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Skyscraper: Room Escape

Skyscraper: Room Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Escape Factory located at Osmussaare 8, 13811, Tallinn, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If i wanted to see what was on a notice board in real life i would walk up to it and face it while looking You can't do that here with many of the objects There's no zoom feature, very few instances where you can square up to a closet or wall or drawer and the objects are tiny or blended into the background As with a few other games, a "hint" actually tells you the answer or, in the case of a locked door, just asks you if you want to skip Game designers, a hint is not an answer! Let us choose!
This game is free and offline, three parts, each is several rooms, I find it interesting and well designed, even I was stuck for long here and there. I had trouble with unresponsive tapping that is why one star is taken, the last puzzle had a tricky equation. Overall you can install and enjoy a good escape game, and thanks to the developers.
It started out decent but there was a level that i was stuck n used a hint that was of no help because it kept giving me the hint for a step after the one that i needed and i purchased that wat a waste of money
It requires you to combine items to progress and the mechanic to that is broken, as well as picking items up. I wasted hints on things i have already attempted.
I enjoyed it so much. It was challenging but amazing. However after finishing the first level I could not go ahead to any other level it made me go back to the start.
Not too easy, but not ridiculously hard either. I've played every escape the room app I can find, and this is definitely one of the best. One of the few puzzles of quality that you dont have to pay for.
Awful game. You must watch a ton of ads in order to get hints. Objects are difficult to distinct from the environment. In general, a very bad game.
Really really great game. Finding clues were a challenge but getting help wasnt a major task, which is a big plus. Very hard to find realistic interaction games. Cant wait for more.
really loved the graphics . clues so far not too difficult. sometimes games can be so hard they get boring and frustrating. but im only at first level. it would be nice though that after an object has been taken, one should not be able to open clue again.
Has potential to be a simplistic, cheaply-made puzzle game. But currently has fundamental usability flaws like... I have to place the tablet down in the right spot first, before connecting charger cable... the order shouldn't matter.
Overall the game is great. The puzzles are far easier and straight forward than the Spotlight game (which were extremely specific and required knowledge outside of the game). These rooms are very doable without googling. However, sometimes picking stuff up is difficult and some things are very hard to spot (T on corkboard, I must of clicked it over a dozen times). I wish they were more puzzle"y", than a "find the hard to spot clue that blends in with the room type" of game.
These various escapes are made harder because they are shrouded in vagueness. Trial and error searching everywhere, with no idea what you might find, compounded by the touch sensitive areas being reduced to pinpoint accuracy. Then, I must have accidentally done something right because an ad has suddenly appeared. There seems to have been no overall editing of the game to give better continuity. In the end, after 2-3 hours, I just lost interest.
Another game where the real puzzle is trying to click on *exactly* the right spot of poorly rendered graphics to succesfully pick up an object. You can try the same thing dozens of times before looking up the answer and seeing that you had it right all along, it just didn't want to cooperate.
Was good until I had to decipher morse code. I found the code sheet but it's unreadable. Why is there no zoom function? Or a way to flatten the sheet?
This by far is one of the best escape games I've played. I like it cause it's not just one room. Your free to move about.
This is ok as puzzle games go. Graphics are ok and the storyline works well but objects are very spread out and most of the time is spent trying to find objects rather than solving puzzles.
Can't even get past the first level! Wont let me click things unless I watch an advert for hints and then suddenly it works, and even then the hints sometimes don't help as I can't even do what the hint is telling me because it's saying I need to do other things first. And good luck reading any of the information on a phone. Rubbish escape room style game , don't bother downloading!
It's not as bad as some escape games, at least it is possible to complete the levels. But it's frustrating to play. I often found myself stuck, only to consult an online guide to find I hadn't touched something in the exactly the correct spot. It's incredibly frustrating to think you've figured a clue out and then it doesn't work, so you hunt around, get utterly fed up, Google it, and discover you were right the first time just the game wouldn't let you pick something up the first 50 times!
The game is great! So far. Wouldn't it be better to rate it at the end? The other levels might be rubbish. Always, we are asked to do this.
