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Slaughter Horse

Slaughter Horse for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Catsmeat Games located at 28 Darwin Avenue Buxton Derbyshire SK17 6NF. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game at the concept of it, too. The game really makes you think instead of just making random choices.
Great, I'm in love with this game , but the only problem is , it is very glitchy in the begin. Then the game become smooth. And they don't give a lot of information and there is a lot and I mean a lot of ads. But other as that , Love Love Love.
This seems like a great game! A major problem is that every second day I reach, after proceeding I get an ad that I genuinely can't exit out of. No invisible X, pressing back doesn't work, it literally keeps me from playing the game. Lots of potential and interest though!
Yes, I like this game but it 2019 and just realized that you haved not added a update for like 2 years... I don't know what happened to the game but pls. Update the game and it be fun! :D
Played both the pc and the mobile version. Both were good. Shame the mobile version was copy-striked. But hey, good job.
this game is AWESOME! I used to be a big fan of both MLP and Creepypastas, so this game is really quite a nice mix of both. I'm so dumbfounded by the greatness of this game! the music sets such an eerie tone and the roles are really fun to play around with. the developer of this game mentioned a second game where you get to play as Pinkarella and I am SO EXCITED to play that when it comes out. Even if you don't like MLP, I'd still recommend that you give this game a try, because it's worth it.
It's just a very well put together game, the custom pony things could be updated to have maybe a few more accessories or eye types but that's just me wanting to make characters lol, it's just a lovely game to play alone or with friends
This is a lovely.. maybd not game but I love it! It's so much just like Filcker! Yet there is a giltch I'd like to report. And 1 more. 1. Barely anyone plays Multi, maybe up it a little? 2. One of the pony bars dissapeared, and when I assigned the player Watchpony, the job logo dissapeared and went to the tob of the job list. That's all!
Game used to be great. But now it's just full of bugs and glitches. Disappointed. This had so much potential ):
TONS of fun, reminds me of Town of Salem, which I like a lot. There's just 2 things I don't like, but I doubt they'll change seeing as the game hasn't been updated in years. 1: Wish there was more multiplayer. Rooms where we can play with others from around the world. 2: If you kill the Queen, but Pinkerella is still around, why do the Changlings continue on? They have no Queen... shouldn't they run from the town and disappear? Seems like a glitch, idk why they would still drain ponies' love
I can't stop playing the game! It's so much fun! You even get to customize ponies! I played the game with my friend and we always freaked out in a good way when we lost or won! I play this at least two times a day :D This game is on my top three best games EVER!!! Edit: Okay, so I've calmed down on the game and now I play 1-10 times a month (days, not rounds) but I still really enjoy it ^^
This game is great! Its fun and its mystery is great! The creators of this game should continue working on this game! Heres an Idea for the game. Online no ID games, Evil mode (You play as one of the evil), and maps.
this is such a cool game, really damn challenging but the challenge makes it all the more satisfying when you finally win a couple games. it would get a 5 star from me if there were more art like fully ilustrated scene, perhaps we could actually SEE the changlings and Pink being hung. The replay value is a little low also, I found a few of the challenge modes fun but after playing so many times you've kind of seen everything and theres no point in keeping it installed.
This game is amazing overall. My sister&I downloaded this game&loved it. I like how you get to control the players but don't know what their roles are unless they tell you. But in multiplayer mode, when me&my sister are playing with each other.. I really appreciate the effort you put in the game but when me & my sister put challenges specifically "Make It Personal", I can see who she is as it would say (example) : Sugarcane Pie Bodygaurd (You) I would like you to fix the problem & that is all.
Love this game, thank you so much for creating it, it isn't that scary though, which is a good thing for me, because I am very sensitive and can easily get scared, though I always wanted to play a horror game that is not too scary, which I never found, until I came across this game, love it sooooooooooo much, IT IS ADDICTIVE, it makes me shake with stress when making decisions on executing ponies... I am totally obsessed with this game, you have done a great job, Catsmeat Games!
This game is very fun and makes me use my brain and figure out the strategy. I really love this game a lot.
The game is overall great. However, I want to experience playing online without using the IP address. I hope my request be valid and the game is very cool.
I used to really enjoy this game but after the second night, I get an ad I cannot exit and restarting the app makes me lose my progress entirely. It's very annoying and happens everytime, rendering the game unplayable unless you can afford to remove ads.
I like my little pony and I think this game is based on it. But this happened. When I am asked to kill pony's, I lived on changeling and nothing happened. Why is it green? Maybe I know what's the problem. It said he was killed by pink. I can't go to multi-player. Pleeeeeeeese fix this problem.
Pretty nice,but id like some short hair,he pronouns,and the ability to be a changeling/pinkarella on single player!
