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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really fun you will not be disappointed if your a Skylander fan and this is a good way to keep Skylanders with you when you can't bring your console with you
Same Experience as all other Com2us Game experiences, im seeing a trend here like when I first played one of my favorite Japanese game company titles that was turned into a saga Capcom Megaman series. EpicAwesomeness breeds epicawesomess it seems!
Is a very good game but the instructions when you first go into the game it's really annoying cuz sometimes when you want to summon something different it just makes you summon a air Skylander it made me really annoyed the game is still good
Good game for skylanders fans but it lack the ability to import uou collection witch was a massive let down as I still have mine out in the open for easy use.
The game is dead. They are only trying to sell a lot of pack to squeeze the last monney out of this. The greed in this game is disgusting
Just new to the game as of 24 hours and really enjoying it so far. Graphics are nice and gameplay seems intuitive and interesting. Will update my review in a couple of weeks, but so far so good! 😁👍
Awful revamp of a dead game. Unfortunately the original version was better. This version takes out portal master customization, takes away the ability to play villains, and totally removes all of your progress and Skylanders, forcing you to start from square one. It's also a much more confusing setup than the original, which was much easier to understand. Now this game is just a pale clone of Summoner's War. And, you're better off playing Summoner's War.
ok now you just made everything worse you what reset everybody, I was lv22 u had every unit but one and you took them all and gave me stupid gems for the hopes of randomly getting them all again that's complete bs how the heck do you guys even think this was a good idea, the premise of syncing your account is so that you don't lose everything
It was fun at first but the game has no improvement repeated events, limited resources and the rate of drop of legend weapon is very low and the stats is trash
Every time I try to login to this game it glitches off and makes me go back to home screen. Please fix this issue.
I am so beyond disappointed. I had been playing the original version of this game with my friend for almost a year. We loved playing it and it was like a tradition for us to battle each other, it was beyond fun! We had made it super far in the game and enjoyed it a lot. I am very upset that they basically scraped the original, and I spent quite a bit of real money getting to where I was in the game. Shouldn't have changed the entire game, you lost at least one player :(
Fun game, keeps you wanting to play. Not as pushy about the cash shop as other games (cough...Raid: SL...cough), sorry. Good amount of summons, nice arena, fun challenges. Only complaint is the gold in the game, you can spend days farming it to get 10 million, and that won't even upgrade 1 piece of gear halfway. Drop the gold cost to a reasonable amount and you'd get 5 stars.
I used to love this game i had maxed out characters ect. Im not quite sure if its ment to happen but after the revamp the game starts over! Its so boring being forced to play the same levels over again and you'll may as well made a completly new game! I am so fustrated and can't play the game.
Lost my progress. Synced my profile prior to update, lodged a job yesterday no response. Will update if it is resolved. On the plus side the new gameplay looks great.
Honestly loved this game since pre revamp, I've met some great friends here and have a wonderful guild to play with. The team building is fun, a good amount of units to collect and power up. Which can only improve as time goes on. Love what's been done with the revamp and it brought a lot of my friends back. Continue to introduce new content and I'm sure this game can thrive. Maybe some advertising to get some fresh faces in here. Would also love to see world boss type things for guilds to VS.
ugliest spyro in existance. for not paying a single dime i got pretty lucky with nat 5s. menu flow is definately an improvement over SW. also upgrading ether is way bs. success percentages so low ud think its the sinkhole of the world while its more expensive than el dorado to upgrade +15 on 6*
It has been over a month now and the game is still super glitchy after the last update. I am unable to connect to chat now and have to restart every 20-30 minutes while playing due to freezing issues Update 06Nov2020: The app force closes every time I try to open it. Rating dropped from 3★'s to 1★ 03Dec2020: the com2us people erased my account as retaliation to my review. Would decrease rating if possible
BUG!!! I wonder if the def test their own games 😂. Mirage tower lvl 25 are jokes. Boss always healing it self. Try trick Thats on youtube but not working. 👎🏻, battle system are not balance due to Some character that are overpowered (king pen for example, battling against it is a waste of time) , need to be stunned. Player will got bored after 1 month playing
The drop rate for legendaries is pretty bad. So your collection gets loaded with rares. Most character art isn't very attractive. There are better battle styles and more gameplay options in other games, in my opinion.
