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Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack

Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Spirit Bomb located at 42/34 Hoang Dieu, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, but some features are missing. Can you consider adding rarity on items and pets, so we could decide what to keep.
Its a really fun game once you get the hang of it. I love being able to swap thr different type of okimon. Its very addictive cause you are wanting to build your okimon as much as you can. I love it
Fun, cute petamons but too much ads. Playing offline is better. Missions tab totally blank lately though.
Great game, there is so much to play for new weapons, various powers. Upgrades etc. Should improve the customer service. I have send them so many mails with problems but never get any replies.
A MUST Down Load!!! Great game & I Re-installed. Starting from the beginning.. Was a VIP Player & it was a great experience. Taking up the challenge again just 2 do better! Thanks (RampagingZombie) ๐Ÿ’•
Used to be a very good game until the latest update. Now the game thrive on ads! The Menu are harder to navigate thru, cant log out game unless you close them thru multiple window view, the daily prize that used to be free can only be obtain by using 5 gems, nothing are free now unless you used real life money to make purchase, and just so many things that make this game less appealing. Spirit Bomb ruined the game single handedly. Everything that used to make this game great are a non existence.
The game is awesome. The concept of rearing monsters and getting gifts is quite impressive. But in the updated version, the scope of getting more gold coins is lessened. Also, the chance of getting free diamonds and coins on a regular basis is null which was available in the previous version. Again, if various monsters hatch from eggs time to time instead of the same monsters which I already have, monster collection would be enjoyable. Finally, special gifts should be given in every league game.
showed promise, needs work - no decent events/new content, way too grindy, gachas scripted not random, too many performance issues needing fixed to get the game running smoothly and reliably. After months major bug not fixed in which, after exiting the game, restart will require you to play though the lengthy tutorial before you can sign in to your account. Don't be fooled into wasting your money in this sinkhole. To rude Devs: review - not random rant - 500 character limit prevents elaboration
Had the game for a while now, & I've put a LOT of time into hatching eggs, hoping to claim one of the "legendary" Pettomon (like Eldra), with NO success. I also have an issue with the VIP system; taking WAY too long to go any higher without app purchases! Next update, would u PLEASE make achieveing both of these somewhat EASIER for offliners like me? I get grinding...this is taking that WAY too far! If u can't manage that, @ least tell us which Okimon egg hunter will lead to Indra...
Actually quite a lot of fun. Despite how many of this style of game exist on the play store... my love of the old Strikers arcade game being what I was looking for... this is the most entertaining version of that genre that I have found. It isn't P2W which is extremely rare in mobile games now, and it is not as cutsie as one would think at a glance.
Paid for battlepass and now its gone and i done know how to message the game dist. Please fix i would like to have my battlepass i paid for back
From davao, ph. ๐Ÿ˜˜ The was fun and addictive ๐Ÿ‘ It doesn't require to watch ads to win though u can watch ads for bonuses. Overall it was awesome. Kudos sky champ
I thought it would be fun to try one of these modern takes from an old style game. I was wrong! It isn't fun. IT IS LIFE CHANGING! AS I SIMPLY SPEND TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING. I have tried different type games. But, none have that personal touch that Sky Champ delivers. Ok, I have to go now. Spent too much time writing this review! My Pettomon needs me! LOVE THIS GAME! THANK YOU, SPIRIT BOMB. ---> YOU Are The Bomb!!!
With all the different wingmen modules (Pettomons), it's like I'm playing a different game each time I switch them out! VERY replayable.
Just add a feature to level up a certain number of pettomon while I'm not playing. Progress in this game is ridiculously slow and repetitive. Kinda feels hopeless trying to use anything other than a main squad or gold generating mons and it barely covers the gold cost of any relevant activity either way. You repeat the one same mode over and over to improve and even the story and trial challenges are just shorter stretches of the endless mode with hardly any variation. Could be a cool game.
