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Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights

Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by NoTriple-A Games located at Russia. Chudovo. Soldatova. Postcode - 174211. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well simply put this is a good game but the game is not finished. There's to little to do and a very small variations of attacks and weapons. The controls are okay but there are just to little to "control". The movement joystick and attack button and that's about it.
Wow awesome game and hey... Can i suggest you do an update that tons of swords and armour not clothes armour is more awesome and an awesome arena with sooo many crouds cause in my game theres just 4 watching us battle and its kinda boring and yet the game is good have a good day and pls for future updates pls read this and pls for future updates i get my suggest byee have a good day and i just gave 5 stars cause the game is awesome byee have a nice day..... 😊
This game is really an excellent game the reason why iam giving it four stars because there is no such button to block enemy attack which is important.
Very very good graphics! I dont like it, I loved it I really want to give this a 10 star review cause this is the best game I've ever played. Keep it up. I want to ask if you maybe want to put a jump button when your in the village for the next update 😁. Keep it up❀❀
In order to lure YouTubπŸ—ΎπŸ’er player in your game and gamers usually love multiplayers ,DEV BOI,SUREness you should have minimize data and have a lot of storage and I love this game😭 all of it!GREAT Performance,and I want that this game has history on its update and it's able to walk around in the whole world🌏 and please to make sure it can interact people I wanna rate it 100percent unbeatable game of 20___ πŸ˜‚πŸ•πŸ’πŸ˜˜. Please make this game legendary and have this trend asset on your game promote it on other pages and media's!
It is really a good game πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ it looks realastic when we hit our opponent then the blood is comming out of our opponent it looks so realastic but one thing always dissopoint me that we are always alone and our enemeis are in a group there are 2 to 3 person in our group it is a really good game it is a addictive game. Please download this game if you are reading this. Thank you! ☺️☺️
Gives you exactly what it says and perfectly. But oh I wish there could have been more. Nonethelss, great experience. Loved it. Technically, it's just the difficulty and the style which keeps you attached, there could have been a storyline but it's still worth your time, atleast try.
i think this game is overall good, but i have a request, plss add some skills and defend button, because the longer you play the boring it gets, so it will be interesting if it has some awesome skills, ahh btw i like the blood effects and the death effects, so i hope you consider my request
a very potential game, its a lot of fun. advice : this must be added a multiplayer online mode, should add a variant weapon and armor such as claw, spear, axe, helmet, boots, gauntlet etc. add control button to block an attack and special movement too.
Love the game, incredible art style and super fun gameplay. I do would love to see improved sword strikes, like more effective hit detection, and also parrying and blocking would be awesome. Lastly please add dismemberment and this game will be the best brawler on mobile
One of the best time-killers I ever played! Love the graphics and the combat is very satisfying and smooth. Although the game would be more interesting with more different levels/enemies/characters/upgrades, but all in all 5/5
its simply brilliant, i have played countless games tryiing to imitate the simple control scheme combat action gamplay but none them did it like this one, it just nailed it. Its not your hack and slash game but skill based startegic combat action game. but there is only one problem the lack of content to play it becomes repetitive after a time. if the developer could just make it more diverse, i would prefer a real open world quest based game.
Pretty awesome game, a little chaotic at times but I actually think that adds to it rather than takes away all in all pretty awesome game especially for free.
The gameplay is good but you must add shields to block attacks. When I am attacking the enemy the whole squad attack me until I die. I will only give 3 stars.
First off let me start by saying WOW! Controls are awesome and smooth, I haven't experienced any glitches or errors and it runs smooth (not sure the frame rate) on my crappy $60 JL Luna or whatever. The art work is perfect for this type of game I feel and the kills are always satisfying as well as death animations. No complaints here other than the amount of items (only sword and body armor at the moment). And if the devs are reading this I have some ideas. I would very much like to see different weapons other than swords. For example axes, slower attack speed, higher energy consumption, but more damage as well. You could implement spears, daggers, ECT all with their own strengths and weaknesses. This would increase the importance of choosing stats wisely. PvP would also be fun. Of course all this would take a large amount of time to implement I'm sure but I can still dream. Imma wrap this up so I can go back to slicing throats and getting gold πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’
Love game. It has so much potential. There are some things that can be improved on or added. Firstly the combat system is amazing I live the idea, but it would be a lot cooler if your character had some sort of special attack like a kick or a shoulder charge to knock an enemy to the ground. Maybe you could also add some different weapons so like an axe which is slower but does more damage or a bow and arrow. With your village it would be cool if you could upgrade certain things or buy specific buildings. One idea for this is a trading centre where over time it builds up coins for you to spend on and you can upgrade it to make money faster. Another thing about your character is I would like it if you could customize your character to really make them yours. I mean we can change the characters hairstyle, gender, skin colour. But honestly I love this game it's simple yet great. Keep up the great work.