I like this game, it's covered with my favorite skylanders, the only downside that the select summon was just random, I would have loved it more if I could select the skylanders I love
This game is incredibly fun. Create your dream team of Skylanders and jump into the action. Join a guild of like-minded players and battle it out in Guild Wars. Make friends and become part of the community. My guild members and I are having a blast 😁 The only thing that needs improving is the success rate of powering up 6 star ether, that way we can power up ether to a certain extent to know if we want to use it or not based on it's sub-stat rolls.
Difficult to level units but fun gameplay, however since the update the levelling of units is easier if you have the energy...
Fun game, changing review from 5 to 2 stars the ether power up system is complete trash, you play for weeks to power up 1 ether
I decided to revisit this game interested what has happened since I left but to my surprise everything was gone, I had also spent a bit of money on this game so very disappointing. Also the continuous tutorial is the most annoying thing ever when I was trying to put in random accounts I had trying to see if any of them worked to see if I possibly used them for when I used to play. If any developer sees this can you help pls.
This game has a potential to be the same as SW, however legendary gear drop is so low, also i hope there would be special event , like the no energy consumption for adventure and also 2x exp since it is hard to lvl up once you get past lvl 70, also please fix gold issue for upgrading gear also the percentage for upgrading it. Since everything in this game uses gold, up ether, heroes,awaken heroes, up skill and transcend.
Good game but has a few issuses. It needs x3 battle speed even on x2 it feels so slow. The AI is horrible on auto play for example they will waste mana on healing skill without needing it. Would be 5 stars for me if these things was fixed
Well I can't play this game anymore it won't let me update so that's that I guess I had to uninstall and reinstall and it works now what a relief
The game won't work it keeps saying not enough storage when I deleted a lot of stuff it still won't work so I don't know what to do but I heard this game is good! Anyone know how to fix this?
What is SW btw can you make solid skylanders scannable so if you have the real thing you have it in the game? Dont care. How you do the process as long as the skylander toys are scanable I mean the one you needed a portal for Is this game going to get shut doun like the OTHERS? I think this was the best one so far but games tend to get shut doun so will this game be a shutdown game to I want a honest response because skylanders 1-6 are the only games unable to be shutdown due to being moretoy
I love the game and play it every day religiously. As a free to play player, I've wanted to increase my competitiveness and I really can't due to the inability to properly farm a currency called superboost keys. Originally rated 5 stars, but as of now I'm giving it 3. there's a lot that I enjoy about this game and I will continue to love it. They have free item giveaway events, tons of options for team creation and the characters are enjoyable. They do listen to their community so that's valid.
The revamp wiped out my level 19 account and made me start from lvl 1 again. I still have the same player ID but but all my skylanders and hard work.....gone. I worked for two years to get to 19 and get all those skylanders leveled up and I can't get that back. Still love the game, severely upset it may take two more years to get back to where I was. Don't know how long till I get shadow spyro again now. Thanks.
While the revamp is pretty good...i have a problem with the sound studdering every 5-8 seconds & my progress of the game with my avatar character, skylanders & rewards are gone...and looks like i'm back where i started.
Good game. Just slow for f2p. Constantly irritating adds to buy way overpriced possible advancement. It's often a gamble.
Game is awesome, wish you could scan in your own Skylanders that you have to make summoning a lot less taxing. But hey, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
The game is VERY taxing to newcomers, mostly because important farming features like Guardian Subjugation & Elimination require late-game Skylanders to even attempt to unlock when the game is very stingy when it comes to upgrade materials. The game becomes more enjoyable without forcing us to glue our faces on the phone once those are unlocked though. Also, playable Skylanders tend to have less accuracy than a blind snail, and Crit Dmg ether bonus has a stupidly high chance of being upgraded.