Once you get the hang of the roles the challenge of winning becomes more achievable. The single player mode for the game is very smooth and works very well, however, the local multiplayer mode has one problem. When you wish to proceed to the next stage, both players need to click at about the same time. If one player waits to long, by the time they click both devices will be stuck on the loading screen and you will have to exit the app. Other than that, it works fine.
This game is awesome totally recomend it i think its better than among us but it would be cool if it were a free roaming game and if they could ad the mane 6 and your custom character to investigate with them that would be dope any way developer if tour reading please make it happen im counting on you😁
It's a very good game but I have one problem everytime I get on DAY 2 an ad pops up and there's not X button so I have to restart the whole game and even when I do restart the SAME THING happens. Please fix this >:
I love this game! I've been addicted to it for quite a while now. However, I've noticed a bug while playing with all challenges on, but you would probably only need Femme Fatale and Make it Personal to work. If you have the bodyguard protecting you and the consort visits you, the consort will be killed by the bodyguard; The consort will still end up killing you. Not sure if it works with any other pony of if it's just the player. Anyways, great game, and I can't wait for SH2!
Love the game but I wish you could play as pinkamena as a challenge but still it's a good game keep up the good work
I love this game it is really good....but on the second night I keep getting an ad that I can't close. Please fix this! I love this game and it would suck if it stayed like this.
This game is great but I keep getting s gamebreaking ad where there's no way to close it, and I just have to leave the game. Also there are glitches with the ponies sometimes, their faces disappear. Other than those parts, it's a really engaging and good game!! Would reccomend to a friend.
I've got to say that the gameplay leaves a little too be desired, but I have found it to be a rather addicting game. One that is played on my phone by far almost the most played. Please tell me how many people play this game? I'm intrigued with the hope of a trap response. Intrepidly yours, an army veteran. Ps: that's one of my favorites. The fact that there's a veteran.
It's a fun offline game for me but killing serial killer then infinitely jailing the Drone is too easy
A fantastic game and experience, while the game can get old eventually and lacks content, it's still a very nice way to pass the time. For anyone wondering, this isn't an horror game per say, devoid of almost any visuals in fact, it's more of a spooky ambiance told through text and nice chilly music. It's also a nice game to play with friends, while the process can be a bit tricky to set up, multiplayer is definitively a fun experience I higly reccomend giving it a try!
I absolutely liked the game. My only issue is that recently I've been getting ads that doesn't have the "x" at the corner and leaves me stuck until I exit out of the game completely, only to have this repeated AGAIN.
I love the twist they added in this game. I actually downloaded this on a whim, but this is a great game. The ponies are customizable, which is an interesting bonus. It does get predictable from time to time, but it does get challenging with the challenge modes. There are some bugs from time to time (empty pony and description getting hanged, 2 ponies doing their job on the same pony by accident, etc.) but something I can overlook. Great music atmosphere too.
This is a good game but when I play multiplayer as the changelings I can't do anything. When I send a changeling onto another character nothing happens
Extremely fun little puzzle game. If you like the concept of Werewolf, but want a single player experience this is likley for you. My only note for new players is to keep in mind this is a very morbid game- murder and graphic descriptions of violence are present. Otherwise, perfect game to keep on your phone if going camping, as it takes up no space and works offline.
Great game, very fun in multiplayer. If you want to play over the internet, be sure to forward the tcp port 48230 to your phone, I did not find this info anywhere, so I had to look it up in my firewall logs. (Note to dev: please include this info somewhere, or better yet, implement a nat punchthrough method to avoid this issue!)
Really fun, but really glitchy. Multiplayer can be near unplayable because of glitches (I tried to play seven games and wasn't able to finish any because the game would freeze, though usually I don't have quite that much trouble.). Overall, I love playing this and I've had it installed for years, but it does need some bug fixes. You shouldn't go in to play as the changlings in multiplayer and only be able to use your consort. Graphics are amazing, and defintely an all time favorite game of mine.
This game is the best and is very fun to play. The genre of the Mafia or "Werewolf" is very addicting as you solve who's what. But I wish to see more modes and customization. 1) More art to tell the story 2) More visual of how the pony's died 3) Add Settings 4) Add AI difficulties, Easy to BloodBath 5) Different Portraits of the pony's Last 6) Add more details of the opening. That's all I wish to see later on and hoping to see the new sequel
I have had this game for about a year or two on my device and I still enjoy playing it during my free time. I feel it is one of the most interesting and fun pony fan games that I have come across and I love it for it's unique gameplay and motives. This game will always be an awesome game to me and I am super hyped about Slaughter Horse 2. You have my support for the game's development. Thank you for making such an awesome game, and keep on making unique and awesome games. Stay awesome! 😁
I love it. I played this game years ago to help me get my mind off of school, and it's still just as much fun as I remember! Except it didn't used to have ads, I think, but still! Its exactly the same game it used to be!