Probably one of the best games Ive played i a while. However, I do prefer a more graphic approach to this game and the samurai. But its an option. I love both of the games you guys have created.
Nice gameplay, Nice graphics, Nice controls but it lacks variety. I got the highest possible gear obtainable and there was nothing left to do. The enemies after that were either just more or bigger health. Infact thats the main issue. The gameplay is solid but theres nothing to keep us coming back.
it is a realy fun game ,and it will be even better with a story mode , like you can go on a battle for the king or with vikings against other tribes and have massive armies aginst each other , and also a big story line with quests , and a free world navigation , like shortcut the traveling but make the location travebale like walking around like in the village , this would be like an awsome feature , big battles and choices aswell , and lots of tribes like arab etc.. and more weapons aswell
well,for someone who've played 100 match&also 've purchased the best sword&armor (with gold,i never use dollar for games),i can say that i enjoyed , feels lil bit like darksouls, but when i reached 100 match, i felt like i need another element of surprise, so i went to the hard island, bcs im starting to get bored, but unfortunately in hard island, its just the same regular enemy but a lil harder , its sad that u cant interact with townfolks *sleep,armor,sword are useless,i didnt feel anything
This game says"live open world" That means it should live up to its description,the gameplay gets dull so easily,you cant lock on to your enemies which wastes a bunch of your stamina,no guarding which basically leaves you open but dodging is boring which causes us to spam it,but the graphics are soft but that doesnt cover up the lack of functions combat please I hope you listen to what I say thank you for taking your time to read this
I never rate 3 star for any games ,I give 3 star because Graphic/Combat system/sounds are amazing but non of your games have story mode it's same for another like killing around people in the "Arena" keep doing that after half an hour quite boring. So I hope you will make some story mode into a new games
Repetitive. Its just the same thing over and over with different amounts and levels of enemies. You can upgrade swords and armor also but the guy just does the same 3 moves all the time. Graphics and the idea is good. Develop it.
Game concept are great, but it will be fun to play if there's a challenge, more sword and armor option (like when we travel to another village, then there's more sword and armor to buy), add new things when we reach level 100, add more village or even add feature for PVP, or i think you can add some material requirement to craft new weapon, etc.
This game have a good gameplay and smooth animation. but there is one thing should be added, the variety of items, you should add an "armor point" for reduce damage from enemys and you can add a "shield" and an "helmet" to increase the "armor point", the price for the sword was to expensive (not really). you should add one more place like a "town", and "gladiator" (for fight another players online). anyways this game perfect
Thespinycombo i hate it,i get it that you want to make it look cool but its just impractical being hit in the head while spinning, also the controls cant be changed i hope theres a way we can move back and forth while still looking at the enemy,pls add block. Also i wish the swords is not all about dmg i hope it considers blocking strength and heaviness(atk cd)also how long your sword is, also sheilds and give armour more technicality,add mace,make sword useless againts armour/add halfswording.
Amazing Gameplay liked it very much. Great action. Only thing i wish to-be added to this game is a new map and few side missions,a companion in game .If that is done this game will be unbeatable. I would be happy if these changes are done and will be in top 1action game. I like all the No Triple A games
like the game, it has so much potential but same as all the other titles feels unfinished and rushed, it could implemented a lot of more features and far better gameplay! please update the game, add new weapons, add character customization and real open world, make earning money easier but make fights more intense, it gets really repetitive since we don't have different kind of enemies and different attacks or so...
