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Sky Wars for Blockman Go

Sky Wars for Blockman Go for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game deserve to get 5star but still some bugs are too annoying. Some time the game get freezes and my charachter keep running and running.. Please fix the bugs.
This game is very fun but some time s my team have 2player and me and other team have 5 or 6 player so pls fixe bug my account name pilluo
I think you shouldn't have to have a username i couldn't log in for 1 hour why don't you just let all of us free no username also you need to HAVE a team mate like MORE chests and don't have hunger you should have food for your health. it's just my opinion
Ok so this isn't the best but this is very good for a game that provides a game that is in minecraft but let me get to the point well the point is that is it a good game.
I just want to ask one thing.. Can u even make a game that dosent take time to load for hours huh? And whenever i join a match it takes so much time to load and in between the match some ads pop up and it takes me to the main screen of the game and i lost all the things i got from chest😈. If anyone is reading this review... My advice to u is that do not DOWNLOAD this app it will waste a lot of ur time like waiting in the traffic jam😈😈😈😠😬😬
So this game is fun but i hate when you die you have chests and theres items inside like armor or somthing like that
Good game thanks to make this game but in my i phone 11 pro max it stucks and white screen come plz fix this problem in other phone i can play this game .
This is like when your controlling minecraft by touch screen, but can you addd a feature that it can also work like computer? And can you also add a water bucket? And more enchantments like flame for bow or sharpness. If you add this please also add it for bedwars.
It's a great game. THAT I. Play. It. All the time but I WILL NEED to fix it in. Setting but it doesn't matter BECAUSE I HAVE full it. With a. Lots of. Block man go. Game😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
I cant even load in the game and when there is a add.And it says close it does not even fricking close and yeah it takes allot of my data and it tells me about my photos i expect but it still takes allot of data.Also that for some odd reason i have some photos about my children and they were gone
When I pushed skywars or skywars royale it took a long time to load and when it was finished loading it showed a tiktok ad every time I tried loading it. :( :( :( :( :(
BEST GAME FOREVER !!!!!! This is the best game in my phone. I like and love this aap very very very very much. When i open my phone i think that i have to play this game and i play till my phone battery is on 20% that pleaae don't delete this game in your phone guys if you like the game.😊😊🤗🤗🤗
Its a nice game but in first match i have survived and win but i not get any coin then i have killed 3 players and win then also i not got any coin pls fix this ploblem and we have to get coins when we are second. then also this game is soo nice.😀😀
It's a good game. I like bed wars to. I think you would make a new game though it gets boring personaly. But truly it's a good game!
I played this game a year ago this was my favorite game since 6 years old,oh and it would be better if u made new updates😆
This block man go company is so good no I think it world best game company litraly I played all of yours games I enjoyed every game but I want that you please make a game one block
I love this game i saw people play tho it takes sooo long to load i juts download it i want to play it now but the loading take soooo long then i came here to rate it look i did not say your app is bad but juts pls make the loading shorter pls thx UWU
Its a fine game! The thing is is that it wont let me mine items the controls are okay. Its an average game!
Wow this game is sooooooooooooooo glitchy like when i log in my account it always makes the account not saved and my computer had to make a new ooooooooooone!!!!!!!!! was like never really fine about this game 🤥😓 so this is the worst and nice game my account was CatMilk_GM and I'm expensive so plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :< But nothing happened :) so I gave it a 4 star cuz this app is sooooooooooooooo good I will give it a 5 star later but now I'm free
This game is amazing give this game 5 stars but there are alot of adds when the adds pop up I always die!!!!
Smooth graphics and great gameplay. But please remove the ads and add more equipment like tnt. Please add controls
I wish this had a 100 stars cause this game always puts me in the mood and i win sometimes and lose but who cares if you lose you just need to enjoy blockman go is the best
i love all of blockman go studio game he makes some awsome game i really think u should get the bedwars it is my favorite and there are no scams no hacks it is just a bit of fun games u should get bedwar skywar eggwar and others i give this game 5 star and u should too!!!
The game lags alot i got killed even when it said i have 10 hearts and the tags it tags almost everything even though it isn't pornographic or hateful language I recommend fixing these bugs causs the game isn't fun anymore with them
Could u pls add a thing so we can pick our own choice of map just like in hypixel. Overall this game is good.
