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SL Custom night(32-bit Editor)

SL Custom night(32-bit Editor) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Valera Games located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think that some people are just mad becuase there terrible at the controls . Thats why they say these things . I am obsessed with fnaf . If you were to walk into my room you'd think dang ! This personis obsessed !!!
i cant see alot its hard to know when they come its boring to but it a bitfun not alot tho im sorry oh and happy v day!!!!!!!!
This game is very dumb and boring also I can only go to circus gallery and I cant use the security cameras properly and the power goes very fast I think five nights at maggie's 4 is a very good fan made game then this even tho five nights at maggie's 4 is actually inspired fnaf 3 but still. Please don't waste your time playing this stupid game normally use some bucks to buy the real one and if ur like me who can't buy it and your mother isnt gonna buy the game either play some good fan made game
This game is really good but I am waiting on a new update to fix a few issues such as ballora and maby the lights aswell
So I think it's pretty decent! The only thing I have a problem with is that It's basically a mix of fnaf 4 and fnaf sl. so I had a good experience but I would like to see more creativity!
This game is so bad I have no words for it. You guys should really do some work on this game.and why minecraft related that just makes it even worst. And come on the air kills you to. The worst game I ever bought
It's awesome. I love the mechanics and it's just amazing how you can recharge power. One suggestion though is make the animatronic more seeable when they jumpscare. It's really cool and please add more characters or even make a whole custom night with all of the characters. It's amazing!!
I don't like that game cuz every time I start it puts me Bach to home screen and I didn't see any jumpscare and its not allowed for my device and it kicks me out every time then I unstall it its not the same game like that so I rate it 2
I am gonna write my main experience in one sentence and one sentence only: "AIR ATTACKED ME, WOT DA HECK." I like the concept and all, but can you ATLEAST make it so air isn't killing you..? That's kind of a big deal...! Jumpscares make the game for me and I'm sure the majority of everyone else, too. And now they're just the Sister Location jumpscare scream... Not a visual of a jumpscare, no no no, just the jumpscare scream. If you add visuals to jumpscares, I'd be happy to rate 5 stars.
I can't switch camera screens is it a bug or because I'm on mobile 🤔 I'm currently looking at it. Its not worth installing i Uninstaled it
How do u play the game and fun time Freddy's jumpscare does not work fix a couple of things in there and I will rate it a five star
I just LOVE how you can cheat the system, I cant clearly play the other fnaf game u made but its better than having to pay for these types of games that Scott made, but still THE BEST GAME EVER!
The game is quite nice! pretty cool and all but... Theres a bug. A bug. And i dont like bugs, lol i sound weird wnd picky but ye theres some sort of bug idk if its just for me or not But... It keeps saying game over outta nowhere Is it suppost to? It quite annoys me cause sometimes when im getting into it, it says game over! its pretty annoying pls fix this the game, it couldve been rsted a 4 star... Only 4 because its a bit easy so id step up the levels to.. But ye its alright and decent iguess
Its really good except for 1 problem and its how long it takes for the lights to turn of but apart from that its perfect, keep up thegood work :)
i like this game its fun! but sometimes it dosnt let me go into funtime autoruim when i click on it.Its still really fun though! :D
I love this game! is just when the animatronic comes it makes this like growling noice but yeah its a good game and maybe add more animatronics.
It wasnt bad. However i had issues. 1. i couldnt get into the babys area. because it sort of glitch when i tried. even though i have plently of space. it still has little glitches in the game. 2. i tried to zap Funtime Foxy and it didnt work. i hit the button to check and it did not zap but she jumpscared me a bit. (from what it looked like) However this issue resloves in the same with Circus Baby and Ballroa as well, Freddy is another issue i tried to get him back to the stage and it didnt work.
It was good, but can you make a pt.2 of the game. And work it girl. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bum bum bum $$$$$$$$$$¢¢$$$$$$$$¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$¢¢¢¢¢¢¢$
its so stupid that i thought i will start at the custom night office, i just started at the worthless minecraft control module , just don't download it.
A really nice game but I do wish there was more characters and that it felt more like the custom night we all know from SL, Graphics need a little more work to.
Your not in the private room when you play. The power goes down to fast. Not scary at all. HUGE RIPOFF! And your in funtime auditorium? Dont waste your time on it! Everything is so bad and I cant even turn off the light and i cannot even use a shock! worst game ever and you only have one camera THATS RIGHT, ONLY ONE. EVERY FNAF GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED HAD MORE. ALSO DONT USE MINECRAFT FROM SISTER LOCATION! DONT ISTALL IF YOU DONT WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME! ANY OTHER FNAF GAME NEVER LOOKED WORSE!!!
I like the game, but Freddy doesn't have a jumpscare,is it just me or ballora has something wrong that I put 20 on her and don't shock her but she's not jumpscaring me until 6 am
I love this game but I couldn't go to ft.Foxys place unless you aren't supposed to go there it was sad but I like the games overall!