Saw the coming update and today I got it..Play just about everyday as a casual player..was only lev 23 or so but had a few characters maxed out. Now after this Update, I have to start all over?!?! Where are my guys that I got and built up? I was linked to Google Play and Facebook so I wouldn't lose anything... Is this update a refresh for everyone?? What junk is that?? I had sooo much energy to use also that was overflow..Took me over a year to get where I was and it is ALL GONE!! Is that what the 10k in Gem comp is for??
One question to ask the creator can you actually use your phone camera as a portal for Skylanders or no P.S this game is really fun I was playing for 1 hour and I had a good time I'll rate it 5 stars plus great job for the creators of this game the graphics are amazing and the characters are good From: Portal Master
Stopped playing and i wouldn't go back to play it, it was and still a great game but with brain dead logic it's just stupid how u created a good game then u throw it all by never giving any logic to the game some one who waste his sup stats on crit can't crit while another who didn't even get a crit as sup stats crit every time
I love skylanders in general because when I first got the game I've devoted my life to the franchise and I love the graphics and the wide selection of skylanders
The game is very good but after the you finish all your daily gem logins its very hard to get gems to get new characters.
i'm giving this game an extra star because i'm now able to play to play this game with extra help. i shouldn't have to do that to be able to play the game.
Skylanders Ring of Heroes is great in some ways, but it's great because it takes back to when Skylanders was amazing on console. I look forward to seeing what Com2us and Activision has in store forw this game.
I just downloaded the game and did the updates and it won't start the game. The app needs to be updated and fixed I won't be playing this app untill it gets fixed
The odds of getting what you want or need is ridiculous. trying to upgrade ether for every member times 6 is just crazy. I thought it was bad before now it is way worse. I have been playing since the first version came out, which in my opinion was the best, and they should have left it alone. The problem then was it was too expensive to buy energy. they fixed that then. Now it's to expensive to buy anything
I grew up with Skylanders and when I saw this game and installed it I immediatly loved it. The artstyle is cool and it's just super fun.
Like skylanders? If so this is for you.. can be a little repetitive however is fun! Need to add all characters to this as some that are missing are my favs
I love this game it's good I just wish I could find the other games that were cancelled like Skylanders spyros adventure or skylanders trap team or skylanders lost islands pls add them back to the app Store):
It is cool and fun, this game just makes me want to explore more into the story lines. Edit: I love the new update!! Sadly we restarted, but we got a few gems back. And still it is awesome, and that makes me feel happy. Keep up the great work :)
As someone who played the actual game as a kid, I love how there is now a way to play the game on my phone without any accessories. However, I am not a huge fan of the most recent update because while I do love the new layout and graphics I do not like how it made me start from the begining and how it now has pre-made characters.
The new revamp is wonderful! They added tutorials to teach you more advanced skills, now you can summon anytime with tickets, gems, or wishstones, and there are a few fun challenges
I like the game 😁 and I love the toys you guys made its really fun to play with and keep on doing a great job😁😁😁😁
I came from summoner war, and I like a lot of this game more than summoners war. Its a bit simple at this point, but it's still nice. There are some major artificial walls built in, though. For example the essence grinding is waaay to expensive. A 4* essence can take 40-50k to upgrade, but if I farm cyclops B4 I get only 5k-7k. So, I end up farming b1 which gives 4-5k, but only takes 5 minutes vs half an hour.
After the brand new updates this game has been amazing, unlocking characters is 10x better and the events and rewards are outstanding!!!!One of, or if not, the best mobile game I ever played!!!
it's fun to play and the graphics are fine and smooth ... hopefully there will be more events to help us!😍
I would rate 4.5/5 because it's really fun, but look at the side of Spyro's head, and its a nightmare but other than that I LUV IT
After a long time I decided to return to this game since I've been playing it since day 1. But once I downloaded 5he newest update I found out that my account has been lost and that I need to start from scratch. I sadly lost months of progress and would love to know if there is a way to restore my account to the time before I lost it
Was great, new update and lost account. All the time spent and resources lost now, that's how company's make great games these days
this game is great, fun,good graphics and not to lagy, and best of all It doesnt force you to spend money on the game . there is a problem though, In the newest update the one with shadow kingpin for some reson I can't get into the game so pls help?