I like how its different each time that you play it, as well as having multiplayer to fund who amung your group of frirnds are the chsnglings, or pinkie. Also having challenges to play with gives this game tons if replay value, and us a total time waster and an exelent brain teaser. I played this 10 times, but only beaten it 4 times, It is challenging. 5/5, recommend downloading
Never given a rating before but I feel that this game deserves it. I have forgotten almost every single game I've played but this one is very memorable for its quick thinking and strategic planning. Huge fan of this game and it's not pay to win in the slightest. Connecting the devices can be a little tricky but it's honestly worth the hassle. Would recommend to anybody who loves murder mystery and some friendly competition!
great game! used to binge it for hours, and have come back to it to do the exact same thing. one problem though, theres a glitch where like some nights one pony, and idk if its just a coincidence, but its always been a changeling that its happened to for me, will not have the background behind their name and face, and you cant order anyone to interact with them.
Great but it mixes up the roles of the ponies ,it changes them on the report.but it is a very great game
it is a very fun game. it is a bit challenging at times, and I like that. for what it is the graphics are good. and on top of that the music is good as Well. it's gameplay is well done for what the game Is, and overall, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes games like Town Of Salem.
I absolutely love this game! It's always fun to play. There's not too many ads at all, and you can even make custom ponies. I definitely reccomend.
It's great, i wish there was more time to read the tips on the load screen tho... But that doesn't really change the fun of the game
It looked very fun! Although it kicked me out alot of times TwT But i could stay a few seconds, Sadly i cant play this game.. T°T
The game is amazing. Absolutely amazing. However. There is a thing I have a huge problem with. On the second night after giving my characters their orders, I get an ad. Normally this would be fine, but I can't close the ad. I closed the app and tried playing again. Same thing happened. I can't even play the game with this.
I love it so much The way you can make as much as you want and I like how yoy can connect to your local Wi-Fi and you get to play with friends, I have no problem with the game
This is a great game, I hope you would update it again :( Would love to have random multiplayer servers!
This is one of my favorite games. Great to play when your bored, or have no internet. And you even get to make your own pony! I love it!!
It is confusing at the start, but once you understand the game, it's addictive and really fun. it's just that it could get more boring over time as we have to do the same thing over and over. it could be possible if maybe a type of currency is added to unlock certain modes or more customization features.
I was wondering if you could please turn down the adds in the middle odd the game, everytime I try to play an ad pops up and it crashes my game. Please fix this
Honestly one of my favorite games on here. I was admittedly put off at first by the pony thing, but that didn't last long and have been playing it since before the name change. (Thanks copyright) If I could make a request/suggestion, would it be possible to allow the player to choose a custom pony to play as for the "make it personal" challenge? Other then that, excellent game, and I greatly look forward to that sequal.
I fumbled for a while trying to understand the game's mechanics, but it wasn't hard to understand and once you get it, the game is actually pretty challenging and fun
The game is fun, but there is one problem. Whenever an ad pops up I can't seem to close it, so I have to close the game and start over everytime. I'm not planning on buying the ad free option, because I don't play the game everyday. I would like to be able to close the ad and not have to start my game over everytime. Please fix this.
Really fun!!!! Definitley a pegi 7, but absolutley amazing. Easy to pick up and good logic and strategy. Challenge mides are fun and different. Only thing is multiplayer can be glitchy and not work. Otherwise absolutely great and can't wait for the 2nd game:D
Its really fun to play, but it gets kinda boring when you cant play with other people other than the ones whose just nearby, it also glitches sometimes like when you play multiplayer, the Changelings wouldnt send the Queen any messages after their job is done, and also some of the Ponys icon go missing, which is a disadvantage for Changelings because they cant kill them, but other than that its great.
The game was fun but after awhile it caused my phone to glitch out. I couldn't access my open apps after quitting the game and couldn't uninstall from the icon. I am gonna run my antivirus and clean up apps for sure. Such a shame, I had tons of fun killing innocent ponies and had about 60% of the achievements.
I used to play this game alot on my tablet back in 2016. Didn't have any problems with it. Decided to play it again on my phone, but now everytime I tried to get through the second night, an ad pops up and crashes the game, ruining my progress. Had it not been this problematic, this would've gotten five stars. Please fix this soon because I do genuinely like this game and I wanna play it more.
This game is great overall, but it will glitch sometimes. I also think there is a lot of capability for challenge modes, for example, the changling forger can adapt the order you give to the townponies.