This game is weird and unbeatable why you ask???there is no winning here no joke the power is automatically supposed to get over by 2AM it's also very Boring coz the animatronics don't even come for you so u r basically in an office looking at nothing even when the power goes down nothing will happen at all like I said it's a boring game and why is the Security room in Funtime Auditorium? can't it be in the secret office room in sister location?and the fact that this in minecraft is stupid
Can you make more this game is awesome please make more like same like freddy and i will try your game is so fun.
I like it but when I started it wouldn't let me play correctly and the controls were bad and I couldn't really see but it was good
I like this game so much Because I'ts SL and I Download it and why I did I'ts Because I did'nit had SL
ITS GOOD but uhm the power runs out quickly ROO FAST!!! CD worst game ever this game copywrites off of sl ..
First off this is nothing like fnaf sister location it is really bad do not wast your time on this game it is the original game and sister location put together plus you can only moneter one section of the map it is a bad game do not install
it,s AWSOME I LOVE IT SO MUCH but can you fix it where we have like a voice so we have what you have to do so it's like the real game and like you can crawl past ballora but sb after you and you listen for it and crawl past foxy anf you listen for intense music bcuz you put us in control Module and so I like having it like the real game PLEASE FIX IT it's okay if you don't fix it but i would like it like that by : danika wheeler girl btw
its ok but its kinda weird i dont get the controls and how to play and i keep hearing someone saying bon bun lots
I'm giving it 2 stars bc you can only go to freddy and baby and the controls are crappy I have to spam the arrow while in a room to go back, also there is no animation for crawling though da vent pls add animations also I have to spam swipe to look at Freddy and my maintenance panel also Its boring i can easily beat it on lvl 0 and then it is still boring but it's a keeper also if you add access to ft. Foxy and add ballora and crawling thu vent animations then I will change to 5 star review.
So good so far I've never played sister location before so I was confused and all I know from it is that you could only go to the vent and see whoever was in there I think it was circus baby but the buttons are hard to press and I kept accedently giving them a controlled shock other than that it's pretty good and it looked alot like minecraft
This game that serve the one-star review the animatronics don't move and also this games does copyright from sister location ultimate custom nighttry to make up Minecraft ultimate custom night instead of this garbageand also this game is so dumb. I will puke on this game delete this game if I was a president and make sure this game was never seen in my life again
I can't download it but if I could I imagine it would be good i can download it now and its really good
😐😐😐😐 I don't care about that why you they have that dab office but they can we have another office phone from the custom night lighting appointment angry ballet or the Funtime any nothing she's putting random stuff and he different circus baby she different to
The game is actually quite good, you have working power outage and working animatronics, I went the babys stage and she was gone so I shocked twice and it worked! This is probs the most best game that they made!
Its great and i got a glitch that is useful which puts the recharge panel in the office but it blocks ballora so turn her off when you do the glitch
Wwwwwooooowww bruh but this is good game but Its also creepy cause the lights is turn off and the buttons did not work but I like it
I love this game! I was getting tired of getting jumpscared by Funtime Freddy so I turned the thing down to one, leaving the others at 10. I gave Baby like 4 controlled shocks, then I gave Ballora about the same. I forgot about Funtime Foxy. When Funtime Foxy jumpscared me
A good game I loved it! But I will ask for some instructions because I cant keep ft. Foxy or ballers once they leave the stages
This game is very good my siblings and me likes to play this game, but there's a big screen keep getting stucked so please fix it, and i rate this game 4stars beacuse of those bugs
I don't like it and it sucks and if you installed it then uninstall it and if you read this go on YouTube and check Hanneralek and subscribe to him.
the game is horable the shock buttons don't work you don't know what to do because thares no instructions to help and thares no jumpscare animations
This app is really bad the power goes down really fast then you sit there and watch a screen it's really boring
Its Pretty Good But The Characters Dont look the same Same Its Hard to click on mobile I tried clicking the buttons so many times Please change that And I'll change my review Otherwise Its a Good Game And There are no jumpscares Either so please add them
This game trash because they dont give you information about them but the real game does like what da heck dude.
it was a good game but here is what i would change.i would add more animatronics like bonnet and ethers and i would change the jumpscares all a saw was a thing for a second and then it was gone and add where you can turn off bidy bad and there is a bug where you cant see your power but all from that i rate it 5 star good job:)
First of all it takes so long for the lights to turn of and you cant even stop funtime freddy. And your not even in the private room and it doesnt even show the animatronics when they jumpscare you. I recomend that you dont waste your time on this game
Its a decent game, if a little easy. Please make multiple cameras and more features to the animatronics. You will have earned a 5 star review if you do so. Thanks.
very good but could you make the game better by letting us go through funtime foxy autitorium. thanks🎪🎡🎦🎢🎭
Dear Person who made this, I mean it's a pretty nice game for the people who can't get the real one but just it's not the same :(. Gizmo wasn't there so it made the game less fun and the animatronics didn't look the same. Also, for some reason it just brought me back to the home screen and it didn't jumpscare for those reasons I put 1 star :(
It sucks do not download this game the battery runs down too low and we cant even go on the elevator this is not like the real game baby never shows up on her stage freddy is just a voice you can never hear bon bon talk back and the instruction guy cant tell us what to do