I luuuve each and every game you've released ...so much fun and amazing ...i just wish there were more levels in each game ... I can't wait to solve more of your brilliant puzzles ... I loved tge graphics, sounds , smooth controlling...keep it up and bring it on 🤩
It either is bugged and doesn't work or it's a scammy app designed to force you to watch walkthroughs. Either way a waste of time. Not recommended.
Skyscraper=brain breaker. Difficult at times, but never because the puzzle/clues are misleading or nonsensical. Makes you think...and that's the point. Well done developers. 👍
Excellent game. Good graphics and clever puzzles... just hard enough to challenge without frustrating.
Meh. It's easy and full of free hints anyway, so if it's not obvious just tap everywhere on every screen because you probably didn't collect an object yet or the door didn't open even though you had the right key
Wont launch, I see a little bit of something on the side of the screen and then it blanks out and nothing happens. Samsung Note 9 latest update as of this review date.
Keeps freezing up have to reload over and over. Seems like a good game. After nearly a month they respond. Response clearly showing a complete lack of reading ability. Lose a star.
It makes no sence when i got 3 hints for free used one but when i try to used one more it says i have none n that i have to buy hints but i click on the free left and it give me a black screen. I hate games that try to play u for ur money. Tnks aLot. Unistalled. Have a good day
I don't have a major issue with ads, developers need to eat too. But the ads in this game are intrusive, they pop out of nowhere and are very distracting. There are lots of formats you can take better examples from. I found the method to combine items unclear. And sometimes the game finishes puzzles for you, or you've picked up something without realizing it. Those types of things could use some tweaking. But otherwise the puzzles so far are ok
um..the Morse code list? make it more zoomable or just bigger so it can be read. it's hard finding decent escape games that can compete with Mobi. very little to collect, slow and tedious. uninstalled.
Many other better games than this, not intuitive, not realistic. Clues are silly, and hints require MULTIPLE videos to watch. Don't waste your time.
Not phone friendly at all! Are you suppose to be able to read the morse code paper of the morse code on the wall? I see dots and lines, but not clear enough to make out anything on it.
Not many clues and the clues to confuse to beat like in drums on chapter 3, the screensaver on monitor is too fast to remember it.
Love it! I play all the escape games and normally don't comment but I liked the puzzles and flow of the game.
Shame there only 3 levels, at time of writing. I enjoyed this, not very difficult, but not too easy either. Nothing that could offend although the ads are a little intrusive.
Stands above some other escape games.. nice visuals.. good puzzles..not super hard like some developers.. but it will give you a nice run.. only complaint.. let's be getting some more levels guys.. really nice work though.. love the atmosphere..
I play a lot of escape games and although these puzzles were not terribly challenging, they were a lot of fun and not so ridiculously technical they became frustrating. The ads are not overly intrusive but they were a little too quick to start after the puzzles, so you don't always get to see your finished work.... if the developers let us see our completed puzzles and then played the ad once we backed out of it, I think they'd find people were more responsive. (The players would get a bigger rush of dopamine that way & feel more satisfied each time they completed something.) Overall, I look forward to seeing more from Escape Factory going forward.
When I press the red button in Hope, nothing happens. I've checked the room several times and nothing has happened. I googled it and the TV is meant to come on and open the cupboard above it, that doesn't happen.
their puzzle games is very fun to play but most of them are never finished. can't even get an update in months. Very disappointing
My player is not going inside the first room as i have already unlocked that room it is showing the error that " I cannot see anything".
I loved spotlight and finished it so started skyscraper didnt love it like sporlight but was decent. Been waiting forever for the next level and was so excited it was here and the disapointment struck !!! Finished it in 6 minutes . Now another year for another 6 min. Dont think ill wait. More levels on spotlight please
This is an enjoyable escape room game. I had to drop one star because each of the three times I had to use a hint it was because an object I had to collect was too well disguised against the background to work out where it was.
Doesn't look like the game is finished. Last update late 2018. Not going to invest time or money in an incomplete game. Are all games from this developer like this?
Great game great puzzles very hard to do but not impossible if you know were to look good one fellows can't wait to see the next one