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SkyBlock - Craft your island

SkyBlock - Craft your island for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playstar located at Building 4-1220, Longqi Square, Huangping Road, HuaiLongGuan, Changping District, Beijing, China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is annoying game ever, I had to wait like a 4 hours it does not let me in thought it is the worst game ever!
After a while of playing it it starts to lag out and so it stopped working a little bit and then I played it end I logged off and I want to play it again and it didn't work there's the review🐺🐱🐺✌
I wish i could give ZERO STARS but that means I cant comment so..yea..Its a very bad game,it take space on your phone,it takes time to let you,and you will suddenly get kicked out,and you have to rejoin again,I recomend playing Black man go skyblock,or the black man go,To play all its games.
This game is horrible, when i first started my quest, I couldn't move anything, this game needs ALOT of upgrades including the movement in the inventory, I really try to help games with problems, Im sorry for the notice, but all you need is to fix it for us and you may get more people playing your awsome game take this as a helping guid for you to update the problems i notifyed to your game.
I hope i can play with friends πŸ˜• but is going to be fun i always like creative alanbacker. bg was so long to download for him it was taking so long he said
This game is the baddest game ever. It won't let me play and drain my batteries fast. Don't install it, they just want money. This game must be banned immediately. No later, no nothing. Ban this game forever!!!
I mean the game is pretty good but how do I get iron for the sign!? Theres no iron on the island well maybe there is but idk the game is still pretty good.
Ok well its bad not good it keeps stopping before i can even brake the dirt blok also note to commenters u have to tap the outside if welcome box to make it go away and u need to be patient with the loading it only takes about 1min or less so developer plz fix the responding part and i will test later after bug is fixed if it is fixed most rate i put will most likely be 4/5 stars if the physics r the same as real mc
I hate this app and It takes very long time to download 😑😑! It kill the time and it's been downloaded in 3 days! When I play, there are 6 problems : Too many ads, always crash, my phone heat, battery drain faster, Glitch and have no material! When I play and change the phone at the same time, my battery is 40%. Later, now It's 25% I hope you fix the game!
I hate this game, I joined and then when I joined a world, the text wasn't going away, it was just stuck on my screen, this sucks
I would of given it zero stars but I can't because then I can't rate, I'm not even in and it doesn't load I waited 3 hours and nothing changed
keeps kicking me out it looked amazing really wanted to play would not recommend unless fixed pls fix it
This just takes frickin forever to load, And it won't even let you play the game! It stops at when you read the Welcome thing. You literally can't do anything. What I also don't like about it is that you can change the text, meaning the workers most likely didn't do much work to make the game.
This is the worst game ever. There are only two blocks and have no materials. My phone began to hang so fix these problems as quickly as possible.
this game crashed multiple times, and the one time it worked it took almost half an hour to load. would not recommend
The buttons were hard and I never got to play it cuz it kept saying my network connection stoped working.
it doesn't work and stays on the settings or whatever it stays stuck on there I'm giving this one star
It is nice because it is offline and I like creating things and I always wanted to play minecraft like games
It was fast loading...but idk...when it was on a popup it said welcome and there was no close button and it said I died but I just spawned already I don't recommend playing this
I hate this stupid game The game just decided to save some pictures on my phone so I just spent the last hour trying to get rid of a bunch of crappy photos that won't delete if my phone is destroyed because of his game I swear to God you will never hear the end of it! Wipe this stupid ass game from existence
Just stupid When u fall u have to start from dirt This game even made me lose a little of my typing skills Wenn a tree grows you cant even mine the fudging wood Going in a server it will say time out DO NOT PLAY
Horrible game it kept crashing it deserves a negative five stars they are lucky i rated it . Overall I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh.sucha astupidiotic game
I downloaded it and got three ads before the game even started. And even then it took forever because it was downloading media for ages. Terrible
I HATE IT!!!! when I try to separate the leaves it doesn't work and u need a sapling to play the game don't install it's trash.if u like it u r dead to me.
Cant figure out how to craft stone without a furnace and a furnace requires eight stone. Lava and water make pumice>gravel>cobblestone then your stuck!!! I tried catching cobblestone on fire, setting it on top of a blaze and placing it around lava and I cannot make stone. The 6th achievement isnt possible. The achievements reset after you die which is also a disappointment. This action allows you to stash your inventory and jump into the void and continuously farm the rewards for lava and water.
THE WORST GAME EVER! I like the minecraft skyblock but this does not work at all. When we try to make a new world it gives so many ads. It hangs in between. Do not install this game!
Don't want to give this game is single star but without giving a single star also I can't give the comment so I give this game one star this is the worst game of my life because it is took ok 15 minutes and 30 minutes to load but after 30 minutes it is complete loaded but after completely loaded it closed and I open the game again and it's closed again and its loading again highly recommended don't download this game it is just waste of time and internet and device space # negativity
It wasn't working so i deleted the app, but when I looked in my camera roll... There were more than 2,000 pictures on my phone from this app. Don't get this app, unless you want to spend the next 5 minutes deleting photos...
It is the worst game. The thing is it is not opening and if it opens it hardly work for 15 second and then closed automatically. Please don't ever install this game.
This game is really fun i have played it for years and i love it. I think you should download it if you like to build. This game has creative mode and survival mode!
It's a very good game I get magma blocks too I make literally I made a literally good mega block house it was so cool and it loads very good I downloaded it it has a very good game it has magma blocks it has pink beds and that's the only thing I like about it it's so cool I love it I don't even it's so cool I don't even know what to do about it it's like I didn't even know I can make a Barbie house I can make this I can make that I can make anything with this game this is a very cool game I Hope
This does not work. Everytime I load it it will go away and will not load and takes a very very very long time to load even with the best WiFi.
It is the worst game , I have played ever. I have given it one star because without giving star we cannot comment . It didnot even starts , after getting date of birth, world name, and its type it starts loading, and then it load till 85%and then stops and even after 15 minutes it didnot started. I have just deleted it.
This app sucks it always crashs theres to many ads i just sucks man😠! i recommend playing blockman go or buildcraft or minecraft
I literally didn't like this game it's glitches every time so I uninstalled it pls don't download this game trust me that's why I give them 1 star
It dosent even opens. When i started playing it , i started new game and created a map but it took 30mins + time and dosent even start . So i quit and reported it. Very bad game . Dosent even got a chance to play
It's really bad update or else make sure you update alright turn off the game and delete it please update or make a re copy and make it better
I played this game by the way why you make the island so small I can't survive in it this game used to be my number one game now the game is terrible I hope you happy about this why you did this I do not want to put one star on this game but sometimes you just have to do what's best 😞
WHERE DO I BEGIN. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE. I Would have given this game 0 stars. It just kept glitching and exiting. It also takes FOREVER to load and the game is so because I thought there will be an infinite block.
Adds adds adds adds adds all the game is is adds and also why does it take so long to load up the graphics are bad and so is the game play sorry I had to say this but the game is bad
This is the worst game i have ever played it takes so much time to lode and even if it loaded it will not start
Extreemly bad it downloaded 1329 pictures on my phone without permission this games sucks the amount of freezing there was was unreal