I love this game it's kinda cute for me, but it's already boring no more levels..what is the use of daily missions if only until level 29,and what happened to the story book?
This game is super fun i loved it you can evolve your okimons and your petmons.you can get your petmons by hatching eggs.you can play in a league.you can play with your friends and defeat bosses and enemeies while you go and i have apsulotely no problems i reccomend this game
Amazing game! Fun, you can get lots of diamonds without paying, short ads, and not a lot of ads pop up. I really recommend this game.
My game just disappeared, level was way up, hatched out lots of eggs. Even backed up data regularly.... Very disappointed. Makes me go back to level 1 after all the time I put in.... Very dissapointed
The new update has made the game lag and break a lot and it affects my gameplay especially during the league and higher difficulties
Excellent game you need a magnet for the coins is hard to collect all the coins in the game so if you can somehow find a way to put a magnet in there like everything else that comes up with the box that floats through we need magnets to get the coins that would be nicer than that I gave you five stars
Good game - but gets very grindy and the opening of the eggs is totally unnecessary. With those they want you to fall in the paying for playing trap... That's why I will give it a 4 and not a 5.
When would my think the art director or team would have a little bit better candor, as most of the artwork was stolen directly from "Pokemon". It it's like you don't even pretend to have any ideas of your own so plagiarizing and stealing other people's artwork is the thing.
superb space shooter game with monster theme. the shooting gameplay is smooth and there are lots of upgrades
Pretty darn good but i'm player lv 20 & i only go for buying eggs over equipment. I have 48 pettomon i like & last 30 eggs have been nothing new. I only keep 12 hour & 24 hour eggs. Also theres no updated guide on pettomons, okimons & equipment etc. R u guys going to add more events? How about a versus battle for friends? With a few more additions it'll b a 4 star game even 5 stars perhaps
It is intertaining to play. The pettomons are so cute and adorable. The graphics are also nice. Every level you made in the game, the more it become challenging. Over all, I enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Changing my review too...... Im sorry, I change my mind! its actually a awesome game!!! I've run out of missions and I need more!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’•
I LOVE this game! it is always my go to game. I have a significant amount of followers in the game industry and I can not recommend this game.. Instructions on game play is just not there. I have been playing for over a month and still can not understand how to play.. The only reason I am still playing is because it makes me giggle out loud.. Panda throwing chop sticks. bums releasing gas..lol if you want to just play it is a great game. if you are competitive like I am, not a good game....
After taking a break playing I noticed some changes and I found that the creators of Skychamp has gotten greedy you used to get free spins and free little gremlins to help you upgrade and there was a mode that you didn't have to play in the league anyway not as fun as it used to be for me so I'm moving on
Excellent game. But please give us events to compete. Change gameplay. Game lags. Sometime next button not working.
I like the game, but it needs fixed...The videos don't work most of the time...Done playing until the bugs are fixed
Latest update pretty much ruined the game. I guess not enough money was made of it that they had to make a huge push to make it a must to spend or you wont get anywhere. sucks honestly. I was spending about 20 bucks a week or so simply because it was fun but now i am happy to uninstall and go find something better to play.
I'm really enjoying the battle event right now. It's brought a fresh perspective to the gameplay, and rewards me pretty nicely to use Pettomons that I hadn't considered as much, because the challenges require a variety of their powers. The event boosts are sweet, too.
