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Slider for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CubeScene located at Frobisher Court 14, Cleveland Road 15, Ealing, London. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun little puzzle game with a different concept, and easy to learn in just a few levels. Also, those people complaining about the ui and broken buttons... really need to look closer and use their imagination a little. The premise of the game is about "sliding" after all... Or else, read the careful answers of the developers to other comments here. Everything is explained! Great support from the devs....Not need to mention, but, it's a free app. At least show some respect for their work, if not gratitude. ;)
Would be helpful for it to include a tutorial with scoring protocols, but the concept is really nice and quite challenging in the upper levels.
tutti frutti 5, blueberry 8 and 11, strawberry 11 - can you really solve these in the moves and points expected? have tried and get no where near enough for points to go green. Have solved all the rest with points and moves. Would love solutions!!
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Fun and addictive but some buttons don't work. I can press pause and unpause while in game but I can't restart or go to the menu. Hope they fix it soon.
Definitely something different. I'm sick of playing the same old crap. I look forward to seeing not only improvement on this game but hopefully many other new and different games. Good job!!!!!!
Absolutely addicted to this game! Each level brings a new challenge and I love that there are both completion points and points for completing each level under the set number of moves. Trying to hit the bonus color tiles adds extra incentive and puts my mind in overdrive to get them all using the least amount of moves! Only improvement I might ask for is that the replay button worked? That doesn't work on my phone so I'm forced to back out to the home screen but it's so addicting it's worth that extra step!
This game is fun and addicting. However, the music is annoying snd repetitive. Its also frustrating because if you mess up you cant undo your mistake. I dont know if its just me, but I have fpund no way to restart a level, I have to close and open the app..
The best game ever!! I'd just like to know one thing, is it possible to take all bonuses and finish btwn specified moves?
I love the game play and concept of the game! The downside is the app is not meant for tablets. The larger screen size causes the graphics to be out of focus and pixelated. Also, the replay and menu buttons don't work during game play... with sharper graphics and working buttons I'd never put the game down!
I played the first level, and I completed it. But now I'm on the second level and I have idea what to do. I covered all the space, but I didn't win. So far, this game looks promising. It's not the prettiest, but gameplay is more important than looks. A nice little puzzle game. Just needs a little improvement.
The game concept is great but I'm deterred by the lack of sophistication in maneuvering through the menu selections. I was unable to find a sufficient description of what the primary object of the game was and tips on the best way to earn points would be appreciated (this could be accomplished in a tutorial level). If adjustments are made I would gladly give this 4 stars (perhaps even 5 depending on the extent of the aforementioned adjustments) - until then I can barely give it 3.
Simple, elegant design. Wonderful abstract aesthetic which suits the fun, thoughtful and quite addictive gameplay perfectly. 5/5
kinda hard, but everything seems all right if we could understand those lines. but you know, i'm stuck at 2nd level (w/ 2colors) :'( wish i can solve all :)
There is no help, mystifying gameplay, and absolutely ZERO explanation to tell you HOW to play, what the goals are, or even what the heck the point of the game happens to be. Very poorly designed and basically makes you want to stab the programmers in the face for making one of the worst-made games I've ever had the misfortune to download. If there was an option for negative stars in the rating system here, I would have given this MINUS 5 out of 5. . .
I'm a puzzle junkie and slider is one of the more challenging puzzles I've come across. I appreciate the simple game strategy, but deceptively challenging skills required. I'm unsure about the few-second "game bonus" between each puzzle - what exactly does that indicate? Also, I have the same problem as another player, where the Menu and Replay buttons don't work (I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S3). Also, are the indicated number of steps the actual minimum number of steps that each puzzle can be solved in? If so, I really have to develop some more skills. :) Keep up the great work!
Very low-res on my Nexus 5 - looks horrible. Lacking a tutorial, and I'd like to see Google Play Games integrated into it too, for obvious reasons. Uninstalling for now.
Fun but the 12th puzzle (last one of Honey) seems impossible. I covered all the space, but there seems to be no way to get into the blue thingy And guys, you replay and go to the menu by SLIDING, not touching. Cmon, name of the game
Really addictive and it taked no time to figure out how to play this game. Just try to colour all the field with the sliding brick and once you're done, slide youre brick to blue door :)
It could use a few improvements. 1) a tutorial 2) better settings UI (don't have it be the menu button, make like a gear tile) 3) restart button (if there is one is too small) Other than that the concept (if I understand it correctly since no tutorial) is brilliant.
Thought it was going to be like an unblock game but really impressed, really have to think I n how you move. Keep up the good work dev
Amazing game, would be 5 stars but there is no replay button and almost no ui that one can decifer. There is a button labeled replay but that does not do a thing. I hope these issues can be improved upon.
A lot of games get boring or are dumb, but this one's really fun! You dont need to be too smart or skilled to play. I love it cuz the graphics are nice and its almost like drawing with paint. All you need to do is slide a marker to cover all parts of the board with color.
I have Optimus g and the menu and replay buttons dont work for me in the game. If i press back on my phone it doesn't work either. I have to exit the game to go back to the menu mid-game. Also the directions should be more clear. Besides that, this game is really fun.
The graphics are a bit pixelated in places. Had a bug. Accidentally pressed on the soft buttons and exited the game (nexus4). Thats regular for most games but upon coming bacj to the game the graphics werent snapping back into place so half of the screen was black. Forever.
Love this game, its SOO addictive, never get tired of it. That being said, I'm nearly through all the packs, need more! Is there a follow on to this game?
I've been playing this game for a long time. I've been stuck on Blueberry level 8 for almost a year. I can never get enough points. It is so frustrating!
The idea seems nice, but the exicution is poor. Difficulty curve too steep, the interface and use of the back button is terrible, to be honest.
When try to press the 'reset' or 'menu' button, all that happens in the pause button turns on. So I have to finish the puzzle to go the menu screen. Otherwise, really fun and challenging game!
So Addicting Was hooked after the first level. Could use some minor tweaking as suggested by other players, but overall a winner that you can't put down.
Oh my gosh!! So like this game is harder than I thought. =.[ But it's a cool game. It reminds me of the dungeons from the Legend of Zelda series. How you have to push the blocks in certain fashions. So it's like I'm reliving the hardship. This game will get hard for some in just a few short levels. =.[ Oh well. It'll keep me busy. I like it.
This is a really awful game. Most of the animations are choppy(despite being on a tablet), the music is dull and repetitive, the graphics are randomized pastel colors with no attention to design, and gameplay consists of essentially randomly generated levels in which you must go over all the blocks at least once to go through the exit.
Fun and challenging game. Instructions are not necessary after the first few levels. If needed... Here they are: Slide and fill the board to unlock your exit while staying under par.