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Slap Kings

Slap Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun for about 5 minutes. Way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaay to many ads and there has to be something added other than just slapping different people. Why would I pay for VIP do basically get nothing that's truly needed to play the game
I hate this game.Is soo boring.After 4 levels you can not win a game without waching 4 ads. I uninstalled this game. Pls do not install this game will give you anxiety.
To many ads. You can't play one round without ads popping up. Why make a game that you can't play, are we apost to enjoy this game or is it a ad game to watch videos.
It always freezes when I play a game, and I want to by new skins and guess what you can't buy it with coins.You must watch an ad and they always say that the add is ready
It is funny but everything you want to improve your character, you'll have to watch an advertising to achieve. It's absolutely waste of money if you pay to have it ad free. Avoid spend money on it if you can.
This game starts off okay but it get repetitive if you don't buy the v.i.p... the game gets boring you can't play multi player anything unless you buy v.i.p. thinking about deleting this game. πŸ‘Ž
I love your game it's super cool I play it every day, so cool. But there was some times when it was a little bit bad but now I love it. I play it again and again and again !!!!!!!!! I play with your games of three hours a day if people don't like your games they are dumb. I can not wait to see a other game.
If it wasn't for the fact that I absolutely had no choice but to watch and add in order to win around I would have given it more stars. They start you off with 100 but after I won round after round my opponent started off with 150. Which left me no way to win the match but to watch an ad to receive and fire hand. You're not even matched up with those on your level. They con you into watching an ad to win... I uninstalled it and gave it one star. Wish I could give it 0.
This game has potential. But it has way too many ads! I'm talking about like every 5 secs. Other than that you can only play computer-generated players unless you spend money every week to play online players. You would be stupid to do that! So I doubt there's any players online!
This game has the potential to be a good pass Time game. But of course game makers want Adds and previews for the next game. Being Forced to watch adds takes a away from a Fairly decent game. You'll never get to play This game!
I. Love. This. Game. The gameplay is fun as heck, and I don't mind ads popping up every now and then. I shall describe this game in one sentence... I like ya cut g "Slap"
Kind of strange that on my other phone it lagged so badly, but on this one, it works perfectly for me. Same to another game called 3D match I also have downloaded. I love these games!!
Not sure what the point is... Endless slapping??? Wouldn't be so bad if there was SOME variety, an actual example of a story, and not endless ads... This is awful!
It's fun but it would be allot better if it wasn't just like every other game out there. You have to pay if you don't want adds every 10 seconds. Make it like 1 45 second add once every ten minutes. Or give people an option if they can't spend money on a game. Make an option like for every 50 adds that you watch you will get 12 or 24 hours of free play time add free
I briefly liked this game, alas it's ADware, a game designed to frustrate you so the seller can pick your pockets. E.g., buying "ad free" for a one-time $2.99 gets you a few wins, but soon thereafter you're back on a losing path, that is, until you either buy a "VIP" membership ($8 WEEKLY $400 yearly); or endlessly pay $$ for short-shelf-life, ineffective , feeble upgrades. Yes, this game is fun, until 1minute into gameplay they beg for a 5-star review & start peddling a $400+ VIP membership.
A good recommendation from me: If you have putted less ads, I would watch. But this is like an ad game that always shows ads, AND FORCES me to watch it. I would play the game if the ads were less, I would watch it, and enjoy playing the game. But because of the ads, I will uninstall it.
You can't get much more repetitive than this game. Ads so many ads. Not a horrible time killer though if you have no life or better games to play.
The game is a great time killer. There are 2 reasons this game doesn't receive 5 stars...1) Its very repetitive! 2) The ads are excessive!!!
Ok, you guys and gals got it right! I do NOT have to spend money here(yeah!) , but it is an awesome way to get ppl to watch ads. There is no skill involved, no money hungry mongrels, no nasty little trolls saying ugly things,,,,,, just a good way to get ppl to watch ads... I hope you get more sponsers, because i have already downloaded one of them!