The game becomes so boring.. Always the same pettomon again and again that emerged whenever i hatched the egg or bought it from the shop..
this game was so much better before those greedy parasites at ABI game studios bought it and ruined the game with in app ads and making it so much more difficult to get money and buy equipment. now you dont get free gifts every couple days either. way to go ๐Ÿ‘
After each update, they make it hard to upgrade your monsters๐Ÿ˜’ One quick point, even after you upgrade your monster the game keeps giving you useless soulstone. SAD
I liked the game because of the following things 1. The pettomons are so cute๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ 2. The okimons are so cool๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž 3. The battles are so exciting ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡ 4. The evolutions of okimons are marvelous ๐Ÿ˜‰ 5. The league matches are never ending ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But I disliked the game because this game don't have the option to control notifications. When I slept at night, the game sent me message with high volume that your egg is hatched. Come back and my sleep immediately broke and I got too angry๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
More bugs after updated, can't revive because the button doesn't reponse. Can't open chest because no video available? Have wasted few treasures d
I love this game but it's too unstable. The character collecting is enjoyable, despite some grinding, and it offers almost endless variety when building your team. However, be sure to back-up your data often. The game crashes frequently and the most recent crash corrupted my save file, causing me to lose hundreds of hours of progress and my purchases through the play store (which can't be recovered). I could live with starting over, but permanently losing my VIP points is unacceptable.
perfect....! so cute relaxing fun game...super high five...thanks to the developer of this cool and lovely game...i love it
It was fun at first, but for 4 months straight, there were no league rewards. I contacted customer service multiple times and they blamed my internet even after sending them evidence of the issue. Many people had the same issue as well, and due to the poor customer service, I cant say many positive things about this game. People asked so many times about League rewards and there was never a response from this company.
It is intertaining to play. The pettomons are so cute and adorable. The graphics is also nice. Every level you made in the game, the more it become challenging. Over all, it is a good game! ๐Ÿ˜Š
I absolutely love it. Not too many ads. Seems to be totally playable without having to spend money. Looking forward to new updates.
Bought the Battle Pass at the start of last month when it started. Was going well and then on 30 Aug, new battle pass appear. It was ok to me even though there are 31 days in Aug. What i was surprised is that the uncollected reward were not in my inbox! Its been 2 days but still i do not see my rewards! I completed to level 30 and now everything gone! Can u pls reach out to me to solve this? I spent quite abit to buy pass n ingame items..
usually pretty fun to pass the time. but after last update, scores and levels never advance. ive sent several screenshots and developer is aware and seemed sincere about the issues. was told it would be taken into consideration for NEXT update. until I'd strongly recommend do NOT make any in apps purchases due game not working at its ability that it used to. really is fun game to pass time, but not worth wasting money if it doesn't work๐Ÿง๐Ÿ˜‘
Why can't I get a reason & or explanation for the "Backup Data for safety" under daily missions?? I Don't understand why I have to do it everyday & what has my Data have to do with the game???? Thank you for letting me know. I would also like to know if someone made a score higher than 200 in a league game?? Not even to mention 500 (legend)??? If it is possible can't you publish in some sort of a way, the top 10 leader's in the game? Then I have a goal to achieve. Thanks ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
the game is fun to play but please fix ur game tutorial it is always need to play game tutorial before u can play ur game.
Would give it 5 stars,but now they have the most important issue, the save game,it does not save current game play after manual save,it sets back about 16 hours of play,I lost all diamonds,a purchase,plus had to replay 6 battle pass missions VIP. Not happy with this!!!!
Down more stars .. I am running out of patience with the stupid ads I have to watch fot the pitiful rewards but at least make the videos actually play.. have wasted hours trying to get the reward video to play properly ... I have loved this game for months now even though you decided to make everything that was free and easily available, to now having to watch ads ect..so at least fix the issues please...
This game is a great time killer. Extremely fun! I would give it 5 Stars, but since the updateit is not registering my League Score, and as a result I can not progress in that aspect of the game. Please fix this bug, thanks.
This game is so much fun. You collect main and 'helper' creatures and use them in battle to give them experience and level them up, and you can evolve them several times, each time making them more powerful and adding new abilities. The abilities can be leveled up as well. Choosing and discarding creatures based on combinations of random abilities they get makes the gameplay a lot deeper than it may seem on the surface. Very addictive.
