then I holded to drift and then it brought me back and I lost. Please check
ITS SO HARDD 😨I'm sorry but it's to hard for me I can't pass the first level of the game . 😑So please either make levels easier or just please change how the swing is.
Awful. Dreadful! Multiplayer is bad as unlike most games where other bots are ghosts.... in this game you crash against each other and it is not an enjoyable experience!!
Good game but always crashes when you hit a wall, other then that its a really great game! 4/10 wouldnt recommend
Most games are Meh.... at best. This one is easy to play constantly challenging. And endless fun. There are ads. But less than a lot of games. It wud be cool if u got extra gems for destroying your fellow racers... just a suggestion
Its not laggy its pretty good. And the ads aren't straight after you die its after like every 3 games. And a good thing abt it is the ads are usually skipable.
I would be more than happy to download it again in it had WAY less ads. This game is super cool and fun. But too many ads.
Although an terms of service accepting ad in middle of my game caused me to die everything else is good
The games just to easy and boring I only had the game for about 5 minutes then uninstalled it theres a ad every time u want to play definitely not worth it
This is a great game. It is very easy to play and a child who is a new born can also play this. I love this game. It is a game for time pase if you are a gamer like some youtubers or something then you can stream it too. I usedto play PUBG but then one day I just downloaded this game and then Ileft PUBG and got addicted to this. There are only two words for it 'Legend Game'.
This game is amazing but it is soooooooooooo tough !!! I can only do at the max 12 turns . It is practically impossible . I mean it obviously is possible otherwise I can't be a game . But u can just never do it!!!
An extremely fun, satisfyingly challenging game that's easy to pick up & play at any moment for any length of time. ... That also happens to be bogged down with egregious monetization. In addition to having a totally ridiculous monthly subscription option, expect to be hit in the face with video ad after video ad while banner ads make a home on the bottom of the screen. Also, you might as well opt to watch an ad when you crash, because one will play regardless. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Game is super awesome πŸ‘. I used to play it a long while ago. But now with the addition of the VS mode it got even more fun!
This is good but every time load in the first game ill click and take my finger off but itll still be attached
The game is not bad but forcing you to watch WAAAAAY too many ads ... You watch more ads then actually playing the game... There should be a balance people ... Instant delete
I love the game and the other night, I have a good time to get the most important thing is that it is a good time Thank the other night and day and night hdkh the other night Facebook page and click here to view the locations of the year and the other night Facebook to connect with you and your family are doing well and truly international network of over the weekend and I will be a bit more than happy to help with your local library and information about the other night Facebook to THANK YOU
this game is so fun! it releases stress a lot. It is always fun when you don't have. any other games to play. I hope that you add what you have to do it to make you could change the background color. And the road color. This is a awesome game!!!
It's ok but when I come up on a corner just a bit to short the car doesn't want to turn just a little bit at least so I can continue and that can be frustrating. And maybe a racing or level story would be cool as well. Other than that I like this game.
One of the best games I ever played but when I'm just closed not to close it kills me I I riley get angry and it makes me start all over but unther than that it is a great game that's why I give five stars and I like how there is other racers
Pretty fun game but I give it 1 star because for some reason it doesn't let me check out the leaderboard
It's fun and addicting for the first week or so and then it starts to get boring I wish it had more substance but for a mobile game it's pretty good
Definitely harder than it looks. Has a bit of learning curve to it but basically the idea is you want to keep your car in the middle of the road "as much as possible". Obviously, the game ramps up the difficulty by making your car faster and the road narrower but overall I really like this game.
The pause button. Pls have the pause button, then this game will be one of the best I've ever played.
It is a decent time killer but a recent update seems to have broken the 2nd chance feature. When the game starts me back at where I crashed, the sling hooks to the previous corner and I crash. This has happened to me every time since the last update.
Love this game! Only thing I think you should add is way to pause the game in case you need to out your phone down for a sec. Maybe like a double tap to pause? Just a suggestion.
Very good game I like this game so much if next update comes just put multiplayer then it will be more fun thanks for creating this game 😁😁😁
Was kinda enjoying the app but got tired of the adds. I purchased remove adds for $2.99 and I still have advertisement showing up. e-mailed the company and will give them a few days to correct problem or refund my money. If any corrective action is taken then I'll redo my review. If not I'll let you know. 1/26/19
Bruh it's tastypill, of course it's simple and yet still challenging. I've downloaded their games over multiple devices over the years. It's great cause they don't take up too much space (175MB MAX). The fact that I can play a game before class starts and end it with no problem is the best part. The ads a fairly Reasonable and dont cause trouble. One of the OG mobile game companies, that is tasypill. There's no reason there shouldn't be a tastypill game on your device... Most work Offline too!
Very smooth game with unique graphics. At first the game was hard and I couldn't get past 15 levels, but as I played more I've reached the purple zone with 70 turns. Easy to get used to and a very good way to pass time when you want a challenge. I'll give 5 stars.
This game doesn't even work right. It sucks and I bet the multiplayer is fake too. I am writing this for your own storage. This game sucks
Do not recommend if you stress easy also some buttons not very realistic drift and overall just a bad game
yes, good game, alot of people should play. I hope that in the future they put new cars like meme cars, or maybe something else really cool. Maybe if they add different vehicles and make the game really popular... it already is but.. the company could earn more for putting ads, but only after 5 fails. I hope that this game will succeed in its journey to popularity, and get alot of fans to buy things from a special store that they could add. I hope that I and others can help! Great game!
This game is so irritating because when you try to turn it crashes for no reason you should not get this game it makes you angry and frustrated
Funny for 15 minutes. After that time, it's just repetitive and frustrating. Needs a tutorial. The "perfect" turns seem random. Missions shouldn't be sequential, and some of them are just too much time consuming. The race mode is good, but it's being wasted, it should have more missions related to it, and maybe even a championship mode.
Buggy way too many ads, second chances never work when they are actually worth it. Waste of time, even when wasting time
Simply a good game to spend time without noticing, I would prefer to put Wi-Fi off while playing to avoid ads but other than that, this game is really entertaining
Awesome game just loved it I saw my cousin playing it And I played it I downloaded it in a second ,and someone Said that it needs break there is no fun with break.
This game is great. There is only a 4 star average becuse of kids that are not good at the game and a bug that has been fixed a long time ago. There is a multiplayer (not online) which is very fun and even without the multiplayer this is a 4 start game. There are a lot of ads, but not so many that you cant play it (usually after every 4-5 death.) The only thing holding back from a 5 star review is an online mode. But it is still worthy of a 5 start review, even if an online mode isn't added
Game seems simple at first, but the further you go in solo mode the harder it gets as the track gets narrower and the car goes faster. The ads are not to intrusive. Even the ones you have to watch to get a bigger bonus. Plenty of cars to earn, even if you don't pay for the special cars. Well worth your time. Try it out.
fun game but buggy. after clicking second chance and getting an ad, sometimes it doesnt work. ive had it where it just doesnt click onto the next swerve, or where it clicks onto to a previous swerve far behind, or the worst, when it goes off the road and just drives into infinite green. this should be fixed my now.