Way tooo many ads. Gameplay is against AI's (aka computer) to play online multiplayer you pay $8/week $32/month like damn, that's more than I spend for any subscription for entertainment. I'd rather pay for netflix and have diverse selection. Rather than pay that much for just one game.
Great game ... but too many ads.. when you advance to a certain level you can't go any further.. it just keeps repeating the bonus round...
It's a scam they force you to watch ads otherwise you'll lose over and over, the multiplayer is also extremely unexciting since you get paired with people with the exact same stats so most matches end up being 1 or 2 shot games with the winner being decided on who goes first
No online mode unless you pay Β£6.99 per week!!! Ads all over the place unless you pay Β£2.89 or try the weakly subscription. When a developer charges this much for a basic game you know you are better of leaving it behind.
Fun, fast, but at the end of the day your advancement will outpace the challenge and you become an aggregator for ad content. A good waste of time while making the company in ad money.
Another cool game thats extremely ad heavy , 8 bucks a week for vip ? That's insane, i pay like 32 a year for playstation network . Create a 1 year subscription for 20 bucks with no ads or ads optional for bonuses and i guarantee you it will work . You can email me and tell me about the success my idea brought you .
Let me start by saying that in order for you to exit out the game you have to do a force out. Second i subscribed to not have to watch ads and get all the perks....needless to say as soon as i logged back in I STILL HAD TO WATCH ADS....FOR EVER-Y-THING ...just rediculous why even subscribe so of corse i cancelled that immedietly.. Very dissapointing game when you have to watch a ad to use your specials 😑😠
Would be a good game if they didn't force you to watch a add after every slap and you won't win if you don't watch ads but guess when you get paid 3 cents for every add someone watches so yea I bet you do still watch ads when you paid to have em removed. Poor business tactics that would never remain open in a brick and mortar establishment but thrive here no real accountability for their bs.
This games fun! not as many ads any more! Yet the first levels are really hard, i think the hardness should progress as you get a higher level. Anyways this games really fun!
Though there is a lot of adds. It's funny as hell to watch. Great way to pass time, and it costs you no $$$!
Terrible game. Once you get past level 20 the meter will not allow you to get a perfect shot without watching an ad even with no ad subscription. You can't use the special slap unless you watch an ad. You can't upgrade without constantly watching an ad. Again this is with a no ad subscription. O can only imagine how many ads you have to watch without a subscription. Cancelled and uninstalled!!
Waaaaaaaay to many ads,there's an annoying amount of ads,like ever 5 seconds there's an ad,takez away from the game after a while,A lot of ads, but the game has potential,it's fun when I can, but compared to the ads, its more about watching ads to play and that sucks
So I have to say this... Even though yes there are a lot of adds... Most are optional. Being that you can cause more to earn more money for free. You DO NOT HAVE TO payfor VIP to progress in this game. I have not paid for VIP an have made it all the way to lvl 20 already in like 20-30 min. So for those of you ragging on this game saying its bad, maybe to you it is, as you like the VIP experience without having to pay for it... But this is a good time killer game, an easy to play!
Neat little time killer. I get a kick out of it and found it funny at first but quickly grew bored from all of the advertising and the monotonous game play. Different slaps, more animation and waaaay less advertising would make this game well worth anyone's time.
Soooo many ads and requiring of spending or watching mass amounts of videos spoiled what could've been a good game. Wouldn't recommend to be honest as you'll spend more time watching other games in ads than you will actually playing the one you downloaded...
Can't collect rewards other than that clearly it's controlled by lazy douchebags... people that are scared to actually earn their money. I would love to "slap king" the developers maybe give them a taste of the real world.
So I was enjoying the game.. I paid to remove ads.. well that really doesn't remove the ads... I'd love my money back.. I hate Ads sure, but I hate people who lie about removing them after taking your money..
Great game but please less ads, i know you need, and want to make money but please just like, remove some ads or let us fast foreard them after like 5 pr 10 seconds
This game has been oddly entertaining and funny especially the faces after being slapped a few times. The only thing stopping me from giving this more stars is the amount of ads. I seriously had to watch an ad to watch an ad for bonus coins
You can beat the first two opponents without making a purchase or watching an ad. After that the opponent health increases too much to defeat without increasing strength of your slap (by watching ad), or making some type of purchase i assume. I deleted this waste of a "game" before finding out though.
