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Sky TD: Hardcore Tower Defense Game

Sky TD: Hardcore Tower Defense Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ArgonGames located at Россия, 614000, г.Пермь. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great td as usual.. I know you guys have potential to make most badass td ever. Suggestions: Use ads to entice people to get in game stuff. Works better cuz they watch more. Ex: watch (30) second ad to get 25 gems. 20 gems maybe? 5? You know better Mini td 2 was epic cuz of homing missles accuracy. Gteat game too. Can i buy full version of this? Would have liked lvl 4 towers and way more lvls. Ppl would buy for 20 bucks or something probably... Anyways PEACE
Fun game, a few difficult lvls that make you think about placement, not many adds compared to other games and no need to pay to win. If you enjoy more strategy than OP weapons like other Tower defense games you will enjoy this, definitely worth a play.
Annoying that you have to drag 😔, i really cant get on with the dragging stuff on to the screen, i liked your other ones and nearly completed them! But only got to lvl 5 and gave up due to the dragging towers on to the screen, correct / change (or even give an option) this and you can have 5 stars ✨
This is not a beginners tower defense game! That being said, I love this game! It's incredibly challenging and fun. I've played all of the TD games from these guys and this is tops (though Mini TD 2 has a case for tops!). The only improvement I could say was increase the slow speed % as the tower upgrades. However if the option would be between AoE and strength, AoE is always going to win for me. Anyways play this game for a great challenging tower defense game, and you won't be disappointed.
I don't pretend to be even a good player of the TD genre but I AM a huge fan. This game is simple, challenging, enjoyable, and I can't help but respect the devs commitment to no "pay to win." If you like TD games, this is one to be sure you don't miss!
I didn't like it. This is the first time I ever give 5 starts for something I don't like. The description says hard core and comments say it is difficult. Maybe I'm a casual gamer more. I really liked the other TD games from the same devs. So if you don't want a difficult TD game then take one of the other ones like I did. Still, it is offline and not pay to win, so it respects the player, and veterans of the genre love it. Well done.
Fun game! Seems like there would be a fair amount of replayability to get 3 stars on all the levels. Well done devs.
First off, I want to tell you that you've made a fantastic product. I like that it's taken a bit less "serious" aesthetic, which is attractive. I tried out Sky TD after trying out Mini TD 2, and am a fan of Mini TD 2. Having said that, one thing I find stifling about Sky TD is that the placement areas for the turrets are restrictive. In Mini TD 2, the user was given a lot of freedom in terms of what type of turret they can place where. However, in Sky TD, the game limits what turrets you can place where: for instance, you can't place the 100g turrets on the horizontal spaces since the 100g turrets are vertical. This design choice may have been intentional to guide the user, but I personally preferred the former format from Mini TD 2, as it gave the users more room for self-expression and creativity. Keep up the great work!
Remarkably compelling considering how simple it is, although if I had one complaint, it would be that it needs some sort of encyclopedia, or some other way of introducing new towers and mechanics. The game never explains what towers and their upgrades do, so you just have to buy them and figure it out for yourself, which can be annoying. Same for enemies, blue creeps are immune to slows, which makes me wonder if other creeps are immune or weak to specific towers, but there's no way to find out.
One of the best tower defense games I've ever played and I've played a lot. Great job programmers and hank you!
Wait till 6th level to see balanced complexity prior levels are very easy. Pro tip place $100 towers initially and invest in them only to deal damage to early hordes. Also strategically place slow towers to increase hits enemies receive from towers. $50 towers should be placed around mid to deal damage to single enemy as they have a lot of hp. Boss level always sell those towers who are not in range anymore and upgrade/place $50 towers as many as possible towards the end.
It's a fun,relaxing game when your bored,and it has gameplay similar to bloons TD but very different.
This is one of the best TD games I have played. It's just the right amount of difficulty for me to not rage quit, but to still be satisfied by the progression. It's simlpler than other TD games with only 5 towers. The developers are doing a amazing job and I hope that they continue updating the game.
This game is much better than your other td games,nice graphics,mostly nice sound effects,most importantly there's going to be more than 4 towers,that's makes for a better strategy game,hopefully theres more than 2 upgrades per tower.to make this game great,you need to add controllable hero's,if you could make your own levels and publish them for others to play this game would live for ever.so far nice little demo.
Fun TD game that is not in your face with ads. I bought the ad-free option to support the developers. I would like an option to turn off the music and some of the visuals need minor tweaking. For example the tower list and upgrade graphics are just a bit difficult to see. I think the game has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!