This game is absolutely good.You can just download this if you only want to play this game it's even free this is so good I like this so much
I will help you all if you are lag or gliching just go to sitting and in where it is the write place you have to write skywars and something will come you have to press that and then press stroge and then go to clear chashe
I love this game. Even though we can get block man go straight,this is very good. But there are also some little bugs but not much bad. That's why I gave it a 5 rate
The game should have a 5 stars rate. I played a game like an hour then in the other day ,when I enter the game it keep stopping. Please fix this so I can play this amazing game once again .
so cool only problem is there are a lot of noobs i can even defeat one without any problem but i dont wanna give it 4 3 2 1 stars becuz i love this
It is a very thrilling game but every it doesn't work. When I tap the start game it always loads for hours. Can't play and enjoy this game properly so, I am giving only two stars. #noob
Very nice app the controls are extremely nice and the graphics are also nice but there are some of the queries if that are resolved the app is extremely awesome some of them like ...playing on the same maps can bother u or bore u if there are some more maps to play it's nice if please the app is improved it will be nice 😊🙂
It so good but what happind to the cratfing to your block man go games i hoop u put crafting back but pvp is so fun and it makes me itertsnd
It keeps sayin back to app and wont play a single game and it keeps up how can i rate this game if its like that if says failed to download map resources
I like this game more because this game is no lag, if you split all the games, the more no lag it gets! !!!!!
The game was so ugly i've download this at first it has to download resources.pls fix this and I can't tell if this game is good or bad cause until now I've didn't play cause of this download .pls fix this
Hmm..This is fascinating. Very fun, I cannot say the 'best' but it is indeed nice. Can you update more?I haven't seen an update ever since I downloaded, Thanks😘😘. Bed Wars and Sky Wars are my favorite games that you've created, sir. It's ONE of my favorite games🖤. It's an awesome game I guess, I always thought it was a trashy scam game, but guess what? Playing this took away boredom. It was so stupid of me to assume this was a scam game. 💜Love your work, keep at it <3. Stay safe and be you!
I not want to give 1 star also , it takes so much times a load . I can't play a single game . What it is ? Please , please fix this load time and at last it says map resources loading failed and back to game . When I click on sky war or sky royale it takes so much time I want to hit anyone
It's really good but everything is pretty expensive not like real bedwar If theirs no rune or key or platform it's perfect
I can't give it 5 star I want to give it 20 stars . It dont take time to load v. Good game I never seen. Best game in the. But the mb is lower.
Hmmm.................THIS IS SO GOOD Blockman go is like the only game who makes minecraft hyipixel games and they are exactly the same So good make more Graphics: Excellent Entertainment:well we now it's better then marvellous good!!!🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩😍
Its the best! I havent experienced any adds!! Ppl say their are adds but there are actully none! Its like minecraft skywars free edition tho! Try it its the best game i ever played!!
This is the worst game ever first up lets talk about the controls there is only one touch option.and fix the chat system too.and i cantdo the front bridiging on back briding how can i even see the person from the vack when ever i go the there base rhey attack me from the back the worst ever game😬😬😡😠😠😠
Evey time I go on to this game it tells me that I have to make a new account I try everything and nothing work and you can play this game on minecraft too so I see no point to of getting this game.
This game is terrible i mean I haven't played it yet but it took 60 minutes and not even 1% loaded plz make the loading even faster BEFORE I DELETE THIS GAME!!!!!!!! Not even 1% loaded!
I love this app sometimes the id does not work and I unstlled it and I download it it work🙄😕😣😒😐😁
bad game. I really hated it when it when it glitched and It i sn't play now I wasn't that fun to play at all. but the graphics where really good but if it was aka (pixel it would uld be fun and have everything you want! please update this game.
Bro what the heck is this!? Everytime i played this game it says server updating for 60 sec, then im out of the game, waited for hours, and the game is not responding. Sucks
This is just a blatant copy of Minecraft and Skywars. All games made by Blockman Go are shameless and BLATANT ripoffs of Minecraft minigames (Hypixel, Cubecraft, Mineplex). What makes it even worse is that they are charging money and illegally stealing revenue from the original servers they copied from.
its a good game but the music ruins this game and its soooo annoying can you make a setting to where you can turn off the music if you can do so this 4 star could be a 5 star
Really great, I give it five stars, this is better than bedwar, I've played this game for 4 months, and it's still a really good game, maybe if u update it, it would be better but is game is OFF THE HOOK🤘🤘🤘💯💯💯💯💯💯
Really good game but there's alot of bugs and one that's especially bugging me is when I randomly start taking damage even though I'm in the map. Please fix this.
Man seriously my phone is telling me skywars can't be downloaded?? I wanted to play this game but my phone tells you cannot download this app Please help my problem 😠
I like the game but it's hard and the chests have bad loot they don't have awesome loot like a diamond sword with sharpness 5.