The game is really cool. But you have to watch ads constantly. You play the game 10 second. Then followed by a 30 second ad. Way way way to many ads. Unfortunate i have to uninstall. Because i liked the game itself.
Interesting time waster but the constant adds telling you you can play multiplayer for 7.99 a week? Absolutely you're going to charge me $8 a week to play this game against somebody else when it's just a timing game? Yeah no sale
Why do you need to pay teal money for multi-player thats so stupid everytime i slap a guy i get a 30 secs ad with no skipping bad game bc why do you need to pay real money for multi-player stupid devs. I've seen so many games that aren't paying money for multi-player now thats a very good game but this i am very disappointed of this stupid game pay to win
I only have this five stars because the please rate us keeps popping up and if you give it five stars it will stop but honestly this game has so many ads this game is dumb a f and I would aprecciate it if you would add diferent characters
The game itself is great! Very humorous and fun to play for hours. The only annoying thing is the ads. You can get ad free but it's $8 a week! Which I have to say is ridiculously expensive. $8 a week for ad free gaming?! Disney+ is $6.99 a MONTH! Only complaint I have other than that the app is fun ☺️
Ads all the time no matter what. If you don't watch an ad for a power boost at the end of the match they show you one anyway. If you do watch an ad for the power boost they show you one right after. They shoe you ads in the middle of a match as well. I've had it for 20mins and I'm getting rid of it.
This is a fun and silly game, not to be perhaps taken seriously at all. It's a lot of laughs and great gameplay! You slap the face of the other as hard as you can (there are boosters) and they do the same to your character. It's addictive and 🚫 terribly violent. I would recommend this game.
I'm going to be honest it's fun and all until you realize there are so many ads, and your opponents start to gradually become twice as strong as you and the only thing to do is watch more ads. I'm done this is ridiculous.
I truly enjoy this game as I envision my old boss as the opponent every time. Beyond that, I feel like the ads are cray cray and the only option is to pay 7.99 a week to become a VIP member. I'm not into a weekly subscription. My suggestion is to add a store where maybe skins could be made available or whatever. Just some thoughts. Thanks.
i'm really starting to get upset. My son plays this game all the time, and I have bought a few gift cards for him to play the multiplayer for a week at a time, and he NEVER has gotten his full week. He gets 3 or 4 days, and then it will ask for another payment method, or to fix his payment plan when he should still have the rest of the week left.
I love this game so much just I hate how multiplayer is premium and multiplayer is my favorite but if thay dont make multiplayer free then am never playing this game cause multiplayer is something I can play all dam day and night just going bam bam boom boom slap slap knock out knock out but anyways thay need to add multiplayer to the free spot?????????
Horrible game. Full of ads that they trick you into clicking. Also if you choose to keep your privacy in terms of advertisement settings, they have a warning on the screen during the entire gameplay until you choose to give away your rights. Unethical, despicable.
The game would've been good if it weren't for the ridiculous amount of ads. I don't recommend downloading this game, save your data for something else. I'm about to uninstall it. It's an ad-bate game
The worst game ever conceived - it's literally just watching ads! You press a couple buttons, win a round in a few seconds, and then watch one or two ads, normally 30 seconds each. There's plenty of opportunity given to watch even more ads for powerups and such, there is no limit of ads you can watch. If you are stupid enough to buy a VIP subscription (for a ridiculous amount of money too) which promises you it will remove all ads, 0 ads are removed, only some of them get shorter sometimes.
Too many long ads and it would be way cooler to be able to play your friends and have the power behind your slap be an actual slapping motion you do with your phone in your hand. I was psyched to see this app pop up on an ad and even shared it with some ppl before it finished downloading but I will be uninstalling because it is far from what I thought it would be : (
This is the most Unique Game I have ever played. Ads everywhere. You see an ad after every fight, at each of the button on the screen there is an ad logo. It is a pathetic game, your enemy is always better than you. I would have given no stars but that is not an option. Waste of Time
This game is fun and 0 have to invest into it which is awesome I will be using this game to take out life's frustrations then to play war games like mobile royal or lords mobile and dozens of others where you end up paying have to just to keep up and I'm done
A ton of 30sec ads, I get it. Need to monetize this game. Dial the ads back a bit. Game plays like a click bait ad with 15second of game time..But Very cool game play!