It was fun earlier on but gets boring once you reach the boss at level 50. It's so repetitive, and lacks the thrill and excitement. I would suggest a story line or motivation to for the character.
Overall its a nice game. It has a lot of potential. I would suggest to add more NPCs in the village and an interactive building where you can train different fighting style and different defensive techniques. It would be more challenging too if the enemies can block attacks and has certain specialties. The game is addictive and fun to play.
Can't play it it has too many problems it's the lag and the controls and when u tap a button nothing u have to hit the button a bunch times before it do some thing
This game is pretty fun. The fact that it's hard to find a game that fits my taste and this one really hits the spot. Just one more thing I always love updates and hoping to have new more events that would be release to this game.
Um, it's good and I like the idea of it having barbarians and that it's a show, but like you can't aim at enemies unlike your game Glory Days, and also I could just point at one direction and spam the attack button and could still win, (yeah, I've tried it) and you can't interact with the enemies, like it isn't even an obstacle, make it a bit like glory days where after a combo there's a sort of finishing blow like the sword slash not just a twirl combo that barely touched the enemy and then inst
When i staryed playing the game it was great and but could u add some forge and other weapons such as axes's,hammer,etc. also add some futeristic characters like berserkers, assasins. And also armors and PVP playing and also add some stronger armors and some jobs so that the player won't just slay.And again ur game is great keep it up😎😎😎
haven't played a game that is beautifully simple like this in a while. an extra button for a shield would be nice, also make the surroundings larger with more places to go. You could also make conversations with people and make the town a bit more busy. love it!!
Graphics are great. But the game suffers from a lack of storyline. A lot of potential is wasted in repetitiveness. You could add a storyline, featuring a single boss, or several ones. Learn from other games, and improvise.
The game is overall very well made and I would really want to give it a five star review if it hadn't a very serious flaw. A sword needs to be able to defend its user first and then to attack someone else. The game seems to getting that wrong as there's no parry option to deflect enemy attacks. I could aldi touch on some impractical sword designs, but that is not a big problem in a fantasy setting as of this game's
the game is great but needs a lot more, I mean what's the point of playing anymore, i have already bought the strongest armor and the strongest sword, and passed level 100 and nothing is new, add something to use this money on, because it's useless now
Great game with awesome graphics.The cartoonish effect goes well with it.The blood effects and tornado-like slashes are COOL too!!!Had a lot of fun playing it.But might I suggest,make it a bit harder.It's a little bit on the soft side.More updates with more hard levels maybe?Anyway,Keep up the good work and keep making stuff like this!I went through the reviews just after I typed this,and I remembered something to say.Might I suggest,a block feature for both the player and opponents be added too?
it was good while it lasted i mean i expected more than just having to play between two difficulties and i even completed the game very quickly then i anticipated fights were amazing and preferred more than 5 enemies to kill and i just feel that this game will be even better if the development team put in some updates im pretty sure it could be a hell of a rival
This is game is good. For became much better is necessary to add block (defense) and sounds of the personages, like screams of battles.
im having lots of fun so far. The polygon type graphics are cool and simple. The controls are also easy to use. there is inly ine thing i eould like to change, a parry or deflect abilty would be great. Thats all really, thanks for a great game!
Although options in this game are very limited, the controls and gameplay was so smooth and beautiful that I couldn't put it down until I got to lv50, and by that time it was getting too repetitive. If you could take these controls and add it into an open world RPG with a story, you'd have a helluva game.
Super B game! Nice graphics, easy controls and wonderful animation. But it would better if you add more difficulties and storyline i guess. The game is too easy. In just 3 hours, I've already bought the +10 weapon and armor. Hoping for the next update :)
Great game! I wish there is a campaign to this or like maybe pvp or a boss raid, things like that could keep this going, it lacks the progress but it doesnt really need it, what it needs is to have different modes so that it doesnt feel boring the more u play it.
This is an awsome game.any sort of content update and ill bump my review to 5 stars.different weapon types would be great.or different armor types like light medium and heavy.which would be less-more powerful and give you more-less movement speed and attack speed.most importantly though id love to see some charactor customization.skin color, hair, beard and stach.great job so far, cant wait to see you expand this game.