Excellent game, paid for it as it is simple but challenging. Now just waiting for the new levels to be added.
Big shame that you cannot pause and access functions at the same time. Being able to pause and then choose what to deploy and what to sell is essential for true tower defense games. Without this simple mechanics this game is lowered to a novelty arcade game with no substance.
This TD is really a not pay to win game and that's good, though I have some suggestions. I'll make this review 5-starred if there will be some sort of intros that lets the player know if there are new tower upgrades available as well as enemies added, so that we are aware on using them. Like one time I thought my towers were fully upgraded but actually not.
I'm not sure this is hardcore.. more like levels that don't allow you to 100% without abilities. The game starts off nice but by level 10 you are unable to beat any level with no life lost. Also once you leak that money lost is so detrimental that you'll end up just losing... but there's no way to beat the first wave without a leak, .. having tried every position and tower combo.
Great little game. Challenging, very few ads and the ones that are there are very short. No pay-to-win. Definitely worth a download.
Amazing game, love all their work. Share the love 5/5 would recommend to any TD lover it is challenging and makes you think.
Challenging but bugged. Generally a fun game which takes some thought to get 3 stars. Using the speed up option means less damage is done. Seems to be some inconsistency with hit detection.
BS BS BS... Buy, Sell. Buy a tower and then Sell it for something better. Fun game, but difficult at times. I probably should have come up with another acronym 😂.
Great experience so far, ended up buying it because I wanted to support the game. Love the fact that it's not pay to win or have to buy gems to keep playing. The ads on the free version is not very intrusive at all, and not as frequent as other games. The game is challenging enough where I'm not bored, but isn't too difficult that I'm just raging. Can't wait to keep playing.
Great tower defence game, pretty simple with good graphics, best thing is that it is a real challenge, really makes you plan your towers
Straight TD game. Runs smooth as silk. Ads arent too intrusive and a no paywall 2 speak of. Cud benefit from a storyline and some sort of skill tree but the in stage upgrade system is nice if not a little basic. All round good game worth a play thru. Nice package from a minute dev team
There are only five towers. Only four(?) enemies. The maps repeat on loop, and they are all themed exactly the same. It was fun for the first 10-15 levels, but at level 25 it's hard to stay interested without an update.
seems solid so far. don't have to pay for anything, seems well rounded. it's easy but not too easy. worth downloading. to many games these days think charging 100 bucks for one iap is ok. I think Google should cap how much games can charge. thank you to the developer for making a game like this. it's nice playing a game made by someone who loves games more than money.
Enjoy playing this game. A little harder than previous games. Only problem I seem to be having now is that it shows 3 stars for all 30 levels that I completed but I only have 80 stars total. I can't tell which levels I need to do better on. Great Dev team. Promptly fixed issue I was having with the stars
Frustrating game to play! I can't get on with it but don't know what I'm doing wrong! I t doesn't play like your other games. It is buggy in places, sometimes a tower won't place correctly leaving the tower on a white background. It "seems" like a lot of the shots from towers miss or don't register. The targeting isn't working the best for the player, a group of creeps will be evenly hit as they move across the map resulting in no points being scored as they get to the end of the path.
Boring, and pay-to-win regardless of what it says. Gameplay is too simple. Not enough info about enemies and towers. First 2 towers look and feel too similar.
I like the visuals but on my Google Pixel 5 the game is nearly unplayable as the controls are so close to the edge of the screen that every second placement of a tower results in bringing up the app switcher or other unintended interactions 🙈 I'd love to give it a more thorough try but I hardly made it through the first level due to this.
This is the one of the best TD games I've ever played. I wish I could leave a thorough review here with feedback but there's not enough space. The ads are non intrusive and short. I paid at the end just to say thank you for the great game. The game is challenging but fair. The fast forward is an excellent speed to allow you to focus on strategy. I was able to complete every level with 3 stars without using the bomb thing, but unable to do so without any lives lost. Dev, is it even possible?
Great work. A simple TD that works very well. Cute graphics and gameplay that is challenging but not impossible.
Nice game its challenging but not too hard so far... Very fun if you like td. I would like more variation in turrets but thats just my personal preference
this is exactly what I needed. a clean tower defense game with smooth graphics that isnt indredibly challenging. I would say it doesnt really start getting super challenging until lvl 25 or so. perfect for a brainless veg. super entertaining. give it a try!