It's fun at first, gets old quick. $8/week to do no ads, if you don't pay you have to watch soooo many ads. Could be way better, especially the meter used to time slap and should be something for placement
After paying for ad removal you still have to watch ads to claim anything in the game. Don't waste your money on ad removal.
Honestly thought the game was super fun. I don't mind watching ads for 5 times the reward. But the monthly subscription kills it for me. A one time fee I would pay, but when I found out you can't play multiplayer w/o the subscription I deleted it.
Enjoyable, entertaining, nice way to pass the time. Commercials for all games must have a 6-10, 15 seconds, of commercials but I LIKE IT. ,🀭πŸ€ͺ
Terrible game. You either have to spend money or watch 30 sec ads in order to stay competitive. Its ridiculous how your competition grows so much more powerful after each round its impossible to keep up. Ridiculous, even if you choose to kot watch an ad for a reward, you get directed to one anyway. Horrible.
Game is alright but it gets a low review for 2 reasons.... First reason is so many ads, and the second reason is because if you want to play multi-player then you have to subscribe to pay $8 PER WEEK.....
Would be a fun game if you didn't have to sit through 30 second ads everytime you made a move. I understand that free games need ads but this is ridiculous. I'll be uninstalling unfortunately.
Fun game. Doesn't take a whole lot of skill so it isn't too hard to where you can't enjoy it. Good job on making this app!
Why... I get that you gotta make money...but WHY do you need THIS many ads.. you literally cannot beat the second opponent without watching an ad. The best part: after I beat the opponent it has an option to double your winnings by watching an ad... If you decline, you HAVE TO WATCH 5 SECOND AD! Too greedy.
You can level up ur skills n win easily, but theres an add every match. Really just wanted to play online but u need to be level 6 or something. Basically what the devs are saying is "watch $10 worth of ads to unlock multiplayer"
You gotta watch so many ads that you spend more time with ads than the game. These developers are shameless about trying to dig into your pocket with these ads. It only takes 5 minutes to see what they want from you. Eyes on ads and therefore money out of your pocket. Could've been a good game but greed got the best of them.
The game is fun, lots of ads tho, but it dont bother me too much. But it will be a cold day in hell if you think imma pay all that money every week 🀦. I also see that you all dont respond to any reviews, so that let me know you dont give a damn πŸ˜‚. I need to get in this business
Do not buy the Ad-free! I paid the $2.99 thinking I would be able to multiply my coins because of "Ad-free". All it did was shorten the ad. DO NOT BUY! You'll get the same affect 12 seconds later. RIP OFF!
This company makes good games but unfortunately they force u to watch a damn ad after every thing u do. Don't waste your time or data on anything put out by this company. -999999999999999 stars given to the OVERKILL AD MONGERS!!!!!!!!!!
Not only are there too many ads, but the offer to get 5x the reward for watching an extra ad has not been working for Days. If there were so many ads, and if you can skip more ads, and if 5x reward gets fixed, then I may change the rating to a better one.
Ads became unbearable. More time is spent waiting for ads to finish than actually playing the game. I don't want to pay to stop suffering when I can just stop playing instead.
I would give you 5 stars but your ad video's keep on freezing. Fix this and I'll gladly give you 5 stars!!!
Straight up bait and switch scam. Do NOT buy the ad removal or VIP, they do nothing for you. If you try to rate the game one star on the popup, it goes away and comes back next game. It will keep happening unless you pick 5 stars. Too bad I'm giving you a public 1 star. You can even "unlock" skins and special slaps during bonus rounds, but after unlocking you HAVE TO WATCH ADS TO UNLOCK WHEN AD FREE IS PURCHASED.