Game was running perfectly fine until I purchased a battle pass. Now it stays frozen on the Skychamp loading screen permanently, if it ever does unfreeze I'll never purchase anything through this game again. If it doesn't unfreeze will have to uninstall and lose a LOT of hours gameplay, and I will not reinstall it again.
Solid shooting game... cute like Pokemon. It has good mechanics and upgrades. Not too many advertisements. The sounds and music are satisfying too. .
This game is a mess. Backup system is broken. Game apparently somehow reverted to a save state from a week ago and I just lost a week's progress including a couple of valuable rare Pettomon and items. Don't be fooled into wasting your money in this sinkhole. To rude Devs: review - not random rant - 500 character limit prevents elaboration
i really love your game but how come i always get the same petamon even when i purchase premium egg or 24hrs egg. but i still give you a 5 stars
Hello, I wanted to upgrade my skills and I thought to upgrade would cost only coins but instead it cost my valuable soulstones. There should be a more pronounce way of knowing want the player is spending when trying to upgrade skills, soulstones or coins. It said 9000 coins but it took over a 100 of my soulstones. If I would have known that I would have not upgraded my skills. Soulstones are so hard to come by and I was saving them to evolve. Please give me my soulstones back. Thanks
Hello, Really enjoying this game. But something weird happened since your last update Devs. I read from someone else's comment and I am submitting the kind of same issue. While playing the screen freezes instantly and can't play smoothly. Happens constantly when one of the pettemons kills an enemy. Saying again, this issue happened to me since your last update. So far game was playing smoothly.. Hope you fix it soon...
been playing this game for quite a while and it suddenly started freezing up doesn't come back and it always says chrome has stopped working and it says leave feedback or leave page or waitnothing happens you have to start all over and it just keeps doing the same thingdon't know what happened it just started doing
Fun game that isn't pay-to-win and includes lots of content to keep you entertained for months or years. However, customer service is a bit lacking. I emailed about a Google play login issue and have not received a response from the Sky Champ team or Spirit Bomb Studios in over two weeks. Update: Adding a star for the quick developer response to this review with direction to a better forum for assistance.
I luve the game but after i update i cannot collect the reward for season league. I have a good internet connection and signal. Can you please help?
THIS GAME DOESN'T FORCE YOU TO WATCH ADS!!! This is the best thing about this game! You can watch ads to continue after dying or to get free items and game currency. I love how the characters (petmons and okimons) are cool and cute๐Ÿ˜ The only concern is the balance of the items spawned. At each play(until die), some times 80% of the item are the same. It's not rare to end up with lots of double score item, only 1 or 2 powerups and NO skill items when you reach 4th stage at league...
Where is the daily 2ร— refresh of the SHOP as from the reward in the Battle Pass??? THIS is a lie.. Not seen this in day's now. What's going on.?? I'm a VIP Player and spend a lot of "R" money on this game... But I don't get any reward..??? Feel like unsubscribing and quit. There is NO petomons like MAGIBUNNY, CLEOCAT, STARBACK & CLOWN.. Never seen one player to use one. DO they resist?? Do something about this problem!!! It's irritating not getting what your promised. Thank you...
every time when i update it become very difficult, means i am going to un install it. it was very beautiful at beginning but now it is worst
i played this game when i was 6 y.o but i stopped playing it Until This day i found this game again,I really miss my 5 stars Pettomon.Really really Like the app so muchhh Really love it!
This game is going nowhere - no events, no new content, so many issues needing fixed - but the developers add a season pass to hide even more rewards behind. Bug has returned in which after exiting the game a restart will require you to play though the lengthy tutorial before you can sign in to your account. Unplayable now. What a joke these guys are. Also when I choose not to open an ad box to save mobile data I am forced to watch an ad anyway for a lesser reward. Please stop this!!
I love this kind of game and its "pet" features. But the grinding thing is a lot too much for a singleplayer game. This is should be a casual game, not a RPG game that need a thousand hours of grinding.