Greatest game of all time! Do you think you guys can add all other tech skylanders like magna charge and drill sergeant? Also I saw a little error in it, meaning the event shop isn't open for me, might be a little broken or something. Anyways I love this game so much and it should have a bunch of support.
Weird update policy. 03.12.2020 update made me lose all progress? So all my time and effort was worth only ingame currency? All that grind and time? - Thanks for making my decission to stop easier.
They could of gave us a pick your own unit at the start. I worked so hard collecting the dragons. Now i find them not even legendary class with revamp. So very sad. My hard work erazed. I sas one of the beta testers long ago to! Where my support rewards! I never got compensation for linked to fb or Google.
I have loved Skylanders since it first came out. I did love this game until this update. All my data is gone. Everything. I dont even want to play anymore because of this. Please give my data back somehow. Fix this for all of us. Also could you add Sunburn?
Skylaggers I loved this game nice graphics with smooth gameplay now game is laggy af the UI is lagging menu and other stuffs battles are pretty smooth u messed totally this game is unplayable and moneygrab so goodbye Im ending here
I've been playing this game 4 months, and now the upgrade has made me start all over again, not happy at all.
Great game honestly, only flaw is i have absolutely no clue where to find all the type matchups. It was shown for like one chat panel in the tutorial and i havent been able to find it since, and i completely forgot what types are good against what
The game won't stop autobattleing. My son has turned autobattle off and it still won't stop. He even lost a level to see if it would stop it and it didn't. What do we do? Update: I just discovered what was causing Auto-Battle to keep happening and I have fixed it. Thanks very much for trying to help. Also my mother wrote the previous section and I'm sorry about the 3-Star rating. I wantee it to be 5 Stars and didn't realize she had made it 3 until a couple days later.
Finally a new update. Unfortunately I deleted the game off my phone and now I need to restart all over. I little bit disappointed in that. Just because I some of my favorite Skylanders unlocked already. Well enough of that. Time to get back to where I was before.
So far, so fun. Takes a long time to level people. If we could get xp potions somewhere by grinding that would be cool. Aside from that I'm enjoying the game very much. Amendment: After playing the game for several months now I would like to say it's still a very fun game. The only thing I can see being an issue now is the grind for gear, gold and legendary skill stones. Those seem to be the biggest blockers in the game right now. 6* gear is crazy to upgrade. Still fun though.
If you're coming here because you want to have an experience similar to that of the other games, that's not going to happen here. This is just a crappy mobile game with all its stupid gimmicks that has Skylanders as a marketing tool to keep the player base above 50. I see how Spyro fans felt in 2011 now.
I love you and I will always and forever love skylanders from the games, its music and all the characters old and new, good or bad (examples: Brock, T-Bone, Arbo, General Robot, Clambot-4000, Brute/Jawbreaker, Drill-x, etc). So yah I like the revamp.
This game has huge potential, similar to summoners war. Just make the arena more active. 10 arena fights per day is very limited unlike summoners war where we regenerate wings and just need to wait a couple of hours so we can do arena again. imma give it 5 stars if you do that kind of upgrade
We waited a year for an update, we finally get one and they reset all progression. COM2US you guys are a joke, hope ya'll die from covid Please look up the definition of compensation.
I'm going to play through all the Skylander games from Spyro Giants SWAP Force trap team supercharged and imaginators and this one and it's going to be so fun to remember it all I also wish they added the card game that was in the video game for the Wii that there was a little chips they could place in the board I remember that anybody remember that it was also on a like a cereal box or something and there's a little tiny cards to get that would be a neat card game or something