Very absorbing! Kinda like playing monopoly. Upgrading strategically to stop the passage of the enemy. Great fun! Hard to put it down. Thank you programmers for this treat. :)
Minimalist style of TD with cute lil monsters. Might be confusing if its your 1st tower defense game, but if youre familiar with the basics (ice effects, splash damage, upgrading and selling, et c) you'll do fine. Very few ads, and theyre the kind you can immediately click out of. Super cute, relaxing, but still challenging game. My only complaints would be the lack of zooming in/out of the map (you have to scroll to see different parts) and no way to speed up/slow down waves. Well done devs!
Sky TD is one of my very favorite Tower Defense games. Simple to play but also very challenging. It took some time but I finally got perfect scores on all 40 levels. I also played the mini TD games from Argon Games as well and liked them just as much. Note: you can get a perfect score on every level without using Crystals and lightning bolts.
An easy to pick-up and relaxing, enjoyable TD game, had been looking for something new and best of all is it can also be played offline. So many games require a network connection and often we find ourselves without, thanks and keep up the good work. ;)
The game is solid. Good variety of level designs and tower placement strategies required to win. Just wish there were more levels and upgrades. I would also recommend adding an ability to select if the tower attacks first, last, or strongest enemy.
This is a very well put together tower defense game. I've been enjoying it for a while now. I just keep going back for more. Good job programmers, and thank you!
I'm so happy I came along this game while searching TD games. It's really a little hidden gem. The game runs great and I'm thankful for the ad set up, where they only show up while pausing or restarting a level. It's tastefully executed and so far the levels are passable without paying, there are gems you collect or buy (but not necessary) that are used to save you with lightning in a emergency. I see myself playing this for awhile, I hope the developers keep adding to the game.
Great game. I may try the mini TD. I didn't give it 5 stars becouse there isn't any instrutions. Wanted to know how use the power ups and if I can take a tower back if I put it were I didn"t want it. Very enjoyable game. UPDATE: After using the power ups and being able to sell towers the game is even better. Thank you.
Wish I had a better explanation of the towers and the pros and cons of each. Also being able to slow or stop between waves would be nice. Very hard game sometimes but very rewarding too.
One of the purest games available ... Its focuses on game and no other things .... 🤩🤩 Loving the experience
Very fun game, lots of though about the strategy, not too complicated like some of the big box games, just enjoyable. Graphics are amazing as well. No pay to win at all, very few ads and even they can be skipped which is more than fair for a free game. Absolutely top notch!!
Hey Argon team! Like you guys specified, the game is still in development and I want to help as much as I can being a fan of the Mini TD series. I've got a sound bug with the in game music (glitching sound every 5 seconds or so) on my Note 8 since the Android One update. Out of curiosity, I suppose you guys are working on some new music for the game? Thanks guys, keep up the good work :)
This is an adorable tower defense game; I was originally drawn in by the the quirky cartoonish style of the game and stayed because the game itself is fun and challenging, its a good time killer for my daily bus commute. P.S. My boyfriend wanted me to say he is upset that he can't get the game on his apple phone.
This game is fun and straight forward, no bs or non-stop adds in your face like other free to play games. You can honestly tell the Creator's of the game put work into this game. I highly recommend it, especially if you like to help indie Creator's
I have played some games of yours and this isn't the best game you have made yes it's harder than your other games but I feel that you just change the skins of the enemy's and stuff like there the same tower functions and they even do the same damage as your other games I think we don't need more td games but try to make some puzzle games I personally love puzzle games and with your game making skill I know you can make some good games best of luck I'm intrigued to see more of your games
This is a pretty good games for an average td gamer and i like all the texture and stuff its pretty cool:)
I love this game, but guys please please add a unit and towers info page where we can read about the different types and their attributes! For those who rate badly due to being difficult, the developers have a few games, and this one is designed to be hard-core. Try one of their casual tower defence games instead of giving a bad rating.
it gets way harder just after asking for a review, i dont like how enemies get stronger but look the same; game also suggests there are more tower upgrades(padlock icon like the unlockale levels), but there aren't any
This game is simply great, it's classic tower defense pushed to the limits. Strategy becomes very important. Also no Paytoplay and only very little and 5s ads, already love this game thanks guys :-)
A nice TD game. Even though it says 'hardcore', it's not as hardcore as some, just a bit more involved than the dev's other Mini TD games. It still has a nice ambient quality, just a couple more tower types, tower levelling-up and a smart bomb, which you get by collecting gems. My only gripe? You can buy gems in-game. Even though the devs apparently hate PTW just as much as I do, is this the slippery slope? Come on, you don't need IAP, only a fee to get rid of ads, which is fine. Don't do it!
Great td, fairly balance, not to hard for beginners who only want to finish the game, challenging for those who wants to 3 star each level.