Lovely game easy to play with some skill but all in all a very enjoyable game. Edit 06/04/21 the latest update didn't fix the treasure hunt issue. Please fix this issue.
I fell in love with Sky Champ the first 5 minutes of playing it. The gameplay is easy to understand and hard to master as each Okimon and Pettomon are mostly unique and some pair up much better than others. I bought the new battle pass in August and when it expired I bought it again in September and reached the 1st perk but now it's reset and telling me I need to buy it again. I just bought it 2 days ago. Can you please fix this? I won't be spending anymore money until it's resolved.
One of the most underrated game. It looks simple yet it's not that simple. Loves the simple yet beautiful design characters and their skills. If you're a casual player I recommend to download this. You won't regret it.
Something wrong with my pettomon Coneymoon graphics in gameplay, it look like only half appeared ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Hi this is really fun I like it but it would be better if me could get free items like in the mail if we could have gems a gold that would be really but over all I like the game thanks for making such a fantastic game .
I just started and all said and done, This is a cute and funny SHMUP, The gameplay is very fluid even in high res mode.
Game was great , but reported a glitch almost a week ago and no word from the devs or moderators , so im deleting this game. YOU HAVE NO in-game HELP OR CUSTOMER SERVICE , AND YOU HAVE NO KIND OF SERVICE ON FACEBOOK... DELETED. . . . I asked a WEEK ago where the propper place to file a ticket is and no responses ANYWHERE.
There are still 22 pettomons I haven't got. I have played everyday for months yet not even one of them I get from the eggs. Not even the premium eggs or the magical one! Some of them never even show up in the shop. How am I supposed to do to get them? The odds in every single gambling-based feature in this game is awful. Including equipment upgrade. Once I had 80%+ success chance yet I failed twice. In a row! How's that possible? You got to fix this. This is getting boring...
Almost perfect, I just became bored because the okimon's and pettomon's element are limited. You could develop this by adding some okimon and element because lightning is never became a water or fire, especially I have a family member that is too young.
Love it!! Aaahh wish I could see this one become a live action or 3d animation~ [EDIT] Hi dev, please take a look at Fierytails's passive skill description, the description kinda odd, and one thing, it's about the enemy, the Yellow-duck with their child, the mom is buggy, cuz u couldn't kill it (bomb is exception), thus u couldn't get 3 stars (cuz the one should "wipe out every single enemy" right?)
Really Love this game..... Up until the last update..........Latest update makes the game freeze for a split second every 3 seconds, makes it difficult to really enjoy it......... I thought updates was supposed to make it run smoother...........
Would really love it if there are other element for Okimon's ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ But either way the game is a really great way to kill time.
Your battle pass missions are not showing... It is saying all missions are completed but it's not.. that's a major glitch from 2 days.
New BattlePass system is great. But after the change, the League Battles gives only 3hr eggs 75-80% of the time in any stage. So we just end up wasting a lot of time + diamonds removing 3hr eggs.
Nice game with good graphics. The Petomons and Okimons are cute. The levels have a good difficulty and progress is possible even without money. However, the big problem is the instability of the game. I had three times in the last four weeks the problem that after a restart the data could not be read. After the intro game I was able to restore my score thanks to the linked Facebook account, but after that Petomons bought with jewels and the shards and eggs earned in the meantime were missing. Saving the data in the cloud seems to be a good option, but if you can only do it once every 18 hours, it is only marginally good as a backup. After losing two heavily leveled Petomons, I am now considering whether to continue with this game.
Well it started out fun until I spent MY MONEY on the game and all the sudden I loose some of my wing men and I can't get them back please help developer,if the problem gets fixed I'll do better review if not I'll just uninstall the game even though I spent some of my own money on it
I've been playing this game for years now and own the status as vip player. Spent a lot of cash on it and not complaining, but i've noticed that the Lucky Wheel is rigged. It gives 99% of the time (special skill..., x2 Exp or Petomon shards) Nothing worthwhile. Dev's please look into this matter.. Thanks..!
Awesome to whom it's being fun and hobbies ain't simple pastime into life.meanwhile I can do it at last pages of the story of the game. The Sky Champ, way for everyone age's will to jam is a played. So it well-done!๐Ÿ‘ Can I thank Yet and bye!bye.Have a nice day. Enjoyed being well. Roberto B. Bagting, As goer had. Since:2021-2022.
This game has more bugs than a roach motel ...if it wouldve stayed the way it was befote their updates it wouldve stayed great but now its more horrible than anything ive ever played it was my favorite before the bug filled update i wouldve given 5 stars now i cant even rate it because it doesnt give the options of negative stars ...ive deleted the app because the admin kept saying bugs wrre fixed when they were NOT fixed...with that being said i will NOT reinstall this ever again
New BattlePass system is great. But after the change, the League Battles gives only 3hr eggs 75-80% of the time in any stage. So we just end up wasting a lot of time + diamonds removing 3hr eggs. Even with Battle Pass Perks for increased drop rates, we still get mostly 3hr eggs. Complete BS and pathetic scheme to get us to spend more cash.
Just bought the new season pass, it was debited from my credit card but the game still won't allow me to collect the rewards saying I need to buy a pass first. How many times do I have to buy it in order to get it? The first time I bought it, it was fine. But now the new one didn't work. I have the receipts. Can anyone please contact me? Thanks.
Every since battle pass was introduced the game is buggy. No rewards as mentioned due to bugs and they dont respond to emails. Just eat away the money we spent. Becareful with spam app.
i have a peoblem with my game the past 2 days its like time has not moved in my game my eggs are still sitting at 8 hours and my missions are on 7 hours still its like time freezes when i leave the game and when i go in to the game its like i have gine back in time and im loosing all the gems and coins and missions that i do i loose all of that anything that i do gets reset the min i leave the game like its going back in time the whole time...
After the last update ,missions (on task bar below elderly man with beard) page is blank ,I need feedback,I even cleared the cache of game from application settings updated again
Not a bad game, but I'm frustrated by a bug. more than half the time when the daily rankings are tallied, I receive no reward despite placing well. It just resets and I get nothing.
Good game deserves a 5 star rating but kindly add one water okimon with i special like the bullet pass on enemies or the bullet seperate into two...
to the devs of this game, im giving it 5๐ŸŒŸ for responding to my last problem regarding lags and issues of the game. as of now it works smoothly after the update no lags when multiple kills or multiple freezing of enemies. thank you guys and hopefully more okimons and petomons to choose and more content of this game.
I'm using this game for 2 months and it gives very poor performance. Often the gem and money I collect from battle or other sources it doesn't goes into money or gem chamber and I don't know why but everytime when I enter the game it reduce near about 5000 gold from collection. This the game where have to pay for good euipments or petimons and you will never get a legendary egg untill you pay some real cash for it. The controls of the game is also awful it doesn't work properly
Cute game. Modern and customized version of the classic 1945 game. Graphics and controls are good. They even have this "league" / tournament mode so you can be competitive with your score.
Gameplay is pretty much the same as the other games of this type. But ye Forced Ads and More Ads to get items. I simply cant enjoy or support a game that has em.
Hi dev, i think this game need more improvement. Like weekly events, new okimon or pettomon. And maybe exchange event, like you need to collect coin or item or something else from league or campaign and then you can exchange itu with item, pettomon shards, or something else valuable. I think it will be great for the game. Thank you for read my opinion.
Fun game but the game is so rigged. When picking a random prize, it's not random but set to the lowest possible prize over and over again. So I quit.
What's not to love ! Fighting these cute little alien monsters that have max battle skills ! And you can advanced and play for free. It's creative, creative in every respect of the word ! Great talents and great minds! ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ Who SAID I could only give 5 stars! ๐Ÿ˜œ Great app !